Top 33 Unique Wedding Gift Ideas for Older Couples Who Have Everything (2022)

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  • September 12, 2022
Top 33 Unique Wedding Gift Ideas for Older Couples Who Have Everything (2022)

Are you having trouble finding appropriate wedding gift ideas for older couples? Middle-aged and elderly couples are finding love and getting married a second, and even third, time! But most wedding gift suggestions are still geared toward young couples.

Well, stop worrying! Our curated list is full of unique presents perfect for older brides and grooms, even those who have everything!

Personalized Wedding Presents to Impress Older Couples

1. It All Began Under This Sky Star Map

It All Began Under This Sky Star Map: wedding gift for elderly couple


Fill their home with memories and give an elegant present for a middle-aged couple with their eyes on the heavens! This unique star map is a one-of-a-kind gift. Use their names and the location and date of their wedding to generate a gorgeous print that they’ll love!

2. Street Sign Wall Art

Street Sign Wall Art: wedding gift suggestions for older couples


For a fun wedding gift idea for 60-year-olds, check out this street sign print customized with names and wedding dates. A beautiful mountaintop background represents different paths winding up together. It’s ideal for the couple who already lives together and loves to travel or the outdoorsy partners who love hitting the trail!

3. Save the Date Calendar Photo Plaque

Save the Date Calendar Photo Plaque: wedding gift suggestions for older couples


Celebrate a senior wedding the right way with this excellent photo plaque. Your mom and her partner will love this clever take on a traditional save-the-date card. Use their engagement photo, or wait and go with their wedding picture for their anniversary.

4. Engraved Cutting Board

Engraved Cutting Board: gift for older couple getting married


Surprise your favorite elderly couple with a beautifully engraved cutting board! Choose from three kinds of wood in three sizes to create the perfect cutting board for their needs. Whether they display it or use it every day, this is one gift that’s sure to be a conversation piece!

5. Custom Name Suede Pillow

Custom Name Suede Pillow: wedding present ideas for older couple


Throw pillows are a wonderful wedding present for an older couple. These pillows are cloud-soft and come with washable covers, a useful bonus if they have pets! They’re versatile and go great with everything, you can pick a unique and meaningful design specific to the happy couple.

6. Couple Initials Throw Blanket

wedding gift for old couple: Couple Initials Throw Blanket


Do you need an easy gift for an older couple getting married? Check out the unique blanket. Memorialize the joining of their two families on this custom fleece. They will spend many winter nights cuddled on the couch under its warmth!

7. You Complete Me Puzzle Canvas Print

wedding gift for old couple suggestion: You Complete Me Puzzle Canvas Print


When buying a wedding gift for an elderly couple, look for inspiration in the hobbies they enjoy. A couple that adores jigsaw puzzles and other brain teasers will love this sweet print. Three puzzle pieces come together to form a personalized message about the power of their love!

8. Mr And Mrs Couple Mug

wedding gifts ideas for elderly couple: Mr And Mrs Couple Mug


What should you do when the happy couple doesn’t have a wedding registry? First, know that choosing a gift for an older couple getting married is fun! Then, buy them this fantastic mug set. Every newlywed couple deserves one novelty cup set to brighten their morning coffee!

9. Rustic Song Lyrics Wall Art

thoughtful wedding gifts for older couples: Rustic Song Lyrics Wall Art


You can’t go wrong with this wedding song lyrics. With a rustic wood look, this piece will fit anywhere. Make it custom with the couple’s names, wedding song lyrics, and a date.

10. Wedding Star Map Plaque

Wedding Star Map Plaque: cute gift ideas for second marriage old couple


Couples who have everything are often hard to buy. It is even more challenging to get gifts for adults with a lifetime of possessions. Why not go with a lovely plaque for their home? Celebrate the strength and endurance of their love with this neat custom plaque.

11. Vinyl Record Spiral Song Lyrics

Vinyl Record Spiral Song Lyrics: wedding gift ideas for middle aged couple


Here’s a perfect mix of modernism and nostalgia! Gift the bride and groom their first dance song lyrics on a vinyl-inspired print. Then, let the memories spin like their records used to. They’ll appreciate the recognition that being older doesn’t mean missing out on fun wedding presents!

12. Custom Star Map And City Map

Custom Star Map And City Map: personalized wedding gift ideas for older couple


Gift the newlyweds a true piece of art that honors their new life together. Customize the star map and choose their location. This wall art is a creative gift for older couples who have everything.

13. Song Lyrics Photo Canvas

Song Lyrics Photo Canvas: wedding present ideas for older couple


Buying a wedding gift for an older couple who has everything can be a challenge. Conquer the obstacle and choose this unique song lyrics canvas. The simple design complements the charm of their wedding picture. Their names are a pretty splash of color that ties the print together.

14. Old Couple Blanket

Old Couple Blanket: wedding present guide for older couple


Is it tough to find a wedding present for an old couple? The answer is no with this Old Couple Blanket. Simply customize a name, quote, or art; you already have a thoughtful gift to give.

15. Wedding Memory Box

Wedding Memory Box: wedding gifts for elderly couple


Most people wouldn’t even consider a memory box as a wedding present for an elderly couple. Just because they may be older doesn’t mean their wedding day is any less special. Let them preserve those memories in a unique engraved box that they will cherish until the end.

16. Leather Luggage Tag

Leather Luggage Tag: wedding present ideas for old couple


Couples over 50 might be planning to travel after their wedding. Give them the gift of security with a set of gorgeous leather luggage tags. These tags will easily identify their things on the baggage carousel. Personalize these with their names, wedding , and a good luck message.

