Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Mom From Daughter and Son (2022)

  • BY Joe Palinsky
  • December 30, 2021
Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Mom From Daughter and Son (2022)

Valentine’s Day is not only for couples. The holiday is also an ideal occasion to show your love to the most important woman in your life: your mom. She has been there for you since day one with unconditional love. But oftentimes, on this day, she might not be given much attention compared to your boyfriend or girlfriend. So this year, we’ve helped you do the search for the best Valentine’s gifts for mom to surprise and make her feel appreciated. These gift recommendations also work perfectly for other motherly figures in your life, including your stepmom, or your mother-in-law.

These small gift ideas (most of them are under $50) are thoughtful enough and fit all kinds of moms on Valentine’s Day. You can order them online, and even have them delivered last-minute!

Also, don’t worry about whether you should go for a silly, sentimental, or sweet gift. Whatever you pick, we are sure that she will adore as the gesture comes from the bottom of your heart!

Now let’s get to the main part:

30 Gift Ideas To Give Your Mom on Valentine’s Day

“I Love You A Bushel And A Peck And A Hug Around The Neck” Desktop Photo Plaque

i love you a bushel desktop photo plaque gift for mom on Valentines Day

If you have been looking for a customizable present for your mother, this is the one you need. This desktop plaque will make the occasion twice the merrier. Upload the best picture of you and your mom, and you’ll have a great gift!

“My Heart Is Always With You” Wood Wall Art Plaque

my heart is always with you valentine plaque for mom

This modern decoration that says “My Heart is Always With You” will have your mom in tears. It is heartfelt and will always remind her of you being close.

“Mom You Are The Heart Of Our Family” Personalized Canvas Print

You Are The Heart Of Our Family Mom Custom Photo Canvas Print

Often, simple gifts are the ones that are the most effective. A custom photo canvas print is a perfect way to capture your feelings without going to extremes. All you need is a photo that you adore and a touching saying. Then you will be well on your way to delivering mom a gift that will touch her heart.

Radiance in Bloom Basket

valentines day flower basket for mom

Flowers are a great way to express your love and say everything without uttering a word. If your mom loves flowers, why not get her this radiance in bloom basket? Inspired by bright shades and soft textures, this arrangement will have your mom falling in love with it.

An Eternal Rose

Le Clair Tresor Eternity Rose Valentines Day Gift for Mom

Many people think of getting their mom jewelry for these special occasions. This year, consider giving her a present that helps her organize all of her items. With this jewelry box, your mom can store and display her accessories. It is also classic and would complement her desk, makeup station, or dresser.

Gold Bracelet

birthstone golden bracelet valentines day gift for women

This gold bracelet can be a great gift for your beautiful mother as you can customize it according to her birthstone. It will make the gift ten times more valuable and personalized. It will soon become her favorite jewelry item to wear at all times.

Constellation Print

a star map print - gift for mom on valentines day

This unique and meaningful constellation print is a gift of a lifetime. It will depict that you love your mom more than the stars in the sky. You can get it customized as per your liking. You can add the places you live next to your names, which will be cute.

“The Love Between Mother and Daughter Knows No Distance” Desktop Plaque

love between mother daughter knows no distance desktop photo plaque gift

A mother-daughter bond is strengthened by the long-distance, not weakened. This beautiful and personalized desktop plaque will make your mom feel loved. And it is a loving decoration for her room. If you live far away, this is the gift to give.

Soft Fleece Robe

soft fleece robe for women with heart pattern
From $24.99

A soft fleece robe is a practical and comfy gift to give. These hearts pattern on the fleece is even more adorable. It has the same soft fuzz on the inside and the outside, making it a joy to wear.

Valentine’s Day Milk Bath

valentines day milk bath for mom

Gift your mom a bathing experience that will leave her skin hydrated, moisturized, and smooth. This Valentine-themed milk bath is a dreamy and luxurious rose-scented one. It contains all the ingredients for a relaxing and fragrant bathing experience.

Self Care Valentine Gift Box for Mom

spa gift box for mom on valentine's day

She has taken care of you all her early years. Now is the time to pamper her with some self-care goodies that will allow her to enjoy a well-deserved ‘me time’. The gift box is the perfect gift to spoil your mother-in-law, mom, or stepmom.

Personalized M&M Chocolate

personalized mm chocolate gift box
From $24.99

Is there a better gift than the gift of chocolates? This sweet and personalized M&M chocolate box will make your mom the happiest! It is full of the sweetness of love. Also, you can customize it with a themed card or picture of your choice.

Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Chocolate Covered Strawberries Edible Valentines Gifts For Mom

If your mom has a bit of a sweet tooth, these chocolate-covered strawberries are just perfect. Few gifts are as elegant or delicious as this one, which is a classic mix of sweet berries and rich chocolate. If she is not a fan of strawberries, there are plenty of alternatives to explore.

Heart Shape Cutting Board

heart shaped cutting board valentines day gift idea for mom

This elegant and adorable heart-shaped cutting board in natural olive wood is hand-carved for perfection. It is without a doubt one of the best gifts you can give your mom. A must-have in the kitchen that she will put in regular use.

