63 Ways to Say ‘I Love You’: The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her (2024)

63 Ways to Say ‘I Love You’: The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her (2024)

February is just around the corner! Show the special lady in your life just how much she means to you with these Valentine’s Day gifts for her.

Our gift guide has tons of cute and romantic ideas for women. From extravagant to budget-friendly and everything in between, you won’t go wrong with these sweet gift ideas.

Whether you’re looking for Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your wife, girlfriend, mom, grandma, BFF, or any woman in your life, make sure Cupid doesn’t miss his mark. His arrow will strike true with one of these Valentine’s Day gifts for her in 2023. Check them out!

Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

1. Where It All Began Map Canvas Print

Where It All Began Map Canvas Print

Give her some unique Valentine’s Day gifts this year, starting with this print. The maps of you two will make her heart melt. Customize this print with the place where you and your partner first met for a grand romantic gesture. Then, hang it in a place of honor to always remember your bond. This canvas has 502 reviews, which is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars will not disappoint you.

A customer has reviewed that “My wife loves it!
I bought this for my wife for Valentine’s Day. When I surprised her with it, she was so excited it made her cry tears of joy.”

2. Our Love Story Custom Photo Plaque

Valentines Day gifts for her: Our Love Story Custom Photo Plaque

In the digital age, a photo frame can be one of the more powerful Valentine’s gifts for her. A photo plaque depicting important moments from your relationship is a lovely gift your partner can display in her home or office. If you don’t know how to express your love to your significant other. No worry! The plaque already had the most heartfelt message for your girl.

3. Double Heart Necklace

Best valentine day gift for woman: Double Heart Necklace

Your beautiful woman deserves this gorgeous necklace. Jewelry is a classic gift for her, but this piece is stunning. Two hearts in two different colors represent how your lives are intertwined. This item is one of the best Valentine’s gifts for women on our list. It’s up to you which special woman should wear it!

4. Custom Delightful Date Puzzle

Custom Delightful Date  Puzzle: Meaningful valentines gift for girlfriend

A cool, customized item makes an awesome date night activity with your sweetheart. Surprise her with a unique pic of the two of you, but on a puzzle! With only 60 pieces, it won’t take long to uncover the secret. She’ll love putting it together over and over again! This well-made puzzle is an amazing Valentine’s Day gift she will never forget.

5. Personalized Photo Song Plaque Light

Personalized Photo Song Plaque Light

Being apart is hard, but that’s what holiday gifting is for. Get closer with one of the loveliest long-distance Valentine’s Day gifts for her. This way, she’ll always have your song playing in her head!

6. Love Box Spinning Heart Messenger

valentines day gift ideas for wife: Love box Spinning Heart Messenger

Missing your partner? Express your feelings and melt her heart with this piece. It’s one of the most creative Valentine’s Day gifts for her. Send her romantic messages, photos, and emojis from wherever you are! There is 97% of respondents would recommend this to a friend.

A reviewer expressed: “Love the Love box! This sits on my wife’s desk at home. Throughout the day I send her little messages to let her know I’m thinking about her”

7. Our Q&A a Day

Thoughtful valentines day gift for her: Our Q&A a Day

Give your relationship some staying power with this three-year journal for both of you. This cheap gift is among the cute V-day ideas that girls will love. Every page asks a question for the day. Both of you fill in your answers, and you can look back and see how you’ve grown. Take a chance, and you’ll both have fun with this journal.

8. Hoya Heart

Meaningful valentines gift for girlfriend: Hoya Heart

Make the holiday of gifting special this year with this amazing heart plant. This sweet succulent is perfect for the woman in your life. It’s particularly suited for your college-student sister or busy best friend.

9. Spiral Song Lyrics Mug with Photo

Spiral Song Lyrics Mug with Photo

Running out of time but still want a perfect keepsake that lasts for years to come? Check out this photo mug with a heartfelt song lyric! This late Valentine’s day gift is a special way to showcase the best moments and memories with your loved ones.

10. Sex Talk Conversation Deck

Meaningful valentines gift for girlfriend: Sex Talk Conversation Deck

A game is always a good choice when you want fun Valentine’s Day gifts. This naughty gift card is a game that includes questions aimed at helping you explore new facts about each other.

