60 Valentine’s Gifts for Her That Capture How You Feel

  • BY Joe Palinsky
  • November 20, 2019
60 Valentine’s Gifts for Her That Capture How You Feel

Finding the perfect gift for your significant other can be a challenge. You want to show that special woman in your life how much you care about her, but discovering winning Valentine’s gifts for her is a struggle many husbands and boyfriends are familiar with.

Luckily, there are countless options that can help you capture the deep love and appreciation you have for your spouse. 

Since this holiday has persisted for years, couples have been looking for the best gift ideas for centuries. 

While the old staples of flowers and chocolates in red heart-shaped boxes might be acceptable gifts, you’re probably looking for something a bit more personal or unique for your special someone.

Take a look at this guide to help you discover unique gift ideas for wives, girlfriends, moms, and more!


Valentine's Day Gifts for a Wife (12 Ideas)

Marriage is something of an adventure. Unfortunately, forgetting to buy a gift for your wife on Valentine’s Day can create a more difficult journey than you’d like.

The lack of a gift itself is not usually the problem. Most wives want to know their husbands are thinking about them and a Valentine’s Day gifts for wife helps to illustrate that point.

These gift ideas are sure to help send the right message to the woman you chose to spend your life with.

cool valentines gift for her: tequila glasses made of himalayan salt

Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses


A great way to select your gift is by thinking about the practicality of it. If your wife loves to host guests, a set of Himalayan salt tequila glasses are a great way to offer delicious drinks to friends and family.

Price: $28.00

practical valentines gift idea for wife: bedside smartphone vase

Bedside Smartphone Vase


Flowers on Valentine’s Day are great, but you need to provide a place to put them! A bedside smartphone vase is a clever spot to display a bouquet that also features a handy charging port for her phone.

Price: $32.00

Personalized gift for her on februrary 14: custom burlap pillow

Personalized Heart Together Burlap Pillow


If you want a more personal approach when exploring Valentine’s gifts for her, consider a comfy pillow. Customize this piece with the message of your choice and offer a unique item to your partner.

Price: $35.00

unique classic valentine's gift idea for her: heart bowl made of glass

Heart Bowl


A heart is a classic symbol to go with for this holiday. Made from durable borosilicate glass, a bowl in the shape of heart is a beautiful way to symbolize the love you have for your wife.

Price: $98.00

romantic valentines day gift for her: where it all began custom map canvas wall art

Where It All Began Map Wall Art Custom Canvas Print


Nostalgia can be a wonderful way to plan your gift. A special map depicting the place where you met and printed on canvas is a truly unique way to display an important part of your love story in your home.

Price: $44.95+

valentines gift for her instead of flower: gourmet oil dipping spice kit

Gourmet Oil Dipping Spice Kit


Does your wife enjoy cooking? Liven things up in the kitchen with an oil dipping and spice kit that features unique herbs and spices from all over the world. A gift that is sure to keep things steamy!

Price: $38.00

modern gift for her on Valentine's day: essential oil diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser


A gift that can benefit the home is also a nice gesture. An oil diffuser is a simple item that can reinvigorate your home with the fresh scent of essential oils.

Price: $15.99

Personalized gift for her on Valentine's day: custom cheese board

Personalized Cheese Board


Another clever culinary Valentine’s Gift for her is a personalized cheese board. This board is made from gorgeous wood and steel and includes the utensils required to prep and serve a cheese platter.

Price: $30.60+

valentines day gift for wife: cooking for two cookbook

The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook, Gift Edition


A cookbook is a gift that can provide you both with countless ideas for your next date night. Pick a recipe, get in the kitchen together, and bond over a meal made with love.

Price: $17.99

sexy valentines gift for her: kinky truth or dare

Kinky Truth or Dare


Looking to spice things up during your next date night? Why not grab a kinky game of truth or dare? This gift is a sexy way to keep the fires burning in your relationship.

Price: $14.95

cheesy & cute valentines gift for her: we found each other custom puzzle

We Found Each Other Custom Puzzle


Up for a challenge? A customized puzzle is a silly and sweet way to turn your gift into a game you can both tackle together.

Price: $129.00

unique valentines day gift for her instead of flower: to my wife custom photo mug

To My Wife Custom Photo Mug


Waking up for work can be a chore for many, but a special coffee mug has a way of sweetening the experience. Customize this mug with a photo and caring message to help your love rise and shine.

