33 Sweet Gifts for Daughter on Her Wedding Day from Parents 2024 (+ 4 FAQs)

33 Sweet Gifts for Daughter on Her Wedding Day from Parents 2024 (+ 4 FAQs)

Finding the best wedding gifts for a daughter can be tricky for any parents of the bride or bride-to-be. However, we have you sorted!

Here is a list of unique and special presents for mom and dad to give to your daughter on her wedding day.

The best part? Our suggestions include meaningful as well as practical gifts. So, you’re sure to find the perfect one to leave the best impression on your little girl. Let’s get started!

Sweet Gifts For Daughter On Wedding Day

Finding the perfect wedding gift ideas from the mom and dad may have been difficult, but we will help you with our recommendations. On her wedding day, a sweet present from her dad and mom will be a great support.

1. Because You’re You Canvas Print

wedding gifts for daughter: Because You’re You Canvas Print


Of all the customizable wedding gifts, one that preserves the memory of her big day will definitely be her favorite. The canvas print has been personalized with names that she can use to establish her relationship.

2. Where It All Began Custom Map

wedding gifts for daughter on her wedding day: Where It All Began Custom Map


Meaningful wedding gifts for a daughter on her wedding day are both special and thoughtful due to the emotions they carry. And nothing will be more meaningful than giving her this canvas, personalized with her wedding location and names. You may even catch a few tears of joy.

3. Heart-Shaped Song Lyrics Canvas

special wedding gift to give your daughter: Heart-Shaped Song Lyrics Canvas


The bond between daughter and son-in-law makes you believe that fate brought them together. To celebrate their marriage, give them this personalized canvas of lyrics to convey the belief that what they have will be more special. It would be a beautiful addition to their home.

4. Couple Initials Blanket

personalized gifts for daughter: Couple initials blanket


They have most things sorted but something iconic is still missing. As a wedding gift for your daughter, give her this unique blanket to add to her household. It will be a fun way of celebrating her new marital status.

5. Mr. & Mrs. Desktop Plaque

wedding gift idea for daughter: Mr. & Mrs. Desktop Plaque


Your little girl deserves to have everything on her big day! You should go all out but remember to add this plaque as a commemorative present for the couple. It is meaningful and will become her favorite decoration in her marital home.

6. Song Lyrics Custom Pillow

wedding gift ideas for daughter: Song Lyrics Custom Pillow


As a mom, you may be biased, but you probably still feel that your little girl deserves the best the world has to offer. You can give this sweet customized pillow to your daughter and son-in-law as a gift to commemorate their nuptials.

7. Wedding Hanger

sentimental gifts for daughter: Wedding Hanger


Your daughter may only wear her wedding gown once but there will always be a plethora of emotions and memories attached to it. This personalized hanger will be a thoughtful day-of gift to her to securely hang up her grown after the main event comes to a close.

8. Trendy Luggage

wedding gifts from parents to daughter: luggage


While you like the thought of giving your daughter a classic, reliable wedding gift for her, traveling doesn’t exactly factor into most brides’ plans, does it? With that in mind, give your daughter’s honeymoon a boost with the help of luggage and select a fabulous set to ensure her adventure is stylish!

9. Necklace

special wedding gifts for daughter: necklace


Jewelry always carries a special meaning and will make for a great present for your daughter on her wedding day. This necklace is especially perfect because it comes with a heartwarming message that comes out of parental love and adoration.

10. Ring Holder

sentimental wedding gifts for bride: ring holder


Your daughter will love getting this gorgeous gift! A specifically designed ring holder is a great keepsake that she can use each time she removes her sparkling wedding ring. This item will remind your daughter of how happy you are about her marriage.

11. Bride Pajamas

gift for my daughter on her wedding day: Bridal Pajamas


Comfortable pajamas that your daughter can wear the day after her wedding are the perfect gift for newlyweds on their honeymoon. This is a great present because we all know how our cozy PJs can make us feel like royalty, no matter where we are!

