29 Perfect and Affordable Valentine’s Day Gifts For Coworkers (2024)

29 Perfect and Affordable Valentine’s Day Gifts For Coworkers (2024)

Spread love and appreciation for those around you, starting with your work buddies! Our list of Valentine’s Day gifts for coworkers will help you show how much you care about those working with you. After all, you all spend hours in the same space together. There’s got to be a celebration once in a while. 

On this special occasion, make it a point to get some Valentine’s Day gifts and send messages for everyone in the office. Our list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for coworkers will help you in doing so. The gifts vary from mugs to desk collections, all very practical and heartfelt. Let’s go shopping!

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Coworkers

Barnett’s Biscotti Cookies

funny valentines gifts for coworkers - Barnett’s Biscotti Cookies

As a token of appreciation, get your favorite female coworker this Barnett’s Biscotti cookies gift basket. She will love them as they are delicious to the last crumb, and have 24 natural and yummy biscotti that will be a great gift for Valentine’s Day.

Lunch Tote

cheap valentines gifts for coworkers - Lunch Tote

There’s nothing like a good lunch tote. It is the perfect gift idea for your work girlfriend who will be pleased with this gift. It is a practical and highly useful addition for anyone who has a tote collection.

Metal Desk Organizer

good valentines day gifts for coworkers - Metal Desk Organizer

Desk enhancers are Valentine’s gifts for coworkers. They will make the workstations stand out and make it more convenient to keep their things organized. This metal desk organizer will allow you to choose the best options.

Funny Journal

small valentines day gifts for coworkers - Funny Journal

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Journals are always great to gift around – they make useful gifts. A funny journal is one of the best types that will allow them to scribble away all their office thoughts and feelings. You can customize it as per your liking and gift away.

Air Plant Container

inexpensive valentines gifts for coworkers - Air Plant Container

There’s always a plant lover in everyone’s life and office. If you know someone who is a little too obsessed with keeping plants around their workstation and in the office, this one’s for them. This little air plant container will be a cute addition to their collection.

Chance Made Us Colleagues Desktop Photo Plaque

unique valentines day gifts for coworkers - Chance Made Us Colleagues Desktop Photo Plaque

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Got a friend at the office that you’re thankful for? This personalized “chance made us colleagues” customized desktop photo plaque is a great gift idea to ensure they are always reminded of you. It is a good workstation gift.

Candy Bar Wrappers

mini valentines gifts for coworkers - Candy Bar Wrappers

Candy bars are a great way of celebrating this occasion! Make it more meaningful by getting these candy bar wrappers personalized as per your liking. They are a fun and unique way to say thanks to your employees and make them feel special.

Chocolate Pencils

diy valentines gifts for coworkers - Chocolate Pencils

If you know someone who has a thing for chocolates of all shapes and sizes, this chocolate pencils gift idea will work for them. They are not only good to look at but extremely delicious to eat. Handmade with milk, and dark, and white Belgian chocolate, they will have them falling in love.

Ohh…This Calls For A Spreadsheet Mug

Mug - Valentine's Day gifts for coworkers

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Strengthen your relationship with your co-workers by giving them this funny mug! This is the best gift for people sitting in the accounts department – you can add your personal touch to it and make fun of them for being a nerd in the best way.

Favorite Work Wife Card

ideas for little gifts for valentines day for coworkers - Favorite Work Wife Card

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This favorite work-husband card is a cheap yet heartfelt gift for Valentine’s Day. It will make your coworkers very happy and give them something to laugh about. It’s a way of showing that you care and appreciate them for being around and helping you through it all.

Work Hard Dream Big Canvas Print

valentines day gifts for coworkers - Work Hard Dream Big Canvas Print

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This “work-hard dream big” canvas print is for someone who needs to see this every day to get the motivation they need. It is a simple yet thoughtful gift that will inspire them to work hard and dream big!

Boss Mug

creative valentines day gifts for coworkers - Boss Mug

Now 15% Off

It’s time for the boss gift! We all know how lucky it is to have a female boss who gets you and your work, and supports you to excel through it all. Showing strength, courage, and confidence at all times, this one is for your boss, who is more like a friend.

