40+ Valentine’s Day Gifts For Parents & In-Laws They’ll Adore In 2020

  • BY Emmanuel Egeonu
  • November 16, 2019
40+ Valentine’s Day Gifts For Parents & In-Laws They’ll Adore In 2020

Valentine’s Day offers us a moment in time where we appreciate love in all its forms. And contrary to popular opinion, this romantic holiday isn’t just for couples. It is also for family and specifically the people who raised you: your parents. Dad and mom have poured out their love on you for your whole life. Therefore, take this occasion to treat your mother and father like the Queen and King that they are! With that in mind, we’ve listed out 45 best Valentine’s Day gifts for parents that express your love and they’ll definitely cherish.

And this article is not simply a list of gift ideas. We also crafted some lovely messages for your Valentine’s cards to your parents. Now let’s dive in!

15 Valentine's Day Gifts for Mom

She was the first woman who loves you unconditionally. So mommy deserves tons of adoration this February 14. Treat your moms like Queen this time of year. Make her feel love with gifts and simple actions such as saying “I love you” first thing in the morning of the day.

As for gifts, since she has always been taking great care of you and even your children as the role of a loving grandmother, what to get your mother or mother-in-law for Saint Valentine’s day is a real struggle. But no worries, we’ll help you out with some present ideas. Here are some cute things to get your mom on this celebration.


1. Perfume for Mom - She’s Totally Worth It


Perfumes are awesome Valentine’s gifts for any lady. But it is a bit tricky to choose the right perfume. There are 2 suggestions:

If for instance, your mother sticks to a particular kind of perfume and doesn’t stray, it may be counterintuitive to go for the same kind of fragrance. So going for another bottle would be your best option.

In case you’re not sure what to go for, a classic high-end fragrance can never go wrong – perhaps a scent your mum won’t normally purchase or one she’s fantasized about owning is the perfect move. And the ladies in our team cannot recommend enough the Chanel No. 5. It might be pricey, but it is worth for the very first woman of your life.

walmart beauty box

2. Walmart Beauty Box


If your mom loves makeup, this is one surprise that she’ll adore. With the Walmart beauty box, you can give her the fun surprise of free makeup goodies from the top beauty brands at Walmart.

knitted scarf

3. DIY Crafts


Handcrafted gifts show the recipient how much they mean to you, in that you took the time to carefully make something they’ll love. And that’s the message a DIY knitted blanket or scarf will pass across to your mom or mother in-law on Valentine’s day.

The cost? It is free but means everything to your mom or your spouse’s mother!

Custom Cutting Board with the Est Year

4. Personalized Cutting Board


Want to place the expression of your love before your wonderful mommy constantly in the kitchen? Then there’s no better way than a personalized cutting board that she’ll always use when cooking favorite meals for the family. The chopping board is engraved with a cute message declaring your affection for her.

Salt Fat Acid Heat Cooking Book

5. Cookbook

$20.99 (Hardcover)

Every woman loves a good cookbook. A great one to start with “Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking”, a masterpiece that your mom would be thrilled to have in her kitchen.

The cookbook comes with methods, how-to techniques, tips, and recipes to apply all you have learned. Based on a review, it is one cooking book with lots of humor and visuals.

This will be a great addition to her cookery book collection. And it will elevate your mom’s culinary skills to a new height!


6. Custom Photo Canvas Print


This personalized Mom photo canvas gift is certainly “aww” evoking. Show your creativity with photos of mum and family. And you can include a personal heartwarming message or a mom quote that makes her smile all day long.


7. Handwriting Bracelet


Among popular gifts for mom, jewelry can top them all. On this day of romance, go for a handwriting bracelet. You get to have a bracelet carved with a thoughtful message that your mother would cherish. And she gets to wear your love message all day long.

8. Mother Daughter Necklace


Here is another jewelry accessory you can consider. This gorgeous necklace is among delicate Valentine’s gifts for mom from daughter and it has two infinity circles joined together. The necklace reveals how the bond with your mother is an everlasting one. And no matter how old you grow or far apart you stay, the love is unending.

cupcake - diy gifts for her

9. DIY Valentine's Day Cupcakes

Cupcakes are a delicious and edible Valentine’s gift for parents. Aside from their creamy sweetness, you can inscribe a love phrase on them that describes how much she means to you. Here are some easy-peasy DIY Valentine’s day cupcake recipes for you.