11. Signature Gift Set

Signature Gift Set

To show true love that will never die, give a preserved rose. It is a truly unusual Valentine’s Day gift for all the women in your circle. Choose a red rose for a romantic interest. Blue, purple, or rainbow colors are also available for your mom or friend. This item is a gift that will last for years.

12. Love Letters Candle

Meaningful valentines gift for girlfriend: Love Letters Candle

Scent can be a powerful thing when it comes to romance. This candle has notes of citrus and sandalwood, mellowed by peonies and rose petals. Create the right mood and disappear into the comforting aroma they create.

13. DIY Valentine Keychain Craft Kit

Valentines Day gifts for her: DIY Valentine Keychain Craft Kit

This DIY craft kit is the perfect present for kids as well as adults. Nothing beats a handmade gift, especially when it comes from the heart. It’ll be so much fun getting those creative juices going!

Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

14. You Complete Me Custom Text and Map Canvas Print

You Complete Me Custom Text and Map Canvas Print

Finding good long-distance relationship gifts for your girlfriend is hard enough. But for Valentine’s Day? Nearly impossible. This year, pay tribute to your commitment by gifting this beautiful wall art. Customize it with your locations and anniversary year to describe your love story.

15. Personalized Name Bracelet

Thoughtful valentines day gift for her: Personalized Name Bracelet

If earrings aren’t an accessory worn often by your girlfriend, consider a special bracelet made to incorporate a bit of her personality. This unique piece of jewelry incorporates your girlfriend’s actual handwriting to create a piece that reflects her true style. Made from 925 silver and gold, this bracelet is safe for every skin type.

16. You And Me We Got This Valentine Blanket

You And Me We Got This Valentine Blanket

A special gift for a special woman! This wonderful plush blanket is the best gift for Valentine’s Day! The design features a heart frame in the middle of the background with a heartfelt message. There will be no boring gifts when you give her this adorable throw.

17. Personalized Bath Robe

valentines day gift ideas for wife: Personalized Bath Robe

Every woman needs a bathrobe to wrap up in. This plush robe in vibrant colors is a thoughtful gift. Choose from hearts or a night sky theme on soft, fleecy fabric. The length is perfect for cold winter mornings. If you’re seeking Valentine’s Day ideas for your sweetie, don’t overlook this alternative.

18. Annoying Each Other For Years Custom Photo Mug

Annoying Each Other For Years Custom Photo Mug

This mug tops the list of cute and cheap Valentine’s Day presents. Great for your wife or girlfriend, this unique item will start her day off right. Customize it with your names and favorite photo.

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19. Personalized Grandma’s Garden Blanket

Valentines Day gifts for her: Personalized Grandma’s Garden Blanket

There’s nothing more unique than this Valentine’s gift for grandma. Give her a blanket filled with flowers and love. Considering the way her face lights up when she sees her grandchildren, she’ll definitely adore this one!

20. Personalized Silky Pajama

Best valentine day gift for woman: Silky Pajama

Satin pajamas are the height of luxury. Silky and smooth, cool for sleeping, they’re a great present for your girlfriend or wife. These are available in a variety of rich colors, and they have a timeless, elegant look. Pajamas may seem ordinary, but they are a great Valentine’s gift for her.

21. Find You Sooner Loved You Longer Custom Photo Plaque

Find You Sooner Loved You Longer Custom Photo Plaque

Here’s a special gift for your partner that’s perfect for a mantle or work desk. With this decorative piece around, she’ll always know how much you value her. Give your soulmate the best Valentine’s Day ever!

22. What I Love About You Love Book

Valentines Day gifts for her: What I Love About You Love Book

Get creative this year! Give her a book that’s all about her, written by you! This little DIY gem is one of our favorite first Valentine’s Day ideas. Simply fill in the blanks on each page to reveal how much you love her. If you need fun V-day gifts for her, this will be perfect!

23. Personalized Street Sign Canvas Art Print

Personalized Street Sign Canvas Art Print

Remind your girlfriend of your first meeting with this custom Valentine’s Day gift for her. The canvas will show that whichever direction you take, love always brings you back. What a perfect choice for her!

24. Custom Face Socks

Custom Face Socks

OMG! These fun socks are a little crazy! Forget about boring feet accessories. Instead, cover them with photo hearts of you! Customize them with your lovely faces all over. If you need funny stuff for Valentine’s Day, these socks are a fantastic choice. Yes, they’re silly. But sometimes funny ideas are the best ones!

