Unveiling the 30 Best Valentine’s Gifts for Teens (2024)

Unveiling the 30 Best Valentine’s Gifts for Teens (2024)

Shopping for Valentine’s gifts for teens isn’t as easy as you think. First of all, there are so many possibilities! 365Canvas wants to make the process easier for you! We have come up with the hippest Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your teenage partner or child. With this list, you won’t have any difficulty buying Valentine’s Day gifts for college kids, either. What are you waiting for? Scroll down for the most thoughtful, unique options!

1. My Girlfriend Is Hotter Than My Coffee Funny Mug  

My Girlfriend Is Hotter Than My Coffee Funny Mug  


Valentine’s Day gifts for teenage boys don’t get better than this! Let your guy stand proud as he sips his coffee. After all, he has a hot girlfriend right by his side. What’s a relationship without some good old humor in it? His hot beverage won’t need any sugar now!

2. We Are So Hilarious Custom Photo Desktop Plaque  

We Are So Hilarious Custom Photo Desktop Plaque  


Seeking some Valentine’s Day gifts for a school friend? Take your friendship to the next level with a plaque celebrating your awesomeness! Inject a bit of vanity into the present by recognizing how funny the two of you are. Life’s too short not to laugh!

3. Heart-Shaped Lego Necklace

Heart-Shaped Lego Necklace  


Have you got a Lego freak on your hands? Well, you’re in luck. Here’s the perfect piece of jewelry for someone who adores building blocks. If they’ve captured your heart, offer yours in return – or at least a replica of it. What a unique gift! 

4. Valentine’s Teddy Bear

Valentine's Teddy Bear


Being away from the one you love sucks so bad. Does a plush toy help? You bet it does! Offer your favorite teen a Valentine’s gift that comes with a clear message. Make it the first thing they see every morning and the last one they hug each night. 

5. Wireless Gaming Headset

Wireless Gaming Headset


This gaming headset is one of the coolest valentines gifts for teens in this tech era. Your guy doesn’t need to worry about annoying cables or loud background noise any longer. Watch him climb the leaderboard as he breaks his own records many times over!

6. Cupcakes



For some reason or another, cupcakes are the quintessential Valentine’s Day gifts for students. We can’t deny how incredible a chocolate or vanilla treat makes us feel. If you’re not swooning yet, the sprinkles and pastel colors will seal the deal! Falling in love has never been yummier!

7. Airpod Pro Case  

Airpod Pro Case


A pair of Airpods needs a cute case. Otherwise, how does one make a statement? Let your Valentine carry around their favorite accessory with a pretty crocheted cat that will make everyone go “Meow!” This animal lover will never leave home without your adorable gift!

8. Matching Bracelet  

Matching Bracelet  


Looking for a symbolic gift that doubles as a piece of jewelry? Make a statement of strong friendship with this bracelet. It’s one of the loveliest Valentine’s Day ideas for school friends. Your group of besties will have such a great time parading these around!

9. Water Bottle

Water Bottle


Staying hydrated is so important. Keep your Valentine healthy with a bottle that’s both stylish and functional. Every sip will mean so much because it’s you that will be top of mind. Since it keeps drinks at the right temperature, the flask is perfect for hot coffee, too!

10. Happy Valentine’s Day Cookies  

Happy Valentine's Day Cookies  


Skip the bouquet of roses this Valentine’s Day. In its place, how about a platter of delicious hand-decorated cookies? Fill your loved one with baked goodies and watch them fall harder for you with each passing minute. What a lovely way to celebrate this special occasion!

11. Funny Valentine Mug For Teenage Daughter  

Funny Valentine Mug For Teenage Daughter  


Are you shopping for Valentine’s gifts for teenage daughters? Perhaps it’s time to inject more hilarity into your family’s everyday routine. Get your husband and kids laughing till the cows come home with this mug. If laughter is the best medicine, you won’t need a doctor!

12. Hershey’s Kisses Solid Milk Chocolate Gift Box

Hershey's Kisses Solid Milk Chocolate Gift Box


If you’re trying to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for students, here it is. Is chocolate the solution to every distress? Probably not, but it sure does help to have a giant Hershey’s Kiss sitting around when you need it. Aside from being a great conversation starter, it’s delicious! 

13. Heart-Shaped Waffles Maker  

Heart-Shaped Waffles Maker  


Do you know what might be the best Valentine’s Day gift for college kids? Introduce them to the world of living without their parents with this waffle maker. When there’s no adult around to cook, you may have to survive on quick meals. What an exciting time! 

14. 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster  

100 Movies Scratch Off Poster  


There’s a bucket list of travel experiences and another for movies. Here’s one that will turn an ordinary evening into a magical moment. Get the popcorn ready – it’s time to indulge in 100 iconic films that have shaped our generation. This gift sure beats a cinema ticket!

15. Tarot Tapestry  

Tarot Tapestry  


Whether we like it or not, there are so many things science can’t explain. Have you got a teenage friend or family member who is into the mystical realm? Help them dive in deeper with this tapestry. It serves well as a picnic mat, wall decor, bedspread, curtain, and more. 

