30+ Amazing Valentine’s Day Gifts for Dads To Express Your Love (2024)

30+ Amazing Valentine’s Day Gifts for Dads To Express Your Love (2024)

Valentine’s day gifts for dad can be hard to find since this special day is typically a celebration for lovers only. However, you don’t have to wait for Father’s Day to celebrate the man you admire.

Valentine’s Day is as good a day as any. You can also make the 14th of February memorable for your love and your father. Here are 30+ unique gift ideas for dads all over the world who continually prioritize their families!

Best Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Dad

1. Custom Photo Canvas

valentine's day gifts for dad canvas print

Is your man going to be Valentine’s dad for the first time this occasion? Why don’t you make the celebration so memorable that he will never forget it? Surprise him with this thoughtful photo canvas gift professing you and your babies’ love for him. Let him know that you appreciate his meaningful role as your son’s father!

2. Daddy Is My Valentine Mug

Every father wants to be known as the world’s greatest man. That said, it is equally crucial to remind your kids to express their love for their father. Help them come up with thoughtful Valentine gifts for daddy from daughters. This mug will be a source of pride for their father for years to come. He’ll probably never drink from another cup again!

3. Bracelet Leather

It can be quite challenging to find high-quality Valentine’s Day gifts for dad. This is where this cool bracelet comes in to save the day. Just add names of his children to your pops, and the deal is sealed!

4. Throw Pillow

Why don’t you surprise him with this lovely custom throw pillow? You only add your name to this perfect pillow. It will be the best Valentine’s Day for him.

5. DAD Custom Desktop Plaque

Select three awesome photos of a memorable day your husband and the children shared. Put them together on a plaque that will be one loving gift for daddy dearest. The years may go by, but this bond will remain for the rest of their lives!

6. Keychain

This Valentine gift from daughter to daddy will remind him to always stay safe on the road. If there’s one thing that’s always on his mind, it’s to come home to his loving family. Help him do that!

7. Personalized Dad Canvas

Personalized Gift for Dad from Daughter If I Could Give You One Thing In Life Canvas Print

This year, make papa feel like he’s the king of the world. A sign that screams love will be the best Valentine’s Day gift for dad. He’s done so much to take care of everyone. It’s time to give back!

8. Fitbit Flex Wireless Wristband

valentine gift for dad: fitbit flex wristband

Is your guy a health and fitness enthusiast? Or rather, have you been trying to get him to take better care of himself, without success? Take a different approach and buy him this smart wristband. It is one of the most useful gift ideas for him.

9. Beef Jerky Bouquet

unique valentine's gifts for men: beef jerky bouquet

There’s nothing as exciting as receiving an out-of-the-box gift. The cheesier it is, the likely your father-in-law will love it! Surprise him with this heart-shaped beef jerky flower bouquet. Not only is it a hilarious gag gift, but also one of the most ideal Valentine gifts for him!

10. T-Shirt

star wars gifts for dad: #1 dad t-shirt

Is your little brother a new daddy? Help him celebrate the special occasion by getting him this cool t-shirt. He will be so honored that you think so highly of him. Don’t be surprised if he wears it to all family occasions. After all, it’s one of the coolest Valentine’s day gifts for dad!

11. Custom Blanket

Dad Your Life Was A Blessing Custom Photo Blanket

Want to get the perfect gift to celebrate daddy’s first Valentine’s Day? Look no further because this blanket will keep him warm and make him feel so loved. Cuddling up with the whole family will be everyone’s new favorite pastime!

12. Personalized Wallet

gift for dad: personalized wallet

There’s nothing as beautiful as witnessing a healthy father-daughter relationship bloom into a respectful adult relationship. That said, don’t forget to reach out to your guy on this special occasion. Buy him this incredible leather wallet, personalized with a message from you.

13. If You Can Read This Funny Saying Socks

funny gifts for men: if you can read this bring me socks

Does your father appreciate a good joke? Get your siblings to help you come up with funny Valentine ideas for daddy. Surprise him with this hilarious yet cheap pair of socks. He will enjoy tricking his friends and family every chance he gets. However, don’t be surprised if he calls you to ask for more!

14. Personalized Star Map Gift

Being apart from the family is difficult, but this father-daughter Valentine idea will keep hearts close, always. Complete home with a hanging piece that reminds everyone that we’re all under the same big sky!

15. Moc Slippers

dad gift ideas: men's moc slippers

Does your father only wear the old-fashioned brands? Instead of fighting to change his style, why not help him refine it? Surprise him with this unique pair of Moc slippers. It’s one of the best Valentine’s presents for your dad who prefer comfort over all else. What’s best is that it’s probably available in his favorite color too!

16. Dad’s Playbook

valentine gift for new dad: dad's playbook

If your husband is a first-time dad, you’ll have to create a special Valentine’s. Make him feel appreciated and loved by getting him this playbook and a card with heartfelt messages. By reading a page or two every day, he’ll feel inspired to keep working hard for his new family. This playbook can also double as a gift from baby to daddy!

17. ‘Daddy’s Sippy Cup’ Whiskey Glass

valentines gift for new dad: daddy's sippy cup whiskey glass

Have you been searching for a cool Valentine’s gift for an expecting dad? How about this quirky sippy cup whiskey glass? It’s such a fun gift that the recipient won’t help but laugh every time they drink from it. So, if you’re looking for hilarious Valentine’s Day gifts for your father, look no further than this glass!

