60 Indoor & Outdoor Wedding Arch Ideas for Your Very Special Day

  • BY Keegan Kraemer
  • January 3, 2020
60 Indoor & Outdoor Wedding Arch Ideas for Your Very Special Day

The day you tie the knot is approaching and you have been searching for the perfect arbor for your ceremony. You are wondering which kind of wedding arch will truly express the theme of your wedding. Or you just simply looking for ideas to decorate the arch. 

Don’t worry, you’ve got us covered. These 60 wedding arch ideas will help you create your own whimsical wedding day no matter if your ceremony is indoor or outdoor.

Whether you prefer a simple or rustic look for the traditional wood arch, or a unique one decorated with lots of flowers, prepare for these amazing ideas.

Indoor Wedding Arch Ideas

lighted ritual arbor idea: arch decorated with flowers, greenery & light bulbs

Light Bulb Ceremony Arch

Are you having an indoor wedding in a darker location? Ensure your vows are well lit with this lighted arbor that doubles as a large lamp. This two sided arbor is covered in flowers and Edison style light bulbs.

floral modern arbor

Modern Floral Arch

A simple metal arch frame decorated with colorful flowers will add the modern touch to your wedding.

diy ceremony arch with big paper flowers

Paper Flowers Arch

Crafty couples can try making your own paper flowers and use them to cover the entire arch. Paper flowers are simple to make and can easily be customized to the color scheme of the wedding.

autumn hues floral arch

Wedding Arch with Flowers

Autumn Vibe Floral Arbor

Prefer a dreamy, woodsy look for your wedding? How about this floral arch in autumn hues? 

circle wedding arbor decorated with greens & flowers

Circular Moongate Arch

This beautifully designed wedding archway is adorned with floral accents on a unique circular arbor. Paired with its floral pattern, this ceremony arch will make a beautiful centerpiece for your special day to say your vows under.

simple circle arch with flowers

White Floral Circle Arch

Circle wedding arches are all the rage. They are elegant and make a statement that your guests will be talking about well after your first anniversary. Create beautiful moments with this modern, floral arch design.

industrial ritual arbor with light bulbs

Simple Industrial Lighted Arbor

This moody lighted wedding arbor can be created with a few simple materials. Some fabric, greenery, a rectangular metal arch, and some lighting. This idea pairs perfectly with darker wedding colors or a fall wedding.

minimalistic boho ceremony arbor

Simple Boho Metal Arch

Modern, yet boho, this wedding arch is a beautiful gold statement piece. Besides, the geometric shape is beautifully complemented with soft feather accents. A perfect arbor idea for the minimalist couple with quality taste.

industrial metal wedding arbor

Industrial Copper Arch

Source: Etsy

Another grand statement piece, this copper arbor can be dressed up or dressed down. Decorate this wedding arch with tulle or use as a photo backdrop for guests to help celebrate your big day.

wedding altar decorated with dried flowers and foliage

Wedding Arch with Flowers

Bold Floral & Dried Leaves Arch

Source: @modernweddingmagazine on Instagram

This is a truly unique wedding arbor that is actually made of two pillars decorated with a variety of large flowers, greenery, feathers, and dried leaves. The feathers and greenery are what create the illusion or an archway.

crescent moon shaped wedding altar

Wooden Crescent Moon Arbor

Source: @junebugswedding on Instagram

This bold yet simple wedding arch idea is created with plywood. The moon pattern itself is very easy to make and can be left plain, painted, or stained to match the theme of the wedding.

large boho ceremony archway

Large Boho Archway with Flowers

This ceremony arbor certainly makes a statement. The archway itself is a rectangular shape made from a simple metal structure. The boho theme uses an abundance of large feathers and floral arrangements to create a breathtaking centerpiece.

minimalist wedding arbor decoration

Minimalist Square Wedding Arch

More and more brides are jumping on the minimalist trend. If you are looking for a minimalist wedding arch idea then consider this wedding trellis made with single copper piping and a simple floral arrangement.

