White Elephant Gift Guide: 40+ Fun Ideas Everyone Will Fight For (2022)

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • October 31, 2022
White Elephant Gift Guide: 40+ Fun Ideas Everyone Will Fight For (2022)

When the holiday season approaches, it brings with it Christmas parties and great fun. Christmas parties, whether they’re with family members, friends or co-workers, should always incorporate white elephant gift exchanges. It will be the entertainment of the party, with everyone laughing their butts off at ridiculous white elephant gift ideas. In addition to that, watch the fun when people steal the best gifts from others.

Do you have a gift exchange coming up? If you’re looking for some inspiration, you have come to the right place. Here are white elephant gifts everyone will fight for!

white elephant gift ideas: burritos blanket

Burritos Blanket


Everyone longs to be wrapped like a giant burrito or tortilla and feel warm and cozy inside. Made from high-quality flannel, this white elephant gift will be a crowd favorite. It comes in various sizes and three funny designs. You can either be a yellow or white burrito or a waffle. It’s lightweight, warm, and comfortable, so the recipient can enjoy it everywhere they go.

Have A Holly Jolly Christmas Ornament

Have A Holly Jolly Christmas Ornament


Happy holidays! Christmas brings the whole family together. It’s a wonderful time filled with stories and laughter. Do you know what the best part of the holiday is? It’s decorating the Christmas tree together.

I Do What I Want Funny Raccoon Mug

I Do What I Want Funny Raccoon Mug


Surely this raccoon knows how what it wants! This I Do What I Want Funny Raccoon Mug is an impressive ceramic coffee cup that makes a great present for your friends and family and convenient tableware for everyday use. It can made someone’s day!

Inhale Exhale Pet Funny Mug

Inhale Exhale Pet Funny Mug


This Inhale Exhale Pet Funny Mug is an incredible birthday gift for your friend, partner or anyone you love. The yoga-inspired Inhale Exhale Pet Funny Mug has a glossy glaze and incredible size, making it an excellent choice for everyday caffeinated beverages.

Everyone Wants to Change the World Funny Bathroom Canvas Print

Everyone Wants to Change the World Funny Bathroom Canvas Print


Are you looking for a funny gift to give to your loved one? There’s nothing like a funny present that makes one roll their eyes and give out a little laugh. The Everyone Wants to Change the World Funny Bathroom Canvas Print makes a wonderful Christmas present as home décor.

For A Balanced Life – Dog And Cat Funny Canvas Print

For A Balanced Life – Dog And Cat Funny Canvas Print


Dog and cat lovers will find humor in our hilarious “For a Balanced Life” canvas print. The two animals show love in very different ways but are similar in that both bring endless joy and fun!

white elephant gift ideas: beer belly waist pack

Beer Belly Waist Pack


Give somebody a beer belly for a white elephant Christmas gift exchange, or a temporary one, at least. This beer belly waist pack not only brings laughs all around – it’s functional, too. It comes with ample space for a phone, keys, wallet, and beer! This hilarious fanny pack is made of polyurethane leather and comes with a free phone ring grip.

funny white elephant gifts: the office michael scott sequin pillow cover

The Office Michael Scott Sequin Pillow Cover


If you’re looking for white elephant gifts for the office, look no further. This pillow cover features Steve Carell as the unforgettable Michael Scott. It’s made with reversible sequins to run through to show or hide the dramatic personality that Michael Scott brings. Funny and comfortable, this pillow cover is perfect for that die-hard fan of The Office.

good white elephant gifts: bacon strips bandages

Bacon Strips Bandages


People won’t feel so bad if they hurt themselves if they’ve got bacon strips bandages. All cuts and scrapes will immediately feel a lot better once treated with the amazing power of bacon. Each tin comes with 15 bandages and a surprise trinket within! As far as cheap white elephant gifts go, it can’t get any better than this.

creative white elephant gift ideas: fishing pole campfire roaster

Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster


Experience the best of the great outdoors with this fishing pole campfire roaster. It guarantees a fun experience hooking and roasting your favorite marshmallows and sausages. This is a great white elephant gift for those that love the outdoors. The creative stainless steel roaster comes with a maple handle and will complete your perfect camping weekend.

white elephant gift ideas $20: funny mug

Funny Mug


What’s funnier than a coffee mug that states, “This is what I got in the Christmas gift exchange”? Not a lot of things. It’s perfect for stuffing with additional goodies or on its own. This hilarious ceramic mug is safe for the dishwasher and microwave oven. With ink that will never fade, it will always remind the recipient of their white elephant Christmas party.

