25 Sweet Wedding Gifts for Your Parents & Parents-In-Law (2022)

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  • March 28, 2022
25 Sweet Wedding Gifts for Your Parents & Parents-In-Law (2022)

Why wedding gifts for parents are necessary?

Your wonderful mom and dad have loved you since day one, seen your tears and triumphs, and raised you into an amazing individual as you are today. And your parents-in-law gave you an awesome spouse.

Besides, these moms and dads have contributed great help in the wedding planning process. More importantly, they’ll be present for all your upcoming milestones, from childbirth to anniversaries and birthdays.

Therefore, it’s a thoughtful gesture and proper etiquette to get some wedding gifts for your parents and in-laws on the big day. The presents show deep gratitude for their wholehearted support and will be a thankful note upon the start of this new relationship.

In this article, we have collected the best thank-you gift ideas for both parents on your wedding day. We’ll also give you some general ideas of when and how much should a couple spend on the item.

Let’s dive right in!

Best Wedding Gift Ideas for Parents and In-laws

1/ Tree Art Print

thank you wedding gift for parents from the bride and the groom


This beautiful custom print comes with meaningful wordings to your parents or in-laws, thanking them for all that they’ve done and given to both of you.

2/ Wedding Day Card

a wedding day card for parents-in-law


This card will be a beautiful way to capture the moment and your thoughts to your soon-to-be in-laws on your wedding day.

3/ Elegant Framed Print

mom and dad framed print - a gift for parents and parents in law on wedding day


This framed print is simple, yet this gift can move your parents and parents-in-law on the big day. Not only you can change the text, but you can also add or change the photos anytime with this frame.

4/ First Dance Song Lyrics Print

a photo and song lyrics print for parents


Isn’t it creative to give them something that reminds them of their first dance song? This print, customized with lyrics and a wedding photo of your parents, will provoke feelings on their wedding day in the past.

5/ Appreciation Desktop Plaque

a custom desktop plaque gift for parents on wedding day


This personalized desktop plaque carries a beautiful, sentimental message and makes a perfect reminder of the special day.

6/ Personalized Handkerchiefs

Personalized Handkerchiefs Wedding Gift for Parents


These handkerchiefs are a perfect and thoughtful gift that they can even use to wipe away happy tears. You can include a heartwarming message that reveals your state of heart.

7/ Embroidered Blanket

personalized blanket wedding gift with a message to parents


Embroidered with a sweet thank you note and your wedding day, these blankets are the best gift that they would use often and to remind them of you and the momentous day.

8/ “Thank You For Making Our Dreams Come True” Canvas Print

a family tree canvas print with a thank you message to parents


If you are looking for a rustic, sweet gift to give your parents, this custom canvas print is it. It delivers a perfect thank you note for all that they have done to make your dreams come true.

9/ Custom Wooden Clock

to our wonderful parents wooden clock wedding gift


A great gift idea to remind them of your appreciation and affection. It will also be a nice decoration for their home.

10/ Photo Print From Daughter To Parents

everything i am is because of you canvas print wedding gift for parents of the bride


This photo canvas print will remind them that you’ll always be their little girl. It will bring tears to your mom and dad’s eyes on your wedding day.

11/ Illustration Print

parents of the bride illustration print gift


This personalized digitally-illustrated print is the perfect gift to the two who loved you first. It will be treasured forever as a thank you gift on your wedding day.

12/ Custom Wedding Gift for Parents of The Bride

wedding gift for parents of the bride


This print can be a join-gift from the couple as it features a sweet and heartfelt message for the bride’s parents. Let them know how much value they hold in your life. This canvas print can also be easily personalized to mention the couple’s names and the wedding date.

13/ A Desktop Photo Plaque from The Groom to his Parents

A desktop photo plaque gift for parents of the groom on wedding day


If you are looking for a simple keepsake but meaningful enough to show a son’s appreciation to his parents, this custom desktop plaque will do the job.

14/ Hand-Painted Wedding Plate

custom wedding plate for parents of the bride and groom


This handmade plate makes for a small yet sentimental wedding gift. It carries a heartfelt thank you message that will tear them up on the big day.

