The 22 Best Wedding Gifts for Couples Already Living Together

The 22 Best Wedding Gifts for Couples Already Living Together

Now that a couple you know are getting married. But as they have been living together for a while, shopping for a wedding gift for them could be daunting. Traditional registry items do not sound thrilling at all because the couple might have all the household items they need during their cohabitation. So let’s be creative with the present! In this article, you will find some of the most creative and unique wedding gift ideas for couples who are already living under one roof, even when they seem to have everything already.

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The Best Wedding Gifts for Couples Already Living Together

1/ “Home Is Where Our Story Begins” Map Wall Art

home is where our story begins map wall art - a wedding gift for couples living together

Celebrate their marriage and their loving home with this canvas print. It will be a source of joy for the soon-to-be-married couple (officially). Besides, they will be happy to receive a gift that is a reminder of their marriage.

2/ Monogram Wine Cork Holder

a letter wine cork holder as a wedding gift

A wedding gift that helps the couple already living together upgrade their home bar! You can select a letter that best represents their family name. However, if you want to change things up, you can get two – each for their first names. You can also include a bottle of expensive red wine to make it more exciting!

3/ Letter Art Family Name Sign

letter art family name sign

Go creative and give them this rustic family name sign for their living room. It’s the perfect item to create a homey feel for the couple. They will be super excited to see their last name written uniquely and artistically!

4/ Custom Names Mug Set

custom names mug set - a wedding gift idea for couples living together

Many couples love matching outfits and accessories. That said, they will be thrilled to receive these cute mugs that spell Mr. and Mrs.

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5/ Coordinates Pillow

custom throw pillow with coordinates

What is more heart-warming than this custom coordinates pillow? It will be a sweet reminder of their home and the love they share, making it one of the best yet inexpensive wedding gift ideas for a couple already living together and having everything!

6/ Custom Mr and Mrs Aprons

custom mr and mrs aprons

Another great gift idea for those having been cohabitating before marriage is matching aprons. If they love cooking together, then these couple aprons will blow their minds! Every time they put them on, they will feel connected and in love. Don’t be surprised if they wear them to every family barbecue!

7/ Family Name Wood Sign

a family wood sign as a wedding gift for a couple living together

Consider this rustic and vintage family name sign to celebrate their home. This wedding gift is ideal for all couples, whether they have children or not. What’s best is they can always buy extra boards as the family grows bigger!

8/ Custom Portrait Illustration

Couple Portrait Illustration

Get them something cute and artistic to decorate their home. This portrait illustration gift is perfect for a couple already living together on their wedding day. You can include their beloved fur babies too.

9/ “Home Sweet Home” Established Year Canvas Sign

home sweet home sign with established year

Their home will be complete with this elegant “Home Sweet Home” sign. Although it may seem cheesy, it is guaranteed to please the soon-to-be-married couple. They will proudly hang this sign in their living room or in the hallway entrance as a constant reminder of their love.

10/ Marble Cheese Board

wood and marble custom cheese board wedding gift

Give this marble cheese board, engraved with their names, to level up their life together. The modern, elegant design fits many home styles and will give their home an additional touch of sophistication.

11/ Wine And Cheese Pairing Club

The Perfect Last-Minute Wedding Gift

wine and cheese pairing club - subscription wedding gift for a couple

This wine and cheese pairing club membership is exactly what you are looking for as a wedding present. And if you are working with a tight budget, you can select the three months period instead of one year. This membership is also a great idea for a last-minute wedding gift!

12/ Home Bar Accessories

Home Bar Accessories - A Wedding Gift for A Couple Already living together

Do they enjoy hosting their friends for cocktails every other weekend? If yes, then these vintage pub accessories are what they need to get started on their next phase of life. The set is available in three beautiful solid colors to match their home bar décor.

13/ “Where It All Began” Map Canvas Print

where it all began custom map wall art

There is nothing more romantic than going down memory lane to remember where you first met your life partner. So, this retro map canvas print is sure to bring up some warm fuzzy feelings in the couple’s hearts, reminding them of how it all started.

14/ His – Hers Embroidered Luxury Fleece Robes

a set of name embroidered bath robes for a wedding gift

They might have purchased some robes over the years of living together, but these custom embroidered fleece robes are a great wedding gift for an upgrade. Both of them will be eager to wear them as soon as they get married!

15/ Vinyl Record With Song Lyrics Wall Art

A Vinyl Record Art Print with Song Lyrics

Among the best registry items for couples already sharing life under one roof, this custom canvas print would top the list. Customized with their names, the wedding date, and song lyrics, the canvas print keepsake will help them always remember their first dance together as a married couple.

16/ Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets

a set of Egyptian cotton bedsheets - wedding gifts for couples

Consider giving them a wedding gift that upgrades their bedroom, and these Egyptian cotton sheets are the best in the market. Their soft texture and premium quality material will help the couple sleep soundly at night. What feeling is better than falling asleep to the soft feeling of genuine bedding?

17/ Beer Brewing Kit

Craft Beer Brewing Kit as a Wedding Gift

Have the couple been wanting to brew their beer at home but has no idea where to begin? Then a beer brewing kit is the wedding gift that you should get them!

18/ “Our First Home” Framed Print

our first home map framed print - a unique gift idea for couples already living together

Help them celebrate the home they have been living in by getting them this unique and artistic “Our First Home” print. The added details of the map to their house and marriage date will make them feel overwhelmed and even shed tears of joy.

19/ Engraved Wood Coasters

engraved wood coasters

The couple might already have some coasters around the house, but these personalized wooden coasters are just unique and a must-get wedding gift for them!

20/ Plush Bath Towel

set of plush bath towels as a wedding gift for couples already living together

Another thoughtful gift for a couple already living together on their wedding day is a premium plush bath towel. Give them a chance to replace their old bathroom towels with these 100% organic cotton towels that instantly upgrade their bathroom with superior softness and a luxuriously fluffy feel.

21/ Street Sign Wall Art

street sign canvas print

Unique and creative home decor items are the best gifts for your favorite cohabitating couples that are officially tying the knot. This street sign canvas wall art, for instance, is something you can consider giving them. They will be touched and impressed by the meaning of the print, and the decor will be a beautiful compliment to their already established home.

22/ Personalized Throw Blanket

throw blanket with the couple initials

Regarding bedding items, you can give them a new blanket as a wedding gift. But not just any blanket! Get them something that is all about their wedding day and reminds them of the milestone. And this blanket, customizable with the couple’s initials, names, and the wedding date, is the gift you should be giving them.


That wraps up our list of the best wedding gift ideas for a couple who are already living together. With this article, combined with your thoughtfulness and creativity, you’ll find the perfect gift item to celebrate their wedding and make them the happiest couple.

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