Price: $129.00

Valentine's Gifts for a Girlfriend (12 Ideas)

Showing the girl you are dating some extra care and attention on Valentine’s Day is a great way to keep your relationship strong.

How long you’ve been dating will play into what gift is the right fit. You don’t want to buy an overly expensive present for someone you’ve only been with a few weeks.

Consider these Valentine’s gift ideas for girlfriend to discover an option that perfectly captures your feelings.

personalized valentines day gift for women: personalized minimalist stud earrings

Personalized Earrings


Earrings are a classic gift for a girlfriend no matter how long you’ve been dating. A pair of personalized earrings offer a simple and timeless way of expressing your love.

Price: $19.87

romantic valentines gift for her: actual handwriting bracelet

Actual Handwriting Bracelet


If earrings aren’t an accessory worn often by your girlfriend, consider a special bracelet made to incorporate a bit of her personality. This unique piece of jewelry incorporates your girlfriend’s actual handwriting to create a piece that reflects her true style.

Price: $40.80+

Personalized Letter Written in Chocolate


For the girl with a sweet tooth, send a letter written in chocolate! This is a service that allows you to write a beautiful message to your significant other in decadent chocolate. Nothing beats a lovely letter that you can eat after you read it.

Price: $29.95

sweet valentines gift for girlfriend: our love story custom photo plaque

Our Love Story Custom Photo Plaque


In the digital age, a photo frame can be one of the more powerful Valentine’s gifts for her. A photo plaque depicting important moments from your relationship is a lovely gift your girlfriend can display her home or office.

Price: $24.95

long distance valentines day gift for girlfriend: wooden postcard

Wooden Postcard


For those couples who live in different regions, a wooden postcard is one of the more interesting long distance Valentine’s Day gifts. This handcrafted item is a constant reminder of your love no matter how far apart you are.

Price: $129.00

gift for girlfriend instead of flowers: romance pack set of 2 scented candles

Romance Pack Valentine’s Jar Scented Candles


Scent can be a powerful thing when it comes to romance. Create the right mood with your gift with a variety pack of Valentine’s candles and disappear into the comforting aroma they create.

Price: $29.99

practical gift for her: orbits eye stones

Orbits Eye Stones


For the woman who works long hours, consider healing eye stones. These gentle stones are said to help relieve the constant strain put on the eyes from looking at digital devices.

Price: $20.00

fun idea for her on Valentine's day: couples massaging

Couples Massage

A couples massage is always a great option when you’re searching for Valentine’s gifts for her. Show your girlfriend a bit of pampering and enjoy the added attention your sore muscles get from the experience.

classic valentines gift for her: a bouquet of rose flowers

A Bouquet of Flowers


Whether you’ve been with your girlfriend for a handful of days or several years, a flower bouquet is always a good option. Be sure to find out your partner’s favorite flowers to give the gift a personal touch.

Price: $44.00+

Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set


For long-distance couples, definitely consider a couples bracelet set. These matching accessories light up and vibrate whenever one of you touches them, allowing you to communicate your love across vast distances.

Price: $8.00 – $98.00

feb 14 gift idea for her: natural soaking bath salts by herbivore

Natural Soaking Bath Salts


To really help your girlfriend destress, nothing beats some quality bath salts. Pour some of these into the tub and allow the powerful salts to work their magic on tired, stressed muscles.

Price: $18.00

sweet & unique valentines gift for her: custom music box

Custom Music Box


Sometimes, a classic gift can speak wonders. A music box is less cliché than flowers or chocolates. This beautiful box is crafted from maple and can be personalized with a song of your choosing.

Price: $67.00+

Valentine's Gifts for Fiancée (12 Ideas)

Getting engaged is a big step for you and your significant other.

When your first Valentine’s Day rolls through, you want to give your fiancee something that will help her feel excited for the future you are about to embark on.

These ideas are sure to set the right tone for your upcoming marriage.

best gift for women on Valentine's day: wine soaps

Wine Soaps


Does your wife consider herself a fan of wine? Soaps made from actual wine can be a fun gift that your significant other will actually get some good use out of in the shower.