12. Recipe Book

creative wedding gift for your child: recipe book


Looking for the perfect wedding gift for your stepdaughter? What about a cookbook? You can ensure she keeps all her favorite recipes in one place by compiling them together in this binder that also includes space for new recipes she may discover together with her partner.

Wedding Gift from Mother to Daughter

Personalized mother gifts to daughter become some of the most cherished keepsakes. So, here are some recommendations for the gifts you can give her on her wedding day.

13. A Daughter Is Just A Little Girl Photo Canvas Print


Aside from the rest of the gifts you have bought, this custom photo canvas print will be a special thing to give to your daughter. Memories will never get old. Personalized with your favorite photo, this meaningful gift will melt your daughter’s heart on her wedding day.

14. Today A Bride Tomorrow A Wife Desktop Plaque

customized gifts from mother to bride: Today A Bride Tomorrow A Wife Desktop Plaque


Personalized wedding gifts for your daughter are some of the most thoughtful ones and this plaque is no different. It will be the perfect little addition to her marital home as she begins her new life as a happily married woman.

15. Handkerchief

 wedding gift ideas from parents of the bride: Handkerchief


This handkerchief may look simple but it is one of the best gifts to give your daughter on her wedding day. With a beautiful message of love, it will probably be one of the most sentimental gifts she receives on her special day.

16. Marriage Custom Mug

wedding gift from mom to daughter: Marriage Custom Mug


Let’s face it, there’s no way you’re giving her just one gift so why not add this adorable mug to the list? It is a funny gift idea for couples among all the unique options from mother to daughter and she will love keeping it around the house.

17. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Nectar

wedding gift to daughter from parents: Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Nectar


Day-of gifts are always significant, especially when it comes from a mother to her daughter. Your daughter deserves to feel her very best on her wedding day and this perfume will do just that.

18. Mother and Daughter Bracelet


The rehearsal dinner may just be a small event compared to the real deal but you can make it special. Give this sweet bracelet as a wedding gift for your daughter before the big day.

19. Compact Mirror

child wedding gift: Compact Mirror


Your little girl is all grown up and already starting a new chapter in her life. Since only the best mother to daughter wedding gift ideas will encompass your emotions, this compact mirror will be a great choice. It is intricately designed and she can always look at it and know that she has your love.

20. Off White Earrings

sentimental gifts for daughter: Off White Earrings


Most items on the list are perfect for wedding gifts for your daughter and new son-in-law, but you can also add in a sentimental piece of jewelry just for her. You’re the bride’s mother so you’re allowed to have some adorable bias for your girl.

21. Letters to My Daughter Journal

personalized wedding gifts for daughter: Letters to My Daughter Journal


One of the hardest things about being a mother is keeping up with all of your daughter’s memories during these important and wonderful events in her life. Forget keeping track of scraps of paper or index cards – this softcover journal will be perfect for writing down messages and advice from now until you hand it off on her wedding day.

22. Wedding Bouquet Preservation

to our daughter on her wedding day: Wedding Bouquet Preservation


The best bride gifts from mom make the most out of her big day. Preserving her wedding bouquet is a unique and meaningful way of keeping the memories of her wedding day alive. Your daughter will be vowed and touched by the gesture and treasure this gift.

23. Mom and Daughter Drawing

gifts from mom to daughter on wedding day: personalized drawing


You will always find words at the center of most sentimental and meaningful presents and this drawing is no different. It is an emotional personalized gift for your daughter’s wedding. She will always keep it close to her heart and adore you for giving it to her.

24. Bed Sheet Set

special wedding gift for daughter: Bed Sheet Set


Mothers and daughters have a special connection that strengthens over time and results in some incredible mother-to-daughter wedding gift ideas. This bed sheet set is a prime example of one of the most common, yet successful ones, and you should consider giving it to her.

Wedding Gifts for Daughter From Dad

She was just taking her first steps and you will now be walking her down the aisle. As unbelievable as it is, your daughter’s wedding is almost here, so check out our recommendations for the best gifts.