25. Heart-Shaped Song Lyrics Custom Pillow

Heart Shaped Song Lyrics Custom Pillow

This unique custom song lyrics pillow is perfect for a romantic gift that is both sentimental and true. This touching piece will be suitable for any sofa, chair, or bed. Simply add your favorite song lyrics and the special date, and you’ll have a gift that melts her heart.

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

27. Snuggle Up Footsie Blanket

Snuggle Up Footsie Blanket

Real love is giving a gift that she might not know she needs. Wrap your loved one in comfort and love, creating intimate moments with this charming blanket. Perfect for shared cuddles on chilly nights. This item is one of the most creative Valentine’s Day gifts to make our list.

This blanket gained 4.8 out of 5 stars of rating, 100% recommended. A customer said: “We use this blanket to snuggle on movie night. Very warm. Big enough to cover us both. Seems very well made.”

28. It All Began Under This Sky Custom Star Map Framed Print

A star map can be a wonderful way to plan your gift. A special map depicting the place where you met and printed on canvas is a truly unique way to display an important part of your love story in your home.

28. The Couple’s Bucket List

Meaningful valentines gift for girlfriend: The Couple's Bucket List

Searching for date night ideas to spice up the relationship? Check out this thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift for her. You’ll be creating memories that will last a lifetime and find adventures at every corner!

29. Valeria Coupe Glass

Valeria Coupe Glass

Searching for little gifts for the women in your life? As all of them have lovely personalities, they deserve their own signature glass. Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with this heart-shaped glass. Perfect for making her cocktail or dessert!

30. Bottle-of-Wine Chocolate Truffles Box

Valentines Day gifts for her: Bottle-of-Wine Chocolate Truffles Box

Up your candy game beyond a boring box of chocolates. This romantic chocolate gift box with a wine shape will melt her heart — and make her the talk of the office in the process! Indulge her inner chocoholic with this lovely surprise.

31. Mini Waffle Maker

valentines day gift ideas for wife: Mini Waffle Maker

Start her morning off right with some tasty heart-shaped waffles. Making her breakfast is romantic. Making love-themed meals is the ultimate Valentine’s Day surprise. Take this extra cute idea and run with it! After the holiday is over, you can keep using this to make waffles for kids’ birthdays or your anniversary. It has 238,921 ratings and be #1 Best Seller in Waffle Irons on Amazon.

32. Love is All Around Stud Earring Set

Valentines Day gifts for her: Love is All Around Stud Earring Set

Earrings are a classic gift for a girl no matter how long you’ve been dating. A box of Valentine’s-theme earrings offers a simple and timeless way of expressing your love.

33. Cheese Board

Best valentine day gift for woman: Cheese Board

Another clever culinary Valentine’s Gift for the woman in your life is a personalized cheese board. This board is made from gorgeous wood and steel and includes the utensils required to prep and serve a cheese platter. The best part? It is also simple to store in your cupboard because it folds down to half its original size. What a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift for mom!

34. Wine

Best valentine day gift for woman: Wine

What every woman needs in 2024! This wine subscription is a top gift choice for the new year. Choose from a 1, 2, or 3-month subscription and let the wine fairies at Winc work their magic. They can introduce her to something new or stick with old favorites. This idea is one of the most awesome Valentine’s Day gifts you can get her on our list

35. Bucket bag

Tote me Bucket bag

Is your girl always asking you to hold her stuff when you go out? Let her carry her own things. Gift her a small crossbody purse. Big enough for her daily items, wallet, and cosmetics, this gorgeous bag is made from genuine leather. Designed to wear around her waist or over the shoulder, this will be her favorite present for Valentine’s Day.

36. The Body Essentials Set

The Body Essentials Set

Skincare takes priority in the winter months. Freshen up her beauty routine with this hydration kit. Designed just for her, this perfect kit has three different products. Body wash, body serum, and body lotion are all presented in a box. These are Valentine’s Day presents she’ll flip for!

37. High Heels

High Heels

These shoes are practical and comfortable, so if that’s what your lady is all about, she’ll love them! The elegant high heels come in 3 colors, black will fit all her outfits, pink for a feminine look, and silver for the holiday season. Put this cool Valentine’s Day gift for her on her feet and she’ll strut around town like she owns it!