17. Engraved Wine Box

Engraved Wine Box: gift suggestion for second times marriage older couple


A wine box is a practical wedding present idea for an older couple. A senior couple, especially one on their 2nd or 3rd marriage, will love this gift. After all, sipping their favorite red has been shown to have health benefits! And why should Millennials have all the fun?

18. Custom Plant Gift Box

Custom Plant Gift Box: wedding gift-box for older couple who have everything


Brighten their lives and their garden with a handmade planter box! This custom-painted box is a funny wedding gift for an older couple on their second marriage. Let them share their love of gardening and each other with the world!

19. He Asked She Said Yes Custom Ornament

He Asked She Said Yes Custom Ornament: wedding gift guides for older couple


A custom ornament will be a perfect choice for a couple whose wedding was celebrated during the holiday season. Personalized couple’s name and year, this heartwarming item will be one of their favorite wedding presents for sure.

20. And So Together They Built a Life They Loved

And So Together They Built a Life They Loved: Thoughtful wedding gifts for older couple


Getting married young can sometimes be out of obligation. Tying the knot over 40 is all about the life you choose. Celebrate that freedom by gifting this cute print. This is one wedding gift idea for a middle-aged couple that will be valued for its honesty.

Housewarming Gifts to Give Older Newlywed Couples

21. Decanter Set

Housewarming Gifts to Give Older Newlywed Couples: Decanter Set


Not every wedding gift has to be for the bride or the couple. For couples over 40, it’s perfectly fine to give individual gifts. Show the groom some love with an elegant personalized decanter set ideal for men’s night or a couple’s get-together!

22. Love Birds Champagne Flutes

special gifts for elderly couple: Love Birds Champagne Flutes


Make their special day extra perfect with engraved champagne flutes. Even if they are not having a big reception, they still deserve a little bit of elegance. These flutes will be great for a toast. Then they will become a keepsake gift for an older couple getting married.

23. Dinnerware Sets

Great gifts for middle-age couple: Dinnerware Sets


Couples over 60 don’t need a lot, at least on paper. That doesn’t mean they wouldn’t love a colorful dinnerware set to start their lives together. These stoneware sets have everything older newlyweds need to enjoy their meals. The vibrant colors and designs will complement a variety of kitchens!

24. Doormat

wedding welcome-home gifts for older couple: Doormat


Do you need a quick wedding gift for older couples who have everything? Check out this personalized doormat! Whether they have a house together or share an apartment, every home needs a welcome mat. This one stands up to the weather and also looks smart off a shared hallway!

25. Bathrobe

suitable wedding gift: bathrobe


Parents who marry again deserve all the thoughtful gifts they can handle. These plush bathrobes are great wedding present ideas, especially for those living in cold climates. Even better, have the robes personalized with their nicknames for an added touch of whimsy!

26. Tealight Box

Tealight Box: wedding gift ideas for older couple


Mature couples who are getting married like luxuries as much as young couples. A custom tea light box turns any setting into a space of peace and comfort. This wonderful portable box can go poolside, into a sauna, or next to the bathtub after a long day.

27. Mr & Mrs Wedding Gift Basket

Mr & Mrs Wedding Gift Basket


Many older couples go for a low-key ceremony without a reception. Finding wedding ideas for these ceremonies can be tricky most of the time. So why not give the bride and groom a nice gift basket to enjoy together? All these lovely snacks and treats are ideal for older newlyweds!

28. Custom Recipe Book

Custom Recipe Book: wedding gift to give older couple


The couple that cooks together stays together! Give them a space to gather their favorite recipes with this striking wood recipe book. A choice of inserts and dividers makes recipe keeping simple. However, the hand-tooled wood cover is what sets this wedding gift idea for middle-aged couples apart!

29. Air Fryer

Air Fryer: best housewarming wedding gift idea for older couple


Do you need some good wedding ideas for your favorite foodie couple? An all-in-one air fryer is a sure winner! The NuWave Brio offers air frying, toasting, warming, and more in a compact package. They’ll love this one if they live in an apartment or do the RV thing!

30. Funny Old Person Mug

Funny Old Person Mug: wedding gift to give


Looking for a funny wedding gift for an old couple? This hilarious mug is all you need. You can also customize by adding names under two characters. This mug will get a few laughs from the couple.

31. Coffee Maker

Coffee Maker: thoughtful wedding gift idea for older couple


Merging households and habits is no easy feat! Simplify their mornings with an easy-to-operate programmable coffee maker. They can choose the time, the strength of the coffee, and more. This good last-minute wedding gift even keeps the coffee hot for that night owl!

32. Couple Bookend

Couple Bookend: creative wedding gift


Do you need gift suggestions for a couple with a big library? Surprise them with this couple of bookends! Use this accessory to keep books in place and it also looks great on any bookshelf. It is a top wedding idea for couples over 50.

33. Suede Pillow With Names And Date

Suede Pillow With Names And Date: meaningful wedding gift to give older couple


A soft pillow is a really cool gift for grandparents on their third marriage! This understated pillow has the lyrics from their wedding songs along with their names and wedding date. The neutral color will match their blended decor and furniture and will become one of their favorite gifts.

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Wedding gift ideas for older couples don’t need to be boring. In fact, they can be downright fun! Throw convention away and use our guide to pick awesome gifts that will make them laugh, cry, or cheer!



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