40+ Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids in 2024

40+ Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids in 2024

­Roses are red, violets are blue, February 14th is a celebration for kids too! Kids love receiving Valentine’s Day presents just as much as adults. Looking to show your love for your children with some Valentine’s Day gifts for kids but lacking in inspiration? We’ve got 30 creative ideas that will bring happiness to your little ones!

Here are 30 of our top choices to show appreciation to your son or daughter, including loads of non-candy options!

Cute Valentine’s Gifts for Kids

valentines day gifts for kids: chocolate pen

Chocolate Pen

Okay, we admit it, we couldn’t make this list entirely candy-free. But this is something a little different. Spark your child’s imagination with this awesome chocolate pen, which is ideal for decorating homemade treats. Using this gadget, your kids can enjoy a treat and explore their creativity at the same time! Have family fun in the kitchen making and decorating some delicious sweet treats.

Pretty Valentine’s Day Canvas Print for Children

Pretty Valentine’s Day Canvas Print for Children

As Valentine’s Day present, this photo collage is a wonderful photo gift for children of all ages. This canvas motivates and inspires children to be silly, honest, and nice to others.
The canvas is painted in bright hues that immediately catch a child’s eye and remind them of their positive qualities. This canvas wall painting would look great in a child’s room, living room, or hallway.

Baby Valentine’s Day Unicorn Custom Blanket

Baby Valentine’s Day Unicorn Custom Blanket

A unicorn blanket is a vibrant and colorful fabric that would make a lovely and darling gift for any child. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, this fluffy wrap will transform any chilly gal into a warm baby girl. It’s soft, pleasant, and warm. It’s a one-size-fits-all unicorn lover’s gift that’s equally suitable for a baby.

Cute Kids Rainbow Mug

Cute Kids Rainbow Mug

Children are brightly colored fun-sized beings. They make our days better by brightening them up with laughter. In a cup with his adorable newborn portrait and name, hot chocolate will taste much better.

Our children are rainbows in the making, wonderful, a sight to behold, and they bring us delight like no other. They’re tiny bundles of joy, hope, and love. This adorable rainbow cup for youngsters would make wonderful Valentine’s Day gifts!

valentines day gifts for kids: kidizoom smartwatch

KidiZoom Smartwatch

Are your little ones always asking to play with your smartwatch? Now they can have their own. This cool gadget can help kids have fun, keep fit, and learn how to tell the time all at once! They can even take a selfie with their BFF after defeating virtual monsters in augmented reality games. And thanks to the watch function, they’ll be back in time for dinner!

valentine gift for grandchildren: how to draw all the things book

How to Draw All the Things Book

Ditch the chocolates and roses and get something creative for your Valentine kid this year. This book will keep your child occupied for hours on end with drawing and coloring fun! It’s perfect for budding art prodigies and beginners alike because the instructions are so simple to follow along with. Plus, the drawings can be hung on your fridge when they’re done!

valentines gifts for kids: kids camera

Kids Camera

Combining creativity and gadgetry, this is one of the best children’s Valentine gift ideas! Allow your kids to develop their unique view of the world with their very own camera. Perfectly made for little hands, it allows them to capture sweet family moments and good times with their friends. With filters and a selfie mode, there’s always something new to explore!

valentines day ideas for kids: what i love about being your mom book

Knock Knock What I Love about Being Your Mom

This adorable book lets you fill in the blanks with all the things you love about your kids. It’s easy to say how you feel with these prompts. Just write in your answers to create a Valentine for children that they’ll never forget! Valentine’s Day gifts for kids are lovely when they can be personalized, so this is a great choice!

valentines day ideas for kids: scratch-off vouchers

Scratch-off Vouchers

We all know that vouchers are a classic V-day gift. But with this amazing scratch-off version, you can turn them into something really special! These coupons are a wonderful way to show your affection to your kids. Treat them to something you know they’ll love and make the occasion more exciting with an element of luck! Are you feeling lucky?

valentine gifts for grandchildren: kids name crayons

Name Crayons

$6.98+ at etsy.com

If you have no idea what to get a toddler for Valentine’s Day, these cute crayons may be the answer. Rainbow wax is swirled together to form beautiful letters that spell out the name of your baby. As well as giving them something to play with, this gift will strengthen their name recognition. It’s a great present that combines both art and learning!