Bath Bomb Hearts

Love is not only in the air but in the bathtub too! This Valentine’s Day, give your best girl at the office these sweet bath bomb hearts that she can enjoy in her me time and spa days at home. Available in a pack of six, they are made with all-natural ingredients that are great for the skin.

“Be Mine” Custom Pillow

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This unique ‘be mine’ custom name suede pillow is for that special one. If you’ve been meaning to ask her out for a while now, now is the perfect time to do so. Gift her this pillow that will express your feelings much better than words.

Work Bestie Definition Candle

There are always people who make it to your work bestie list – this one is for them. These handmade and cool candles are the perfect gift for the special people who stand by you through thick and thin at the office and support you no matter what.

Sock Heart

Wish to DIY your way into your colleague’s hearts? This sock heart will allow you to do that. It is a heartfelt and easy way to use socks at home and create something that can be a keepsake for all.

Starbucks Cup

We all know someone who is a die-hard Starbucks loyal and drinks nothing but this all day, every day. A Starbucks cup will be an ideal gift for them and make them extremely happy. It will also be a great addition to their already existing cups.

Another 8 Hours Of Pretending To Work Mug

Now 15% Off

Do you have a crime partner at work who has a great sense of humor? This is an easy gift for coworkers who accompany you in killing time at the office. It is sure to bring a smile to their face and make their day more special.

Because Work Wine Glass

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your coworker this holiday season, this has got to be it. It is funny that implies you need a drink to cope with work and isn’t that all of us on most office days?

Personalized Mouse Pad

A custom-made mouse pad is a great way to make your coworker the happiest on Valentine’s Day. Not only will it stand out, but it is a useful gift that will always remind them of you. Choose your style and gift away.

Diamond Pens

Diamond pens for the diamonds in your office. It comes in many different colors and is a great and useful gift for all. One must have a staple pen for all their office needs, which is perfect for doing the job.

Stationery Card

A stationery card is an inexpensive yet thoughtful gift for your coworkers that will make their day special. You can give these to all those you don’t get time to interact with but have a good time with.

Still Having Coffee Together Spoon

If you and your coworker are coffee freaks, then this is the perfect way to appreciate them for being there for all your coffee needs and breaks and making your tie worth it. Honor them with this ‘still having coffee together spoon’ and make their day.

Funny Coffee Mug

best valentines gifts for coworkers - Funny Coffee Mug

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This is indeed a funny mug that compiles every employee’s sentiments. If you know someone who dreads meetings and stands by the idea of having emails instead, this one is for them. A great décor and coffee mug that will be of use.

Glass Globes with Tiny Plants

Glass globes with tiny plants are valentine's gifts for large groups

Selecting petite indoor plants as Valentine’s gifts for coworkers is thoughtful. Discovering distinctive plants that thrive indoors adds a personal touch. Your coworker friend will appreciate the charming decorative elements enhancing their workspace.

Laptop Stand

A laptop stand is a good gift for all. It is very useful and much needed in a work or work-from-home space. These little stands are incredible, and their magnets make it easy to travel with the laptop.

Everyday Cozy Pink Blanket

Cozy pink blankets are valentine treats for the office

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Choose this considerate present to keep your companion cozy during chilly days. Select her preferred color for a personalized touch, making it one of the warmest Valentine’s gifts for coworkers this year. Opt for fleece blankets to add a personal touch with photos or quotes, ensuring a heartfelt and practical gesture.

Aesthetic Modern Vase

Modern vases are cute valentines gifts for coworkers

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A modern vase is a stylish and elegant gift that your coworker can use to display flowers or other decorations. With its chic design and timeless charm, this vase brings a breath of fresh style to your space. Ready to turn your blooms into a friendly conversation starter?

Serene Memory Foam Standard Pillow

Comfort tech pillows for sleeping are small valentines gifts for coworkers

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Meet your new sleep sidekick, the Serene Memory Foam Standard Pillow. Your ticket to a blissful sleep. Designed for optimal support and relaxation, this pillow ensures a serene night’s rest, making it a must-have for your bedtime sanctuary.


Now that you have a well-curated list of Valentine’s gifts for coworkers pick your favorites and order them ASAP. These Valentine’s Day gifts for coworkers are the perfect mix of funny, useful, motivating, and appreciating gift ideas for all.

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