26 Incredible 60th-Anniversary Gifts for Your Loved Ones

  • BY Joe Palinsky
  • April 10, 2020
26 Incredible 60th-Anniversary Gifts for Your Loved Ones

Celebrating a 60th marriage anniversary is a blessing most couples don’t get to experience. If you have enjoyed a successful marital journey, it only makes sense to commemorate your diamond anniversary. Familiarize yourself with all the related traditional symbols and buy your loved one a 60th-anniversary gift they will never forget.

Lucky for you, this article lists both traditional and modern 60th-anniversary gifts. The best thing is you can still get modern gifts even with a meager budget. With that in mind, here are 26 fantastic ideas you can adopt or share with others for the upcoming celebrations. Read on!

What is the 60th Anniversary?

Also referred to as the “diamond anniversary,” your 60th year with your significant other is a big deal. In fact, the idea of celebrating this milestone was first practiced by a queen. After Queen Victoria celebrated her Diamond Jubilee, people all over found it fashionable to commemorate this event with elegance. Because not all couples make it to this milestone, most of the symbols and meaning surrounding the 60th anniversary have to do with endurance, strength, and having an unconquerable bond.

60th Anniversary Wedding Symbols ­

Considered one of the strongest and most durable substances on the planet, it comes as no surprise that diamond is the symbol associated with 60th wedding anniversaries. It is not only the symbol of traditional and contemporary 60th wedding anniversary gifts, but it is also its gemstone. When selecting the right present for your significant other, it can be useful to incorporate diamonds into the equation.

You can get a bit creative with this idea. Instead of selecting a colorless diamond for a piece of anniversary jewelry, consider one that boasts shades of red or blue.

Refer to this anniversary gift guide for each year for a more in-depth look at the symbols and how to use them in your gift. 

60th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Parents and Grandparents

“Happy 60th Wedding Anniversary” Custom Photo Pillow

­ ­If your grandparents are close to their diamond anniversary this year, you must dazzle them with a fantastic present. How about taking the non-traditional route? Cheer them up with this cute gift for the 60th anniversary that will melt their heart. Don’t forget to include their names, favorite photos, and anniversary date!

Grandparents Grandma and Grandpa Est Year Custom Mugs

Grandparents Grandma and Grandpa Est Year Custom Mugs

Create unique custom mugs for those who are becoming grandparents. You can personalize the mugs with the established year in a stylish design. These grandparents mugs are a perfect pregnancy announcement to your parents. And they will always remember you when they enjoy tea and coffee with these lovely custom coffee mugs.

Family Street Sign Custom Canvas Print – Forest

Family Street Sign Custom Canvas Print – Forest - 60th anniversary gift

When is the diamond anniversary party scheduled for your parents? You should take this opportunity to reward them with the perfect gift for the 60th wedding anniversary. It doesn’t matter if it’s been a minute since you left the nest. Surprise mom and dad with this customizable street sign canvas print and watch their faces light up.

60th Anniversary Cutting Board

60th Anniversary Cutting Board

Are your grandparents celebrating 60 years of marriage this year? If they enjoy cooking together, buy them this beautiful chopping board. Not only will it please them, but it’ll also bring them closer together. Remember to ask about their preferred wood variety before purchasing.

Diamond Gray Sign

Diamond Gray Sign

Have you been wondering what 60th wedding anniversary ideas your parents will prefer for their special day? Try something simple yet effective. Buy them this gray canvas sign that enlists most of their achievements. What’s best is you can print it on your preferred material.

Personalized Faux Bois Vase

If your mom is obsessed with decorating her home, this faux bois vase is ideal for upcoming celebrations. Remember to buy orchids as well since they are the designated 60th-anniversary flower. Your dear mother is sure to love the gesture.

Personalised Engraved Glass Plaque Elegant

Personalised Engraved Glass Plaque Elegant - 60th anniversary gift

If you’re wondering what anniversary is the diamond jubilee, this elegant glass plaque will give you more clarity. Don’t worry. The intricate design won’t upset your bank balance. Besides including your parents’ anniversary date and names, don’t forget to sign it with yours too!

Photo Family Tree Personalized Throw Blanket

Photo Family Tree Personalized Throw Blanket

Rather than buying a 60th wedding anniversary traditional gift, how about getting your grandparents this adorable throw blanket. Gather all your favorite family photographs and watch your grandma’s heart melt with joy. It’s the perfect reward for a 60-year jubilee commemoration.

Custom Engraved Wood Spoons

Custom Engraved Wood Spoons - 60th anniversary gift

Which other 60-year anniversary presents for grandparents are more practical than wood spoons? Your grandma will be so thrilled she’ll never cook with any other utensil again! Don’t be surprised if she brings back her old recipes to life for you to enjoy. It’s a win-win! Don’t you think?

Personalized Anniversary Photo Pillow

Personalized Anniversary Photo Pillow - 60th anniversary gift

If you can’t afford diamond wedding gifts, this playful photo pillow should do the trick. Unlike other gift ideas for the 60th anniversary, your mum will enjoy the surprise factor behind this one. That said, it’s vital to use a photograph she loves.