Heart Tea Towel

heart tea towel for mom

This tea towel is premium, has high quality, and is fast absorbent! If you want something practical for her to use around the house, this heart tea towel is just what you should get.

Heart-Shaped Pottery Bowl

heart shaped pottery bowl gift for mom valentines day

Kitchen accessories are a great gift idea for a woman who enjoys cooking. Make her meal preparation time more personal with a heart-shaped pottery bowl. Perfect for whatever purpose mom might have, this is a present she will always associate with you and your love.

“My Greatest Blessings Call Me Mom” Photo Desktop Plaque

a photo desktop plaque - valentine gift for mom from son or daughter

For a mom, her children are everything, and she is proud to show them off no matter what. This Valentine’s Day, gift your mom a beautiful desktop plaque. It is a heartfelt keepsake that she will cherish forever and always remind her of you.

“We Love You Mom” Canvas Print With Kids Names

mom we love you canvas print with kids names

Every day is a day to celebrate and cherish your mom, so this canvas print is the best gift for her. You can get it customized with your names and make her feel the love and presence of her children even if you all are away.

Mother Daughter Bracelet

mother daughter bracelet gift for mom from daughter valentines day

The love between a mother and daughter is magical. And what better way to celebrate the occasion than to give her this beautiful mother-daughter bracelet.

Golden Hearts Necklace

golden hearts necklace gift for women valentines day

This golden heart necklace is a simple and cute gift for your mom. Not only is it affordable, but it makes for a great gift that she can keep with her for years to come. It will soon become her favorite piece of jewelry.

“Mom I Love You Always and Forever” Trinket Plate

Mom Valentines Day Gift - Jewelry Tray

Getting the right Valentine’s gifts for your mom as a son can take a little bit of thought. If you’re in search of an item that captures how you feel and can be put to good use, a trinket plate is an ideal fit. She can use the plate as decoration or a place to store her essentials.

“Love Begins With Mom” Photo Collage Canvas Print

love begins with mom collage canvas print gift

It is indeed true, love begins with mom, and this custom canvas print is the best way to show her this. Choose the best pictures of all of you and put them right on the gift! It will have your mom smiling from one ear to another.

Sweetheart Loose Leaf Tea Sampler Gift Set

Sweetheart Loose Leaf Tea Sampler Gift Set for mom

This sweetheart loose leaf tea sampler set is for those who love to try out different types of tea. There is a wide variety of flavors like vanilla, raspberry, or passion peach. These heart-shaped red tins packaging will take her heart away.

Heart-Shaped Wine Decanter

heart shaped wine decanter valentines day gift for women

Treat mom like the queen that she is with this wine gift. She can enjoy her favorite red, white, and rosé wines elegantly with this glass wine decanter. The lovely heart-shaped decanter bundle will infuse her favorite wines with the love of her children!

“Been Loving My Mom Since I Opened My Eyes” Desktop Plaque

a desktop photo plaque gift for mom on valentines day

Parents love to display photos of the family around the house. If you want to find a Valentine’s Day gift that your mom will appreciate, this desktop plaque is the winner. The custom gift offers mom the opportunity to showcase the smiling faces of her children at work, home, or any space she likes.

Fresh Cut Heirloom Roses Candle

Candle Scented with Romantic Fresh Cut Heirloom Roses

Featuring the fragrant scent of fresh-cut heirloom roses, this is a candle that will have mom kicking back and feeling much more comfortable in no time at all.

Handwriting Bracelet

handwriting bracelet for mom

One unique jewelry gift to consider for your mom is a handwriting bracelet. It is one of the most special to give her on Valentine’s Day, allowing you to capture your handwritten message on the bracelet. Now she can be reminded of you wherever she goes.

“We Love You, Mom” Photo Pillow

we love you mom pillow with custom photos

Need to find a gift for your mom from both you and your siblings? It can be tough to find such a gift, but this photo pillow is a perfect solution. Select a handful of pictures of you and her, and you will have a personalized keepsake to gift to your mother.

A Scrumptious Homemade Gift That Is Full of Love

Valentine’s Egg Sandwich For Mom

valentines egg sandwich for mom

Thinking of making mom some breakfast in bed for this special day? If you need an easy homemade gift idea, consider this recipe. Fast, easy, and delicious, this is a gift that delivers a scrumptious final result to mom on this special day.

Popup Bouquet Valentine’s Day Card

paper popup valentines day card

Cards are and always will be the best way to express how you truly feel. This unique and thoughtful pop-up card will remind your mom how much you love her. It is the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s day with the love of your life.

“Thank You Mom” Valentine’s Day Card

Thank You mom For All The Love Valentine Card

A gift can never be complete without a card. By taking a moment to write out a few sentiments, you can capture exactly how you feel and add an extra level of sweetness. Write from the heart and see what happens.


In a nutshell, all mothers in the world deserve a little bit of pampering and love on Valentine’s Day. With this gift guide, you can easily find an array of gifts for your mom and any motherly figure that will help you showcase how much you care.

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