30 Unforgettable Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Husband

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • December 25, 2020
30 Unforgettable Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Husband

Your hubby might not want to admit it, but he loves the little things you do for him. Valentine’s gifts for your husband can be funny, sexy, and useful all at once. Celebrate the man in your marriage.

Surprise him on the 14th of February with unique Valentine’s Day gifts for him. Make Valentine’s Day a celebration of love like no other. Here are some ideas to have him falling for you time and again!

valentines gift ideas for husbands: hello will you i do canvas print

Map Wall Art Canvas


We don’t fully understand the significance of certain days until they have passed us by. Decorate your home with meaningful art to remind you of turning points in your life. This piece makes the perfect Valentine’s gift for couples who just got married. It’s a present that celebrates the milestones that matter and a reminder that the best is yet to come!

husband valentine gifts: photo collage canvas print

Photo Collage Canvas Print


Preserve precious moments in a creative way for a nostalgic Valentine’s gift for your husband. Display your best photographs with custom text to mark your wedding day. Celebrate and recommit to your vows and relive memories of thrown confetti as you were making this life-changing decision. A canvas print like this top Valentine’s Day gift is a loving gesture from a wife to her husband.

valentines gift ideas for husbands: custom blanket

Personalized Throw Blanket


A comfortable blanket is all you need for those cold evenings in with your partner. Effortlessly elevate the simple act of cuddling with this precious Valentine’s gift! Enjoy being romantic under the stars or moments in front of the fire together. Personalize it with your initials and wedding date for a keepsake to last.

top valentines day gift: song lyrics canvas with photo

Song Lyrics on Canvas with Photo


Music does wonders to evoke unspoken feelings of affection. Let the heart-shaped lyrics of your favorite romantic love song express how you feel. Choose between a colored or monochrome photo for added depth. It’s wall art that ties any room together. It will add warmth to a home like no other. Your companion deserves the best Valentine’s Day gifts, and this one is high on the list!

valentine gift ideas for husbands: our moments couples card game

OUR MOMENTS Couples Card Game


This unique Valentine’s Day gift idea will bring a whole new meaning to your date nights. Learn from each other with conversation starters that will set sparks flying. As the years go by, focus on what’s important by removing typical distractions. Put aside your cell phones and reconnect with your partner. Hours of fun await, whether you’re having a drink at the bar or enjoying a long romantic weekend away.

valentines gifts for husband: custom photo suede pillow

Photo Pillow


Cuddle away with a personalized pillow featuring three gorgeous photos of your choice. Smile at its playful message referencing your competitive nature. It’s the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day to keep him company when you are apart. Infuse a dose of humor in your lives. Your hubby is sure to appreciate it! It will become his favorite cushion ever.

valentines gift for husband: custom photo desktop plaque

Photo Plaque


Gift him a custom photo plaque to proudly display at his work table or fireplace mantel. The sentimental words on this Valentine’s Day present will shower him with warmth and appreciation. A lifetime is too short a time to spend with your other half. This Valentine’s gift for your husband shows him how much he means to you. Choose a picture that perfectly evokes a wonderful moment spent together.

personalized valentine day gift for him: personalized wallet with handwriting

Handwriting Wallet


Eternalize a personal handwritten note for your husband on a leather wallet he will use for many years. Make him smile as he reads your words time and again. Tell him you love him every day as he uses his special present. Offer a gift for your Valentine that is undoubtedly his by engraving his initials on the front.

valentines gifts for husband: engraved wooden docking station

Engraved Docking Station


Every man needs a docking station to put his everyday items. Place it by the entrance or on his bedside table. He’ll love being able to organize his keys, watches, phone, and other things for easy reach. He can say goodbye to misplacing his glasses as they are docked neatly on his unique Valentine’s gift. What’s more, you can stylishly engrave it with his initials for added elegance.

valentines gift ideas for husbands: hand holding casting kit

Hand Casting Kit


Here’s a DIY Valentine’s idea that results in a meaningful couple gift. Cast your holding hands together to make a beautiful sculpture to place in your home. This item comes with clear instructions and everything you need to ensure a blemish-free result. It’s a quick project to preserve your love forever. The best gifts for a husband are those you work on with each other!

