The Top 29 Wedding Gifts for Bride That A Groom Should Give in 2023

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • October 2, 2023
The Top 29 Wedding Gifts for Bride That A Groom Should Give in 2023

Exchanging gifts on your wedding day is not a must. However, giving your future wife a wedding gift will make the big day more special and memorable. So, even if you and your bride don’t plan for this activity, you can still surprise her with a sentimental and meaningful present. In this article, we’ll recommend some of the best wedding gifts for the bride from the groom that will melt her heart.

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Pre-Wedding Gift Ideas for Your Bride

If you want to give something to your bride before the wedding ceremony or on the night before, take a look at the pre-wedding gift ideas below. Some of them are essentials that your bride might find useful on the big day. Or you can choose to send her a gift that shows some sentiment.

1. Wedding Day Gift Box for The Bride

wedding day gift box for bride

Wedding jitters are no joke to a bride. As a thoughtful groom, you can give her a gift box that includes some essentials that will be useful for her during the day. You can give this box on the morning of your wedding or on the night before as a pre-wedding gift.

2. “10 Reasons I Can’t Wait To Marry You” Gift Box

10 reasons cant wait to marry you gift box

You can think of 10 reasons you can’t wait to marry her and send them to the seller. Then you will have a box filled with ten quills of paper to give your other half, a special token of love that she will keep for many years to come.

3. New Wife Survival Kit Box

new wife survival kit box

Please note that this is a wooden box only, so you will have to fill it with items like essentials or some fun and small gifts inside. You can add personalization with your names and the date on the top and front of the box.

4. Personalized Bridal Clutch

a clutch for bride as a wedding gift from groom

A bridal clutch is a day-of essential for any bride. So, you can also consider giving one to your bride so she can use it on her wedding day. This sparkling clutch, personalized with her name, will help her keep useful accessories. More importantly, she will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

5. “To My Bride” Wedding Card

a wedding day card for the bride

A good wedding gift for your bride does not have to be pricey, and you can give her this simple, elegant wedding card as a pre-wedding gift. In the card, write a poem or message that expresses your eternal devotion to her. The card is indeed the present that comes from the heart that she will cherish.

Unique Wedding Day Gifts for Your Bride

Below are some of the best gifts that you can give your future wife on the wedding day. Most of these items can be personalized, allowing you to show your love and devotion and that you are longing to become the husband of her life.

1. Song Lyrics Canvas Print

wedding gifts for bride from groom: Song Lyrics Canvas Print

Some guys are not good at expressing their feelings to their partner. If you are one of them, you can use a special song to do the job for you. It would be more special and creative to print the lyrics on a canvas for hanging after the wedding! So, give your bride this one-of-a-kind song lyrics canvas print and see her face light up.

2. To My Wife Custom Photo Plaque

a desktop photo plaque for wife on wedding day

If you want to describe your feelings to your bride but cannot find the right words, this photo plaque will help you. It comes with a sweet message that will bring tears to her eyes. You can upload a favorite picture from your engagement photos to make it more personal.

3. “My Vows to You” Photo Frame

our vows photo framed print

Your wedding vows are sacred. So they deserve a special place in your heart and your home. With this photo frame, you can display the vows beautifully in your house. You can also add a photo to make the item more emotional and sentimental.

4. “Hello – Will You – I Do” Map Canvas Print

custom map hello will you i do canvas print

This custom map canvas print will remind her of all the milestones in your relationship. It helps retell your love story in a unique way and shows her that you remember all the small details, from the day you met her. How romantic and thoughtful!

5. Wedding Photo Book

gifts for bride from groom: Wedding Photo Book

Your wedding photos hold precious memories. So they deserve to be placed in the best-looking and most luxurious, elegant album. Use this photo book from Shutterfly to display your favorite photo and give it to your bride the day of.

6. Star Map And Lyrics Framed Print

star map and spiral song lyrics framed print

This print will help you show her how the stars aligned the night you first met your bride, which changed your life completely. You can also add lyrics to your wedding song or a song that is special in your relationship. All of these features make this custom print a sentimental wedding gift for your bride.

7. Personalized Handkerchief

a personalized handkerchief for wife

These beautiful white handkerchiefs, embroidered with a heartfelt, personal message, are perfect for your bride on your wedding day. You can customize the item with your name, wedding date, and favorite text color. If you want, you can even write the message that you want to show on the handkerchief and make it the most precious gift your bride has ever received.

8. Wedding Photo Collage Monogram Mug

gifts for bride from groom: Wedding Photo Collage Monogram Mug

How about giving your other half this photo mug to summarize your love story? You can add photos of the day you first met, the day she said yes, to the day you say “I do.” This mug will be a beautiful reminder of everything you two have experienced together.

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9. The Stories We Tell Photo Book

wedding gifts for bride from groom: The Stories We Tell Photo Book

Your love story may already be a few years old, but it is also just starting. This photo book helps you map out your story and will become a sentimental gift that she does not expect. The book also leaves blank pages for the future journey that you will undertake as husband and wife.

10. “My Adventures Always Include You” Wall Art

A map wall art gift for the bride

This wall art is like a promise of a lifetime of adventures, especially if both of you are travel enthusiasts. It artfully captures the places you have trotted across. And at the bottom or the print is a subtle vow of you two taking future trips together.

11. Forever Together Photo Coasters

wedding gifts for bride from groom: Forever Together Photo Coasters

The unique coaster will celebrate your wedding date in the best way possible. It will also become an excellent decoration for your house. You can add a custom message to your future wife to remind her of all the reasons you love her.

