14 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him, Her, and Couples

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • November 20, 2021
14 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him, Her, and Couples

To find the best 14 year anniversary gift for your spouse, you need to do some research in advance. For most old-school couples, the 14th wedding anniversary should be represented by ivory. However, this is not the only available option.

Open-minded couples can choose between traditional/modern gifts to celebrate 14 years of marriage. So if you’re looking for the best 14th-anniversary gifts for him, her, and for couples, we’ve got your back!

In this article, you’ll find everything you need to help you prepare for the big day. Let’s get started!

What Is The 14 Year Anniversary Gift?

Traditional Gift: Ivory

If you’re looking for a traditional 14-year anniversary gift, go with ivory-themed items. Ivory is a symbol of dignity, stability, and patience. Since ivory comes from elephant tusks and animal teeth, you can try imitation ivory gifts that keep the same meaning.

Modern Gift: Jewelry

You cannot go wrong with gold jewelry, especially if you’re looking for a modern gift for your spouse. This is a sure way of making your 14th wedding anniversary twice as special!  

Flower: Orchid

If your partner believes in symbolism, then orchids are the best 14th anniversary gifts for her. This flower represents beauty, luxury, strength, and love. Additionally, in other cultures like the Greeks, it’s a symbol of fertility.

Gemstone: Opal

Does your wife believe in fairy tales? If yes, then opal is the best gift for her as it’s a symbol of love and passion. This gemstone is mainly mined in Australia and is known for its beautiful rainbow colors.

14th Anniversary Gifts for Her

Your anniversary is the perfect time to remind your special lady why she married you in the first place. Surprise her with a 14th wedding anniversary gift she’ll never forget!

That said, our list below offers eight excellent gift alternatives for your wife. This way, you can’t miss finding something that suits her.

1. “She Said Yes” Custom Canvas Print


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Looking for a thoughtful 14 year wedding anniversary gift that will take your darling wife down memory lane? How about getting her a canvas print showing your first moments after she said yes? This is the sweetest ivory gift idea for a sentimental lady.

2. You’re The Perfect Spooning Partner Photo Mug


If you want a 14th-anniversary present that’ll make your wife blush uncontrollably, get her this cute spooning mug. It’s a cute romantic gesture for a wife who enjoys getting hugs and cuddles from her man. What’s best is you can customize it with your favorite couple photo!

3. I Love You To The Moon And Back Photo Collage Pillow


Does your wife read her horoscope every day? We’ve got the best ivory anniversary gift for her – a custom photo collage pillow. To get more creative with this idea, it’s best to use as many photos of your love journey. This way, she’ll be excited to go through each one!

4. Black Orchid Perfume


There’s nothing more exciting than catching a whiff of your lover’s perfume. And since orchids are the floral 14-year anniversary symbol, this Black Orchid perfume is what she needs! Besides, this is a creative way of following your anniversary theme to the letter.

5. When Two Become One Custom Star Map Framed Print


Isn’t it beautiful when two people join their lives to become one? This 14 year wedding anniversary gift is an excellent way of reminding her of the day you said ‘I do!’ She can display it in the bedroom or living room, so she feels special whenever she sees it.

6. All You Need Is Love Blanket


Sometimes all we need in life is love. And this personalized love blanket is here to prove just that. It’s the best 14-year anniversary gift idea for a couple that lives in cold areas. This way, they can cozy up together as they admire photos of their love journey.

7. Potted Artificial Ivory Desk Rose


Have you been looking for the cutest imitation ivory gift for your darling wife? How about this adorable potted desk rose to show her how long-lasting your love is?
Besides, it’s also a clever fourteenth anniversary present for a lady who can’t get enough of rose flowers.

8. Cookware Set


Does your leading lady enjoy trying out new recipes during her free time? Surprise her with this elegant cookware set and watch her face light up with joy.
It’s a fantastic 14-year anniversary gift idea for a woman who enjoys the finer things in life!

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14th Anniversary Gifts for Him

Has it already been 14 years since you got married to the guy of your dreams? We’ve prepared a list of eight incredible 14th wedding anniversary gifts for husband to help you out.

