51 Sweet Wedding Gifts For Parents & Parents-In-Law

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51 Sweet Wedding Gifts For Parents & Parents-In-Law

Why wedding gifts for parents are necessary?

Parents are the wonderful people who have loved you since day one, seen your tears and triumphs, and raised you into an amazing individual as you are today. And your parents-in-law even gave you an awesome spouse. Besides, these moms and dads have contributed great help in the wedding planning process. More importantly, they’ll be present for all your upcoming milestones, from childbirth to anniversaries and birthdays.

Therefore, it’s a thoughtful gesture and proper etiquette for the bride and the groom to get a wedding gift for their parents and in-laws on the big day. The presents show deep gratitude for their wholehearted support and will be a thankful note upon the start of this new relationship.

We have collected 35 thank-you gift ideas for parents on wedding day to help the bride and groom do that. And the wedding gifts will subtly remind the parents of you and the day they give their little child away.

Gifts For Parents Of Bride And Groom Etiquette

1. When is the perfect time to present the gifts to parents of the bride and groom?

If you’re comfortable with a public gift-giving experience, the rehearsal dinner is the ideal opportunity. While making a toast, the bride and groom can present the wedding gifts to both parents.

The second option is while getting ready. You can set aside some time alone with your parents before the ceremony and give them the gift. However, if the bride and the groom follows the tradition of not seeing each other on the day of the wedding, they will have to present the gifts separately.

Another acceptable time to present the wedding gifts to parents is after the ceremony and celebration. The newly-weds can give the thank-you gifts to their moms and dads the next morning after the wedding. In case you are heading straight off to your honeymoon, you can invite your parents over or take them out for an intimate dinner that allows you to present the gifts in person.

2. How much should you spend on wedding gifts for parents?​

The best advice we can give when it comes to this question is you should not be concerned about the value of the gifts you are giving your parents and in-laws. As long as the presents are meaningful and show your dedication to the task, all parents will appreciate and treasure the gifts. You can also think of joint gifts to your parents as a couple instead of as individuals, which allows you to opt for more expensive gifts.

Another wedding gifts for parents etiquette that is worthy of note is that even if you feel one parent(s) contribute more than the other during the whole wedding planning process, the gifts should not reflect this.

10 Personalized Wedding Gifts For Parents

personalized handkerchief for mom and dad

1. Personalized Handkerchiefs

$ 17.99+

These cute handkerchiefs are perfect for a thoughtful gift for parents on wedding day. You can include a heartwarming message that reveals your state of heart towards parents of the bride on it.

personalized blanket with a quote to parents

2. Embroidered Blanket


These monogrammed blankets are the best way to go if you’re looking for a gift your parents would use often. They have a thank you write on them, and your parents can snuggle up with them daily.

family tree personalized serving tray

3. Engraved Wood Serving Tray


With words engraved on its perfectly cut surface, the engraved wood serving tray is a sweet wedding gift for your parents.

4. Personalized Doormat


A custom doormat with the family name and the established year is another lovely wedding gift idea for your parents and in-laws. The personalized welcome mat will surely attract the attention of all the guests to the house.

monogram plate for parents of the bride or groom

5. Monogrammed Plate


The plate has a deep thoughtful thank you message monogrammed on right in the center. A wedding gift from the bride and groom like this will tear any parents up every time they use it to serve food on.

a stone with the quote Love Is Patient, Love Is Kind

6. Personalized Stepping Stones


Made to withstand all weather conditions, this personalized stepping-stone will be cherished by your parents. This is the perfect decor item for your mom and dad’s mini garden.

an art print of a tree, some birds and a quote for parents

7. Tree Art Print


This is a beautiful custom family tree with two lovebirds at the bird. It’s a perfect gift for your parents and parents in law to put a smile on their faces.

family name sign canvas with letter art

8. Family Name Sign Canvas


This family name sign is a unique personalized wedding gift for your parents. With the family name beautifully and strikingly spelled out with letter art, the canvas print makes a perfect decor for your mom and dad’s living room and hallway.

custom passport covers with globe map on them

9. Personalized Passport Holder


This is a perfect gift for parents who are always on the move from country to country. Although affordable, they’re made of durable leather and can have custom messages printed on them.