A 5-star review on Nordstrom said “Obsessed with these shoes!!! These shoes are soo beautiful and comfortable. Trust the reviews! I’m obsessed with the sparkle bow and velvety lux look of these pumps! Highly recommend. I sized up a half size like recommended and they fit perfect. Get some sparkle in your life!!!”

38. Dyson Airwrap

Dyson Airwrap

If you need Valentine’s gift for teen girls, look no further. This beauty accessory is the best Valentine’s gift for her, especially if she spends hours on her hair. Unique technology reduces frizz and static and increases shine. Besides being easily portable, this is a professional-quality salon-style hairdryer. If styling is a constant struggle, you’ll become her favorite brother with this gift.

39. Perfume


To wake up her senses, gifts should be delicate yet fragrant. Warm musks are present in the middle notes, base notes include cedar and vanilla, and the top notes are rose and fresh jasmine. It’s light and fresh but super powerful. This perfume is the one for a Valentine’s date.

40. Lipstick & Liner Set

Lipstick & Liner Set

If you’re looking for things to get your girlfriend for Valentine’s Day, luxurious lipstick is always nice. These choices from Charlotte Tilbury are the perfect gift for her. The beautiful neutral shade can go with every skin tone. However, because of its silky and moisturizing texture, it easily broke.

41. Head-to-Toe Home Spa Gift Set

Best valentine day gift for woman: Head-to-Toe Home Spa Gift Set

Another winning personal care option is this Head-to-Toe Home Spa kit. Help your significant other stay fresh with this lovely set.

42. Wood Bath Tray

Valentines Day gifts for her: Wood Bath Tray

This gorgeous wood bath tray is perfect for the gal who loves to unwind after a long day. Let her relax with a bottle of wine and a book while you make dinner. This tray is made of rustic wood and has a tablet slot and space for candles too. If sweet Valentine’s gifts are what you need this year, this tray takes the cake

43. Flower Petal Mini Soap Bouquet Set

Meaningful valentines gift for girlfriend: Flower Petal Mini Soap Bouquet Set

Soaps offer the special woman in your life a colorful and entrancing way to relax. These rose mini soaps create a soothing and aromatic experience that is also beautiful to look at!

44. Cute Sleeping Cat Fridge Magnet

Valentines Day gifts for her: Cute Sleeping Cat Fridge Magnet

A fridge isn’t complete without some cute magnets. Get these for cat lovers who truly appreciate the remarkable personality of felines. If it’s something cheap and unique you’re looking for, here it is!

45. Staub Heart Cocotte

Staub 1.75 QT Heart Cocotte

Ask her to be your forever love with this cute heart-shaped pot. This kitchen treasure brings love to every meal, making cooking together a heartwarming experience. Staub cookware is recommended by professional and home chefs for its superb craftsmanship, outstanding performance, and classic elegance.

This Staub scored 4.7-star ratings with 94% recommended. A review from Anthropologie said: “I received this for our iron anniversary (6 years). I am known as the cook in the house and really appreciate the creativity in the thought. I love Staub products and this one is no different. The enamel cast iron doesnt need seasoning and is great to clean. It holds heat so well. This is the perfect size for two. I love the black matte interior. It wont stain even when making our lover’s curry.”

46. Choose-Your-Own Coffee Gift Set

Thoughtful valentines day gift for her: Choose-Your-Own Coffee Gift Set

Here’s one for the coffee lovers out there. Is there anything better than the delicious scent of coffee in the morning? Celebrate your woman’s love for a bittersweet brew. This set will perk her up, for sure!

47. All Shapes of Beauty Apron

Valentines Day gifts for her: All Shapes of Beauty Apron

Are you ready for a funny present that highlights a woman’s beauty in the best way possible? Simple Valentine’s Day gifts for her, like this apron, are always appreciated. Just imagine how much she’ll enjoy cooking now!

48. Heart Slippers

Heart Slippers

These cozy loafers are a small yet cute Valentine’s present. Made from soft plush over memory foam, these are comfortable and stylish. Sweet puffy hearts decorate the toe strap and will serve as a reminder of your caring. These slippers are great gift ideas for women. They’ll have comfy, toasty feet year-round!

49. Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera

Valentines Day gifts for her: Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera

Spoil the shutterbug in your life this V-day. An instant camera is a special present for a daughter or little sister. Pick her favorite color and foster her love of pictures. In this day of digital everything, actual printed photos will be a novelty. This item is one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for kids.

