Anniversary Gifts by Year Guide: Traditional and Modern Gifts for Him & Her

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  • July 22, 2019
Anniversary Gifts by Year Guide: Traditional and Modern Gifts for Him & Her

What are the gifts for each anniversary year?

This is a question you probably have to deal with year-by-year. Sometimes it’s fun to go beyond the limits of tradition and get a modern gift. At other times, sticking to a traditional present may be your best choice.

But regardless of whether you want to go for a modern or traditional gift, you still need to know what specific gift to get. The annual dilemma leaves you wishing there was some sort of cheat book that would help your decision on the best anniversary gifts by year.

Our guide is what you’ve been wishing for as it blends tradition with adventure. And it will show you creative ideas for a gift that your significant other would cherish for some milestones of your marriage. First, let’s take a look at the general guideline of traditional and modern anniversary gifts for each year.

Modern and Traditional Anniversary Gifts By Year Summary Table

To learn more about each individual anniversary theme as well as our picks for the traditional and modern anniversary gifts, click the anniversary year.

1-Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gifts: Paper

Fragile yet valuable, paper symbolizes the newness of a young marriage and is the traditional 1st-anniversary gift. The gift would involve something crafted from paper such as a wedding photo book but you can get a bit more creative and gift a custom anniversary canvas print.

Modern Gifts: Clock

If you’re going for modernity, the modern anniversary gifts by year one of marriage is a clock as it represents eternity. So you can gift your lover a watch or an accessory with a clockwork design to remind your spouse you’ll be with them for eternity.

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2-Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gifts: Cotton

When an item is woven from cotton fibers, it is usually adaptable and strong. It sounds just like your relationship and marriage. Over 2 years of living together, both of you are more interconnected and flexible towards each other.

Modern Gifts: China or Porcelain

China or porcelain are resilient but also delicate. Those characteristics remind any couple to acknowledge the strength and weaknesses of each other, all of which always co-exist.

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cotton anniversary gifts - couple bathrobes

3-Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gifts: Leather

Your third wedding anniversary is considered the year when most couples become aware of how durable their relationships are. Therefore, the traditional anniversary gifts by year 3 are of leather.

Modern Gifts: Crystal or Glass

Crystal and glass, embodying reflection and beauty, can be chosen as modern gifts to give your partner on your 3-year wedding anniversary.

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a leather journal notebook lying on a map

4-Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gifts: Fruit/Flowers

Traditionally, on a fourth anniversary, you gift fruit and flowers, saying that your relationship has come into bloom.

Modern Gifts: Appliances

For a modern gift approach, the theme is electrical appliances. And in Europe, the go-to 4th-anniversary gifts are linen or silk.

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a couple on a picnic date on their anniversary

5-Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gifts: Wood

To celebrate the strength of your marriage bond through half a decade, the traditional gift theme is wood.

Modern Gifts: Silverware

Silverware is the modern 5-year anniversary gift for the couple. The practical gift can be used on a daily basis when they enjoy meals together and with their children.

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personalized wood cutting board anniversary gift idea

6-Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gifts: Iron/Candy

The traditional gift theme for the 6th anniversary is iron to represent the strength of the marriage. Alternatively, you can gift candy to show the sweetness in the relationship.

Modern Gifts: Wood

If you want to opt for the modern anniversary gifts for this year, then go for wood, which signifies a long-lasting and solid marriage.

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meaningful 6th wedding anniversary gift for them: iron sign with quote

7-Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gifts: Wool and Copper

Wool symbolizes the ideas of renewal and warmth. By this point in your marriage, you probably feel very comfortable together. There is a cozy sense of routine, one you’ve built together after years of trials and tribulations.

The other symbol of the traditional 7th anniversary gift is copper. This symbol of the seventh wedding anniversary is meant to represent the durability and beauty of your relationship.

Modern Gifts: Stationary or Desk set

If you’re looking for a modern approach to your anniversary gift idea, consider giving your partner a stationary or desk set. These sets are perfect for professional couples who take pride in their work.