Dreamy Blanket for Kid on Valentine’s Day

Dreamy Blanket for Kid on Valentine’s Day

We enjoy buying cute and attractive items for our children that immediately capture their interest. On a special day, the ‘Dream Big Little One’ blanket is ideal for both little boys and girls.
This blanket is ideal for a baby shower present. The blanket is particularly sturdy and pleasant because it is made of premium materials. Get this blanket for your baby right now!

kids valentines gifts ideas: valentines day coloring cards

Valentine’s Day Coloring Card

Looking for Valentine’s Day gifts for kids to make for grandparents? These adorable coloring cards will be a surefire hit with both grandchildren and their grandparents. Just give the cards to the grandkids, let them color them in, and present them to their adoring grandparents. The awws will continue for years to come as these cards make an excellent keepsake!

valentines gifts for girls: heart necklace

Heart Necklace

Make way for your new princess, coming 14th of February! A necklace can be a wonderful Valentine’s gift for a young daughter, making them feel as pretty as royalty. Girls will love this sweet necklace that can be customized with their initials. Choose between heart, star, or a circle shape, and from several different finishes to suit her personal taste!

valentines gift ideas for toddlers: hold me tight cuddle doll

Hold Me Tight Cuddle Doll

It’s a fact of life that kids don’t always want to go to bed. But bedtime will be much more enjoyable with the help of these cute toddler Valentine gifts. Super soft and extra friendly, these dolls have traveled all the way from Peru to see your little ones smile! Each toy is handmade and has its own unique personality and story to tell.

valentines day gifts for kids: valentines soap

Valentine’s Soap

Let’s just say this one isn’t just for the kids. Want your little ragamuffins to be a bit cleaner? One of these useful Valentine’s Day gifts for kids may get them started. Banish the wet dog smell and breathe in the gorgeous scent of this soap instead! Each of these all-natural soaps comes with a cute message. More importantly, it offers gentle natural care for their skin!

kids valentines gifts ideas: don't laugh challenge valentine's edition

The Don’t Laugh Challenge – Valentine’s Day Edition

Do your kids love to laugh? With this hilarious game, the whole family will be having fun in no time! This is one of the best Valentine gifts for the family because everyone can enjoy it! Can you stifle your laughter while getting the other person to crack up? Collect points and share the jokes while also practicing your child’s reading skills!

valentines day ideas for kids: color your own water bottle

Color Your Own Water Bottle

Let your children choose their own style with this cool water bottle that they can decorate. Valentine’s gifts for girls that encourage creativity can develop their imagination and fine motor skills. Color in the bottle with markers and then decorate it with glittering gemstones. This is a fun activity for February 14 that will make them forget all about candy!

valentines gift ideas for toddlers: customized baby bracelet

Customized Baby Bracelet

This bracelet is perfect as your newborn’s first piece of jewelry. Featuring a dainty nameplate in a variety of colors, it’s ideal for tiny wrists. Plus, the chain fastening can be adjusted so that the bracelet can grow as they do! Show your baby the importance of love on the 14th of February with this wonderful girl Valentine’s gift. 

kids valentines gifts ideas: you are loved pencils

“You Are Loved” Pencils

It can be hard to let your tween or teen know that they are loved. Make sure they are in no doubt with these unique kids’ Valentine’s pencils. The soft pink pencils with traditional erasers will remind your children every day how much you love them. A thoughtful message is beautifully stamped into the pencils with gold foil, making them a really special gift!

Cool Personalized Pillow for Kids

Cool Personalized Pillow for Kids

Your little one will love a personalized baby cushion. Any child would enjoy a gift that shows their happy face. It will be your child’s favorite because of the twinkling stars. Get ready for a never-ending supply of laughter! As soon as your little one recognizes themselves on this cushion, it will become their favorite place to cuddle.

valentine crafts for kids: suncatcher painting kit

Paint Your Own Suncatcher Kit

Valentine’s stuff for kids is wonderful when it lets out their creative side. If you’re a grandparent, instead of focusing on candy, why not treat them to this wonderful window art kit? This little box has everything they need to make beautiful suncatchers! Just fill the shapes with paint and glitter, stick them to the window, and watch them shine brightly!