Bedside Smartphone Vase For Women

10. Bedside Smartphone Vase


This pretty flower meets a full smartphone battery gift is one that your mom would adore. Its normal practice is to charge your phone battery while you sleep, but this does it in a unique way. The vase can hold fresh flowers and charge phones simultaneously. It’s a gift that’ll be used frequently and brings vibrancy to your mummy’s bedroom.

a box of 6 bottles of essential oils

11. Essential Oils for Reed Diffusers

$9.99 for a gift set of 6 bottles

The best gifts are usually ones the recipient gets to use often and essential oils fit into that description. These essential oils for moms ward off insects, mice and can even be used to make custom cleaning solutions. Your mom or mother-in-law will have so many uses for this practical gift around the house. Or she can simply use these oils to create zen and calmness just like a spa.

a green scented candle

12. Disney Scented Candle

Magic Candle Company

Made with a custom mix of soy waxes and paraffin, this candle offers an amazing fragrance while keeping its creamy look. This candle also gives off a stunning visual aesthetic while burning. Here we advise you to choose this Polynesian scent that reminds past family vacations and the tropical atmosphere.

You can get your mom this Valentine’s candle gift at Magic Candle Company

himalayan pink salt lamp

13. Himalayan Salt Lamp


Perfectly carved from Himalayan rock salt in Pakistan, this thoughtful gift choice gives off a warm amber glow and creates a calming atmosphere. Your mother can place this gift for the center of a coffee table or desk. Or she can light it in her cubicle office or standard bedroom.


warming slippers

14. Warming Slippers

Starting from $22.93

Apart from being so cute, warming slippers are super soft and will keep your mom’s feet warm and comfortable. They make an excellent gift this year’s Valentine’s if you’re going for something she’ll use often.

a woman wearing a colorful cape

15. Capes & Ponchos

Starting from $29.4

If your mom or mother-in-law is all about the hottest fashion trends, ponchos or capes would light up their hearts. They come in various shapes, texture, and color and are soft on the skin as well.

15 Valentine's Day Gifts for Dad

On Valentine’s Day, you’ve got to get something for your dad. He is the man who always protects and gives you a helping hand in your life. He is a tough guy but can be sentimental at the same time. And we know it’s hard work finding the perfect present for him in this Valentine week. So we’ve put down a list of 15 gift ideas for you. After all, there are plenty of wonderful gifts you can choose from this list, especially for your dads.

Hwyl Eau de Parfum by Aesop

1. Cologne or Eau de Parfum

Lucky Scent
$135 (50ml) or $4 (0.7ml sample)

We’ve found a great guide on The Best Fragrance For Every Type Of Dad. Above all, we suggest this Hwyl Eau de Parfum by Aesop. This powerful fragrance feels like a dense forest on a misty day. It also has a lingering mysterious woodsy and smoky smell that every man desires. The Eau de Parfum would certainly become your father or father in law’s favorite scent.

Body Fuel Deodorant & Antiperspirant from Kiehl's

2. Deodorant

$135 (50ml) or $4 (0.7ml sample)

Men are big on deodorant and there’s no way to go wrong with gifting them. They are also affordable and you will not go overboard on this. Kiehl’s deodorant makes a great Valentine’s gift for your papa as it also doubles as an antiperspirant with 48-hour protection against sweat and odor.

If you look for other deodorants, check out this guide from Esquire. They listed out various kinds of deodorants and in a wide range of prices, from best budget ones by Old Spice ($3.99) to more luxury ones like Tom Ford ($53).

Bay Rum Aftershave

3. Aftershave


Gifting your pop an aftershave is another great idea on this day. However, it can be a little complex if this gift is from daughter who might hardly have much knowledge about men’s grooming products. You can refer to this guide to choose the best aftershave based on your dad’s skin type. 

For all skin types and crafted with all natural ingredients, you can have a look at this Bay Rum Aftershave from Amazon.

a retro photo of 2 men sitting next to each other

4. Beard Oil (Branded or DIY)

$2-$3 per DIY bottle

This cheap and thoughtful Valentine’s gift for your daddy is just right if he’s a beard lover.  Beard oils soften up coarse and irritating beards and would make any beard lover fall in love with using it instantly.

You can get the branded oils or go for a personalized option by whipping up your own unique beard oil using this epic DIY beard oil recipe. Although the carrier oils and essential oils are not cheap ingredients (be generous for your dad’s gifts!), per-bottle cost ends up being just $2-$3 according to this recipe.