unique ritual arch decorated with twigs and flowers

Barn Style Altar & Vibrant Flowers

A ceremony arch don’t even have to be an arch at all. This wedding arch is made from two pillars of elegant floral arrangements. The greenery at the top can create an illusion of an archway without taking away from the design.

floral wooden cross wedding arch

Cross Wedding Arch with Flowers

For the religious couple, a cross makes a meaningful wedding arch idea. It can be draped with fabric or decorated with flowers and greenery. This is also a cheap ceremony archway to make as it requires few materials.

feathery & floral wedding arch idea

Feathery Boho Wedding Arbor

Create a beautiful, vintage ceremony arch by adding large feathers and a muted floral arrangement. This design creates a soft and dreamy look that any boho bride is sure to swoon over.

rustic white wedding arbor with flower strings

Rustic Floral Curtain Arch

This archway uses flowers on strings to create a floral curtain. This arch is a little different as it is not meant to stand directly under but rather create a backdrop for saying vows or taking pictures.

fireplace ceremony altar

Fireplace & Candles Altar

Wedding arches don’t have to be arches at all. Use what you have at your disposal, an empty fireplace creates that perfect cozy setting for an indoor wedding. Pair with some simple greenery and an arrangement of candles.

wooden palette wedding backdrop idea

Wooden Palette Backdrop

Source: @adambarnesphoto on Instagram

Another DIY wedding arch that isn’t an actual arch. You can upcycle some characteristic palette wood for a lovely backdrop. Compliment the wood palette backdrop with some light colored flowers and an arrangement of greenery.

wedding backdrop & altar with printed vows

Printed Vow Ceremony Altar

Source: @flourishandpearl on Instagram

Never forget your wedding vows with this personalized printed backdrop. You could hand paint some fabric if you have lovely handwriting or hire a calligrapher to add your vows, a poem, religious scripture, or favorite song to some white fabric.

floral & draped wedding archway

Draped Floral Wedding Arbor

Wedding arches draped in fabric make a very elegant statement. Especially, you can also use lavish bouquets to decorate the arch.

hanging wedding backdrop

Simple Yet Stunning Living Coral Backdrop

If the arch is too bulky & you prefer an alternative for a not-so spacious indoor venue, this backdrop idea will do. Besides, the pretty Living Coral is the color of the year 2019! Who doesn’t love that? 

colorful wedding arbor decorated with flowers

Wedding Arch with Flowers

Romantic Floral Arbor

Want a romantic, dreamy & enchanting look for your wedding? This floral wedding arch will do the work. The two of you will look like the Prince & Princess in a fairy tale!

white floral ceremony arch

Wedding Arch with Flowers

Dreamy Floral Wedding Arch

This floral arbor surely stands out if your wedding is held in a garden or greenhouse. Those dangling white petals also add the dreamy look to the whole view.

vintage Moroccan style wedding backdrop idea

Moroccan Style Arbor

How about a vintage-themed wedding arch? Simply hang pastel colored flowers & foliage above a wooden room divider for a bohemian wedding!

circle ceremony arch with neon sign

Lush Circle Arch with Neon Sign

A classic yet modern idea for the circle wedding arch. The neon sign & dark-themed flowers will give an discotheque look & 70’s vibe to your ritual.

lush hexagonal ceremony arbor

Lush Hexagonal Arbor

Whether or not you choose to cover this uniquely shaped arch with a floral arrangement or not, you will certainly have a wedding altar to remember. This rustic arbor makes the perfect outdoor archway for your ceremony.

chic floral wedding arbor idea

Chic & Frame-less Floral Arch

Or just simply use wildflowers to decorate the “arch.” No frame needed, yet it still brings a whimsical & rustic look to your big day.