Wedding gifts for parents - family birthday board

10. Family Birthday Board


Now that you are starting a new journey with your partner. In no time, your parents and in-laws will become loving grandmas and grandpas. So gifting them a Family Birthday Board is a cool wedding present idea that helps seniors keep track of family birthdays and anniversaries at a glance. And this board can be beautifully displayed anywhere in their home.

25 Creative Wedding Gifts For Parents

I survive my daughter's wedding wine glass

1. Stemmed Wine Glass


What’s a better way to give your parents a classy gift like this stemmed wine glass? Sturdy with a written message on them, this wine glass will keep the beautiful events of your wedding in their minds for a long time.

Family Soapstone Sculptures

2. Family Soapstone Sculptures


Handcrafted from southern Africa in Zimbabwe, these beautiful family soapstone sculptures display the everlasting bonds of family.

luggage set gift for parents and in-laws

3. Luggage Set


A luggage set is a perfect idea for parents who love traveling and are always on the go. Lightweight, yet the luggage is made with durable hardshell material. The TSA lock ensures the safety of the suitcase while also facilitating airport security inspections. Multi-directional mute wheels and an adjustable telescoping handle allow your parents to maneuver in tight spaces and provide effortless movement.

cotton anniversary gift - hammock

4. Hammock


Who knows, your mom and dad may wish to have a hammock in their backyard, garden. There they can blend in with nature and get away from everything. And what is better than a cotton hammock as a wedding gift for your parents? Both of them will find no problem laying in it, enjoying their day off together.

Instant Pot Multi-cooker - wedding gift for parents

5. Multi-Cooker


The Instant Pot Duo multi-cooker combines 7 appliances in one: pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté pan, yogurt maker and warmer – and cooks up to 70% faster. This multi-functional cooker will be the highlight of your parents’ and in-laws’ home kitchen. With it, they can make scrumptious and gourmet dishes on special occasions all year round.

irobot roomba - robot vacuum

6. Robot Vacuum


A bit extravagant, but this robot vacuum is a big helper for your parents. It can intelligently map and clean an entire level of the home. And the vacuum is also ideal even when your parents have pets at home. This is one thoughtful gift that lessens the house chores of your mom and dad.

outdoor fire pit gift for parents

7. Outdoor Fire Pit


This fire pit is the perfect fit for your patio or backyard, whether big or small. It has a deep fire bowl to contain firewood to keep your family and friends warm for hours. And the glow from the wildlife cutouts creates a unique nighttime ambiance for the intimate get-together of your parents.

wine cooler gift for parents on wedding day

8. Wine Cooler


This electric wine cooler is a must-have for any serious wine enthusiast or aspiring sommelier. If your mom and dad have a collection of red or white wines and fine champagnes, this wedding gift will thrill them. Moreover, this electric wine refrigerator will offer an unparalleled style to your parents’ living room or home kitchen.

Mueller espresso machine

9.Espresso Maker

From $64.99

With a tiny footprint, compact and lightweight, this is a smart coffee machine that makes your coffeeholic parents’ life easier. Thanks to this wedding gift, your moms and dads can make coffee at any time without having to go out to get their favorite blends.

Star Constellation Wine Glasses

10. Star Constellation Wine Glasses

From $40

Your parents can use these amazing glasses for any other drink and not just wine. The glasses have awestruck starry constellations patterns and make every sip a work of art. An artistic wedding gift that any parents, especially the mom, will adore.

Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

11. Copper Mugs


These Moscow Mule Copper Mugs – sold by set of 2 – allow your parents to enjoy their favorite beverages, cocktails in a fancy way. The straws are wide, which makes them extra easy to drink from and clean.

cotton couples apron for couple

12. Couples Cooking Apron Set


Made of high-quality cotton, this couple apron set can have personalized messages printed on them and will certainly bring your parents closer when they both put it on. They can wear the aprons to prepare dinner together on special occasions.

$50 Southwest Airlines Gift Card

13. Airline Gift Cards

From $50

What do you give parents who are always in the air traveling from place to place? Simple, airline gift cards. If your parents are travel buddies, you’ll hit the right spot with this present. 