Jack Black Double

5. Face Moisturizer


The Jack Black face moisturizer cum sunscreen offers lasting hydration and is made strictly from organic ingredients. It also offers broad-spectrum sunscreen. Your dad would love this gift, especially if he spends a lot of time outdoors.

For more face cream options for the first man of your life, have a look at this guide.

Men's Travel Toiletry Organizer Bag For Him

6. Toiletry Bag


If your dad loves traveling, this dopp kit or toiletry bag for men has enough room for all his grooming essentials and is stylish. A useful gift that’ll keep you in his mind for a long time.

And our editor’s pick is this one from Toupons. Simple yet spacious for your dad’s items whenever he is on the go.

warm ginger candle for him

7. A Manly Candle

Wax Buffalo

This Warm Ginger candle smells of frosty afternoons in the warm winter sun. It’s as manly as a scent can get and is the perfect gift to help your dad or father in law lay back and relax. And this candle will set a romantic mood on this day of love.

a pair of socks with the funny quote world's greatest farter father

8. Funny Socks for Dad


If you’re feeling a little whimsical for Valentine’s day, there’s no better option for a gift than this World’s Greatest Farter(oops!) Father socks.

hat with custom text/logo for him

9. Custom Hat for Dad


Gifts with personalized inscriptions allow you to put your heart in words on a present and you can light up your father’s heart with this custom message hat. Go for a cheesy message but full of love for your man!

Daddy personalized Keychain that says hooked on daddy

10. Personalized Daddy's Keychain


You can add various tags on this Keychain with phrases that mean something to both of you. One example touching saying to dad you can add to the tag is “You’ll always be my Hero.” Or you can go for a funny one “Hooked on Daddy”. And it’s sure to be your dad’s favorite Valentine’s gift that he always carries around.

Dad Jokes: Terribly Good Dad Jokes Book

11. Dad Jokes Book for Your Bookworm Dad

$6.99 (paperback)

Dads are known for a lot of things and one of them is their cheesy, awkward and badly timed jokes. So on the day of love, help him improve his collection of jokes with this book as a gift.

Our editor’s pick: Dad Jokes: Terribly Good Dad Jokes

a canvas print with the saying I Love You 3000

12. I Love You 3000 Canvas Print


This is hands down the best Valentine’s gift for dad from daughter. It’s a personalized canvas with a dearing “I love you” message that will remind him of how you’re always his little girl no matter how old you are.

handmade wooden eyeglass holder for dad

13. Eyeglass Holder


This handmade wooden eyeglass holder is quite entertaining. It’s a cone-headed shaped face that holds eyeglasses perfectly. You’ll probably have a good laugh with your dad when you give it to him as a gift.

Heating Pad for Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief for father

14. Sunbeam Neck and Shoulder Heating Wrap


Give your dad or father in law soothing neck relief with this gift. It’s got a magnetic clasp and edges that aid the pad to stay where placed for continuous relief. What’s more, it’s super soft. This is a really meaningful gift for your dads to show love and how much you care about their health.

leather watch band for men's watch

15. New Leather Watch Band for his Watch

Starting from $20

Give your dad or father in law soothing neck relief with this gift. It’s got a magnetic clasp and edges that aid the pad to stay where placed for continuous relief. What’s more, it’s super soft. This is a really meaningful gift for your dads to show love and how much you care about their health.

15 Valentine's Day Gifts For Parents

On this special day of love, gifting parents and parents in law can be easy as they’ll adore and appreciate anything you give them. But finding a sweet and heartfelt Valentine’s Day gift that they’ll actually find useful requires some brainstorming and we’ve done that for you. Here are the best gifts for parents on Valentine’s Day. The best thing about these presents is that you can give as a set that your mom and dad can use together!

a man giving a bouquet of flowers to a woman

1. Flowers and Valentine's Cards

On this celebration, many couples and individuals exchange flowers and chocolates. So you can go for these traditional gifts.

Flowers and cards are excellent gift choices for parents; however, you may want to avoid roses as they’re usually reserved for romantic love but if you must, mix them up with other blooms.

Don’t think this bouquet of flowers as a gift reserved for mom alone. You can let the florist know they’re for your dad and they’ll whip up something manly for the bouquet.

box of home-made chocolate on Valentine's Day for mom and dad

2. A Box of DIY Chocolate

Apart from the flower gifts above, what better way to say “I love you” on the day than a box of homemade chocolate. With the right recipe like this one, you’ll leave your parents craving for more of this gift. You can also check this video out to get the perfect wrap.

