Traditional and Modern Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year of Marriage

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  • May 4, 2021
Traditional and Modern Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year of Marriage

Couples who have been married for a significantly long time can often offer helpful advice to young couples, especially newlyweds. This includes the age-old tradition of themed anniversary gifts by year. For starters, each anniversary comes with an accompanying theme. And with each year of marriage, you can pick between an associated gemstone, color, flower, or anniversary material like metal.

However, it’s essential to note that some anniversary years are more significant than others, called “milestone anniversaries”. This means that you will have to prepare yourself with the appropriate gifts, whether big or small. Milestone wedding anniversaries occur after every 5 or 10 years, but the 1st anniversary is considered a milestone as well. So you can say the 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 30th, 40th, 50th, and even the 60th anniversary are the most important anniversary milestones.

Nonetheless, it’s essential to view all commemorations as equal as they are all special celebrations. In this article, you will find modern and traditional anniversary gifts by year with their accompanying meanings.

Modern and Traditional Anniversary Gifts By Year Chart
Modern and Traditional Anniversary Gifts By Year Chart

1st Anniversary Milestone

Paper symbolizes new beginnings. To mark this 1-year anniversary milestone, get a customized anniversary traditional gift such as a star map print. You can also consider a modern twist like this origami clock to symbolize the time you’ve spent together.

Traditional Gift: Paper

Modern Gift: Clock

The perfect flower to mark your first wedding year anniversary is a carnation. As for the ideal jewelry and anniversary color chart, look no further than gold.

2nd Anniversary

What’s the traditional wedding anniversary gift for lovebirds on their second anniversary? Cotton. That said, the perfect gift to give your partner would be this cute cotton pillow. Modern wedding anniversary gifts to mark your second anniversary include these ceramic mugs.

Traditional Gift: Cotton

Modern Gift: China

A good anniversary gift for your second anniversary should be red. Other 2 years of marriage symbols include garnet rings and lilies of the valley. 

3rd Anniversary  

If you’re looking for exciting wedding anniversary symbolism, how about leather? It’s a durable anniversary present idea perfect for the third anniversary. An exquisite traditional gift for this occasion is a leather map.

But if you’re looking for modern anniversary gifts for her by year, try engraved crystal. You can also give your partner beautiful sunflowers and pearls to match the white color theme symbolizing pure love. 

Traditional Gift: Leather

Modern Gift: Crystal or Glass

4th Anniversary

When it comes to unique wedding anniversary gifts, flowers and fruits make a great classic option for your fourth anniversary. You can either recreate your wedding bouquet or give your partner floral earrings. For those who like functional gifts, high-quality appliances like a wine fridge are ideal.

Traditional Gift: Flowers and Fruits

Modern Gift: Appliances

You can also include cool anniversary stuff like the green and blue topaz gemstone to seal the deal. If these options are unavailable, try hydrangea flowers.

5th Anniversary Milestone

Traditionally, couples give each other wood items to honor the fifth-anniversary milestone. This shows the couple’s strength and ability to endure hardship. If you’re planning to buy a romantic gift, you can print your photo on wood. You can also purchase non-traditional wedding anniversary gifts like silverware for a modern woman.

On the other hand, creative wedding anniversary presents like flatware fishing couple gift, sapphire, and daisies are ideal. 

Traditional Gift: Wood

Modern Gift: Silverware

6th Anniversary

When looking for couples’ anniversary gift ideas, it’s crucial to compare classic and modern choices. The traditional 6th-anniversary gifts are candy and iron. Buying a metal art print is one way to go about it.

You can also get a modern gift – a wooden home décor board or the majestic amethyst. Stick to white, turquoise, and purple colors, accompanied with calla lilies. 

Traditional Gift: Candy or Iron

Modern Gift: Wood

7th Anniversary

The traditional couple anniversary gifts associated with seventh-year commemoration are copper and wool. You can get your partner a copper bookmark to symbolize warmth and support. For those who like modern-day anniversary gifts, a desk set is ideal as it shows you support your partner.

Traditional Gift: Copper or Wool

Modern Gift: Desk Set

In terms of anniversary colors by year, stick to yellow. And if your partner loves jewelry and flowers, surprise her with onyx and freesia flowers. 