white elephant gift ideas $20: beer sleeping bag

Beer Sleeping Bag


Made to keep beloved beer safe and cold, this unique sleeping bag is great for hiking or a barbecue session. Perfect for beer-lovers to clip on their backpack or belt loop, so beer is never out of reach. It comes in two colors with a carabiner that functions as a bottle opener. It’s one of the best useful white elephant gifts out there!

white elephant gift ideas $10: dancing with Jesus book

Dancing with Jesus: Featuring a Host of Miraculous Moves


Dance the water walk, the last supper stomp, and many more! No one remains a bad dancer when they learn how to dance with this step-by-step illustrated guide. Humorous and festive, this book will bring fun to any white elephant gift exchange. Illustrated in full color, Dancing with Jesus is ideal for your Christian friends

white elephant gifts ideas: dancing with Jesus figurine

Dancing with Jesus: Bobbling Figurine


Jesus gets jiggy with it. The Dancing with Jesus bobbling figurine bops his head and dances with endless energy. It comes with a hilarious mini book filled with ten dance lessons and corresponding biblical stories. The figurine attaches to any surface with a suction cup base. Add this to your list if you’re looking for white elephant Christmas gifts.

useful white elephant gift ideas: ceramic toilet plant pot

Ceramic Toilet Plant Pot


Are you racking your brain for cute white elephant gifts? How about a toilet for tiny people? This well-made ceramic toilet plant pot has a drainage hole and is perfect for succulents. It can also double as a feeder bowl for small adorable pets. It will brighten up any area, whether an office table or a bathroom.

fun white elephant gifts: fifty shades of chicken cookbook

Fifty Shades of Chicken: A Parody in a Cookbook


Here’s a cookbook written as a spoof on Fifty Shades of Grey. The stars? Why, a chicken and a chef, of course. Well written parodies make this book worthy of being one of the best naughty white elephant gifts. It intelligently combines sex and delicious chicken recipes, and gives a whole new meaning to ‘food porn.’

gag gifts for christmas exchange: Nicolas Cage face mask

Nicolas Cage Face Mask


Mask up in style and hilarity with this Nicholas Cage face mask. The mask comes with adjustable elastic earloops to fit kids and adults. It protects with two replaceable five-layer activated carbon filters to keep one safe from viruses, pollution, or pollen. It’s easily one of the funniest white elephant gifts and will liven up any party! 

good white elephant gifts $10: the hunger cookbook

The Hungover Cookbook


How hungover are you? Take the quiz in this cookbook and find out. The Hungover Cookbook comes with stories and aptly named recipes to cure any hangover. When it comes to white elephant gifts everyone will fight for, this makes it to the top of the list. It’s guaranteed to be a fun read and perfect for the hungover state of mind.

white elephant gift ideas $10: desktop boxing

Desktop Boxing


If you’re looking for white elephant gag gifts for the office, we got you covered. Great for stress relief and fun, desktop boxing comes with a mini punching bag and two tiny finger boxing gloves. Not only that, it includes a mini book with boxing trivia and lessons on finger boxing.

cool white elephant gifts: 'may contain alcohol' enamel mug

“May Contain Alcohol” Enamel Mug


It’ll be anyone’s guess whether this mug contains coffee or ‘coffee.’ Great for camping or indoors, everyone will get a kick out of this funny mug. It’s made from enamel-coated cold-rolled steel, which makes it lightweight and incredibly durable. It’s a hilarious white elephant gift that everyone will be fighting for.

cool white elephant gifts: 'holy water' flask



Searching for funny and cool white elephant gifts? This holy water flask is a strong candidate. Made with high-quality construction and food-grade stainless steel to hold 6 oz. of anyone’s drink of choice. No one’s judging the contents of the flask here. It’s perfect for anyone with a sense of humor, whether a businessman or a pastor!

fun white elephant gifts: bob ross heat changing mug

Bob Ross Heat Changing Mug


The iconic Bob Ross never fails to enchant. This heat changing mug is a great choice for your artsy friends. It displays a beautiful work of art every time you fill it with a hot beverage. Inspiring and meaningful, this charming mug is one of the most creative white elephant gift ideas. It’ll remind you to always treat mistakes like they’re happy accidents.

funny white elephant gift ideas: 'that's what she said' game

That’s What She Said – The Twisted Party Game


Games make excellent white elephant gifts. Perfect for game night, hen night, or ladies night, this is a game that will bring laughter to any gathering. That’s What She Said is easy to play and great fun for a party, especially after a few drinks. Double or triple the fun of this twisted party game with available expansion packs. Reminiscent of Cards Against Humanity, but with a twist!

