29 Sweetest Wedding Gifts from Groom to Bride (2022)

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  • April 1, 2022
29 Sweetest Wedding Gifts from Groom to Bride (2022)

Your wedding day is already special, but you can always add in a surprise for your bride by giving her a sentimental and meaningful gift. Although the bride and groom gift exchange is not a must, gifting your bride a keepsake is a sweet gesture that she will cherish. Below are the best wedding gifts for the bride to make her day.

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The Best Groom to Bride Gift Ideas

1. “The Start of Us” Star Map Print

A Star Map Framed Print - Wedding Gift for Bride from Groom


Beginnings are always special and you can commemorate yours with this romantic star map print. The star alignment signifies the day you first met or the day you tie the knot. The options are endless.

2. Personalized Bangle Bracelet

Personalized Bangle Bracelet for the Bride


Jewelry is a popular wedding gift for brides, which makes this bracelet all the more perfect. You can have the bracelet engraved with a simple message, your initials, and your wedding date.

3. “To My Beautiful Bride” Family Tree Charm

custom family tree charm - a Wedding Day Gift for bride from Groom


Building a family with the love of your life will be the best blessing. This charm, along with a personalized message card, will help you express this message perfectly. It’s a sweet gift for your bride on the wedding day that will make her fall even more in love with you.

4. Pearl Pendant

a pearl pendant for the bride


Bridal jewelry adornments are also traditional gifts you can give your bride on this special day. This pendant, featuring a lustrous 7.0mm cultured freshwater pearl, will complement her wedding dress perfectly.

5. “I’d Find You Sooner, Love You Longer” Desktop Plaque

A Personalized Photo Desktop Plaque - Gift for the Bride on Wedding Day


Out of all the wedding gifts for the bride, the most sentimental ones are those with a love message as an expression of adoration. This photo plaque is a great present for her, which is also beautiful home decor.

6. “The Story Of Us” Photo Framed Print

A custom photo framed print as a wedding gift for the bride


Use this personalized framed print to summarize your love story. From the day you first met, the day she said yes, to the day you say ‘I do,’ there is nothing but love. This custom photo print is a beautiful reminder of everything you two have experienced together.

7. “To My Bride” Wedding Card

to my bride wedding day card from groom


The gift doesn’t have to be pricey. Therefore, you can give her this wedding card with a written poem or message that expresses your devotion.

8. Song Lyrics Canvas Print

canvas print with personalized song lyrics and names - wedding day gift for the bride


Maybe you don’t know how to express your feelings for her but you can always rely on a special song to do the job for you. So, give your bride this one-of-a-kind song lyrics canvas print as a meaningful wedding gift and see her face light up.

9. Wedding Photo Frame

Kate Spade New York Wedding Photo Frame Gift


Your wedding photos hold precious memories and therefore deserve to be decorated in some of the best-looking frames you can find. Use this frame from Kate Spade to display your favorite wedding photo and give it to your bride as a gift.

10. “My Vows to You” Photo Frame

My Vows to You Wood Frame - Photo Wedding Gift for the bride


How about giving a personalized photo frame with your vows to your bride? This frame will make for an emotional, sentimental keepsake that she will cherish for years to come.

11. Personalized Handkerchief

Personalized Handkerchief for Bride


These beautiful white handkerchiefs, embroidered with a heartfelt and personal message, are the perfect gift to present to your bride on the wedding day. You can make the item more personal with your name and wedding date.

12. “Our Story So Far” Photo Book

Our Story So Far Wedding Photo Book


Your love story may already be a few years old but it is also just starting. This photo book will be a sentimental gift for the bride because it maps out your adventures so far. The book also leaves a ton of space for the future journey that you will undertake together.

13. “Hello – Will You – I Do” Map Canvas Print

Map of Relationship Canvas Print - Wedding Day Gift for the Bride


This custom map canvas print will remind her of all the milestones in your relationship. It helps retell your love story in a unique way and will be a great wall decoration.

14. “My Adventures Always Include You” Wall Art

My favorite adventures include you wall art gift for the bride


This wall art gift is like a promise of a lifetime of adventures, especially if you and your bride both love to travel. It artfully captures the places you have trotted across and will capture her heart with its subtle vow of continued wanderings.