8th Anniversary

The traditional gifts for 8-year anniversary best suited to mark this event are bronze, which symbolizes biblical strength and resilience. Nothing symbolizes strength like a bronze rose. After eight years, your love for each other has been carefully refined. A modern yet unique gift for anniversaries that represents this refinement is linen.

Traditional Gift: Bronze

Modern Gift: Linen or Lace

As for the color scheme, bronze works perfectly. Other anniversary gift themes by year eight include tourmaline and lilac flowers. 

9th Anniversary

The traditional annual anniversary gifts for year nine are pottery and willow. Pottery is exquisite and lasting, while willow is flexible, just like your marriage. Surprise your partner with a personalized willow tree art print.

When searching for wedding anniversary gifts by year, modern presents like a leather catchall are ideal. You can go with lapis lazuli jewels as the anniversary jewelry by year, birds of paradise flowers, and terracotta colors.

Traditional Gift: Pottery and Willow

Modern Gift: Leather

10th Anniversary Milestone

Spending a whole decade together is a milestone like no other. The tenth anniversary requires a wedding anniversary symbol that highlights your marriage’s durability and beauty. A traditional marriage anniversary gift like an anniversary license plate sign made from tin speaks volumes. It shows that your love will never wear out.

Traditional Gift: Tin or Aluminum

Modern Gift: Diamond Jewelry

To mark a decade of passion, silver and blue colors work beautifully. Don’t forget diamond and daffodils to perfectly conclude the anniversary celebrations! 

11th Anniversary

Unbreakable is the best word to describe your relationship after eleven years. Steel is a traditional 11th anniversary gift of marriage that perfectly symbolizes this unbreakable bond. Appreciate your loved one with wedding anniversary metals such as this steel ring dish.

Traditional Gift: Steel

Modern Gift: Fashion Jewelry

For a lady who prefers a modern twist, get her precious anniversary gems like turquoise jewelry. Needless to say, a turquoise color scheme and tulip flowers will alleviate her spirits! 

12th Anniversary

After 12 years of marriage, surprise your spouse with a unique wedding anniversary special. A noteworthy traditional anniversary gift is a heartfelt lyrics canvas print. This will show your partner your efforts to make your home and space beautiful.

Traditional Gift: Home Decor, Linen, or Silk

Modern Gift: Pearls

In the spirit of celebrating modern love, oyster white makes an excellent backdrop for a couple’s anniversary. Pearls, jade earrings, and peonies are some of the contemporary anniversary gifts that will impress! 

13th Anniversary

The traditional gift to mark the big 13 is tantalizing lace. Classic anniversary gifts for this occasion can include delicate and elegant string art. For some, lace may seem a little too traditional a gift for an anniversary.

Some good ideas for anniversary gifts with modern themes include a blanket with lyrics to the song you love. Jewelry anniversary gifts by year like citrine are perfect, accompanied with a white theme and hollyhocks. 

Traditional Gift: Lace

Modern Gift: Textiles or Faux Furs

14th Anniversary

The traditional 14th wedding anniversary gift list for jubilee dictates ivory or faux fur. You can get your partner an ivory-themed family map canvas print with elephants. In Hindu mythology, elephants signify luck and protection.

To add a modern and stylish feel, you can get your partner gold jewelry. As for the suitable anniversary symbols and colors, ivory is the go-to choice. Feel free to add some opals and a bouquet of orchids!

Traditional Gift: Ivory

Modern Gift: Gold Jewelry

15th Anniversary Milestone

Fifteen years of love is a remarkable milestone! If you want to buy traditional anniversary gifts, go for crystal, representing clarity, sparkle and transparency. Get your partner a crystal star map of your wedding night. Watches are excellent anniversary gifts for him and her when dealing with modern couples.

Traditional Gift: Crystal

Modern Gift: Watches

To mark this occasion, keep things spicy with red annual wedding anniversary gifts. Shower your wife with ruby earrings and roses to reignite the flames! 

20th Anniversary Milestone

After twenty years, you want appropriate anniversary gifts to celebrate the incredible milestone achieved. Chinaware, which is a traditional gift for this anniversary year does just that! Or you can get your partner a custom wall art that shows all your achievements together.