Target Home Fondue Fountain

14. Home Fondue Fountain


This fondue fountain is every foodie’s delight, and if your parents are food enthusiasts you’ll make their valentine’s day with it. It stands 16 inches tall and runs with a quiet motor. Let’s together make an unforgettable hot chocolate fondue this year with the whole family.

Whiskey Decanter Set Gift For Parents of The Bride and Groom On Wedding Day

15. Whiskey Decanter Set


This liquor decanter set consists of 2 glasses etched “Yours” and “Mine” and 1 decanter inscribed “Ours”. It can be used for whiskey, scotch, bourbon, cognac, tequila, and many more. The decanter set will be an unforgettable wedding gift for parents and makes an elegant addition to their tabletop or bar.

Insulated Tumblers

16. Insulated Tumblers


These insulated tumblers are ideal wedding gifts that parents can utilize to drink their favorite wine or cocktail stylishly. These cups are perfect for any outdoor fine dining event, concert, pool party or BBQ. A chic tote is included for the travel wine glasses. So your parents can easily sling on a shoulder or across the chest, or store the tumblers in the pantry, boat, car or camper.

Sunflora Picnic Backpack

17. Picnic Backpack


Another great thank-you gift recommendation for parents who are fans of family outdoor camping BBQ and beach party. The Sunflora picnic backpack comes with a large insulated food compartment and another one that is well organized for tableware. With this backpack, your mom and dad can neatly pack all the essentials for their picnic.

Champagne Flutes - Gifts For Parents Wedding Day

18. Champagne Flutes


Your parents and parents-in-law will fall in love immediately with these modern and elegant champagne flutes as a wedding gift. These sophisticated, stunning and luxurious flutes make a great pair with the sensory delight of your parents’ fine champagne. They are a great wedding gift idea that is guaranteed to impress those who gave birth to you and your spouse.

NEST Holiday & Birchwood Pine Candle Duo Set

19. Scented Candles


These scented candles go with festive packaging that perfectly celebrates the big occasion. The Holiday & Birchwood Pine Candle Duo Set surely sets the quintessential celebratory mood for your parents’ home, bathroom or living room. And the nostalgic notes of white pine, fir balsam, and birchwood over a base of rich musk and amber will deliver calmness to your parents in no time.

apple TV - wedding gift for parents and parents-in-law

20. Apple TV


According to a customer review, compared to other products, Apple TV truly stands out with no buffering or waiting. And the set works with Amazon Prime and Netflix without a problem, allowing your parents to enjoy the latest series and movies without hassle. You can go overboard with this wedding gift that gives a great impression on your mother- and father-in-law.

egyptian cotton bedspread

21. Egyptian Cotton Bedspread


Research shows that on average, we spend about 30 years or more in bed. So this time, go extra with a luxurious Egyptian cotton bedspread as a caring wedding gift for your parents. This is among the best presents that your mother and father will enjoy when snuggling or cuddling.

cotton anniversary gifts - couple bathrobes

22. Bathrobe


If you are searching for a utilitarian wedding present for your parents, consider these gorgeous, deliciously fluffy couples bathrobes. These terry cotton robes are of the finest hotel version and make a perfect gift for any parents. Let them feel a sense of luxury right at home. And they may literally find themselves looking forward to putting it on after bathing each night!

Germ Guardian Air Purifier - Mother's Day Tech Gifts

23. Air Purifier


An air purifier is definitely one heart-warming wedding gift for parents that show how much you care. Not only does this air filter reduce a great percentage of harmful germs, dust and other pollutants from the air, its activated charcoal filter also helps to diminish unwanted odors from pets, smoke, cooking fumes, and more. Especially, the tech gift can work quietly, producing a gentle white noise at night for a quiet, restful sleep, which is crucial to any parents.

smart display - echo show 8

24. Smart Display


This present might be expensive, but it’s worth it. Your mom and dad will appreciate a tech gift that can help them with everything. From listening to radio stations to video calling with friends and family members, the Echo Show 8 will do its job seamlessly. Especially, your parents can use the state-of-the-art device to display and show off photo albums of the family and children.

PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer

25. Smartphone Sanitizer


For parents who are always keen on hygiene, you can never go wrong with this wedding gift. This easy-to-use sanitizer and charger helps zap most of the germs from your parents’ phones. The gadget has built-in acoustic amplifiers so your parents can keep listening to music while the UV sanitizer takes care of the dirty work for them.