15. Wedding Dress Sketch

wedding dress sketch - a gift idea for bride from groom


If you want a super-sentimental gift that your bride will adore, a sketch of her wedding dress is what you are looking for. This piece of art will forever remind her of the dress and the big day.

16. Illustrated Portrait

an illustration portrait of bride and groom


This custom portrait fully captures the affection between you and your bride. It will be a romantic gift that melts her heart.

17. Personalized Bridal Clutch

A personalized Clutch for the Bride


A bridal clutch is a day-of essential for any bride, and therefore this can be one great gift idea for your bride to use on her wedding day. This practical clutch, personalized with her name, will help her keep useful accessories accessible. More importantly, she will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

18. Marriage Cross Pendant

Marriage Cross Pendant - Gift from Groom to Bride On wedding Day


If you are holding a religious wedding ceremony, this cross pendant will be a meaningful gift for her. The pendant represents your beliefs and blesses your marriage with lasting happiness. Order a pair, one for her, and one for you.

19. Engraved Keepsake Box

personalized engraved keepsake box - wedding day gift for bride


Keepsake boxes are perfect storage spaces for memories, and this personalized wooden box will be used to store the most significant memories from your wedding. Its rustic design gives it a warm and natural appeal that will carry a sweet nostalgic vibe. It’s the perfect spot for love notes and trinkets you both kept from the day.

20. Wedding Day Bride Gift Box

Wedding Day Gift Box for the Bride


Wedding jitters are no joke to a bride. So giving her a survival pack of essentials for the morning of the big day will give you some extra brownie points. You can give this gift box to her on the night before the wedding to calm her down. It is a thoughtful gift that would help her get through the day.

21. “To Have and To Hold” Photo Blanket

to have to hold in case you get cold wedding blanket gift from groom to bride


It’s always great when you both have the same sense of humor. So capitalize on that and give her this fun blanket, personalized with your photos, names, and wedding date. It is an adorable wedding gift for your bride, and she will treasure it for all the emotions and feelings it represents.

22. Monogrammed Established Sign

Monogrammed Established Sign


It is the beginning of your marital life. This embellished sign, personalized with your first and marital names, will be a perfect way to commemorate this occasion. It will look beautiful for your future home.

23. Established Date Letter Art

Custom Letter Art - Gift for Bride on wedding day


The vintage letter art will commemorate your wedding date in the best way possible and give you an excellent decoration for the house. You can add a custom message to your future wife to remind her of all the reasons you love her.

24. Letter Necklace

an envelope necklace


This small wedding gift will delight her. The tiny necklace is cute as a button but its most special feature is the little letter inside. The letter is engraved with your declaration of love and your wedding date.

25. “Every Love Story Is Beautiful But Ours Is My Favorite” Canvas Print

our love story is my favorite collage canvas print - wedding gift for bride from groom


Upload 3 photos to customize this film-strip style canvas print. The quote on the print helps you express how much you treasure your relationship with her.

26. A Gift of Experience

kissing in front of hot air balloon - gift of experience for the bride

The best wedding gift you can give a bride who craves adventure experience is a trip across the world, visiting some of the best places and having tons of fun. It will also be a great start to your married life. So book your tickets and get ready to fly right after.

27. Personalized Leather Journal

an Engraved Leather Travel Journal with a message to the bride


Give your wife this leather journal, which can be personalized with your names, so she can keep track of beautiful and unforgettable moments and memories with you.

28. Fillable Family Tree

fillable family tree gift for the bride on wedding day


If both of you are ready to start a big family, this fillable family tree will be a meaningful gift to give your bride on the wedding day. This keepsake cannot be more creative as you can add names to it when your family grows bigger.

29. “To My Gorgeous Wife” Photo Canvas

a photo canvas print for wife on wedding day


Let her know that meeting her was fate and that marrying her is the best decision you’ve ever made through this photo canvas print. It is a touching gift that is also easy to customize. Just upload a photo and type in your name.


That concludes our list of the sweetest, most thoughtful wedding gifts that a groom can give to the bride on the big day. If you want more unique gift ideas for a memorable wedding, read on:



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