Price: $28.00

OUR MOMENTS Couples Cards Game


A game is always a good choice when you want fun Valentines Day gifts for her. “Our Moments” is a game that includes questions aimed at helping you explore new facts about each other.

Price: $18.95

modern valentines gift for women: bath bomb set from oliver rocket

Oliver Rocket Bath Bomb Set


Bath bombs offer the special woman in your life a colorful and entrancing way to relax. These bombs create a soothing and aromatic experience that is also beautiful to look at!

Price: $16.95

romantic & sexiest valentine gift for her: desserts on me chocolate body paint

Desserts on Me Chocolate Body Paint


Another kinky option to make your Valentine’s Day more interesting is chocolate body paint. Spend a night eating chocolate off one another and have some unusual fun.

Price: $20.99

practical & sweet valentines gift for fiancee: chanel coco mademoiselle eau de parfum spray

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau De Parfum Spray


Sometimes, a classic gift can speak wonders. A music box is less cliché than flowers or chocolates. This beautiful box is crafted from maple and can be personalized with a song of your choosing.

Price: $80.00 – $215.00

best valentines gift

Rouge Pur Couture Zoë Kravitz x YSL Lipstick


Another well-known name in beauty is YSL. With 6 chic colors, this lipstick provides wide selections for your lady. Besides, the durable wear of the lipstick is also a plus.

Price: $38.00

fiance valentine gifts - Awaken And Refresh Shower Steamers

Awaken And Refresh Shower Steamers


Shower steamers are practical Valentine’s Day gifts that are also aimed at relaxation. Help your special lady transform her next shower into a luxurious spa experience.

Price: $15.00

love gifts for her

Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger


A classic take on the idea of the love note, the Lovebox spinning heart messenger is perfect when you’re seeking unique Valentine’s gifts for her. Send texts in a whole new way with this gift.

Price: $100.00

Bluetooth Speaker & Water Bottle

Bluetooth Speaker & Water Bottle


Staying hydrated is super important for the woman who likes to get out and exercise. A Bluetooth speaker & water bottle provides the opportunity to drink plenty of water while listening to her favorite tunes.

Price: $35.00

sexy valentines gifts for her - Lilac Sexy Lingerie Gift Set ​

Lilac Sexy Lingerie Gift Set


If you want to offer a sexy surprise as a gift, think about a lilac sexy lingerie gift set. This erotic present for her is romantic and fun.

Price: $67.23

gifts under $50 - Personalized Panties

Personalized Panties


For those searching for gifts under $50, personalized panties can be a lovely idea. This is a simple way to stay in your budget and still delight your partner.

Price: $29.12

Valentine's Day Gifts for Women (12 Ideas)

Sometimes, you may need to get Valentine’s Day gifts for women and don’t know where to begin. No matter who you may be buying for, these ideas can be simple and efficient ways to express your feelings. 

valentine present for women - tshirt

Love Shirt


Valentine’s Day is all about love! A shirt depicting an image like a heart is a simple and touching way to capture the symbolism of the day.

Price: $19.97

garnet ring

Promise Ring


Not ready to get engaged but want to help your significant other know you’re serious? Promise rings are Valentine’s gifts for her that can help show you’re serious. 

Price: $100+


LANEIGE Kiss Me All Day Lip Balms


Personal care products are always a great fit for a gift as they can help your lady look and feel her best. LANEIGE’s Kiss Me All Day set is a trio of moisturizing balms free of sulfates and other irritants.

Price: $35.00

KIEHL'S Healthy Skin Squad


Another winning personal care option is KIEHL’S Healthy Skin Squad. Help your significant other stay fresh with this lovely set.

Price: $68.00

gifts for her: faux leather jacket

Faux Leather Jacket


Another great option when you need practical Valentine’s Day gifts is a faux leather jacket. The winter can get a bit chilly, and this jacket is aimed at helping her stay warm and trendy throughout the chill.

Price: $69.90

valentines gift for her - knit wool

Knit Wool Scarf


A jacket isn’t the only way to stay warm. Since Valentine’s Day falls during a colder time of the year, a knit wool scarf is a stylish gift option that is also functional. 

Price: $52.10

what to buy my wife for valentine day - kimono

Pocket Full of Posies Kimono


Chic and comfortable, a kimono is a luxurious gift that is sure to delight the special woman in your life. This kimono is light and airy and features hand-embroidered blossoms.