play-doh Valentine's edition: gift idea for kids on Valentine's day

Play-Doh Valentine’s Bag Dough

Looking for more Valentine’s Day ideas for kids to get them creating rather than munching on candy? This super fun bag of cans of Play-Doh will provide plenty of amusement! It’s perfect for parties and classrooms thanks to the individual cans of Play-Doh. With pink and white colors, it’s the perfect way to celebrate the day of St Valentine!

cute gifts for kids: mochi squishy toy

Mochi Squishy Toys

These Valentine’s Day gifts for kids may feel like a mochi sweet, but in fact, are toys! A selection of stretchy and squishy animals are perfect Valentine gift ideas for children to give to their friends. They’ll love giving them out as presents and playing with their classmates. They’re also super cute and easy to clean, so parents will love them too!

valentine day ideas for children: rainbow scratch of art notes

Rainbow Scratch-off Art Notes

Experience the rainbow and get creative with these exciting scratch-off art notes. They make great Valentine’s Day gifts for school. Just share out the paper and get scratching! Kids can use them to send cute notes to each other or to express themselves through drawing. Even adults will enjoy doodling and writing notes on these magic pieces of paper!

valentines gift for girls: personalized stuffed animal

Personalized Stuffed Animal

Personalized Valentine’s Day gifts for kids can mean the world to them. Give them a friend they can keep for life with this selection of lovely stuffed animals. If they already have a favorite animal, there are many new friends to choose from here. If not, this might be the time they get one! Each toy comes embroidered with the child’s name in beautiful lettering.

valentines day gifts for kids: decorate your own heart box

Decorate-Your-Own Wooden Heart Box

Your kid will adore this sweet Valentine’s Day gift for girls. Recognizing the theme of love, the chest is heart-shaped and adorable. Containing paint, glitter, and colorful gems, this kit is brimming with materials. She can enjoy decorating the box in her style! But will she decide to keep her heart close or give it away to someone in her class?

unique funny gift ideas: gummy bear light

Squishy Gummy Bear Light

$28.00 at uncommongoods.com

Short on kids Valentine’s gifts ideas? This squishy gummy bear light is one of the most thoughtful choices. It’s candy-themed, but it won’t rot your child’s teeth like sweet treats. And it’s no regular lamp. Instead of a switch, just squeeze its belly to turn it on! The bear will then give off a lovely glow of ambient light, perfect for use as a night light!

valentine gift kids: glowing bath time buddies

Glowing Bath Time Buddies

$15.00 at uncommongoods.com

Make bath time more fun with friends that glow! It’s a sad truth of life that our stuffies can’t be with us during bath time. These toddler Valentine gift ideas will delight little ones who miss their playtime pals when it’s time to get clean. With cubes to power them, the friendly buddies light up and can have adventures all over the tub!

valentine gift for grandchildren: reusable spelling straws

Reusable Spelling Straws

$14.99 at amazon.com

Send a message in lemonade to celebrate the day of St Valentine with this delightful present. Spell out your message using reusable pieces of straws that neatly clip together. With 300,000 word combinations, you’ll be able to say exactly what you mean on your kid’s Valentine’s Day. Who knew a simple straw could be so amazingly fun?

valentines day gifts for kids: cheesy pizza chalk set

Cheesy Pizza Chalk Set

$18.00 at etsy.com

Looking for Valentine’s Day presents for boys that are both funny and creative? This “cheesy gift” will be a huge hit! These big sticks are perfect for drawing on the sidewalk but also fit perfectly in small hands. Made by a teacher and tested in her own art class, your kids will love the playful designs. What will they choose to draw next?

kids valentines day: happy valentine's day, mouse book

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse!

$6.78 at amazon.com

Looking for Valentine Day ideas for kids to introduce them to the occasion? Join Mouse from Laura Numeroff’s If You Give a Mouse a Cookie series on his adventures this holiday! Watch him write Valentine’s Day cards for his friends describing what he likes most about them. The fun story and adorable pictures will help your children understand the meaning of the day!

valentine day ideas for kids: cupid farts

Cupid Farts Candy Bag

$8.95 at bagoffarts.com

Hands up, not all of our cute Valentine’s gifts for kids are candy-free. But this was too good to leave off the list. Maybe your children aren’t ready to be struck by Cupid’s arrow yet. But they will know he’s been passing by with these hilarious candies! These funny sweets are great Valentine gift ideas for boys who still think romance is a bit silly!