25. Everything I Am Is Because Of You Canvas Print

daughters wedding day gift: Everything I am is Because Of You Canvas Print


Your child deserves everlasting love with her special person and this wedding gift from father to daughter perfectly captures this wish. It is simple and elegant, and she will love decorating it at home.

26. Met – Engaged – Married Custom Map

thoughtful wedding gift for daughter from dad: Met – Engaged – Married Custom Map


Personalized wedding gifts for stepdaughters that celebrate her journey with her partner are both beautiful and sentimental. This canvas print will, thus, be a great addition to her house as she begins this new chapter. It’s also a great gift for any Christian couple in your life.

27. Doormat

wedding gift from parents: Door Mat


Your daughter will be starting her married life now so why not give her creative home goods to ease her in. This doormat is a perfect way to celebrate her union and commemorate her wedding.

28. Coffee Subscription

gift to give daughter on her wedding day: Coffee Subscription


They will be taking on numerous adventures and will definitely need coffee subscription services. So make sure you add this to the list of gifts you have planned to give your daughter.

29. Wedding Gift Cake Cutter

wedding gift from parents: Wedding Gift Cake Cutter


Some special cutlery celebrating their union will make for the perfect wedding gift for your newly married daughter. It’s a simple gift that commemorates the beginning of her new journey.

30. Spa Gift Card

daughter wedding gift: Spa Gift Card


Wedding preps are always stressful and your daughter can do a little relaxing before the big day. Therefore, this spa gift card will be a thoughtful gift for the bride that she will enjoy.

31. Personalized Jewelry Box


Bridal showers are always special and this glass jewelry box will make for an elegant gift to give to your daughter-in-law just before both of them finally say I do. It is simple and elegant, and will be a good addition to her dressing table.

32. Floppy Beach Hat


If your daughter and her husband are planning to take their honeymoon trip soon after the wedding, honeymoon accessories will be practical and thoughtful gifts. This beach hat is especially an excellent choice if they are planning to relax in beach cities.

33. Heart-Shaped Landscape Blanket

gifts to give your daughter on her wedding day: Heart-Shaped Landscape Blanket


Sentimental gifts are excellent presents for your daughter’s wedding day which makes this blanket a great choice. It commemorates the memories of the special day and the warmth of her relationship. Both of them are important enough to be made into keepsakes.

34. Star Map Wall Art Print


This wall art is a lovely addition to your daughter’s house. It can also serve as a constant reminder of good and enjoyable memories. You can get this wall art personalized with your daughter and her husband’s name, date, location, and the star map.

Questions About Daughter Wedding Gift

wedding gifts for daughter from parents

1. Do the parents of the bride give a wedding gift?

Traditionally, the bride’s parents cover the brunt of the wedding expenses, which include flowers, photographers, transportation, the ceremony, and more. Gifts from the bride’s parents are not required because the wedding itself is nearly a present for the couple.
However, many moms and dads are paying a lower amount for wedding costs than in the past so they still want to give their children a wedding gift. In that case, sentimental and thoughtful presents are more appreciated than costly gifts.

2. What a mother gives her daughter on her wedding day?

A small gift from the bride’s parents to their daughter is also becoming increasingly popular these days. In fact, many parents want to gift the bride something special to show her how much they adore her.

If you want to give your daughter a gift on her wedding day, something special that she can retain as a keepsake is one of the greatest options.

3. How much money should you give your daughter for a wedding gift?

First, consider your own financial capacity. Close friends and relatives often spend around $100 – $200 (or greater if you can afford it).

Then, because not every parent-child relationship is the same, you may want to adjust the value of your wedding gift based on the depth and quality of your relationship.

4. Does the mother of the groom give a gift to the bride?

The groom’s mother is customarily expected to bring a small gift at the bridal shower. When the wedding day approaches, the groom’s mother can give her daughter-in-law a more meaningful gift, such as a family heirloom, rosary, or handkerchief from the grandmother. This is an excellent way to let her know that you already consider her a part of the family.



We hope you enjoyed reading through our recommendation for wedding gifts for your daughter and found several options that would be perfect for her. If you are looking for more gift recommendations, do check out our other blogs.



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