cool white elephant gifts: mistaken lyrics coasters

Mistaken Lyrics Coasters


Anyone who thinks coasters are not unique white elephant gifts has not seen these mistaken lyrics coasters. They’re made of cork and you can pick between greatest hits or classic rock. Recipients will enjoy six handy coasters with hilarious lyrics that remind us to see the beauty and humor in mistakes.

white elephant gifts: shower beer holder

Shower Beer Holder


Few things are better than having a cold beer while taking a shower or having a bath. This practical silicone shower beer holder keeps your beer safe and upright by sticking to any glossy surface. This will come in handy whether to start a party early or relax in the bath after a long day. Hilarious and practical, it’s one of the more original white elephant ideas.

gag gift ideas: dinosaur taco holder

Dinosaur Taco Holder


Kids and adults alike will look forward to taco night with these fun dinosaur taco holders. With hysterical names like Tricerataco and Tacosaurus Rex, who needs plates? Each dinosaur is made of safe ABS plastic, is dishwasher-safe, and holds two hard shell tacos. Nothing screams fun white elephant gifts more than these beasts!

good white elephant gifts: bluetooth banana phone

Bluetooth Banana Phone


Attending a geeky party and need some tech white elephant gifts? How about a Bluetooth banana phone? This hilarious wireless handset keeps hands free for up to 20 hours of conversations. Recharge it via USB, and the banana phone is ready to go. It’s silly, fun, and works as a speaker to enjoy music, too. Made of 100% recycled plastic with a Qualcomm chipset.

fun gift ideas: wtf is my password - internet password logbook

WTF Is My Password: Internet Password Logbook


Add this to your list of inexpensive white elephant gift ideas. This useful logbook is for recording internet passwords because even the best of us forget. It’s a great low-tech method to remember complicated passwords in our high tech day and age. For security, logbooks are advised to be kept in a safe place.

fun white elephant gifts: wacky waving inflatable tube guy

Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy


Who doesn’t love the inflatable tube guy, waving his whole self at you with such excitement? Who wouldn’t want to bring him home or have him at their office desk? This 18-inch guy is a lifelong companion and a go-to if you’re looking for white elephant gift ideas under $10. It also comes with a 32-page mini book that tells you all about this wacky thing.

gag gifts for christmas exchange: potty putter toilet time golf game

Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game


Forget the phone – toilet golf is quality time on the throne. It comes with a “do not disturb” sign to let others know there’s serious business going on in there. It’s one of the best white elephant gift ideas for those who can’t get enough of the game. People are going to fight over this gift at white elephant parties, that’s for sure!

good gifts for white elephant: breakfast sandwich maker

Breakfast Sandwich Maker


Nothing impresses more than this breakfast (or lunch or dinner) sandwich maker. It makes fabulous sandwiches within minutes in quick, easy steps. Surfaces are non-stick, and all removable parts clean easily in the dishwasher. Get creative. Recipes are available on the Hamilton Beach website for inspiration. These make the best white elephant gift ideas under $25.

hilarious white elephant gifts: stop beating your meat bbq cookbook

Stop Beating Your Meat – Smoke it Instead: A Meatlover’s Cookbook


This book will be a hit for all meat lovers, filled with hilarious and crudely written recipes for grilling and barbecuing meat. Entertaining at barbecues will never be the same with this book lying around. If you’re shopping around for funny white elephant gifts, you can’t go wrong with this one!

good gifts for white elephant: 'deeply satisfying poo in progress' toilet sign

‘Deeply Satisfying Poo In Progress’ Toilet Sign


Warn co-workers and family members of an incoming stench of a deeply satisfying poo session. It’s one of the best gag gifts for Christmas exchange or any other occasion. Guaranteed to elicit endless laughter as it gets the message across to everyone in the vicinity. It also makes for a funny desk ornament for that stinky person in your life.

hilarious white elephant gifts: bathroom guest book

Bathroom Guest Book


Just like hotels and weddings, bathroom visits need guest books, too. This bathroom guest book is a great housewarming gift and will be fought for at any white elephant gifts exchange. Each page is filled with entertaining checkboxes to record bathroom visits. The book features a beautiful premium hardcover and a ribbon page marker to give it a luxurious feel.

cheap white elephant gifts: animal portrait magnet

Animal Portrait Magnets


Brighten someone’s day with these animal portrait magnets. Beautiful and original, these magnets are great white elephant gifts. Each magnet features an animal painted portrait-style by artist Carol Lew. With creative names like Sir Walter Ratleigh and Admiral Shepherd, these are perfect for animal lovers. They’re great for fridges and office cubicles!