18. Photo Plaque

valentine gift for daddy: daddy photo desktop plaque

Fathers play a massive role in their children’s lives as much as mothers do. That said, it’s essential to reach out to your daddy no matter your age. Get him this cute custom photo plaque on V-day. He’ll be so happy to look at your sweet face whenever he’s seated in his office.

19. Bacon Roses & Dark Chocolate

valentine's day gifts for dad: bacon roses & dark chocolate

They say that men don’t care about flowers. But how about dark chocolates and roses made from bacon? Get your stepdad this wonderful gift and watch how his face lights up when he opens the package. Throw in his favorite wine bottle to sweeten up the gift even more!

20. Craft Beer Kit

beer gifts for dad: craft beer kit


Is your father close to retiring? Have you been wondering what activities to suggest to him, so he doesn’t get bored? How about getting him this incredible beer making starter kit? He’ll be so curious to try it out; he won’t even wait for the weekend. His friends will also be interested in joining in on the fun!

21. Handwriting Collar Stays

valentines gifts for dads: custom handwriting collar stays

Has your little girl finally learned how to write? Why not think of exciting Valentine’s Day gifts for dad this time? Get your husband this unique handmade collar stays on the day of St Valentine’s. Ask your other kids to also join in the fun activity. It will be a great way to bond and get creative!

22. Photo Collage Mug

valentine's day gifts for dad: photo collage mug

Have you been finding for the perfect gift but can’t seem to find anything worthwhile? How about taking the easy route? Get your man this practical yet unique photo collage coffee mug. He will be so thrilled that you thought of him on the 14th of February.

23. Jerky Subscription

jerky subscription from cratejoy

Have you been wondering what to get your favorite man for Valentine? Think out of the box and come up with cool gift ideas for daddy. If he loves meat, then he’ll be thrilled to receive this last-minute jerky subscription. Not only does this subscription guarantee happiness, but it also exudes luxury!

24. What I Love About Dad Book

gifts for dad: what i love about dad book

Gifts for dads from daughters are unique and should be treated as such. If he will appreciate a sentimental gift, get him this fill-in-the-blank journal. It’s a wonderful way to have fun and express your love for him!

25. Sleeping Mask

Valentine's Day Gifts for dad: sleep mask

Does your dad have insomnia? Is he also sensitive to sound and light when he finally falls asleep? Take his problem away and get him this incredible sleeping mask. He will be so grateful to experience quality sleep!

26. Neck Massage Pillow

Neck Massage Pillow

No one can ever truly repay their parents for everything they did for them. However, it’s good to try every once in a while. Surprise your hero man with one of the sweetest Valentine’s gifts – a neck massage pillow. What’s best is that it can double up as a gift for mom too!

27. 14-In-1 Multitool

Here’s a great idea if you’re looking for outdoor-themed Valentine’s Day gifts for dad. He’s going to love bringing his kids camping and showing them how to survive the wilderness. It’s time to pack your bags!

28. Vacuum Insulated Beer Growler

Vacuum Insulated Beer Growler

If you’ve ever accompanied your father on his fishing trips, then you know how tasteless warm drinks can be. That said, surprise your father with this fantastic stainless steel beer growler. He will be so happy that you thought of him.

29. Word Teasers – Dad Jokes

funny gift for dads: word teasers - dad jokes

Is he always coming up with silly jokes that no one else finds funny? How about helping him improve his game by buying him this “dad jokes” book? You can even help him read them out to the family. It’s one of the most hilarious Valentine ideas for those who don’t conform to conventional parenting methods!

30. I Can’t Wait to Meet You Mug

Who’s more excited about the birth, the parents or the baby? When a man becomes a father, his life takes on a whole new meaning. This gift for dad from his baby will get the party started. It’s time to practice his diaper-changing skills!

31. ‘Best Dad Ever’ Spoon

valentines gift for dad from daughter: best dad ever spoon

Every daddy’s girl believes her father is the best dad ever! If your little girl falls in this category, help her find the perfect gift for her father. Buy her this vintage engraved spoon to reward her father for being awesome.

32. Dad Hat

gifts for dad: custom dad hat

Is your father unable to leave the house without his baseball hat? Instead of getting annoyed at seeing him in his old cap, get him this sleek one. So, if you’re looking for an awesome Valentine present, look no further than this cap. You can even customize it with his favorite color and font. He’ll stand out from the rest of the dads, without a doubt.

33. Handmade Card

Handmade Card

Order a handmade card or, better yet, offer a DIY creation. A Valentine’s gift for daddy from a baby who isn’t born yet is surely the best. It’s so unexpected and yet will mean so much!

34. Love, Dad and Me

Love, Dad and Me

The relationship between a daughter and her father is comparable to none. Get him this cool journal to help you strengthen your bond. It surpasses age and time and can help foster deeper connections even in mature adulthood!

35. Papa Bear Custom Mug

All A Papa Needs Is Coffee And His Cubs Custom Mug with Kids’ Names

Coffee and his cubs are all that a father needs. However, he would undoubtedly welcome having a vessel to sip his preferred hot beverage from. Increase the quality of your special gifts. Get the man who has given you everything this cute coffee mug.

Final Words

Coming up with good Valentine’s gift ideas can be quite challenging. However, our helpful guide will enlighten you on the most thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts for dad all over the world. Even those who want to buy Valentine’s gifts from baby for daddy have not been left behind! Incredible




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