Star Constellation Wine Glasses

3. Star Constellation Wine Glasses


These amazing glasses can be used for any other drink and not just wine. They’ve got awestruck starry constellations patterns and literally make every sip a work of art!

cotton couples apron for couple

4. Couples Cooking Apron Set


Made of high-quality cotton, these couple apron set can have personalized messages printed on them and will certainly bring your parents closer in love when they both put it on. Who knows, they may wear them immediately to prepare their special Valentine’s dinner together.

custom passport covers with globe map on them

5. Personalized Passport Holder


This is a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for parents who are always on the move from country to country. Although affordable, they’re made of durable leather and can have custom messages printed on them.

coffee sampler subscription

6. Coffee Subscription Box

Bean Box

Coffee is the life of the morning and this coffee subscription box will offer your parents a monthly taste of Seattle’s finest coffees.

kindle from amazon

7. Kindle


If your gifting tech-loving/bookworm parents this is an excellent choice. Kindle offers a selection of numerous books and a stellar reading experience that your parents would love. This Valentine’s Day gift is also a user-friendly device that your mom and dad can easily use to read their page-turners.

photo blanket - perfect gift ideas for couples

8. DIY Couple Photo Blanket

DIY or order from Walmart

This Valentine’s Day gift for your parents has cuteness overload written all over it. You can have an adorable photo of your parents or parents-in-law printed on the blanket. And every time they snuggle up they’ll be reminded of your love for them.

Or if you want a last-minute photo blanket, you can buy from Walmart, starting from $31.67.

funny 50th wedding anniversary gift idea: custom photo mugs

9. Funny Couple Mug


Mugs are household utensils that will be put to use almost daily, that’s what makes this a powerful gift. Your parents get to use this present on a daily or weekly basis and will definitely crack up every time they lift it up to use or take a sip.

Samsung Wireless Charger Duo

10. Wireless Charger Duo Pad for Parents Phones


Wireless chargers rock and this one uses a built-in cooling system to keep your parent’s phones from overheating when charging. And it permits two phones to be charged simultaneously.

a man and a woman wearing white couple robes

11. Couple Robes


Made from top quality Egyptian cotton this couples robes can withstand overuse and repeated washing. They’re also lightweight and go easy on the skin.

12. Pour-Over Coffee Maker


Pour-over coffee can brew coffee in minutes and uses a steel filter instead of a paper one. It’s a thoughtful gift your parents will find useful in the mornings.

$50 Southwest Airlines Gift Card

13. Airline Gift Cards

Starting from $50

What do you give parents who are always in the air traveling from place to place? Simple, airline gift cards. If your parents are travel buddies, you’ll hit the right spot with this present.

Also refer to this guide for the best-budget gift card.

Target Home Fondue Fountain

14. Home Fondue Fountain


This fondue fountain is every foodies delight, and if your parents are food enthusiasts you’ll make their valentine’s day with it. It stands 16 inches tall and runs with a quiet motor. Let’s together make an unforgettable hot chocolate fondue this year with the whole family.

party with champaign and food

15. Family Dinner

Family dinners offer the opportunity to catch up with each other and increase the love bond. This is a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for parents and it doesn’t have to be expensive. And for a single mom or dad, having their children spending time with them on this day would be the best gift they’ve ever received!

Valentine's Day Card Messages for Parents

Now you have picked some Valentine’s Day gifts for your moms and dads. And we advise you take time to make a card for them too.

Words are powerful and they linger for years to come, but at certain times we have so many things our heart wants to say but we can’t find the right words to put to them. So we’ve put down these heartwarming Valentine’s Day card messages for you.

  • “Happy Valentine’s Day, Mom and Dad!
    When I look back, remembering so many warm and happy moments, I feel especially grateful for all the warmth and love you’ve always shown.”
  • “Happy Valentine’s Day To My Amazing Parents!
    You make love so easy. I’m glad to be your daughter/son of two people who’ve always been so in love.”

“With you as my parents, I know what it means to love unconditionally and without limits.”

  • “I hope your love continues to bloom and that you savor each moment together.”
  • “Daddy, you are always my first Valentine. Lots of hugs and kisses from your daughter.”


When searching for the best Valentine’s Day gifts for parents, finding the perfect gift is difficult. However, by following the tips and ideas laid out in this article you’ll gift your parents or parents in law something they won’t forget for a long time.



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