32 Wedding Backdrop Ideas for Your Stunning Wedding Photos

  • BY Keegan Kraemer
  • January 31, 2020
32 Wedding Backdrop Ideas for Your Stunning Wedding Photos

Having the perfect wedding backdrop for your big day can really liven up your event. A custom backdrop can bring your venue and wedding theme together.

While there are many different backdrop ideas, it can be difficult to find the perfect one for your big day.

Unique and elegant backdrops also make for some amazing wedding photo opportunities for yourself and your guests. What better way to commemorate your big day than with some beautiful photos?

Couples in search of wedding backdrop ideas can use this guide to find their ideal decoration. 

Indoor Wedding Backdrops

Lush Fireplace Backdrop

wedding backdrop decorated with greenery

Source: weddingchicks.com

Create a stunning wedding backdrop by filling an old fireplace with a large floral arrangement. This can easily be done by attaching the flowers to a styrofoam board and placing it directly in the fireplace. 

Dreamy Garden Backdrop

enchanted wedding backdrop idea

Source: greenweddingshoes.com

Wedding backdrops can be similar to wedding arches. There are no rules that you have to follow when designing your wedding backdrop ideas for your reception. This beautiful enchanted garden backdrop will make any bride feel like she is in a magical garden. 

Colorful Floral Backdrop

vibrant floral ceremony backdrop

Source: ruffledblog.com

Traditionally wedding backdrops are floral. They can easily be built with some flowers and wiring. This backdrop idea combines fabric, flowers, large leaves, and beautiful vases to create a large statement piece. 

Algate String Backdrop

ceremony backdrop decorate with strings of algate rocks & foliage

Source: junebugweddings.com

Do you and your future spouse love crystals? Crystals and geodes create a unique and magical feeling.  Why not incorporate some stunning agate slices into your wedding ceremony backdrop? String agates from an arch and adorned with greenery.

Modern Fireplace Ceremony Backdrop

fireplace decorated as a wedding backdrop

Source: birchandbass.com 

If your wedding ceremony venue has a large fireplace, then consider using it as a beautiful ceremony backdrop. Add some large candles for a bit of extra lighting and romance. Don’t forget the roses for a pop or color.

Hanging Floral Picture Frame Backdrop

floral picture frame wedding backdrop idea

Source: 100layercake.com

Large, ornate frames really make a beautiful statement for weddings. Create a unique wedding backdrop with this arch and hanging frame. Add some smaller floral arrangements to the corners and you have the perfect wedding selfie station. 

Tranquil & Elegant Photo Backdrop

elegant wedding photo backdrop idea

Source: ruffledblog.com

Large pieces of fabric make beautiful backdrops for your wedding ceremony. You can easily hand paint or hand dye fabric for a backdrop. Choose a color to match your theme or create a unique look. 

DIY Oversized Flowers Backdrop

diy wedding backdrop idea

Source: weddingbells.ca

Are you a crafty bride to be that loves to try new DIY projects? If so, create your own magical garden with these life-sized paper flowers. You can easily customize and match the colors to your wedding theme. 

Pastel Colored Photo Backdrop

unique & modern wedding backdrop idea with pastel color theme

Source: greenweddingshoes.com

Pastels are a wonderful choice for a Spring wedding. Create a simple wedding wall covering by ripping strips of light fabric (silk and satin would work great). Then, hang them staggered to create an elegant, yet cheap wedding backdrop. 

Vibrant Ceremony Backdrop

color pop wedding backdrop idea

Source: ruffledblog.com

Do you love bright and bold colors? Then this color pop wedding backdrop is perfect. This can be created with streamers, ribbons, or even ripped pieces of fabric. Choose colors to compliment your wedding theme. 

Vintage Macrame Background

vintage boho wedding backdrop idea

Source: junebugweddings.com

Boho themed weddings and macrame go hand in hand. This simple and elegant backdrop is made from a large branch, a simple floral arrangement, and hand-tied macrame. Another unique backdrop for a darker-colored wedding. 

Minimalist Industrial Backdrop

diy minimalist backdrop idea

Source: junebugweddings.com

Personalize a fabric banner by hand painting your favorite quote on it. This custom backdrop will also make a beautiful statement piece in the couple’s home after the wedding. Another beautiful backdrop for a large, open wall. 

Dreamy Lighted Wedding Backdrop

wedding backdrop ideas: whimsical backdrop decorated with fabric & light strings

Source: stylemepretty.com

Not all wedding decorations have to be bright and white. In fact, some wedding themes are darker and moody. This is the perfect wedding backdrop for a darker-themed wedding with its brick wall and Edison-style string lighting.

Colorful Pom Pom Backdrop

wedding photography backdrop decorated with colorful pom poms and ribbons

Source: ruffledblog.com

Create a fun pop of color with this wedding backdrop. Guests, both young and old, will love having their photos taken in front of this homemade backdrop. Made with silk ribbons and large paper centerpieces, this will grab attention.

Whimsical Floral Ceremony Backdrop 

unique floral backdrop idea

Source: junebugweddings.com

To pull off this unique backdrop, you need a lot of blank wall space and very large leaves. Using a collection of Monstera leaves and bright flowers, you can create a stunning bohemian vibe wedding backdrop.  

Minimalist Dried Greenery Backdrop

elegant minimalist wedding background with dried twigs and leaves

Source: brides.com

Many brides prefer the minimalist look for their weddings. This ceremony backdrop is made with just a few simple neutral floral and greenery arrangements. Setting it against a bright, white background really makes this backdrop stand out. 