16. Song Lyrics Custom Photo Desktop Plaque  

Song Lyrics Custom Photo Desktop Plaque  


Hunting for Valentine’s gift ideas for a teenage girlfriend? This piece is for a music lover who knows all the coolest bands. She’ll place this plaque by her bed and know you’re always there. She’ll never forget the first person she falls in love with, and for a good reason.

17. 3-in-1 Hair Dryer  

3-in-1 Hair Dryer  


Shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts for a teenage girl isn’t too difficult if you know what she likes. If looking good is a priority, offer her a hair dryer that will help her get ready on time. And with gorgeous locks, there will be nothing standing in her way.

18. Song Lyrics Custom Pillow  

Song Lyrics Custom Pillow   - valentines gifts for teens


What’s a bed without anything to hug? Place this pillow in a teenage girl’s room and she’ll be happily singing her favorite song all day. Life’s a little dull without music. Turn Valentine’s into a reason to hit play and let the romance shine through!

19. Bath and Body Spa Set for Men  

Bath and Body Spa Set for Men   - valentines gifts for teens


Make your teenage boyfriend smell like a man with this gift. He’ll feel so relaxed after his shower as he gets ready for a date. Fall in love with him all over again as the scent of sandalwood envelops you. This seven-piece spa set is all he’ll ever need!

20. Weighted Eye Mask  

Weighted Eye Mask   - valentines gifts for teens


Falling asleep can be hard in a new environment. That’s why this weighted eye mask is so useful for a teenager who’s just left home. If you’re shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts for college kids, you won’t miss the mark with this one. Let them catch some Zs!

21. Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume

Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume - valentines gifts for teens


Perfume is such an obvious gift option for a girl. However, choosing the right one can be challenging. Thankfully, Daisy by Marc Jacobs is here to save the day. Get this for a teenager who loves a classic, timeless fragrance. She won’t know what hit her!

22. Heart Stress Balls  

Heart Stress Balls   - valentines gifts for teens


University is a trying time for teenagers, even the clever ones. Help them deal with the pressure of exams with a thoughtful Valentine’s gift for a college student. These stress balls will throw some zen into the game. Who can resist squeezing a heart with a smiley face on it?

23. A Pair of Sneakers  

A Pair of Sneakers   - valentines gifts for teens


Guys are all about their kicks. If you’re shopping for Valentine’s gifts for your teenage son, get him a pair of sneakers he’ll adore. These shoes will never go out of style. He’ll be wearing these high tops and know that he’s the coolest kid on the block.

24. Instant Camera  

Instant Camera   - valentines gifts for teens


Give your teenager a chance to capture moments on the fly. The Fujifilm instant camera has been around for more than two decades, and it’s easy to see why. It never fails to deliver fantastic memories. Teens will have so many experiences as they age. Make them last!

25. Apple Watch SE (2nd Gen)  

Apple Watch SE (2nd Gen)   - valentines gifts for teens


Are you searching the internet for Valentine’s ideas for high school students? The future of tech is wearables. If your teenager already has an iPhone, this smartwatch will be a perfect gift. Its monitoring capabilities are plenty, and an active child will find it extremely useful.

26. Best Boyfriend Ever Memory Book

Best Boyfriend Ever Memory Book - valentines gifts for teens


Are you one of the lucky ones? Do you happen to have the best boyfriend in the world? Tell him how special he is with a book that will make him turn to jelly. He won’t be able to resist the cute stickers and touching words. 

27. Uniqlo Gift Card  

Uniqlo Gift Card   - valentines gifts for teens


Uniqlo is every teen’s best friend. This brand makes the best basics and sells them at incredible prices. For high-quality thermals, shirts, jackets, and more, Uniqlo is a one-stop shop. Get your teenager a gift card as a Valentine’s present. They’ll have such a great time shopping! 

28. Hot Chocolate on a Stick  

 - valentines gifts for teens


Is there a drink that comforts you better than hot chocolate? The cold weather was made for this drink. Now, your teenage girlfriend can enjoy it on a stick wherever she may be. Bet she’s looking forward to winter and exciting nights in front of the fire!

29. Note to Self Socks  

Note to Self Socks   - valentines gifts for teens


Socks are a fantastic way to express oneself. This Valentine’s Day, offer your teen a pair or two that deliver a clear message. Being awesome begins with feeling perky. The moment your child puts these socks on, they’ll be full of positive affirmation. It’s all about positivity!

30. To Have to Hold in Case You Get Cold Custom Photo Collage Blanket  

To Have to Hold in Case You Get Cold Custom Photo Collage Blanket - valentines gifts for teens


A blanket is a welcome sight as the days grow shorter and the weather becomes cooler. It’s one of the nicest Valentine’s Day ideas for teenage couples. Romance is sitting under the stars while talking about the future. Complete that scene with this awesome gift!




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