valentine gifts for kids: you are my sweetheart book

You Are My Sweetheart

$5.47 at amazon.com

Cuddle up with your sweetheart this February and read You Are My Sweetheart by Joyce Wan. Books are great Valentine’s gift ideas for toddlers as they can introduce the holiday in an age-appropriate way. Enjoy reading about the adventures of adorable, glittery characters you’ll both fall in love with. And it’s not just for Valentine’s Day, your child will want to read this all year!

valentines gift ideas for boys: v is for video games t-shirt

“V Is For Video Games” T-shirt

$11.95 at etsy.com

V is for Valentine’s? No, it’s for video games! This awesome boy Valentine gift idea is an adorable option for children who prefer their PlayStation to people. Boys will love the funny message and design. They’ll also look super cute while they’re at it! The t-shirt is available in a variety of sizes and colors, so you can pick your favorite.

valentine presents for kids: love from the crayons book

Love from the Crayons

$1.55 at amazon.com

If you enjoyed reading Drew Daywalt’s classic The Day the Crayons Quit, you’ll also like this love-filled follow-up. This cute little book explores how love is present in all things with your favorite crayon characters. Settle down to read with your little ones with one of these cute Valentine’s Day gifts for kids. Adults and children alike will treasure this New York Times bestseller!

cookbook for kids: super good baking for kids

Super Good Baking for Kids Cookbook

$13.91 at amazon.com

Using this book, children can create their own Valentine’s Day gifts for kids. From cupcakes to cookies, these recipes are easy to follow and will inspire kids in the kitchen. Celebrity chef Duff Goldman guides them through the process and shows them how fun baking can be. If your little ones want to learn facts about unicorns while having and making delicious treats, this book is ideal!

valentine day ideas for children: play-doh compound corner variety pack

Play-Doh Compound Corner Variety 6 Pack

$14.99 at amazon.com

If regular Valentine’s-themed Play-Doh doesn’t tickle your fancy, how about this unique kid Valentine? This Play-Doh has six different textures so you can squish and squeeze to your heart’s content! With new ways to play, children of all ages will delight in having fun with this unusual gift. Slime, cloud, stretch, crackle, or foam, which is your kid’s new favorite?

valentines gift for girls: go glam nail stamper

GO Glam Nail Stamper

At amazon.com

Get chic with this girl Valentine’s gift that will make your nails super stylish to celebrate the day of love! This amazing kit has everything you need to paint and decorate nails of any size. With the included dryer, there’s no tedious hanging around waiting for nails to dry, so it’s perfect for kids. She will love sharing this mani-pedi experience with her friends.

kids valentines gift ideas: paint your own turtle stepping stone

Paint Your Own Turtle Stepping Stone

At amazon.com

Let your little ones get creative and make something lovely for the garden. Crafty trinkets are great Valentine presents for kids as you can have fun making something together. It’s so easy to do as the stone comes ready-made. All you need to do is to paint it. Will your turtle be green or a rainbow of colors? Decide together!

wooden heart magnet craft kit

Wooden Heart Magnets Craft Kit

$6.49 at amazon.com

Another crafty idea for Valentine’s Day gifts for kids to make is this fun heart-shaped magnet kit. Children can decorate these magnets and give them out, so they are good Valentine’s Day gifts for moms from kids. Girls especially will love making them, and even teachers will adore their personalized presents. It’s like two gift ideas in one!

valentine gift kids: yoda one for me cute graphic t-shirt

Yoda One For Me T-Shirt

At amazon.com

Are you a grandparent wondering, “What should I get my grandchildren for Valentine’s Day?” If they’re Star Wars fans, they’ll love this punny Yoda graphic tee! It’s available in different colors so you can choose your favorite. And it’s available in adult sizes too, so you can buy one for yourself to match! May the force be with you!

Best Custom Mug for Coolest Kid

Best Custom Mug for Coolest Kid

$22.95 $18.36 at 365canvas.com

Please forgive our bias, but we believe our child is the coolest kid in the world. And they are deserving of a ‘cooler’ present. What could that present be? This personalized mug is an excellent present for your kids.
The mug can be used as a decorative object or for drinking. It is ideal for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or any other special event.

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Whether you’re looking for gifts for baby boys and baby girls or something for older children, think about their hobbies. What do they love? Perhaps crafts, gaming, or soft toys? Whatever they like, there are loads of options for Valentine’s Day gifts for kids, so go on and spread the love!



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