Outdoor Wedding Arch Ideas

minimalist triangle copper arch

Simple Minimalist Metal Arch

The perfect wedding arch for the bride who wants a minimalist ceremony. Simply create a three sided base and use long dowels to create a triangular shape. You can easily add flowers, feathers, or greenery to dress it up a bit.

floral wooden arbor in the woods

Rustic Log Wedding Archway

Planning on a wedding in the woods? This log wedding arch blends in among the trees while creating a beautiful centerpiece to say your vows. The log archway can be decorated with greenery from surrounding plants or colorful flowers.

simple ceremony arbor with white cloth & greenery

Simple White Arbor

Make your own DIY wedding arch with a few simple materials and limited time. This simple wedding arch idea can be easily customized and won’t take away from your other wedding planning obligations.

rustic ritual branch arch on a beach

Rustic Branch Arch

Are you looking for a true rustic wedding arch idea to add to your big day? This branch arch makes a unique centerpiece to any ceremony. Create that picture perfect moment with this whimsical arbor.

white door wedding arch

White Door Wedding Arch

Repurpose and upcycle a pair of old doors with this rustic door wedding arch. This arch idea is such a fun piece it will have all of your guests talking. The perfect compliment to an outdoor wedding.

macrame knot wedding arbor

Rustic Macrame Knot Arbor

Go boho chic with this macrame wedding arbor. This wedding arch makes the perfect elegant statement for an outdoor wedding or a small wedding at home. The arch can easily be accented with a floral arrangement or greenery.

draped arch with fake flowers

Pastel Orange Arch

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option for your wedding arbor, why not choose oversized fake flowers? They make a bold statement piece on this traditional arch and can be saved for years to come.

rustic branch arch

Rustic Floral Wooden Archway

Source: @__japonica__ on Instagram

Have a beach themed wedding in mind? This wooden wedding arch is made from repurposed logs and decorated with a beautiful floral arrangement. This lovely outdoor archway can also double as a garden arbor after your ceremony.

bold triangle wedding arbor

Bold Rounded Triangle Arbor

Outdoor wedding arches can really make a statement and astonish your guests. This stunning wedding arch is made from rounded triangle arch adorned with large feathers, fern leaves, and dyed flowers. Simply a beautiful piece.

floral ceremony arch draped with white cloth

Colorful Draped Arch

You can never go wrong with a stunning draped floral arch. Decorate it with flowers in the same hues to make the look more impressing.

circular ceremony arch decorated with dried leaves

Circle Arch with Dried Leaves

Source: @greenweddingshoes on Instagram

Being able to pull inspiration from others’ weddings can be so fun when planning your big day. Look no further than this stunningly unique, circular arch adorned with large dried leaves and a few flowers.

simple birch wedding arbor idea

Simple Birch Ceremony Arbor

Channel mother nature with this gorgeous birch wedding arch. Made from an array of beautiful birth branches and decorated with flowers or pinecones, this wedding arbor is the perfect complement to an outdoor wedding in any season.

floral 4 post wedding arbor

Wooden 4-Post Ceremony Arch

This simplistic 4-post wedding arch makes a beautiful decoration for any couple to say their vows under. With this classic design, this is another great design that can be used as a garden arbor after the ceremony.

simple floral metal archway

White Metal Wedding Arch

While many couples might prefer to build their wedding arch from wood, the classic white metal arch is still very popular. You can buy or rent these wedding arches almost anywhere and decorate to fit the theme of your wedding.

ceremony arch with colorful flowers

Wedding Arch with Flowers

Wedding Arch with Vibrant Flowers

Why not cover the entire archway with beautiful, fresh flowers? With this style of wedding arch, it doesn’t really matter much what the actual arch looks like, only how great the flowers and greenery look.

large white floral archway

Wedding Arch with Flowers

Grand Floral Decorated Archway

Create a grand wedding arch with this extra tall, rectangular ceremony archway. Best for outdoor weddings, due to its size, this extravagant archway is completed with long, flowing pieces of fabric and many, many roses.

door wedding arbor with twigs, cloths & flowers

Rustic Door Arch

Why not use some rustic doors for a beach wedding arch centerpiece? This beautiful arbor combines antique doors, twigs, and a metal arch for a unique statement piece that is sure to be the highlight of your wedding decor.

simple white wooden arch

Simple Wooden Arch

Create a whimsical wedding arbor with this simple wooden frame. Decorate it with a light and flowy fabric and an asymmetrical floral arrangements to create a stunning backdrop that your guests will love.

