Best Wedding Entrance Songs to Begin Your Reception

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Best Wedding Entrance Songs to Begin Your Reception

Do you want to make an iconic entrance to your wedding reception as a newlywed couple? Then you must know that a song that perfectly fits the occasion is all you need! A great wedding entrance song has the power to pump up your guests in a celebratory mood and fill the room with excitement. However, choosing the best wedding songs for your big day can be tough.

But you no longer have to worry! Whether you’re into country, pop, rap or alternative music, our exhaustive list of the best wedding entrance song ideas will help you find a song that resonates with you and your spouse in the best way.

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Best Pop Songs for Wedding Party Entrance 

Pop songs are the safest choice for the wedding entrance. It is likely that your guests will know the song already and will sing along as you enter the reception as a newly wedded couple. Our best picks for pop songs that promise to make bring smiles and spur romance at your wedding entrance are: 

Best HipHop, Rap and R&B Songs for Wedding Entrance

If you want to kick off the night with an upbeat jam, pick a wedding party entrance song from the following list of songs that you can bust a move to when entering your wedding reception! 

Best Alternative and Rock Wedding Entrance Songs

Alternative or Rock genre is another choice to kick off the wedding night more. You’re sure to find some inspiration here to leave your guests with something to talk about for years after your wedding day. Scroll down for some songs!

Best Country Songs Ever

Country music enhances the love, romance and magic you feel on your big day. Here’s a list of the best country songs that will add a sentimental country touch to your wedding entrance! 

Best Fun Wedding Party Songs

After a serious wedding ceremony that leaves you and the guests in tears, you may consider choosing a fun song for your wedding entrance that helps to turn the party mode on. The following are some wedding entrance songs that will make your guests laugh and get into their party groove. 

Our Final Words

As you select a wedding entrance song, don’t forget that at the end of the day it’s all about making the best memories. A song with meaningful lyrics or that is close to your heart will leave a lasting effect on your spouse and the guests. If you have a couple of entrance songs shortlisted, you may pick one for the entrance and one as the last dance wedding song. Who knows, your entrance song may well turn out to be your anniversary dance song for years to come! 

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