Best Tech Gifts For Women: 30 Must-Have Gadgets For Her In 2021

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  • January 9, 2021
Best Tech Gifts For Women: 30 Must-Have Gadgets For Her In 2021

If the woman you love considers herself high tech, on her birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas or just because, add a twist to gift giving. Instead of scented candles or necklaces, a tech gift is something that will give her a big thrill.

But don’t worry. Whether she is a tech-savvy or non-techie woman, the gifts that we pick in this collection are easy-to-use. Any mom, wife, girlfriend, and even grandma, will find these gifts practical and use these gadgets for everyday activities.

From smart devices that ease her house chores to accessories that give a futuristic sense and convenience in her hobbies and routines, you will find among these tech gift ideas a gift that fits her.

Our Top Tech Gifts For Her 2021

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Tech gifts for woman - Withings Body

Smart Scale

This smart scale is an amazing gift for any fitness-obsessed woman as it keeps her motivated by tracking her fitness progress. She can even set a weight goal and control a daily calorie budget with it.

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theragun - massage device


This is one of the tech gifts that will make her feel like a queen on her recovery days. The massager, or better called ‘therapy device’, gives ultimate relief quickly and relieves muscle tension effectively.

The special thing about the theragun? It provides deep muscle treatment while being quieter than an electric toothbrush!

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a woman working out in front of a mirror

Fitness Mirror

If you want to go the extra mile when picking a super hi-tech gift for the women you love, this fitness mirror is something she could never have imagined!

It’s a cardio class, a yoga studio, and even a boxing ring with amazing instructors. She can get a quality workout right at home and anytime she wants without the hassle of going out.

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tech gift for women - kindle paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite

A bibliophile woman can never resist a Kindle. It is one perfect replacement for traditional printed books that she can conveniently carry around.

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Spiral LED Table Lamp - A Tech Gift For

Spiral Smart Lamp

This state-of-the-art lamp has a contemporary minimalist lighting design that adds an artistic aesthetic to any room.

With a simple touch controller, she can adjust the light according to the occasion, brightening it when she needs to read or dimming it for a softer ambiance for meditation.

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a rose gold headphones for women

Beats Noise Cancelling Headphones

To let her listen to audiobooks or read her page-turners even when the house has a lot of activity going on, these noise-canceling headphones are a perfect gift that reduces the noise around her and allows her to concentrate.

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Bedside Smartphone Vase For Women

Bedside Smartphone Vase

This smartphone stand also doubles as a vase. It can hold her phone while it charges and the cord can be tucked into the groove of the stand. The vase can also hold a bouquet of fresh or dried flowers.

This will make a perfect technological gift for any woman who loves having flowers by their bedside.

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CHOETECH Dual Wireless Charger - Tech gift for women

Wireless Charging Pad

Gifting her this wireless charging pad will save her a lot of stress.

The charging pad comes with two charging mats that make it easy for her to charge two phones at the same time.

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PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer

Smartphone Sanitizer

This gadget gift is perfect for any woman who is obssessed with hygiene.

All she needs to do is to place the smartphone and charger in the sanitizer, cover the lid and the sanitizer will do the cleaning. While the phone is being cleaned, she can still listen to music all thanks to the inbuilt acoustic amplifier.

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DIY phone charger holder for her phone

DIY Phone Charger Holder

Who said you have to get tech gifts for your women from the stores? This is one DIY gadget that you can make at home to prepare for the special occasions.

This phone gadget will prevent her from tripping over her phone cords while it’s charging. She can keep her phone off the counter with this phone charger holder and move it around the house.

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Apple AirPods - Tech Gifts for Women

Apple AirPods

What fitness guru doesn’t like to be pumped up with music during a workout session?

These sleek Apple AirPods can synchronize smoothly with her iPhone and give her motivational workout music during extensive activities like hiking, jogging, or running without her having to move wires out of the way.

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Touchscreen Gloves

This is a must-have accessory for her ski holidays.

The Etip functionality allows her to use touchscreen devices without taking the gloves off, and the gripper palm ensures the days of dropping her phone are over.

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3 in 1 Phone Lens kit for photographer women

Phone Camera Lens Kit

This inexpensive but premium-quality phone camera lens kit includes a Macro lens, 198° fisheye lens, and a 120° wide-angle lens.

With this lens kit, she will be able to capture the entire family with just one click of the camera.

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Fujifilm - instax mini 9 Instant Film Camera - Photography Gifts For Women

Instant Camera

This is a portable instant print camera that will sweep her off her feet the moment she sets her eyes on it. The camera has a built-in selfie mirror and an adjustment dial that enables her to select different between cloudy, sunny night, or sunny mode.

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smart display - a tech gift for women

Smart Display

The gadget can show off her favorite family photos right in the living room and in a neat way.

Aside from that, she can listen to audiobooks with the device, and make video calls to her family and friends conveniently without reaching the phone.

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HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer - Tech Gifts For Women

Portable Photo Printer

Many women prefer hard copies of pictures to soft copies, so this portable photo printer can be an ideal tech gift for her.

She can easily connect with the HP Sprocket app using Bluetooth and instantly print pictures. It also has access to designer features, frames, custom stickers, and filters that she can use to personalize her prints.