12. “To Have and To Hold” Photo Blanket

a photo blanket - gift from groom to bride

If she is the bride with a sense of humor, give her this cute blanket, personalized with your photos, names, and wedding date. It is an adorable wedding gift for your bride, and she will treasure it for all the emotions and feelings it represents.

13. Engraved Keepsake Box

This personalized wooden box will help her store the most significant memories from the big day. Its rustic design gives it a warm and natural appeal that will deliver a sweet nostalgic vibe for years after the wedding.

14. Name Necklace

This small wedding gift will delight your bride-to-be. The tiny necklace is as cute as a button. But the most special feature of this item is you can custom it with her name, nickname, or the way you call her which is made with your love declaration.

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15. The Healthy Skin Edit Bestsellers Kit

The Healthy Skin Edit Bestsellers Kit

If you want a super-sentimental gift that your bride will adore, a skincare set is what you should give her. Make sure she is the most beautiful woman on her wedding day.

16. The Carry-On Flex

Is the bride ready for your honeymoon? This luggage will be one of the best thoughtful gifts to give your future wife. The Carry-on Flex is the updated edition of the classic Carry-on. There are 6 new colors for you to choose from, with an expanded zipper for more storage. Don’t forget to personalize her name to prevent losing, and make it extra special.

17. Heart Shaped Song Lyrics Custom Pillow

You can simply choose your favorite song to make this sentimental heart-shaped pillow. Customizing the name and wedding date on the pillow will help you express how much you treasure your own version of a love story, which is unique and can never be replaced!

18. Personalized Couple’s Message Picture Frame

wedding gifts for bride from groom: Personalized Couple's Message Picture Frame

Give your bride this picture frame, personalized with your name and message, so she can keep track of beautiful and unforgettable moments and memories with you.

19. Etched Champagne Flutes

If both of you are wine lovers, these custom champagne flutes will be a meaningful gift for your wedding day. Raise a toast for the woman in your life by adding your initials and also your wedding date for a personal touch.

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20. Keepsake Custom Photo Puzzle

With this photo puzzle, you can let her know that meeting her was fate and that marrying her is the best decision you’ve ever made. It is a touching gift that is also easy to customize. Just upload a photo and type in your name.

21. Ceramic Keepsake Box

ceramic keepsake box for bride from groom

How about ordering this ceramic box and filling it with some tokens of love and memories of your relationship? The engraved message in the box will also make this gift sentimental and romantic for the bride.

22. A Gift of Experience

kissing in front of hot air balloon - gift of experience for the bride

For the bride who loves traveling and adventurous activities, the best wedding gift for her is a trip across the world, visiting some of the best places and having tons of fun. So consider giving your future wife this kind of gift. It will also be your honeymoon and a great start to your married life.

The Best Jewelry Gifts for Her

If you are thinking of giving a traditional wedding gift to your soon-to-be wife, jewelry it is. Particularly, jewelry pieces with pearls are best as she can wear them during the wedding. Or you can buy her a small jewelry box or trinket dish with a custom heartfelt message. Take a look at some suggestions below.

1. Pearl Pendant

a pearl pendant

This pendant, featuring a lustrous 7.0mm cultured freshwater pearl, will complement her wedding dress perfectly.

2. Personalized Wedding Ring Box

wedding gifts for bride from groom: Personalized Wedding Ring Box

Give her something romantic and practical, like this ring box, so she can store your wedding rings in a significant way. On the outside are your guy’s name and wedding date which makes it more special.

3. Pearl Stud Earrings

Wedding gifts from groom to bride: Pearl Stud Earrings

Finish her wedding look with these elegant earrings. Pearl is always a timeless fashion choice, a symbol of beauty. Wearing these earrings will add a touch of glamour on her wedding day.

4. Tennis Bracelet

Tennis Bracelet

Jewelry is a classic wedding gift for the bride from her groom. And this stunning bracelet is something you can consider giving her. Featuring pretty crystals, this bracelet not only makes her shine on D-day but also styles her daily outfits.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the groom supposed to get the bride a gift?

The groom is not required to get the bride a gift. And because a couple may already have to spend a lot on the wedding and honeymoon, buying and exchanging gifts might create extra burdens. However, giving your future wife something meaningful will make her the happiest bride on earth. Some of her friends might even get jealous!

But speak to your bride and ask her if you plan to exchange gifts. You might want to avoid making her feel guilty for not getting you anything. So you should discuss and decide together.

2. What is the best gift for the bride?

There is no definite answer. The gift a groom can give his bride can vary from a note to a small present, as long as it reflects his love and affection for his future wife. So you can write a nice heartfelt note, get her a personalized gift, or do both!

As for the gift, first, focus on finding a sentimental present. If you like, you can add a naughty fun item like custom-picked lingerie saying ‘Mrs–‘ and ‘I’m Yours’ (an idea from a Reddit user).

3. When should the bride and groom do the gift exchange?

You can exchange gifts when it fits your schedule. Many couples give each other presents before the ceremony or after the first look. Or if you plan not to see each other until walking down the aisle, you can have your gifts delivered separately to your getting-ready rooms.

4. What else should the groom do for the bride on the wedding day?

Apart from preparing a gift for the bride, the groom might want to support by taking on the mental load of some morning tasks on the wedding day. That will give the bride a more relaxing morning and allow her to enjoy the present!


That concludes our list of the sweetest, most thoughtful wedding gifts that you can give your bride on the big day. We hope our article is helpful and will inspire you.



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