40 Wedding Aisle Decor Ideas That Will Have You Swooning

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • March 10, 2020
40 Wedding Aisle Decor Ideas That Will Have You Swooning

When you decide to tie the knot, you don’t realize that weddings are a stressful time; there’s so much to decide before the special day. You need to plan the ceremony, talk about exchanging vows, and decide on the wedding photographer. Of course, wedding decoration is always a hot topic during the planning process. It’s always a debate; elegant, modern, rustic, indoor, outdoor, wedding aisle decor, theme, so many questions! 

We are here to make your life a little bit easier by giving you some inspiration for your walkway. As you walk down the aisle and reach the wedding arch, you want it to look just perfect.

Here are some of our favorite wedding aisles to help you make your decision.


Outdoor Wedding Aisle Decoration Ideas

1. Wedding in a Forest 

green & earthy wedding aisle decor in a forest

Source: brides.com

If you are looking for some organic and rustic wedding aisle decor for your outdoor wedding, using what nature has to offer will seamlessly integrate your wedding into its surroundings. 

This forest wedding takes inspiration from the way shrubbery grows in natural environments and gives the ceremony an otherworldly feel. 

2. Wedding with White Orchids 

all white wedding aisle decor idea

Source: modwedding.com

An all-white wedding is every little girl’s dream. Bring that dream to life with the use of white flowers, candles, and aisle runners.

This wedding executed the all-white theme perfectly with the use of tastefully extravagant decor and lavish white orchids. 

3. Bold Flowers in Baskets

wedding aisle decor idea with vibrant flowers

Source: weddingomania.com

Add some flair to your rustic outdoor wedding aisle decor with the use of bright and bold flowers displayed in wicker baskets. 

This outdoor wedding aisle was placed between towering palm trees. The lush greenery was enhanced with the use of vibrant, rustic flowers. Complete the look by using hanging lanterns. 

4. Joyful Sunflowers

outdoor wedding aisle decorations with sunflowers and petals

Source: weddingtoamaze.com

Sunflowers represent happiness. Make your wedding day extra joyous with the use of sunflowers. Decorate the aisle with the petals as an aisle runner, and use whole sunflowers to frame the aisle. 

Your intimate wedding ceremony will light up with the use of these gorgeous flowers. 

5. The Underrated Pampas 

wedding aisle with flowers and pampas grass

Source: ruffledblog.com

Pampas grass is often overlooked as a plant for décor. These feathery stems can be paired with your choice of flowers to create fantastic and unique wedding aisle décor.

Pair the underrated pampas with terracotta roses and dahlias to enhance this Texas-inspired wedding décor idea.

6. Burlap and Wicker

wedding ceremony decorations: beach themed decor idea

Source: weddingomania.com

You may think of burlap as a cheap material, but it makes a fantastic aisle runner for a beach wedding. Pair it with some greenery and wooden décor to elevate this otherwise inexpensive material. 

This beach wedding used wicker spheres and palm leaves to make the burlap runner look fabulous. 

7. Rose Petal-Filled Ceremony Aisle 

outdoor wedding aisle decor idea with flower petals, greenery and candles

Source: ruffledblog.com

Rose petals represent romance, and what’s more romantic than an intimate outdoor wedding tucked away in a shrubbery lined garden.

This bride walked down the aisle with pretty pink petals under her feet. The aisle markers framed the picture perfectly as well; green leaves, white flowers, and white candles – just perfect in our books. 

8. All White and Rose Gold

white wedding aisle markers decor idea

Source: ruffledblog.com

This is another all-white wedding winner. Never underestimate the use of dried and painted flowers. This Phuket-based wedding put to use ivory roses, white orchids, painted dried eucalyptus, and curly willow to create this gorgeous wedding aisle decor. 

The rose gold seating accented the neutral colors of the flowers just perfectly. 

9. Minimal Yet Bold

minimalist floral wedding aisle decoration idea

Source: greenweddingshoes.com

This wedding ceremony décor is ideal if you have an unbeatable view to compete with. Minimalism is at its best when acrylic chairs with no décor so you don’t distract from the surroundings. 

This wedding stood out with its unique use of bold and vibrant big flowers strewn all down the aisle runner. 

10. Pumpkins in Fall

fall wedding aisle decorations with pumpkins and foliage

Source: weddingomania.com

If you’re looking to have a cozy and rustic wedding in the fall, don’t shy away from the use of pumpkins as fall wedding aisle decorations.

Pumpkins don’t always have to do with Halloween. This wedding makes use of them tastefully for an unmistakably flawless fall wedding. 

11. Wedding on the Amalfi Coast

unique wedding pew decorations with white flowers and greenery

Source: ruffledblog.com

Unique wedding pew decorations may often feel like an impossible dream using your ideal white flowers and pretty leaves, but this wedding proved that it could be done. 

The back row of seats stood as wonderful aisle markers; they were adorned with flowing white cloth, tying together bouquets of olive leaves and assorted white flowers. 