valentine gift idea for husband: mr and mrs couple mug

Monogram Mr and Mrs Mug


Monogrammed mugs with the mister and missus’ names are cheap yet fantastic Valentine’s gifts for couples. They never fail to make a delicious beverage taste even better each time. Choose your husband’s favorite colors to personalize this piece even more. Surprise your other half with an unforgettable breakfast in bed on the day of St. Valentine!

valentines day gifts for husband: personalized boxer briefs

Personalized Boxer Briefs


Nothing screams “I love you” like boxer briefs with your face and hearts plastered everywhere. Have a fun 14th of February with unusual underwear that will never fail to brighten your husband’s mood. It’ll be his preferred pair of underwear as its high quality promises comfort all throughout. You might as well get more than one of these as a creative Valentine’s Day gift!

romantic & cheeky gift for him: sexy truth or dare

Sexy Truth or Dare


Look forward to sensual date nights with a game that is sure to excite and push boundaries. Put aside your typical dinner-and-a-movie plans for once. Replace them with entertainment that will make the two of you blush all the way to the bedroom. Forget chocolates and roses! If you are seeking a fun and sexy Valentine’s gift for your new husband, this is it!

funny valentines gifts for him: the only gift you'll need lingerie

“The Only Gift You’ll Need” Lingerie


Offer some lingerie as a Valentine’s gift for your husband and yourself. A cute outfit like this will definitely grab his attention and leave him wanting more. Your husband stands to benefit from tempting underwear that’s personalized solely for his enjoyment. You are the novelty present he’ll relish unwrapping again and again. It’ll make it more obvious that you’re the best Valentine’s Day present for your husband every year!

valentines gift ideas: couple  custom portrait

Custom Portrait


Make a photograph look like a gorgeous painting to decorate your home with. Romanticize a favorite pic by turning it into a watercolor poster. A V-day gift such as this will warm his heart and not go unnoticed by your guests. Express your love on the day of St. Valentine with a keepsake to pass down to younger generations.

valentines day gifts for him: letters to my love

Letters to My Love


Handwrite him sweet notes that he’ll open and read as months go by for the best Valentine’s Day present. These letters come with prompts to ease writer’s block. Apply a stamp and mail each one to surprise your spouse when he needs it the most. Give him a time capsule full of romantic gifts for him to show how precious your relationship is.

funny gift for husband: i think being your wife is enough card

Funny Card


A Valentine’s gift for your husband infused with a cute gag will never fail to impress. It’s not easy to pass up a card seething with sarcasm. Plus, if you’re looking for something inexpensive and eco-friendly, this surely checks those boxes. Don’t forget to include a personalized message to convey your love. If you’re stuck on ideas, a simple but meaningful Valentine’s gift for him will easily do the trick.

valentines gift for husband: spark romance - 50 ways to deepen your connection

Spark Romance: 50 Ways to Deepen Your Connection


Utilize the prompts from this awesome Valentine’s gift to spark romance and deepen your connection with each other. Strengthen your relationship with conversation starters and plans for a thrilling day out. Throw your boring routines aside and challenge yourselves to experience leisure in a whole new way. You can’t go wrong with a present that includes fun ideas like having an impromptu dance party!

valentines gift for husband: custom tie clips

Custom Tie Clip


Heighten your husband’s sophistication with a Valentine’s gift personalized with his initials or a short note. Give him the confidence to conduct a meeting or presentation in style. Celebrate his ambition and encourage him to shine with his very own tie clip. Your successful man needs a supportive woman by his side. Be that for him!

valentine presents for boyfriends: personalized wallet card

Personalized Wallet Card


Here’s a token he’ll treasure way more than all his bank cards put together. It’s one he’ll save for his private moments. Personalize it with an inspiring message and a beautiful photo. Make it a keepsake he’ll reference each time he needs a push. This item is the best Valentine’s gift for a husband who has work duties away from the family.

