Best Wedding Songs 2020: The Ultimate Playlist For Every Moment Of The Day

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Best Wedding Songs 2020: The Ultimate Playlist For Every Moment Of The Day

Whether you’re the bride-to-be or groom-to-be, you know that every detail of your wedding must be legen– wait for it- dary! And that includes the wedding songs.

And since you need a great soundtrack for your perfect fairy tale ending, we have curated the Ultimate Wedding Music Playlist of 2020 for each key moment in your special day. Without further ado, let’s start!

Getting Ready Wedding Songs

Bridesmaids help bride to get ready for a wedding

We know your wedding morning can get a little overwhelming. Playing fun pre-wedding tunes can help you relax and stay in the moment while you’re getting ready. Step into your dress or suit in style and get pumped for the big moment. Forget about any last-minute stress you may have and shake it off with the wedding playlist songs below.

Wedding Ceremony Songs

Prelude Songs

It’s always a good idea to keep your guests entertained while waiting for the ceremony to begin. This way, they won’t have to sit there in complete silence, and they’ll be more comfortable. Having some pre-wedding ceremony songs will definitely set the mood while everything’s ready for your special moment.

Processional Songs

Father of a bride leads her to wedding altar along the pavement path as wedding processional songs play

The look in his eyes when he finally sees you in your wedding dress is a memory you’ll treasure forever. Make your big entry to the beat of the most romantic wedding songs to walk down the aisle to. Have everyone keep some tissues handy because these bride entrance songs will soften even the toughest of guests.

Recessional Songs

Every grand finale moment needs an anthem. As you leave the altar with your partner for life, celebrate with an energetic tune to keep the fun going. Show how happy you feel to be newlyweds. These upbeat wedding ceremony exit songs are the ultimate declaration of triumph. You’re now husband and wife!

Songs For Wedding Reception

Wedding Party Entrance Songs

As the wedding guests settle in at the venue, they expect the couple to arrive and dance the night away. Kick-off your reception by making a big entrance your guests will never forget. Get the party started with one of these ideas for wedding songs. Step in with the right foot and get all set to have some fun.

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First Dance Songs

newlywed gay couple dancing to their first dance song

One of the most romantic points of a wedding is, without a doubt, the couple’s first dance together as newlyweds. This special moment calls for a perfect wedding song that’s meaningful for you and your soulmate. Remember all the tunes that have marked your relationship somehow, and pick the most memorable one to make yours forever.

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Mother Son Wedding Dance Songs

As the groom, you are starting a new chapter with the love of your life. Nobody’s prouder of you right now than the woman whose support guided you to this moment. Praise your mom on the dance floor and prepare to shed some tears. Check out the sweetest mother-son tunes on this carefully curated list of best mother son wedding songs.

Father Daughter Wedding Songs

Fathers and daughters share an extraordinary bond, but only a handful of songs reflect it accurately. To dad, you’re still his little princess. Show him your appreciation and thank him for being with you on the most important day of your life. We handpicked for you the most loving daddy-daughter wedding songs.

Mother Daughter Wedding Songs

One thing is certain, a bride’s mother treats her girl’s wedding almost as her own. She’s the greatest support through all the planning and excitement that lead towards the big day. She deserves her time to shine at your reception too. There’s no better way to honor mom than dancing with her to one of these beautiful mother-daughter tunes.

Wedding Reception Songs

bride groom and guests dancing at reception

All the anxiety is now gone, and you’re finally husband and wife. It’s time to kick off your shoes and show off your moves to this epic wedding reception playlist. We’ve made a fun compilation covering everything from the classic party anthems to the newest wedding hits. This playlist is the ultimate crowd-pleaser to dance and sing along to.

Bouquet Toss Songs

All single ladies line up. The most awaited moment for the eligible girls at your wedding is about to come. Have fun with your girlfriends as you find out who will be the next bride. Instead of playing drum rolls, musicalize this fun tradition with a playlist of energetic bouquet toss songs. May the best catcher win!

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Garter Removal Songs

The garter removal adds an extra pinch of excitement at your wedding reception. However, music is essential to set the right mood. Check out the top wedding tunes for the garter toss and removal. Let all the bachelors at your party rejoice to the beat of these sexy wedding songs.

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Wedding Cake Cutting Songs

No wedding day can be considered complete without cutting the cake. This iconic tradition is one of the most expected moments for all of your guests. Spread sugary sweet love at your reception with this yummy cake-cutting wedding songs playlist that we’ve compiled just for you. Turn the speakers on and let everyone have cake!

Last Dance Wedding Songs

wedding last dance songs

You tossed your bouquet and cut the wedding cake. The night was absolutely lovely, but it’s time for one final spin across the dance floor. Enjoy the last few minutes of your reception and make some extra happy memories. We have the perfect list of last wedding songs to wrap it up in style.

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Find the best wedding songs that highlight every significant moment of your special day. A good wedding music playlist will help set the mood, making every single detail more memorable.

Wedding bands and professional DJs can always provide expert advice about picking the best songs for a wedding. However, only you know the ideal tune to give your soulmate chills as you’re walking down the aisle, or the songs that make your guests dance till the world ends.

Consider this your cheat sheet for everything you need to know about wedding songs. Now all you will have to worry about is learning how to dance at a wedding!

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