15/ Engraved Wood Serving Tray

family tree custom serving tray as a parent wedding gift


This one-of-a-kind serving tray is a gift that will be treasured forever. It shows no matter direction you take, your roots remain as one.

16/ Personalized Stepping Stones

stepping stone - a gift for parents on wedding day


Made to withstand all weather conditions, this personalized stepping-stone will be cherished by your parents. This will be the perfect decor item and a sweet addition to your mom and dad’s mini garden.

17/ Family Birthday Board

family birthday board wedding gift for parents


Now that you are starting a new journey with your partner. In no time, your parents and in-laws will become loving grandmas and grandpas. So gifting them a Family Birthday Board is a cool wedding present idea that helps the seniors keep track of family birthdays and anniversaries at a glance.

18/ Personalized Cutting Board

personalized cutting board for parents on wedding day


The cutting board comes in various styles and can be personalized with your names and your wedding date.

19/ “Dear Mom And Dad” Desktop Photo Plaque

a desktop photo plaque gift for parents on wedding day


With this personalized gift, you can remind them of the special place they hold in your heart. You can choose the preset message or write your own to express your gratitude and thank them for all of their sacrifices.

20/ Stemmed Wine Glass

i survived my daughters wedding day fun gift for parents


Wouldn’t this make the perfect gift for them when it’s all said and done? The “I survived my daughter’s wedding” wine glass will be super fun to give!

21/ “Parents Are Our Guiding Light” Canvas Print

wedding photo canvas print gift for parents


This photo gift features an inspirational quote: “Parents are neither an anchor to hold us back, nor a sail to take us there, but a guiding light whose love shows us the way.” It is customizable with a photo, names and date.

22/ Whiskey Decanter Set

a whiskey decanter set gift


This liquor decanter set consists of 2 glasses etched “Yours” and “Mine” and 1 decanter inscribed “Ours”. Your parents and in-laws can use the gift set to unwind after the wedding and years afterward!

23/ Scented Candles

to my parents on my wedding day custom candles gift


These scented candles go with festive packaging that perfectly celebrates the big occasion. The candles will set the quintessential celebratory mood for your parents’ home, bathroom, or living room. And the nostalgic notes of white pine, fir balsam, and birchwood over a base of rich musk and amber will deliver calmness in no time.

24/ Smart Display

a smart display device

$59.99 (45% off)

This present might be expensive, but it’s worth it. Your mom and dad will appreciate a tech gift that they can use to display and show off photo albums of the family and children.

25/ “Thank You for Your Support on This Day” Desktop Plaque

thank you for your support on this day wedding photo plaque for parents


The simple thank-you message on the plaque perfectly captures and conveys how much you are grateful for their unending love and support on your big day as well as all the days of your lives.

Wedding Gifts For Parents Etiquette

1. When is the perfect time to present the gifts?

If you’re comfortable with a public gift-giving experience, the rehearsal dinner is the ideal opportunity. While making a toast, you can present the wedding gifts to both parents.

The second option is while getting ready. You can set aside some time alone with your parents before the ceremony and give them the gift. However, if you and your future spouse follow the tradition of not seeing each other on the day of the wedding, you will have to present the gifts separately.

Another acceptable time to present the gifts is after the ceremony and celebration. You can give the thank-you gifts to your moms and dads the next morning after the wedding.

In case you are heading straight off to your honeymoon, you can invite your parents over or take them out for an intimate dinner that allows you to present the gifts in person.

2. How much should you spend on the gifts?​

The best advice we can give when it comes to this question is you should not be concerned about the value of the gifts for your parents on your wedding day. As long as the presents are meaningful and show your dedication, all parents will appreciate and treasure them.

You can also think of joint gifts as a couple instead of as individuals, which allows you to opt for more expensive gifts.

Another etiquette that is worthy of note is that even if you feel one parent(s) contributes more than the other during the whole wedding planning process, the gifts should not reflect this.


This concludes our list of gifts that you can get your parents and parents-in-law on your wedding day.

Personalized gifts go a long way here since they express thoughtfulness and sentiments. But something practical that fits their interests or hobbies also does the job.

Whichever you choose, they’ll understand your appreciation for their positive involvement in your life since day one and at your wedding.


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