50. Fitbit Versa 2

Valentines Day gifts for her: Fitbit Versa 2

Give your sweetheart a gift she’ll really love this year. The Fitbit Versa 2 is so much more than a step counter. It’s a smartwatch with Amazon Alexa controls and access to her calendar and texts. It’s also a comprehensive, water-resistant activity tracker. The Fitbit may be among the most expensive gifts for Valentine’s Day, but it is worth every cent!

51. Brushean Sanitizer

Valentines Day gifts for her: Brushean Sanitizer & Brush Set

Time to add some thoughtful gifts for her to your list! If she’s always spending hours making herself look like a million bucks, this is perfect. She’ll save time, and her makeup will be gorgeous!

52. AirPods

Valentines Day gifts for her: Airpods

Your daughter has been rocking distance learning so far, so she deserves something amazing. Gift her a pair of AirPods and make her year! Sure, they’re a bit on the expensive side, but she deserves a reward for her effort. These coveted tech accessories are a great Valentine’s gift for girls who love music.

53. Mini Fridge

Valentines Day gifts for her: Mini Fridge

This cute mini fridge will go into good daily use if she’s a skincare freak. One of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for her, this item is all about convenience. This practical gift keeps her favorite snacks and drinks chilled. It is compact and portable; however, it is limited in capacity. A refreshing and thoughtful present for a touch of everyday luxury.

54. Bluetooth Speaker & Water Bottle


Staying hydrated is super important for a woman who likes to get out and exercise. A Bluetooth speaker & water bottle provides the opportunity to drink plenty of water while listening to her favorite tunes.

55. Soda Maker

Soda Maker

It isn’t easy finding gift ideas for women who are giving up alcohol. Thankfully, the SodaStream will curb her longing and make an ordinary drink so much more delicious. What an awesome Valentine’s Day gift for her!

56. The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook

The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook

A cookbook is a gift that can provide you both with countless ideas for your next date night. Pick a recipe, get in the kitchen together, and bond over a meal made with love.

57. Herb Garden Kit Indoor

Herb Garden Kit Indoor

Show your favorite gardener some love on February 14th with a kitchen garden kit! She’ll get everything she needs to grow delicious fresh herbs. Before you know it, she’ll be cooking flavorful food with wonderful seasonings. This planting kit makes a good Valentine’s Day gift for women. Imagine all the delicious meals you will get in exchange!

58. Neck and Back Massager

Neck and Back Massager

If your favorite lady has a high-stress job or needs some extra pampering, give her a thoughtful massager. This great present provides deep tissue massage with or without heat. It works on the back and neck, and she can use it while reading or watching tv. Show her that you see her needs with nice Valentine’s Day gifts like this.

59. Stone Essential Oil Diffuser

Stone Essential Oil Diffuser

A gift that can benefit the home is also a nice gesture. An oil diffuser is a simple item that can reinvigorate your home with the fresh scent of essential oils.

60. Ansel Glass Table Lamp

Ansel Glass Table Lamp

Featuring a charming design she will love, this lamp is warm and inviting. Unsurprisingly, this item is a helpful Valentine’s Day gift for her. You’ll be the last person she thinks about at night!

Valentine’s Day Experience Gifts for Her

61. Couple Retreat

Couple Retreat

How about celebrating your Valentine’s Day with a romantic getaway. This trip fosters intimacy, offering a shared adventure and quality time together. A perfect gift to create lasting memories and strengthen the bond between you and your loved one.

62. Fine Dining

Fine Dining

Enjoy a special dinner with delicious food and a nice atmosphere. This meal is a classy way to celebrate love and make special memories together, a perfect Valentine’s gift.

63. Pottery Date Night

Pottery Date Night

This crafty adventure lets you and your partner mold memories together. A unique and enjoyable way to share laughter, create art, and celebrate your love. Perfect for a memorable Valentine’s Day.”


Happy Valentine’s Day To Your Special Lady!

February 14th is almost here! Can you believe it? Why don’t you warm her heart with a variety of gift choices this year?

Our guide has everything from classic treats to unique personalized presents. Easy DIY crafts, funny socks, and special necklaces are all creative ideas that she will love.

Combine any of them with a heartfelt card, and you’re guaranteed to thrill her. Whether you need romantic presents for your wife or fun tokens for friends or sisters, there’s plenty to choose from!



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