12. Rustic Bouquets 

wedding aisle ideas with rustic flowers as aisle markers

Source: weddingomania.com

If you’re having a rustic wedding on a farm or a ranch, these will make the perfect aisle markers for your outdoor wedding.

This wedding used assorted fall-colored blooms with herbs and leaves to create these gorgeous and unique bouquets. 

13. Bohemian Rugs

bohemian wedding aisle idea with vintage rugs

Source: marthastewartweddings.com

Rustic rugs are all the rage for a bohemian-chic wedding. Throw down a few assorted earth-toned rugs to create an eclectic aisle runner that will be absolutely unique to your wedding. 

14. Lush & Dreamy White Flowers

white floral aisle markers and circular ceremony arch

Source: weddingomania.com

If you want a bubble and cute yet elegant all-white wedding, create circular bouquets of your favorite white flowers to make aisle markers. 

This wedding threw in a few pink flowers to accent the wedding aisle décor and framed the scene with a circular flower arch

15. DIY Wooden Plaques

diy wedding aisle decor idea

Source: somethingturquoise.com

Who said DIY weddings couldn’t look spectacular? These hand-painted aisle markers made of cedar wood are perfectly Pinterest-worthy. 

This wedding showcased wooden plaques with lovely painted sayings that were adorned with sprigs of small leaves and sat on a bed of white petals.

16. Intimate Wedding in the Ruins

elegant wedding aisle decor idea

Source: ruffledblog.com

If you’re all about Old World charm and vintage looks, this wedding décor is perfect for your ceremony. 

In the ruins of Salt Lake City, this small wedding was made picture-perfect with the use of minimalistic shrubbery, white flowers, and wooden chairs. 

17. DIY Wedding Aisle with Potted Plants 

simple wedding aisle decorations ideas with potted plants

Source: weddingomania.com

There’s something about petals on concrete that is so aesthetically pleasing. The soft flora on cold, hard flooring provides a juxtaposition that induces emotion. 

The addition of practical planters as wedding aisle décor just completes this look perfectly. 

18. White & Green Wedding Aisle for Church Weddings

aisle decorations for church weddings

Source: ruffledblog.com

If you are looking for aisle decorations for church weddings, this idea might do. This beautiful ceremony took place right outside a precious little church. They used succulents, eucalyptus, and delicate white flowers to create the ideal décor. 

The floral décor ran all along the wedding pew at the altar and around the church, creating a gorgeous picture.  

19. White Pumpkins Aisle Markers

fall wedding ceremony aisle decoration idea with white pumpkins

Source: theknot.com

If minimalism is your style, this wedding aisle decor and arch might be the simplistic answer you are looking for.

White pumpkins and doilies filled with rice lined this wedding aisle to create a rustic and minimalistic look at a plantation in North Carolina. 

20. Rustic Aisle Idea with Greenery 

simple wedding ceremony aisle with greenerySource: theweddingplaybook.com

Delicate little white petals dotted along the sides of the aisle make the cutest accent to mark an aisle. 

This wedding used ferns and wooden chairs so the décor would look seamlessly situated in its surroundings. 

21. A Cozy Winter Wedding 

elegant aisle decoration

Source: marthastewartweddings.com

Bouquets created with various white flowers, including tulips, hydrangeas, roses, and baby’s breath beautifully blended with ferns and various leaves lined the aisle at this lavish wedding. 

The bride and groom at this wedding left soft pashmina blankets on the seats for guests as an extra touch; the guests stayed warm and cozy through the outdoor ceremony.  

22. Rustic Aisle with Potted Flowers

potted flowers for a rustic barn wedding aisle decor

Source: theknot.com

Vintage wedding aisle decorations can be used in unexpected ways to create wonderfully quaint wedding scenes. 

This aisle is lined with old metal pails stuffed to the brim with amaranthus. The seating consisted of old church pews and wooden chairs; it all came together to create the outdoor wedding of our dreams. 

23. Roses and Bird Cages Aisle Markers

unique wedding aisle idea: roses and bird cages

Source: weddingomania.com

Create a romantic fairytale-like scene by using birdcages as part of your wedding aisle decor. 

This couple opted for gold birdcages filled with leaves and embellished with real flowers as wedding aisle makers. The white folding chairs completed the fairytale look. 

24. Adorned with Pampas Grass

outdoor wedding aisle decorated with lots of pampas grass

Source: weddingomania.com

All wedding aisle decor doesn’t have to be on the aisle itself. Wedding aisle chair decorations can really frame the space as well. 

This wedding used big fluffy pampas grass to create an over-the-top wedding aisle that was just asking to be photographed. 

25. Tropical Paradise

tropical wedding aisle marker ideas with leaves and pineapples

Source: weddingomania.com

You don’t have to have an island destination wedding to embrace the tropical theme tastefully.

Take inspiration from this wedding that used pineapples and palm tree leaves as wedding aisle décor, reminiscent of beaches at tropical destinations. 

26. Beach Wedding Aisle

beach wedding aisle with driftwood, seashells

Source: happywedd.com

Use what you can when you are looking to create beach wedding aisle décor that will both stand out and fit perfectly into the theme.

