The Ultimate Guide to 19 Best Valentine’s Gifts for Mom-to-Be 2024

The Ultimate Guide to 19 Best Valentine’s Gifts for Mom-to-Be 2024

Discovering the right Valentine’s gifts for pregnant wife can be quite important. When you’re expecting a little bundle of joy in the near future, you want to do everything you can to show your pregnant wife how much she means to you.

The last Valentine’s Day you celebrate before welcoming a new addition to the family is a special occasion and a unique opportunity to make this moment as memorable as possible. Whether the arrival of your baby is still several months away or your wife is about to go into labor, this assortment of presents is your best option.

1. Love At The First Sight Sonogram Desktop Photo Plaque

Love At The First Sight Sonogram Desktop Photo Plaque


The moment you first see the sonogram of your unborn child is a truly special time that should be remembered. If you’re seeking out gifts for pregnant women that are sure to make your wife feel happy, a photo plaque displaying the sonogram image is a wonderful choice. Immortalize this unique experience with a gift that she’ll truly cherish forever.

2. Maternity Pillow

Valentine's Gifts for Pregnant Wife: Maternity Pillow


In many cases, the best presents to consider for a pregnant wife for Valentine’s Day are items that are practical. A maternity pillow is a gift that puts comfort first, offering her the chance to find relief from carrying around an unborn baby. If you’re looking to help her relax, then this option is a glorious way to encourage rest.

3. Pregnancy Lingerie

Pregnancy Lingerie


Since bodies change during pregnancy, it stands to reason your wife might not feel as attractive as she once did. If you’re looking for a good Valentine’s Day gift for her, this pregnancy lingerie is a wonderful fit. This useful attire will fit her curves in a way that makes her feel sexy again and encourage feelings of true joy. 

4. We Loved You Before We Met You Photo Baby Canvas Print

We Loved You Before We Met You Photo Baby Canvas Print


Often, expectant moms will appreciate presents that highlight the excitement of welcoming a new child into the family. To commemorate this special occasion, consider a present like a canvas print that tells your unborn child how excited you both felt from the moment you realized a baby was on the way. An incredibly touching way to celebrate this milestone moment. 

5. Maternity Photoshoot Dress

Valentine's gifts for a pregnant wife: Maternity Photoshoot Dress


One way that parents-to-be celebrate the upcoming arrival of a baby is by taking part in a maternity photoshoot. This can be a stylish way to capture special memories before the child is born. If you want a perfect gift for a photoshoot, give your wife a maternity dress that will make her look stunning in all of the pictures.

6. Robe



For a pregnant lady, comfort is often one of the most important aspects of getting through each trimester of pregnancy. If you want to help your partner feel cozy, consider a thoughtful present like a beautiful maternity robe. When she’s spending time around the house and trying to unwind, this comfortable wardrobe essential will help her feel nice and warm. 

7. “Baby Is Coming” Custom Photo Mug

“Baby Is Coming” Custom Photo Mug


Since preparing for the birth of a child can be expensive, you may want to stay on a budget when finding a present for a future mom. One way you can achieve this is with a simple and affordable gift like a customized photo mug. This is both a thoughtful and inexpensive way to get sentimental without breaking the bank.

8. Pregnancy Planner with Tabs

Pregnancy Planner with Tabs


There are plenty of details that your significant other will want to keep track of while expecting a child. To help her with this task, consider a special present this Valentine’s Day like a keepsake pregnancy planner. This journal includes a number of tabs to give her an organized and efficient way of remembering each and every detail of pregnancy. 

8. Spa Gift Card

spa gift card


It can often be difficult for a woman to relax when she is with child. If you want to help her feel a bit less stressed during this time, surprise her with a gift card to a local spa. Find a location that offers special services for women who are expecting and help her feel comfortable and appreciated right away. 

9. Dream Big Little One Custom Name Blanket


There are countless cute ideas to explore when you’re seeking out Valentines gifts for pregnant wife. If you want a present that will help welcome the little bundle of joy into your lives, consider a soft and durable customized name blanket. Featuring the name of the child you’re expecting, this is a perfect piece of decor to warm your home.

10. Necklace



Romantic presents are a great fit for a mom-to-be, especially when you’re looking for gifts for V Day. Few options are as ideal to encourage a sense of romance as a quality piece of jewelry. This stunning necklace will help her feel loved and serve as a reminder for the deep affection you’ve had for her since you first met.

11. Book of the Month Subscription

Book of the Month Subscription


A pregnant woman often spends a lot of time off her feet in order to rest before the arrival of the baby. To help her pass the time, you may want to give her a subscription to a book of the month club. This is a great way to encourage relaxation and fight boredom while she is taking it easy.

12. Valentine’s Card

Valentine's Card


Few presents are as poignant as those that are handmade. Instead of spending a ton of money on a gift, consider making your spouse a simple Valentine’s Day card. Capture the heart of your relationship by offering her something that is as unique and special as the bond you share. All you have to do is write the perfect message.

13. Bump Boxes

Bump Boxes


Bump boxes have become a very popular present option for women who are expecting a child. These beautiful containers include a variety of essentials for pregnancy, ranging from ways to stay entertained to different items for relaxation. If you’re looking for a way to surprise and delight your significant other, this is a thoughtful gift option that will definitely deliver. 

14. Only The Best Fur Mamas Custom Mug

Valentine's Gifts for pregnant wife: Only The Best Fur Mamas Get Promoted To Human Mama Coffee Mug


If you and your spouse have spent the last few years acting as parents to pets, you may want to commemorate this in your gift. A pregnant lady who is used to dogs or cat will absolutely adore a sentimental and unique present like a coffee mug that features her fur babies and commemorates her promotion to motherhood. 

15. Heart’s Sign Baby Ultrasound Photo Frame

Heart's Sign Baby Ultrasound Photo Frame


Pregnant women love gift ideas that capture the feelings they experienced when first learning that they are expecting a child. One of the best ways of remembering this special moment is by giving her a clever present like a photo frame that showcases the image of her ultrasound. This is a present that will look wonderful when displayed at home.

16. Massage Pillow

Massage Pillow


Plenty of aches and pains come with expecting a child. If you’re looking for a way to help your significant other meet her needs of relaxing and feeling comfortable, give her a practical item like a massage pillow. This is a meaningful item that she can put to good use when she needs to work out knots in her muscles.

17. Gift Basket of Snacks

Gifts for pregnant wife: Gift Basket of Snacks


Women often have a number of cravings over the many months of pregnancy. If you want a truly great Valentine’s gift that she will appreciate, give her a gift basket of snacks. Including an assortment of delicious options, this basket is sure to satiate her cravings and offer her some tasty treats for getting through each of her upcoming trimesters.  

18. All A Mama Need Is Coffee And Her Cubs Custom Mug

All A Mama Need Is Coffee And Her Cubs Custom Mug


Some presents are a great fit because they are as simple as they are fun. If you want to make your significant other feel a sense of joy about the arrival of the baby, give her a personalized present like a custom coffee mug. This gift will prove helpful when the baby is born and she needs some extra caffeine. 

When it comes to finding the best possible Valentine’s gifts for pregnant wife, there are a number of creative ideas available to you. Explore a variety of different options and help your partner feel loved and appreciated while she’s expecting. 



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