60th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Husband

Family Tree Custom Photo Canvas – 6 Photos

Family Tree Custom Photo Canvas – 6 Photos

Are you and your hubby reaching your 60th year together? It’s essential to find suitable gifts to celebrate him on the diamond anniversary. Although it may seem like a boring gift initially, this customizable photo canvas will surely impress your husband. Simply include six favorite family photos and voilà!

Personalized Diamond Wedding Mug

Personalized Diamond Wedding Mug

Don’t let the pandemic ruin your 60th-anniversary celebrations. Instead, have a little fun and make light of your circumstances with your partner. Get your husband this practical yet comical gift and watch him cackle every time he sips his coffee.

Vintage Square Diamond Shape Cufflinks

Vintage Square Diamond Shape Cufflinks - 60th anniversary gift

Have you been looking for unique 60th year wedding anniversary ideas without success? Worry no more! If your man loves practical gifts, get him these unique diamond-shaped cufflinks. Not only are they pocket-friendly, but they will also match with any outfit he wears.

Personalized Pocket Watch

Personalized Pocket Watch

What wedding anniversary are diamonds the preferred gemstones for? Turn your sixtieth anniversary into a day your hubby will never forget. Get him this gunmetal pocket watch and pay attention to his ecstatic response. It will be particularly special if he loves old films.

Picture Collage

Picture Collage

If your partner loves taking pictures, he’ll fall in love with this collage. Collect all his favorite photographs, and combine them with the ones you prefer to develop a beautiful design. Undoubtedly, this keepsake will leave him speechless during the 60th wedding anniversary toast.

“The Wine Savant World” Decanter

Has your husband always had a liking for elegant décor presents? Instead of picking a 60th-anniversary traditional gift, surprise him with this handsome whiskey decanter. He’ll be so thrilled that he’ll barely wait to brag about it to his friends on their next weekend barbecue.

Vintage 1960s Diamond Necktie

Vintage 1960s Diamond Necktie

What is the gift for 60 years of marriage? This question comes to mind when thinking of 60th wedding anniversary celebration ideas. Fortunately, you can’t go wrong with this unique vintage necktie. The diamond print will make him stand out perfectly during the party.

Newspaper Photo Poster

Newspaper Photo Poster - 60th anniversary gift

Instead of worrying about 60-year wedding anniversary colors, give this digital file a try. This gift is perfect for creative people who enjoy DIY projects. The poster will encourage you to go down memory lane to design a heart-warming product.

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60th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Wife

Family Tree Photo Collage Custom Canvas Print

family tree photo collage custom canvas print

If you’re looking to have a happy 60th wedding anniversary party, make sure you get everyone involved. Otherwise, what other 60th wedding anniversary presents are more befitting than this customizable family tree canvas print? Your wife is sure to love it!

Diamond Opal Bracelet

Diamond Opal Bracelet

What is the 60th wedding anniversary called? A diamond jubilee anniversary. If you’ve been asking yourself this question, you’ve come to the right place. Surprise your better half with this stunning diamond opal bracelet. She’ll become the envy of her friends in no time!

Pillow Cover

Pillow Cover - 60th anniversary gift

Have you been wondering what 60-year anniversary party ideas to adopt to commemorate your diamond day? Worry not. This poetic pillow cover will help you celebrate your sixty years anniversary bash in style. Remember to use your wife’s favorite color for the text.

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Raw Diamond Ring

Raw Diamond Ring

If you want to celebrate your anniversary in style, surprise your wife with a 60th wedding anniversary stone. Get her this delicate raw stone ring. She’ll love it so much that she’ll never take it off! After all, diamonds are the ultimate 60-year anniversary symbol.

Diamond Opal Bracelet

Diamond Stud Earrings - 60th anniversary gift

Are you familiar with the 60-year anniversary stone? If yes, these diamond stud earrings are the perfect way to say “I love you” to your wife. You can pair them with some beautiful 60th wedding anniversary flower arrangements to make the occasion more memorable.

Flower Necklace

Flower Necklace

Is your 60th diamond anniversary coming up soon? Instead of choosing a traditional 60th-anniversary present, buy her something she’ll never forget — a flower necklace. What’s best is you can use her birth month flower, and your everything will be perfect!

Diamond Stud Earrings

If your best lady loves jewelry, buy her these impressive diamond earrings to celebrate sixty years together. Unsurprisingly, they are likely to trump all 60th wedding anniversary ideas you have had before. Moreover, she’ll probably never want to take them off.

Personalized Wood Photo Album

Personalized Wood Photo Album - 60th anniversary gift

If your wife enjoys looking through old photo albums, she’ll surely love this wood photo album. Be sure to include your names, a thoughtful message, and previous anniversary photos. Alternatively, it can also serve as a wedding gift idea for 60 yr old couples.

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After going through this helpful guide, you must have numerous 60th-anniversary celebration ideas. Either way, you’ll have to liaise with your siblings and relatives to find the perfect 60th-anniversary gift.

Once you have shortlisted your top contenders, pick your favorites and get ready to party! List all the guests you’d like to celebrate with and consider your budget as well. That said, don’t forget to adopt the 60-year anniversary color in your theme! Good luck!



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