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Moscow Mule Copper Mugs - Traditional anniversary gifts by the 7th year.

8-Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gifts: Bronze and Pottery

The 8th year traditional anniversary gift theme is bronze which represents the beauty and durability of the marriage. The alternative traditional gifts are pottery, which indicates nature and simplicity.

Modern Gifts: Linen or Lace

Linen and lace are gentle and delicate fabrics. They imply still new and fresh marriage. The fabrics are both durable and long-lasting, another representation of an eight-year marriage.

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bronze gifts for her: bronze jewelry holder

9-Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gifts: Pottery or Willow

Traditionally, pottery uses elements of nature and simplicity to suggest these qualities in building a healthy relationship. Willow also uses natural elements but ties in the idea of flexibility and compromise that make a marriage truly cohesive.

Modern Gifts: Leather

When it comes to the modern gift theme for the 9th wedding anniversary, leather exhibits a sense of warmth and comfort. It also alludes to durability in terms of strength and withstanding the odds.

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9th wedding anniversary gift idea for her: musical figure from Willow Tree

10-Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gifts: Tin or Aluminum

As you can see in our anniversary gifts by year list, the anniversary gifts for your 10th year are made of aluminum or tin, which represents the strength of your marriage.

Modern Gifts: Diamond Jewelry

The modern 10th wedding anniversary gift is diamond jewelry, which symbolizes how precious your spouse is to you.

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tin soundwave art - Anniversary Gifts By Year 10 Of Marriage

15-Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gifts: Crystal

Traditional gifts for the 15th wedding anniversary are crystal. It symbolizes clarity and a clear mutual understanding between the two through 15 years as husband and wife.

Modern Gifts: Watches

A watch or other timepiece is an ideal modern anniversary gift for the 15th occasion.

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15th wedding anniversary gift for her:Traditional 15th Anniversary Flower Rose

20-Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gifts: China

China gifts are traditionally used to celebrate the 20th year of marriage. They represent the fragile and elegant nature of love.

Modern Gifts: Platinum

If your spouse is all about modernization, platinum is the theme of modern anniversary gifts for this milestone. A platinum gift represents the value you have for your lover.

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20th anniversary gift - personalized clock

25-Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional and Modern Gifts: Silver

Themes of anniversary gifts may have changed with time, but silver continues to be the quintessential 25th wedding anniversary symbol, even in modern days. This is because it symbolizes hope for the future, clarity of vision, and purity and faith.

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25th wedding anniversary gift - silver plate

30-Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Gifts: Pearl

For the 30th wedding anniversary, the traditional material to gift is pearl which represents timelessness and endurance. Just like how a pearl is made by sand being under intense pressure, anyone couple that has been married for 30 years have experienced their share of trials and pressure.

Modern Gifts: Diamond

Diamond, the modern gift for a 30th anniversary, symbolizes strength, eternity, and enduring love.

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Anniversary Gifts By Year 30 Of Marriage - A Pearl Necklace

40-Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional and Modern Gifts: Ruby

For the 40th wedding anniversary gifts, the custom is to offer a present featuring a ruby. The gemstone represents an eternal internal flame, reflected in the strength and longevity of the marriage.

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 40th Anniversary Gift for A Couple

50-Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional and Modern Gifts: Gold

For a 50th anniversary, gold is the theme for not only traditional anniversary gifts but also modern gifts. This is because it’s a timeless and classic metal.

Gold is known to represent wisdom, courage, and love that has grown, conquered, and passed through the flames of time. It’s a special metal that’s fitting for a special milestone in a marriage.

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50th wedding anniversary gift: custom gold brass plate

60-Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional and Modern Gifts: Diamond

Considered one of the strongest and most durable substances on the planet, it comes as no surprise that diamond is the symbol associated with 60th wedding anniversary gifts.

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Picking the right anniversary gifts by year shows your partner the thoughtfulness and consideration you put into getting them a present. All you need to do is follow this guide as your cheat book to get it right year after year.

Happy anniversary!

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