Price: $60.00

valentines gifts for woman - mat trap

Artisan Yoga Mat Strap


Got a yoga enthusiast in your life? An a stap for her yoga mat is a great way to help her enjoy her hobby and get more out of her next class.

Price: $24.95

Mini Cryptex

Mini Cryptex


For the woman who likes to solve puzzles, think about a Da Vinci Code mini cryptex. Hide a special message inside and see if your significant other can crack the code.

Price: $31.46

rose bath salts

Rose Bath Salt


Help her invigorate her next bath experience with bath salts The intoxicating aroma will turn bath time into a completely new and sensual experience. 

Price: $21.88

Grace Crossbody Signet

Grace Crossbody Signet


Perfect for the photographer in your life, a crossbody signet is luxurious and features a pebble texture. Help your partner protect her camera in style with this bag. 

Price: $200.00+

valentine's day items - braceclet

Dainty Red Rose Necklace


Jewelry with personality is always a fun choice to think about. This dainty necklace features a gorgeous rose charm and is the perfect, simple romantic gesture.

Price: $36.47

Valentine's Gifts for Mom (12 Ideas)

Who could forget the first woman you ever loved on a day celebrating the importance of love? Your mom spent years caring for you and now is a great time to return the favor with a sweet and thoughtful gift. 

valentines gift for her - beauty box

Walmart Beauty Box


A Walmart Beauty Box is a fun way to show your mom a bit of attention. Including an array of some of the hottest beauty items on the market, this is sure to put a smile on mom’s face.

Price: $5

valentines gift for her - diy craft

DIY Crafts

Romantic homemade gifts for girlfriend can also work well when you’re trying to think about ideas for mom. Knit a scarf or a blanket that will help to keep her warm and cozy.  

The cost? It is free but means everything to your mom or your spouse’s mother!

cupcake - diy gifts for her

DIY Valentine's Day Cupcakes

DIY Valentines gifts for her don’t all need to be related to arts and crafts. Baking some cupcakes is a great gift idea that also acts as a perfect snack. Not the most creative baker? Valentine’s Day cupcake recipes will make you feel inspired!

practical valentine's day gifts for mom - slippers

Warming Slippers


Considered the best women’s slippers, these are warming slippers are great for cold winter nights. Plus, they have a great stye.

Price: Under $100.00

target valentines gifts for her - wool

Personalized Engraved Bamboo Knitting Needles


Is your mom looking to get into knitting? A pair of personalized bamboo knitting needles engraved with a special message are a lovely gesture that can help her get started on her project. 

Price: $18.76

practical valentine's day gifts - heart spoon

Hand Carved Heart Serving Spoon


Moms love cooking meals for the family. A hand-carved spoon made from an experienced artisan is a great way to make the experience of serving a crowd a bit more magical.

Price: $20

Hydration Ever After Gift Set


Just because she’s a mom doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about the health of her skin. Hydration Ever After Gift Set features popular skincare products and can help mom look and feel her best. 

Price: $64.00

Fondue for Two


A gift for mom can also be a gift for dad! A fondue set for two is a nice idea that lets both mom and dad have a delicious and fun meal at home.

Price: $30.00

Mamre Moon Ambient Light


Looking for a truly unique gift? An ambient light that mimics the soft glow of the moon is a fun take on a light that helps to create an inviting atmosphere indoors.

Price: $24.95

valentine day surprises for her - keychain

I Hope Your Day is Nice Keychain


Often, a little token of affection can work wonders for a gift. A keychain might seem small, but it will remind her of your gesture each time she looks at it.

Price: $7.66

Umbra Trigg Hanging Planter Set


Does mom have a green thumb? If so, she may appreciate a hanging planter set. Let her take her hobby indoors so she can cultivate her favorite plants whenever she wishes. 

Price: $15.99

practical valentine's day gifts for mom - cutting board

Recipe Cutting Board


A recipe cutting board is perfect for the woman who loves to cook. This unique design features a great way for her to learn some new dishes in the kitchen. 

Price: Under $50

Send the Perfect Message

Whether you’ve been with your wife for years or you only recently started dating your girlfriend, you don’t want to forget about Valentine’s Day. Give yourself time to explore a range of Valentine’s gifts for her and select a present that will help you perfectly capture how you feel about that special woman in your life.



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