Best 28 Sweetest Wedding Gifts for Parents That They’ll Adore in 2023

  • BY Simon Smize
  • August 6, 2023
Best 28 Sweetest Wedding Gifts for Parents That They’ll Adore in 2023

On your wedding day, giving your parents and parents-in-law some gifts is a great way to show your gratitude for their wholehearted support. In this article, we have searched for the best wedding thank-you gift ideas that your parents and parents-in-law will appreciate. We’ll also answer some frequently asked questions about this gift-giving at the end of the article.

Let’s dive right in!

Our Top Picks

The Best Wedding Thank You Gift Ideas for Parents

1/ “The Two Lasting Bequests” Canvas Print

lasting bequests canvas print for mom and dad wedding day

If you are stuck for words to say to your parents, let this canvas print with a quote from Hodding Carter help you. You can add custom text and choose to frame the canvas to make the gift more special.

2/ Hand-Painted Wedding Plate

hand painted plate thank you gift for parents

This handmade plate features a flower of your choice and a thank you message (also customizable) to your parents. The plates are completely hand drawn and custom painted especially for you. Your parents can use them for decoration or everyday use since they are made with lead-free glazes.

3/ Desktop Photo Plaque

a custom desktop plaque gift for parents on wedding day

If you are looking for an inexpensive wedding gift for your parents but meaningful to express your appreciation for their love and support, this desktop photo plaque will please you. You can add custom text and a photo to the plaque, and even change the default wording. Personalize and buy two of them, one for your parents and one for your in-laws.

5/ Custom Wooden Clock

wooden clock - A Personalized Wedding Gift for Parents

Both parents will be thrilled to receive this gift on your wedding day, as they can be reminded of you whenever they check the time. You can choose oak or maple as the material of the clock, and it will be a nice decoration for their home.

5/ Photo Frame with Love Quotes

wedding gift for parents - picture frame

This framed print is simple but can touch all parents’ hearts on the big day. You can request the seller to change the text on the paper. With this frame, you can add or change the photos anytime. You also get to choose the frame with one or two photo spots.

6/ Personalized Handkerchiefs

personalized handkerchief - wedding thank you gift for parent

These handkerchiefs are a perfect and thoughtful gift that they can even use to wipe away happy tears. You can include a custom message that reveals your state of heart. The handkerchiefs come nestled in a sweet little gift box, perfect for gifting!

7/ Embroidered Blanket

personalized blanket with a quote to parents

Embroidered with a sweet thank you message, this blanket is the best thank you gift that your parents will treasure and actually use. You can choose from 19 thread colors for embroidery and add your personalization, including your names and the wedding date.

8/ Personalized Cutting Board

personalized cutting board for parents on wedding day

The cutting board comes in various styles and can be personalized with names and the wedding date.

9/ Funny Wine Glass

i survived my daughters wedding day fun gift for parents

Simple enough, yet these “I survived my daughter’s wedding” wine glasses are a fun gift to give and surprise the bride’s parents!

10/ “Thank You For Making Our Dreams Come True” Canvas Print

a canvas print with thank you message to parents

If you are looking for a parent wedding gift that looks rustic and vintage, this wedding tree canvas print is it. It already comes with a thank you message. You just have to choose from 2 designs with different background colors that match your parents’ home decor. Then, customize the names and the date.

11/ Engraved Wood Serving Tray

family tree custom serving tray as a parent wedding gift

This one-of-a-kind serving tray is a gift that will be treasured forever by your parents. You can have the family name engraved on the tray to make it more special. One customer left a review that: “The serving tray looks like it was freshly cut from the mountains and hand written with words of love.”

12/ Bride and Parents Illustration Print

wedding gift for parents of the bride - personalized illustration

This personalized illustration is the perfect wedding gift for the parents of the bride. You just have to send the seller a photo of your actual outfits on the wedding day and they will design the artwork. As the seller designs the print in-house, so you can rest assured that the print you are getting is truly unique.

13/ Photo Plaque for The Groom’s Parents

A desktop photo plaque gift for parents of the groom on wedding day

Does the groom buy his parents a gift? The answer is yes. It is customary for the groom to give something to his parents. A simple gift, like this desktop plaque, with a meaningful saying, will be perfect.

14/ Personalized Stepping Stones

stepping stone - a gift for parents on wedding day

Made to withstand all weather conditions, this personalized stepping-stone will be the perfect addition to their garden.

15/ Family Birthday Board

family birthday board wedding gift for parents

Now that you are starting a new journey with your partner. In no time, your parents and in-laws will become loving grandmas and grandpas. So gifting them a Family Birthday Board is a cool idea that helps them keep track of family birthdays and anniversaries at a glance.

16/ “Dear Mom And Dad” Desktop Plaque

a desktop photo plaque gift for parents on wedding day

With this personalized gift, you can remind them of their special place in your heart. You can choose the preset message or write your own to express your gratitude and thank them for all of their sacrifices.