valentines gift ideas for husbands: engraved wooden watch

Engraved Wooden Watch


How’s this for a unique watch that sets him apart? Celebrate everything your husband is to you with this useful Valentine’s Day gift. An engraved wooden wristwatch with a touching message spells out love each time he glances at it. Show him that you adore him with every passing minute. Style him up with a timepiece that he can pair with any outfit.

thoughtful gift for him: neck massager

Neck Massager


Your partner works hard for his family. Ease his aching muscles with a massage pillow. This fabulous device will do wonders not only on his neck but also on other parts of his body. He’ll feel relaxed in no time with a selectable heating function that’ll work ideally during the cooler months. When a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift is as portable as this, he’ll be using it everywhere!

creative valentines gifts for husband: engraved multi-tool hammer

Engraved Multi-tool Hammer


Complete his toolbox with an all-in-one gadget that lives up to its name. Mister Handyman will now be able to perform each of his home repair tasks with ease. It’s perfectly portable, making it suitable for camping trips or emergency use when he’s on the road. If you need a cool Valentine’s gift idea at the last minute, this engraved tool does the trick!

anniversary & valentines gift ideas: what i love about us journal

Knock Knock What I Love About Us


Channel your inner writer and compose a book filled with pages to describe what you love about your time together. Make this creative Valentine’s gift as romantic or cheesy as you’d like it to be. Pen down a page-turner he’ll read over and over again. Derive inspiration from the prompts provided to craft a piece of work that is truly personal.

gift for husband: best husband ever t-shirt

Best Husband Ever T-Shirt


He’ll love showing off this tee to his friends. It’s a clever Valentine’s Day gift that says it like it is. Each time he wears this comfortable piece of clothing, he’ll believe Cupid just reached him. Watch your man pump up his chest and flaunt how lucky he is. Every husband wants to feel appreciated, especially when you do it in a fun way.

romantic gift for him: date night bucket list

Date Night Bucket List


Up the ante on your date nights with your partner! This bucket list of suggestions will deepen your relationship with memories of a lifetime. Prompts run the whole gamut from fun to intellectual experiences. Broaden your horizons and share heartfelt conversations. Record dates once you’ve had them for everlasting souvenirs. The best Valentine’s gift ideas involve spending even more time with each other!

gifts for him: men's moccasin slippers

Moccasin Slippers


Once he’s tried on these comfortable babies, he’ll never want them off. Good thing, too, since they come with gripped soles perfect for both indoors and out. He’ll adore a special Valentine’s Day gift that keeps his feet warm and cozy all the time. This present is ideal for any occasion. It is easily pairable with everyday wear and has the perfect combination of comfort and style.

hot sauce gift ideas: hot sauce making kit

Hot Sauce Making Kit


If he smacks his lips at the mention of spice, you know that this present is for him. Your hot sauce lover deserves the ultimate Valentine’s gift, one that’s creative and drool-worthy. Once he gets his hands dirty making his own spicy dressing, there’s no turning back. This kit comes complete with recipes and every tool he’ll need to bottle up some of that good stuff.

hydro flask water bottle in white

Hydro Flask Water Bottle


Keep your hubby hydrated and refreshed at all times. An active husband who’s always out and about needs a gentle nudge to drink up. A practical St. Valentine’s gift like this is a great way to say, “I love you.” He’ll be able to enjoy his drinks at the best temperature, whether they’re hot or cold. When a bottle comes with a lifetime warranty, you know it’s built to last.

gift ideas for men: mens fleece bathrobe

Fleece Bathrobe


He never knew lounging could feel this good. If you had a hard time getting him off the couch before, wait till he owns a fleece bathrobe. A comfy plush robe with large pockets will keep him warm all throughout the winter. This luxury Valentine’s Day present idea comes with inner and outer ties to make it presentable even when entertaining guests!

Now Go and Fire up the Romance!

And there you have it, 30 awesome Valentine’s gifts for your husband who deserves the best. Decades of happiness await the couple who celebrates love and communicates with each other every day. Remind him of the reason you made the life-changing decision to be together with these Valentine’s gift ideas!



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