Don’t forget to check out our indoor wedding arch ideas that also work perfectly fine as a stunning backdrop.

Outdoor Wedding Backdrop Ideas

Romantic Autumn Hues Photo Backdrop

romantic wedding backdrop with quote: it is written in the stars

Source: 100layercake.com

Unique wedding backdrops can also include your favorite quotes. This one is custom made from engraved wood and decorated with a neutral floral arrangement. Of course, don’t forget the candles to highlight the quote. 

Modern Lighted Greenery Background

wedding photo backdrop idea decorated with greenery and light strings

Source: mrstobe.com

If you are looking for an elegant statement piece for your wedding backdrop, this one certainly takes the cake. With a mixture of large arches, lots of greenery and floral arrangements, and hanging lights, this is certainly a statement piece. 

Elegant Wedding Photo Backdrop

enchanted wedding backdrop decoration idea for weddings in the forest

Source: junebugweddings.com

If you are having a wedding in the woods, then you should utilize every bit of nature around you. This elegant backdrop incorporates the large trees. Adding a minimalist ceremony archway helps to keep the focus on the bride and groom. 

Macrame Ceremony Backdrop

rustic boho macrame photo backdrop


Source: 100layercake.com

This neutral wedding backdrop is perfect for a rustic, country themed wedding. This simple and stunning backdrop keeps the focus on the individuals in the photo rather than the backdrop itself. 

Ombre Floral Photo Backdrop

ombre floral backdrop for wedding

Source: feedpuzzle.com

This beautiful rose wall is a simple backdrop to make. It will make an amazing wedding photo backdrop for both yourself and your guests. Besides, you could choose to create an ombre effect or go with a solid color.

Large Fairytale Book Backdrop

unique wedding photo backdrop decoration idea

Source: greenweddingshoes.com

Every bride should feel like a princess. Then why not create your own storybook ending with this life-sized fairy tale book? Both the couple and the guests will have fun taking photos with this unique wedding backdrop. 


Tropical Themed Wedding Backdrop

outdoor wedding backdrop idea: round backdrop decorated with tropical leaves

Source: junebugweddings.com

This unique photo backdrop is a mixture of flowers and a mandala. Besides, this symmetrical wedding backdrop will make for a unique photo opportunity for your guests that they are sure to remember.

Rustic Wedding Backdrop

cheap wedding backdrop with fabric

Source: junebugweddings.com

Having a wedding in nature has so many advantages. You can create stunning backdrops for your wedding using all the trees and natural beauty around you. Large lanterns, floral arrangements, and long flowing fabric pull together this stunning backdrop. 

Modern-organic Photo Backdrop

modern-organic wedding photography backdrop idea

Source: greenweddingshoes.com

A unique botanical garden creates a beautiful outdoor backdrop idea. If you are able to find a unique venue for your ceremony, then take advantage of all that is has to offer for beautiful photo opportunities.   

Ombre Greenery Circular Backdrop

elegant circular wedding photo backdrop

Source: brides.com

Similar to the wall of roses, this large statement backdrop uses both flowers and greenery to create a stunning ombre backdrop. The large circular piece can easily be made out of wood or piping.  

Greenery Backdrop with Quote

greenery wedding background with quote: the best thing to hold on is each other

Source: ruffledblog.com

Quotes make for a meaningful, personalized backdrop. This interesting backdrop combines a floral and greenery wall with a laser-cut, wood quote. This creative backdrop is easily customizable and simply stunning! 

Whimsical DIY Photo Backdrop

diy photo backdrop with flowers and wooden frame

Source: brides.com

Start this DIY backdrop by creating a large frame out of reclaimed wood. Then, decorate the frame with some hand painted fabric, and a few floral arrangements. This DIY wedding backdrop is simply breathtaking and can easily be built in a weekend. 

Glamorous Ceremony Backdrop

glamorous photo background

Source: stylemepretty.com

If you are going for a vintage vibe, try out this black, white, and gold fringe background. It brings that old Hollywood feel of glamor and elegance to all of your photo opportunities. 

Hanging Flower String Backdrop

hanging flower wedding ceremony backdrop

Source: greenweddingshoes.com

This is another stunning example of using the wedding venue as a wedding backdrop. Choose an industrial setting and decorate with a waterfall of flowers or a field of cacti. You should use every inch of your wedding venue for a photo backdrop.  

Geometric Wedding Backdrop

geometric wedding ceremony backdrop

Source: 100layercake.com

This beautiful and easy to build wedding arch also doubles as a stunning homemade floral backdrop. Adorn with some geometric lanterns and greenery for a unique design that your guests will love. 

Modern Wooden Ceremony Backdrop

outdoor backdrop idea: modern wooden photo background

Source: Greenweddingshoes.com

Once again, nature takes the cake with this glamping themed wedding. The outdoor wedding backdrops range from a forest to a large, rustic tent.

The wooden backdrop is a great choice for an outdoor ceremony. With modern color shades like black, white & orange, this backdrop surely compliments the whole theme. 

Want more outdoor ceremony decoration ideas? Then don’t forget to check out our outdoor wedding arch ideas collection as well. 


There are a million different things to plan when it comes to your big wedding day; cake, guests, venue, and decor.

Your wedding backdrop design should be an easy choice. It should express your and your spouse’s personality and bring together your entire wedding theme.



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