17/ Scented Candles

to my parents on my wedding day custom candles gift

This simple and sophisticated candle is a lovely way to show gratitude to your parents and in-laws for their help and support. You can choose from 12 luxurious scents and add custom text on the label. If you wish, you can add natural bath salt to give them the ultimate spa experience.

18/ Engraved Jewelry Tray

engraved wooden tray - wedding gift for mom and mother in law

This wood tray is a great gift to give your mom or mother-in-law for your wedding. The tray is made from genuine walnut wood, and you can choose a custom engraving.

19/ Personalized Money Clip

money clip for dad on wedding day

This money clip makes for a practical and also funny wedding gift for the father of the bride. You can add your name on the back and the special date on the front. The money clip comes in a black jewelry box that is ready for giving.

20/ “Thank You for Your Support” Desktop Plaque

desktop photo plaque to thank parents on wedding day

With a floral pattern, this desktop photo plaque can be placed anywhere around the house, reminding your parents of the big day. The plaque is customizable with a photo, your names, and the wedding date.

21/ DIY Wedding Album

wedding photo album gift for parents

This is an alternative option for the collage print idea that we mentioned. You can give both sets of parents a wedding album after your wedding photos are ready. You can print them out and even turn them into a DIY wedding gift for your parents.

22/ Wedding Day Card for Parents and In-Laws

a wedding day card to parents in law

These cards are a beautiful way to capture your thoughts to your parents and in-laws on your wedding day. You can choose from several color options for the envelope, and the paper even has a slight shimmer to it. Perfect to pair with your special gifts!

23/ Spa Gift Basket

An ideal for your lover, this all-in-one basket comes with everything she needs to help her unwind and relax after the wedding. A massage oil, soy candle, salt scrub, and aromatherapy sachet that is available in eight different fragrances. It all comes up and is ready for gifting.

24/ Soundwave Art

A unique way to capture the memory of your parent dance, this acrylic block can be printed with the sound wave of any song you want. Choose your color and personalized text at the bottom, also you can even add a barcode on the back that you can hear anytime you want. 

25/ Personalized Family Member Signpost

If your parents are all about their lawn decor, gift them this adorable signpost to decorate immediately. A perfect gift that keeps everyone symbolically together, showcasing their distance from your original family home. A great addition to their garden or backyard. 

26/ Wedding Photos Collage Print

wedding photo collage canvas print gift for parents

How about making a collage canvas print from your wedding photos? You can make 2 prints for each set of parents, so they will receive the same gift. This item can be touching as they can see how beautiful their children are made for each other.

Experiential Gifts for Parents on Wedding Day

Other than material gifts, you might want to consider something experiential that your parents and parents-in-law can enjoy after the wedding. Here are some ideas:

1/ Bed and Breakfast Gift Certificate

bed and breakfast gift certificate for parents

You can give your parents a B&B gift certificate in their region. They deserve a nice getaway after all the work they put in!

2/ Restaurant Gift Cards

restaurant gift certificate

Your parents will appreciate a generous gift card to a nice restaurant near their homes.

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Common Questions About Wedding Gifts For Parents

1. Do Parents Get Gifts at The Wedding?

It is customary for the bride and the groom to give their parents gifts on the big day. If you are having the same question, the answer is yes.

Your parents have loved you since day one and raised you into the individual you are today. And your parents-in-law gave you an awesome spouse!

They might also have contributed to the wedding planning process, and some may have paid for your wedding. More importantly, they’ll be there for all your upcoming milestones, from childbirth to anniversaries.

Therefore, it’s a thoughtful gesture and proper etiquette to give some thank you gifts to your parents and in-laws on the big day. The presents show your deep gratitude for their wholehearted support.

2. When is the perfect time to present the gifts?

If you’re comfortable with a public gift-giving experience, the rehearsal dinner is the ideal opportunity. While making a toast, you can present the wedding gifts to both parents.

The second option is while getting ready. You can set aside some time alone with your parents before the ceremony and give them the gift. However, if you and your future spouse follow the tradition of not seeing each other on the day of the wedding, you will have to present the gifts separately.

Another acceptable time to present the gifts is after the ceremony and celebration. You can give the thank-you gifts to your moms and dads the next morning after the wedding.

In case you are heading straight off to your honeymoon, you can invite your parents over or take them out for an intimate dinner that allows you to present the gifts in person.

3. How much should you spend on the gifts?​

The best advice we can give when it comes to this question is you should not be concerned about the value of the gifts for your parents on your wedding day. As long as the presents are meaningful and show your dedication, all parents will appreciate and treasure them.

You can also think of joint gifts as a couple instead of as individuals, which allows you to opt for more expensive gifts.

Another etiquette that is worthy of note is that even if you feel one parent(s) contributes more than the other during the whole wedding planning process, the gifts should not reflect this.


This concludes our list of gifts that you can get your parents and parents-in-law on your wedding day.

Personalized gifts go a long way here since they express thoughtfulness and sentiments. But something practical that fits their interests or hobbies also does the job.

Whichever you choose, they’ll understand your appreciation for their positive involvement in your life since day one and at your wedding.



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