What’s best is that we have traditional and modern gift ideas for men from all age groups.

1. 14 Years Anniversary Canvas Print


Looking for clever ways to say ‘happy 14 years anniversary ‘to your husband? How about getting him this thoughtful canvas print showing all the achievements you’ve accomplished together.
Besides, this is a sweet ivory anniversary gift idea for a man who has everything.

2. Hello – Will You – I Do – Map Canvas Print


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Fourteen years of marriage is a huge achievement. This custom map canvas print will take you down memory lane as you recall everything you’ve been through together.
It’s best to include the exact dates on this fourteenth-anniversary gift to make the moment extra special.

3. Level 14 Complete T-Shirt


With every year of marriage, couples unlock a deeper level of understanding for each other. Celebrate 14 years of marriage to your husband with a gift like no other – a goofy shirt!
This is the coolest 14th wedding anniversary gift idea for him, especially if he loves gaming.

4. Star Map and Song Lyrics Framed Print


Do you believe that the stars aligned the day you married your beau? If yes, this map and song canvas print is the perfect present for your hubby on your fourteenth anniversary.
You can blow his mind away by using lyrics to his favorite love song.

5. Elephant Wine Glass


Looking for an elegant 14th-anniversary gift for your husband? If he enjoys having a glass of wine with his dinner, then he’ll love this elephant wine glass. It’s a modern take on ivory-themed anniversary gifts ideal for men who enjoy the finer things in life.

6. My Favorite Adventures Always Include You Map Art Canvas Print


What is the best way to surprise a guy who loves taking you out for adventures? How about leaving him speechless with a custom map print showing all the fun trips you’ve had together? You can be sure it’s the most romantic 14th-anniversary gift for him. 

7. Whiskey Glasses


What are the best 14th wedding anniversary gifts for men who enjoy drinking whiskey with their boys? This custom whiskey glass set is sure to knock your hubby’s socks off! Your man will be so excited to host the next game night just to show off his present.

8. To My Husband Gift for Husband Photo Plaque


Sometimes, it’s the simple things that mean the most to your loved ones. That said, this photo plaque is an excellent 14-year anniversary gift idea for a husband who wants for nothing. If you’re feeling goofy, you can choose a silly picture from your wedding album collection.

14th Anniversary Gifts for Couple

Do you know a couple that’s about to celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary? Or maybe it’s you and your man who’ve finally gotten to the 14-year mark. Whatever the case, our list of incredible 14 years anniversary ideas for him and her will sort you out. Let’s get started!

1. Personalized Elephant Family Print


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Is your friend’s ivory anniversary around the corner? We’ve got the best 14th-anniversary gift idea that involves the whole family – a personalized elephant family print. What’s best is that the gift takes a spin on the traditional ivory gift to give you something more exciting!

2. 14 Years Anniversary Mug


There’s nothing more hilarious than watching a couple make silly jokes about each other. That said, these matching coffee mugs make fun gifts for laid-back lovers. Besides, these silly mugs will be a nice change from the typically boring anniversary present ideas.

3. His Beauty Her Beast Pillow


What is the 14-year anniversary gift for a couple that’s still madly in love? How about a set of his and hers pillows with a silly message on them? This is one of the most practical 14th-anniversary ideas for couples from all age groups.

4. Aprons Set


If you know a couple that enjoys cooking together, surprise them with a practical gift for their 14th anniversary. This gift set comes with matching aprons, oven mitts, and a recipe book to help them create delicious meals. What a fun way for couples to bond!

5. Black and White Song Lyrics on Photo Canvas Print


Looking for a sweet and romantic 14th anniversary present for your favorite couple? This lyrics canvas print is a sure way to remind them why they married each other in the first place. Remember to use the lyrics from their wedding song to make the occasion twice as special!

6. Our Love Was Written Star Map Canvas Print


If you believe in fate, then we’ve got the coolest ivory gift idea for your upcoming anniversary. How about this personalized star map print that shows how the stars aligned on your wedding day? What’s best is that it’ll make a terrific addition to your bedroom or living room walls.