Those who prefer a modern twist can get platinum champagne flutes instead. Platinum is not a cheap wedding anniversary gift, thus perfectly symbolizing your strong marriage. Don’t forget to buy asters and an emerald necklace to match the emerald green theme. 

25th Anniversary

After 25 years of marriage, you now understand the anniversary calendar. A befitting traditional gift is an engraved silver plate. It’s one of the best anniversary gifts for a couple still madly in love.

Traditional and Modern Gift: Silver

When it comes to the battle of anniversary gifts by year – modern vs. traditional – silver still takes the prize. But what are the anniversary colors? Without question, silver-themed décor, jewelry, and iris flowers are the best anniversary milestone gifts. 

30th Anniversary Milestone

When you’ve been married for three decades, your love becomes mature and long-lasting, just like pearls. Pearls make beautiful anniversary gifts symbolizing the hidden beauty of your stable union. The mother-of-pearl picture frame will provide comfort and security.

Traditional and Modern Gift: Pearl

But if you want modern alternative wedding anniversary gifts by year, go for diamonds, a pearl necklace, and lilies. As for the color scheme, keep it cool and classy with green! 

35th Anniversary

It takes a lot of work to sustain a 35-year relationship. This is why you should go for a traditional thoughtful anniversary gift like coral. Surprise your partner with coral pottery teacups set to celebrate your growth.

For those who want different anniversary gifts, jade wood rings make an excellent choice. Stick to a coral color scheme, and buy your partner emerald jewelry. Don’t forget some African violets as well!

Traditional Gift: Coral

Modern Gift: Jade

40th Anniversary Milestone

After forty years of marriage and numerous wedding anniversary years, you want to keep the passion alive. When you go through the anniversary gift list by year, you’ll find the classic ruby gem. It defies the usual anniversary gift rules since it fits perfectly in the modern and traditional world.

Surprise your partner with this ruby wall art accompanied by a bouquet of gladiolus and a ruby-red jewelry set. 

Traditional and Modern Gift: Ruby

45th Anniversary

The 45-year mark is without a doubt a special anniversary for married couples. The 45th wedding anniversary celebrations should revolve around wisdom, faithfulness, and sincerity. As a traditional and modern gift, nothing represents these qualities better than sapphires.

Surprise your soulmate with a sapphire sundial to honor the time you’ve spent together. Since we’re following the blue theme, buy your wife sapphire jewelry, blue irises, among other suitable wedding anniversary souvenirs. 

Traditional and Modern Gift: Sapphire

50th Anniversary Milestone

Congratulations on your incredible 50-year milestone! For the golden jubilee, the perfect traditional and modern gift is a gold-themed personalized canvas. It signifies the prosperity, wisdom, and strength of your lifelong union.

Traditional and Modern Gift: Gold

Since this is one of the most critical wedding anniversaries, it’s best to go all out. Create unique anniversary party gift ideas around the gold color scheme. Remember to include gold jewelry, yellow roses, and violets to celebrate the golden moment. 

55th Anniversary

Fifty-five years spent together certainly deserves a big party. It’s best to celebrate your partner with cute wedding anniversary gifts like a pebble art picture frame.

Traditional and Modern Gift: Emerald

Having gone through numerous marriage anniversary milestones, you know the appropriate gifts for each anniversary year. Emeralds symbolize eternity and commitment, making them a perfect traditional and modern present. Spiritually, emeralds are seen as amulets of love. As for the color scheme, stick to emerald green and pamper your partner with alexandrite and some calla lilies. 

60th Anniversary Milestone

When it comes down to unique milestone names, the diamond jubilee wins! This is a milestone only a few people are blessed to see. That said, it’s best to avoid cheap anniversary gifts for couples.

Traditional and Modern Gift: Diamond

The perfect traditional and modern gift on our anniversary list is diamond. Surprise your partner with a beautiful vintage diamond ring and white roses to match the elegant white color scheme.


Creative and thoughtful anniversary gifts by year are crucial for most relationships. They show that you appreciate your partner. You can’t go wrong with this helpful wedding anniversary gift guide.


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