ranch style wedding arbor

Ranch Style Square Wedding Arch

Source: Nouba

This unique ceremony arch combines wood and metal for a rustic ranch style. The thickness of the arch and the height of the floral arrangement create a truly unique and stunning wedding arbor that is perfect for a western themed wedding.

westerm style wedding arch

Western Themed Arch

Source: ChicWedd

Looking for some more western themed wedding arches? This arbor creates a bold statement with a cow skull front and center and complimentary hay bails. Complete the look with a simple floral arrangement and lengths of rope.

floral wedding arbor with red flowers & foliage

Red Floral Wedding Arbor

Source: Nouba

The red hue from the flowers certainly gives the arch a not-so simple but unique look. 

diy birch arch with ribbons

Simple Branch Arch with Ribbons

Branch wedding arches are easy to make and look beautiful. Add a touch of Mother Nature to your wedding by securing the branches together and adorning them with colorful ribbons that will compliment your wedding colors.

white fabric hung over tree branch for an arch

Clever Draped "Arch"

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, use the beautiful nature around you. You don’t even need to build an arch, as long as you have a tall enough tree you can drape some fabric over one branch.

door frame arch by a dock

Vintage Door Frame Arbor

Source: Pinterest

Go thrifting and find a unique, vintage piece for your wedding. This old door frame draped with sheer fabric and a dark floral arrangement at the end of a mossy dock is just magical!

wedding backdrop idea

Moody Wedding Backdrop

Source: Pinterest

If you are looking to enhance your wedding backdrop, use a moody photography backdrop for a unique look. Dress it up with some draped fabric and lots of flowers. Add a vintage chair for taking beautiful bridal photos.

boho dreamcatcher arch idea

Boho Dreamcatcher Arch

Source: Pinterest

Make a fun boho ceremony arbor by stringing together dream catchers for a whimsical feel. You can easily make these dream catchers by placing lace doilies in embroidery hoops and stringing ribbons from a horizontal branch.

wedding trellis decorated with white flowers

Simple Floral Wedding Trellis

Source: zola.com

Another nice choice for outdoor wedding arch decoration is a steady wedding trellis. If you already have one in your garden, just decorate it with some pretty flowers and voilà! 

wooden wedding pergola idea

Wooden Wedding Pergola

Another great option, which can double as part of your outdoor home decor after the wedding, is a wedding pergola. This wood pergola is draped with light and flowy fabric and adorned with bouquets.

a ceremony arbor made of driftwood

Simple Driftwood Ceremony Arch

If your wedding is at a beach, use the natural elements of driftwood to create a beautiful and simple wedding arbor.

metal arch frame decorated with greenery

Metal Arch Frame with Greenery

Large metal arches create a bold statement without taking attention away from the bride and groom. If you opt for a metal wedding arch, you can leave them plain, decorate with flowers or greenery.

rustic bamboo arbor

Rustic Bamboo Wedding Arch

Another great material to use to build your own wedding arch is bamboo. Then drape it with two different types of fabric. This adds contrast while using sustainable materials that you can feel good about.

lemon tree archway

Citrus Tree Arch

If you want a little something different that is sure to draw attention, decorate your arch with citrus. This particular wedding arch is made using lemons. And it sure is a nice way to add a fresh scent to your ceremony.

In case you are still wondering, wedding backdrops are also a nice alternative. You can say that they are quite cheaper, DIY-able yet still look stunning as heck!

Check them out: 32 Wedding Backdrop Ideas for Your Stunning Wedding Photos

Getting inspired? This helpful video will show you a basic way on how to decorate a wedding arch:

Are you planning to have your wedding completely DIY? Don’t forget to check out this helpful article as well: How To Make a DIY Wedding Bouquet

Where to Buy or Rent Arches?

If you do not want to try your hand at a DIY wedding arch, you can rent one from major retailers like Hobby Lobby or independent artists from Etsy.

You can also purchase a wide variety of arches from Amazon.

The advantages of purchasing a wedding arch over renting are that you don’t have to worry about building it yourself. You can also keep it as an outdoor decoration after your wedding.

No matter the venue, your wedding theme, or budget, we hope that you will find a wedding arch that you will love!



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