7. “This is Us” Personalized Throw Blanket


What 14th anniversary gift is ideal for a couple that enjoys lazying about together on the weekends? You won’t go wrong with this personalized throw blanket, especially if the couple lives in a cold town. It’s also a practical gift for couples who enjoy picnic dates.

Ivory Anniversary Gifts

Have you been wondering where to find exciting ivory gift ideas for a traditional wife, husband, or couple? Here are six alternative gifts to the typical varieties that everyone is used to.

1. Ivory Anniversary Elephant Frame


If your spouse loves collecting beautiful and unique art pieces, she’ll surely fall in love with this elephant-themed frame. Unlike other traditional 14 year anniversary gifts, this one is ideal for old and young couples. Besides, it’s the perfect addition to a living room wall that needs more sparkle!

2. Ivory Anniversary Card


Looking to change things up this year for your fourteenth anniversary? We’ve got your back!
Surprise your wife with this cartoon anniversary card and watch her giggle with joy! It’s one of the silliest ivory gifts for her, especially if she enjoys watching animated films.

3. Phone Stand


When it comes to finding unique presents for your loved one, it’s essential to ensure they are also practical.That said, this elephant wedding gift is the perfect addition to your partner’s office collection. This way, they won’t have to worry about a messy desk anymore. 

4. Shaving Set In Ivory


Have you been wondering what ivory gifts for him are ideal for your 14th anniversary? How about getting your man this handmade shaving set in ivory color? Every time he uses it, he’ll smile as he thinks of you. Isn’t this the perfect way to say I love you? 

5. Handmade Candles


What is the 14th anniversary present for a couple that needs to spark some romance into their marriage? Check out these handmade candles. They come in different scents to help set the right mood, especially after a long day. Don’t forget to have it customized with their names.

6. Two Piece Loving Elephants


Have you been looking for an anniversary present that symbolizes a never-ending love? How about this cute two-piece sculpture of elephants with intertwined trunks? The couple can display it in their living room as a sign of good fortune for their home.

Gold Jewelry Gifts

For a modern man or woman, nothing says I love you louder than gold jewelry. That said, below are six elegant pieces that are perfect for your 14th wedding anniversary celebrations.

1. Orchids Flower Necklace


If your leading lady can’t get enough flowers, surprise her with this cute necklace. And since orchids are the 14-year anniversary symbol, your wife will be touched by your grand gesture. Don’t be surprised if she wears it to work every day. 

2. Gold Watch


Looking for the perfect gift that follows the gold jewellery theme to the letter? This gold watch is the ideal 14th-anniversary gift for a husband who works in the corporate world. What’s best is that he can wear it every day or only on special occasions.

3. Opal Earrings


After spending 14 years of marriage with your darling wife, it’s a brilliant idea to surprise her with something special. And since opal is the gemstone for the 14th wedding anniversary, these opal earrings perfectly fit the bill. It’s the ideal gift when working with a tight budget.

4. Gold Opal Ring


Wondering what fourteenth wedding anniversary gifts are ideal for the girl who chose to spend her life with you? This delicate gold opal ring is here to save the day!
Besides, this gold jewelry obeys the 14th-anniversary gemstone themes, making it the perfect gift for her.

5. Gold Cufflinks


Although most men don’t care about accessorizing their outfits, these gold cufflinks are sure to change anyone’s mind. Surprise your hubby with the coolest gold wedding anniversary gift idea he could ever imagine – gold cufflinks. He’ll be eager to put them on any chance he gets! 

6. Bracelet


Have you been looking for a simple 14th anniversary present for a modern woman? This cute gold bracelet is what your wife needs to accessorize her outfits, including casual wear. Additionally, this dainty bracelet is also ideal for a woman who works in the corporate world. 


Like with other special occasions, your 14th anniversary allows you to spoil your partner. That said, it’s best to buy them a 14-year anniversary gift that they’ll cherish for years to come!



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