This couple used bark, seashells, moss, and white sand to create the perfect aisle for their wedding. 

Indoor Wedding Aisle Decoration Ideas

1. Elegant Wedding Aisle with Lanterns

elegant white ceremony decor idea

Source: somethingturqoise.com

Create wedding aisle decorations with lanterns and seating adorned with tulle to recreate this traditional yet unique wedding ceremony. 

This wedding décor was enhanced by the use of fairy lights that were tucked away in chiffon that hung from the ceiling.  

2. Candles, Candles and More Candles

ceremony aisle decorated with lots of candles

Source: ruffledblog.com

Varying sizes of candles in glass jars create an interesting and storybook-like feel that is ideal for indoor weddings. 

This couple used wedding aisle candles and big floral bouquets to create the church wedding of their dreams. 

3. Simplicity is Key

minimalist wedding ceremony decor

Source: phillymag.com

Simple, intimate, and effortless; that is the vibe we get from this undeniably beautiful wedding ceremony décor. 

A simple stand decorated with greenery and a few white flowers creates the arch that stands on a pastel-colored rug at this super intimate wedding. 

4. Palm Tree Markers 

palm leaves wedding aisle markers

Source: weddingomania.com

If you’re looking for some cheap décor that has a big impact, use leaves! They add a pop of color while still being charming and pretty. 

Palm tree leaves are used to create a contrast against a terracotta floor as wedding aisle markers at this wedding. Simple white chairs let the leaves steal the show. 

5. Modern Brick and Copper Wedding 

modern & minimalist copper wedding ceremony

Source: theweddingplaybook.com

This wedding cleverly used the brick wall of their venue to their advantage. Burgundy flowers and dark wooden chairs perfectly accentuated the scene. 

Big beaten copper vases filled with flowers were used to mark the aisles at this extremely intimate wedding. 

6. Modern Yet Rustic 

modern yet rustic ceremony in a wood building

Source: somethingturquoise.com

If you’re looking for a simple wedding, keep your aisle completely clean. This couple kept it completely flawless by relying on the look of the venue to create the setting for their wedding.

The wooden building contrasted the glass chandelier and white benches for an interesting and unique look. 

7. Fern and Candle Aisle Markers

wedding aisle decorated with ferns and candles as markers

Source: weddingomania.com

If you are looking to keep your wedding as inexpensive as possible, cheap wedding décor can still look very classy.

Take inspiration from this couple that paired simple beige candles with fern leaves to create picture-perfect aisle markers. 

8. Modern Pew with Glass Lanterns and Foliage

wedding pew decoration idea: modern candle lantern and foliage

Source: weddingomania.com

Create a chic wedding aisle look by using gilded glass lanterns with white candles and eucalyptus garlands on white wooden folding chairs. 

This wedding did just that to create an elegant look for its wedding aisle décor. 

9. White Flower Stands

all white decorations for wedding aisle

Source: stylemepretty.com

White flowers in white stands by white chairs create the perfect all-white wedding. 

Take inspiration from this single flower bouquet in white wooden stands at a wedding in Bali. It creates a simple yet elegant look that would look great at any wedding. 

10. Dreamy Floral Church Aisle 

dreamy wedding aisle decor with white flowers

Source: lovemydress.net

When you are going for a traditional church wedding, it’s best to keep your church aisle decorations as traditional as possible too. 

These bright white flowers and green leaves contrast wonderfully with the deep browns and blacks of the church. 

11. Elegant & Classic Gold Wedding

gold & ivory wedding decoration idea

Source: modwedding.com

If you want a lavish wedding that looks like it’s from the pages of a magazine, let your grand venue be the center of attention. 

Like this wedding, keep it simple with the wedding aisle décor, focusing mainly on two impressive aisle markers at the start of the aisle. 

12. Minimalist Bohemian Aisle with Carpets 

minimalist and bohemian wedding ceremony decorations

Source: marthastewartweddings.com

Give your bohemian wedding a pop of color by adding some interesting, colorful rugs as aisle runners. 

This wedding used brightly colored round rugs placed apart to create a cute and unique look for their wedding. 

13. White and Pink Floral Aisle 

White & lush floral wedding aisle

Source: shireenlouw.com

Create an arch all along the aisle using flowers and branches for a fairytale-like wedding. 

This couple lined the aisle with big bunches of hydrangeas and had cherry blossom branches create arches all along to make for a beautiful scene. 

14. Rustic Aisle with Carpets and Candles 

vintage indoor wedding aisle with rugs

Source: arkansasbride.com

Rustic weddings don’t necessarily have to be outdoors. Let nature inspire your space through your décor and accents. 

This couple opted for wedding carpet aisle, leafy chandeliers and candlelit aisle markers; chic and modern with rustic, bohemian accents. 

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for wedding aisle decor, aisle runners, arches, or markers, our list has you covered. We hope you can get some idea of what you want for your big day. Happy planning!



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