8 Mother of the Bride and Groom Gifts

If you are looking for specific gifts for your mother, you can choose from the list below. We have some budget-friendly options for you as well. And they will make touching gifts for Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom on the wedding day.

I Love You Mom Poem Custom Photo Canvas Print

1. Custom Photo Canvas Print


This is an amazing gift to create a visual representation of your love for your mother and mother in law. You can include a beautiful mother and daughter poem to remind your mom just how much you love them. 

jewelry dish for mother of the bride

2. Jewelry Dish


Made up of liquid gold, clay, and a beautiful message, every mother would love this gift.

Mother of the Bride Gift or Mother of the Groom Gift - MOM Square Keepsake Box

3. Keepsake Box


This MOM square keepsake box is great for mothers and can be used all year round.

mother of the groom personalized candles

4. Personalized Candle


Candles created a soothing and calming atmosphere, but with all personalized messages written on the candle. This “Mother Of The Groom” candle will put a smile on your husband’s mother’s face.

a woman wearing Mother Of The Bride robe

5. Robe


The best gifts are ones that people get to use often and this mother of the groom or bride robe is just exactly that. Made with delicate lace and beautiful color combinations.

Custom Cutting Board with the Est Year

6. Custom Cutting Board


Every woman loves her kitchen and this custom cutting board will keep her mother glad every time she needs to cut up some veggies!

Mother Of The Bride Necklace

7. Necklace


Weddings are a big deal for mothers and this interlocking “Mother Of The Bride” necklace tells her of the bond that exists with in-laws and how the two families have merged into one.

Personalized Family Tree Serving Bowl

8. Personalized Serving Bowl


Weddings can bring up separations in a sense from parents but this personalized family tree serving bowl would be a reminder to your mother that even though the branches spread far they remain rooted in the same ground.

8 Father of the Bride and Groom Gifts

Any fathers, no matter how tough they look, are always emotional on their children’s wedding day. Even when their son or daughter starts a new family with their partner, they are always little children in these fathers’ hearts. So these wedding gifts for Father of the Bride and Groom will truly warm their hearts for the coming years.

a desktop plaque with a thank you message from the bride to her father

1. Custom Photo Plaque


If you’re looking for the perfect and
also creative way to say thank you to your dad, this “Thank you Dad” custom photo
plaque does a permanent job of it.

Father Of the bride tie clip

2. Personalized Tie Clip


Men fancy a corporate accessory every
now and then, but this gift carries a thoughtful touch to it. And this Father Of The Bride tie clip would
mean the world to your father and father in law.

Father of the bride and groom personalized pint glass

3. Personalized Pint Glass


The Fathers of both the Bride and the Groom will cherish this personalized pint glass gift when celebrating your wedding.

custom leather wallet for father of the bride

4. Engraved Black Leather Wallet


Every time your father opens his wallet, he’ll see a beautiful message that reminds him you’re always his little girl.

“A bride today, a wife tomorrow, always your little girl.”

Parents of the groom and bride Custom Wooden Watch Gifts

5. Engraved Custom Wooden Watch


This is certainly a unique gift that your Father would adore as it’s crafted perfectly. And you can add a thank you message of your choice to it: “Thanks for showing me how to be a great man and husband.”

Father Of The Bride Cufflinks

6. Father Of The Bride Cufflinks


This is a beautiful and classic round cufflinks gift that your father or father in law will use often and be reminded of the amazing events of your wedding.

father of the bride and groom personalized fishing lure

7. Personalized Fishing Lure


This handmade personalized fishing lure can come in bronze, antiquated copper, stainless steel, and antiquated brass. If your father or father-in law loves fishing they’ll cherish this gift for a long time.

a golf ball with the words Father Of The Bride

8. Custom Golf Balls


These golf balls make a perfect wedding gift for any dads who love golf. It’s got a cute saying “Father Of The Bride” on the front which will keep you in his memory and warm his heart.

With these amazing ideas of wedding gifts for parents, you can say the perfect thank you for their positive involvement in your life since day one and at your wedding.

Now that you and your spouse have found the best gift for your parents on the wedding date. Move on and see our wedding registry checklist before sending the list out to your guests.

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