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smart garden gift for her

Click and Grow Smart Garden

If she is into gardening, you can buy her this device so she can grow fresh herbs and vegetables indoors. The energy-efficient LED grow lights ensure her plants thrive no matter the weather.

But if you think she has no green thumb? She just has to drop in the included plant pods, fill the water reservoir, and plug the self-watering planter in. And her herb garden is good to go.

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s smart cooker for women as a gift on special occasions

Smart Pressure Cooker

This gift is an all-new cooking appliance that offers a wide range of cooking options, from steaming vegetables to slowly cooking soups, and sautés.

A precise scale in the cooker measures ingredients placed in the pot by the gram, so measuring cups might no longer be needed!

Additional recipes are added to the app each week with step-by-step instructions, so she can have more fun cooking and trying new recipes for the family.

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a woman using ember temperature control smart mug

Temperature Control Smart Mug

This smart mug allows her to keep her beverage hot, warm, or at any exact temperature that she prefers.

The mug has a 1-hour battery life on a single charge. Or she can keep the mug on the charging coaster (included) for longer use.

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a smart diffuser and humidifier for women

Smart Diffuser and Humidifier

With a touch of technology, this smart diffuser is one of the greatest tech gifts for women and her home.

She can use the companion application to control the LED color, mist intensity, timer settings, and scheduling directly from her smartphone.

The ultrasonic frequencies instantly atomize water and oil molecules into the air, resulting in a much healthier alternative than older style heat diffusers that commonly damage essential oils during the heat diffusion process.

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wake up light alarm clock - gadget gift for women

Wake-Up Light Therapy Alarm Clock

This holiday, gift her this therapy alarm clock to wake her up every morning by natural sounds and real daylight. She will love being woken up gradually with a nice and gentle way compared to traditional alarm clock or phones.

This tech gift can also be a bedside lamp, night light, or a lamp for her reading at night.

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my skin track uv sensor for her

My Skin Track UV Sensor

She already wears sunscreen every day. And this gadget brings sun protection to a whole new level.

The sensor measures, tracks her UV exposure, and provides pollution, pollen, and humidity information based on her location.

The wearable can be clipped to her sunglasses, watchband, or other convenient spots when going out.

And the companion app will then offer personalized tips and skincare recommendations that can help improve her healthy skin regimen.

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a robot vacuum cleaner for women

Robot Vacuum

We are sure that a robot vacuum is already in your wife’s, your mom’s, and your grandma’s wishlist for years. This Christmas, get her this iRobot to cross cleaning the floor off her house chore list!

She can schedule the robot vacuum to clean up daily dirt, dust, and pet hair from carpets and hard floors. And she doesn’t have to worry about it falling downstairs thanks to the device’s cliff detect function.

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Makeup Brush Cleaner - A thoughtful tech gift for women

Makeup Brush Cleaner

Most women wear makeup. And instead of struggling to find her lipsticks or blusher with the shades that she likes, simply get her this!

The electric makeup brush cleaner kit can relieve her of the stress of cleaning makeup brushes. The cleaning process is efficient and the brushes get cleaned in just 30 minutes.

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FOREO LUNA 2 Facial Cleansing Brush - Beauty Tech Gift For Women

FOREO LUNA Facial Cleansing Brush

Pamper her face with this hi-tech facial cleansing brush. This tech gift is suitable for all women’s skin types.

Within two minutes, it can remove about 99 percent of the oil and dirt on the face, leaving her skin more radiant and brighter.

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light treatment LED facial mask For Her

Light Treatment LED Mask

Your girlfriend, wife, or mom might already have a bunch of sheet masks. And if you care about her and her skincare regimen, this light treatment mask will make a great tech gift for her.

It explicitly shows how thoughtful you are, and she can use the beauty gadget to treat many of her skin problems.

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facial steamer - beauty gadget gift for women

Pure Daily Care Nano Steamer

This gift is a beautiful add-on to her skincare. Using this steamer will open up her pores and make her face masks and serums more effective.

The facial steamer comes with a free blackhead remover kit and a hairband, making it more convenient for your woman to receive a spa facial treatment right at home!

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A Mini Fridge For Women's skincare products

Skincare Mini Fridge

Most of the skincare products she uses need to be stored in a fridge to avoid getting spoilt. Besides, there is no better feeling than applying a cool serum or face mask after cleansing her face.

This will be one surprising, thoughtful tech gift that she has ever received!

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Vanity Mirror with Lights - Beauty Tech Gifts For Women

Makeup Mirror With Touch Control

This mirror can be rotated and can be magnified by up to 3 times to enable her to perfectly draw tiny details in the makeup procedure.

It also has adjustable natural LED lights that will light up the face while she is making up.

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a health tracker gadget for women - smart jewelry

Smart Jewelry Health Tracker

This gift is not simply a piece of jewelry. It is a smart jewelry cum health tracker for your woman.

With this, she can track her steps, calories burned, sleep patterns, menstrual cycle. And she can even control her stress, all of which can be synced to Apple Health or Google Fit. And she can wear it her way as a bracelet, necklace, or simply a clip.

There you go, these tech gifts will surely put a big smile on her face on any occasion. Choose among them the gift that best suits her and make her birthday, Mother’s Day, or Christmas this year extra special.

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