Yodelling Pickle


This yodelling pickle will be a hoot at your next holiday gift exchange. It functions excellently as a pickle that yodels, and it’s as simple as that. It provides hours of stress-relieving skillful yodelling for adults and babies alike. Batteries are included for immediate use. Never underestimate the power of a yodelling pickle!

condoms for wine bottles

Wine Condoms


Creative, functional, and funny at the same time, these wine condoms are one of the best white elephant gifts. These non-traditional wine stoppers keep oxygen out and wine fresh. Packaged and shaped like actual condoms, they’re no less than 99.9% effective in preventing spills. Hilarious! Each box comes with six reusable condoms that fit bottles of every size.

gag gifts for christmas exchange: periodic tableware shot glasses

Periodic Tableware Shot Glasses


Ingesting alcohol will never be the same again with these periodic tableware shot glasses. This set contains two beakers and two flasks, perfect for a party of four. Each shot glass is made with laboratory-grade borosilicate glass and precise measurement markings. It’s a perfect item for your list of cool white elephant gift ideas.

gag gift ideas: how to talk to your cat about gun safety

How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety


This book will arm you with all you need to train your cat to survive in this day and age. It’s filled with sage advice on gun safety, abstinence, and drugs, among others. It’s the #1 best seller in cat training and a great read if you have cats or have seen cats. As far as wacky gift ideas go, this book is definitely unmatched.

novelty gifts for white elephant: shakespearean insult bandages

Shakespearean Insult Bandages


Compress your wounds with Shakespearean insult bandages, and everything will be fine. These bandages come in a set of 15 and make funny and cheap white elephant gifts. Each bandage comes with an image of Shakespeare himself and an insult from his plays. You’ll find that injuries increase significantly with these bandages lying around.

creative white elephant gift ideas: reaining men umbrella

Raining Men Umbrella


You’ll be carrying this hilarious umbrella around and hoping for rain even when it’s sunny out. This high-quality transparent umbrella features men raining down and is one of the best fun office gift exchange ideas. It’s durable, windproof, glides open and shuts with ease, and protects even from heaviest downpours.

fun gifts: UFO cow abduction: beam up your bovine

UFO Cow Abduction: Beam Up Your Bovine


This kit is filled with special effects that will make sci-fi lovers go, “Whoa!” It includes a spaceship complete with an alien that goes around abducting unsuspecting cows in the countryside. Straight out of a sci-fi novel, this makes an excellent weird white elephant gift. Special effects include eerie music and shiny LED beams. Along with the kit comes a book, The Cow Abduction Chronicles.

hot sauce gift set: the good hurt fuego

The Good Hurt Fuego


This gift set of seven different hot sauces is one of the best white elephant gifts under $50. Each of them adds a spicy kick to meals with exotic ingredients from all over the world. If Oprah loves it, why wouldn’t you? The set is beautifully packaged and perfect for the food lover and avid traveler.

novelty gift ideas: e.m.t. insulated lunch tote

E.M.T. Insulated Lunch Tote


Lunch hour can’t come soon enough when it’s packed in this E.M.T. insulated lunch tote. This one is high up there on the list of white elephant gifts people actually want. Don’t let the funny design fool you – it will keep food fresh for consumption with its foam-insulated waterproof lining. It’s sized perfectly for sandwiches, drinks, and snacks.

white elephant gift: beard beanie

Beard Beanie


In addition to keeping your head cozy, this beard beanie will warm your beard, even if you don’t have one! This creative beard head beanie comes with a detachable and adjustable beard for optimal comfort. If you are looking for good gift exchange ideas for Christmas, look no further. This itch-free super soft beanie is a must-have this winter.

best white elephant gifts: winter summer salt and pepper shaker set

Winter Summer Salt & Pepper Shaker Set


Here’s a beautifully designed salt and pepper shaker set that will complete any dining experience. Thanks to the clever design in clear plastic, the ingredients stay separated. These shakers feature incredibly cute domes, one depicting summer, and the other, winter. Everyone will be aiming for this at the white elephant gift exchange this Christmas.

Live, Love, and Most Importantly, Laugh

Laughter is by far the best form of medicine. White elephant gifts are one of the best ways to enjoy the holidays and festivities with your loved ones. These gifts that we have put together are not only fun, they are useful, thoughtful, and spread joy all around. Make someone you love laugh today with these white elephant gift ideas!

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