31+ Awesome Tech Gifts for Men (2021)

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • June 27, 2021
31+ Awesome Tech Gifts for Men (2021)

Tech gifts for men can be hard to come by. This fact is especially true when you don’t know what you’re looking for. Some people assume most guys don’t care about presents. Hopefully, this article will forever change that gift-giving attitude! Here are some brilliant ideas for your every Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthday, graduation, and any other holiday. Whether you’re shopping for a boyfriend, husband, brother, father, friend, or cousin, our coolest gifts are great. Check them out! 

airpods pro - tech gifts for men

Apple airpods Pro

AirPods are still a no-brainer tech gift, especially when equipped with a wireless charging case. the AirPods are backed by an amazing selection of accessories, including protective cases. With solid noise cancellation, quality audio performance, Airpods pro actually high tech device for everyone.

Roku - Streambar - tech gifts for men

Roku – Streambar

Roku Streambar easily upgrades any TV with powerful streaming and premium sound. Stream the most popular channels in brilliant 4K HDR picture quality. Hear every detail, enjoy crisp, clear dialogue, and even quiet loud commercials automatically. You’ll be amazed at how something this small can fill your room with sound. Bump music from your favorite channels or a connected Bluetooth® device.

Arc Star Floating Speaker  - tech gifts for men

Arc Star Floating Speaker

Has your young nephew just graduated high school? If he’s a huge Star Wars fan, get him this portable floating speaker as he prepares for college. Its cool mechanics make it one of the best tech gifts for young men. Your nephew will go from geek to the coolest kid on the block in no time! How awesome is that?

Portable Smartphone Photo Vault - tech gifts for men

Portable Smartphone Photo Vault

The Portable Smartphone Photo Vault saves room on your device while protecting your photo memories. This handy device plugs into your smartphone or tablet to copy and back up your photos, videos and contacts. 

Vyper 2.0 Vibrating Fitness Foam Roller - tech gifts for men

Vyper 2.0 Vibrating Fitness Foam Roller

Warm up or recover post-workout with this high-intensity vibrating roller that helps reduce muscle soreness, increase flexibility and improve circulation.

Muzen Audio - tech gifts for men

Muzen Audio

Turn it up! This little Muzen Audio OTR Metal Bluetooth Speaker and Radio has Bluetooth, FM radio, and AUX functionality, and it comes with a hardshell carry case, carry strap, and a detachable strap.

mug warmer - techie gifts for men

Mug Warmer

If your grandpa always complains about his phone not charging fast enough, why waste any more of his time? Get him this unique wireless fast-charging gadget. The fact that it can also keep his favorite beverage hot is just another practical perk! Your granddad will be over the moon with this tech gift for men who have everything!

Heated Razor Starter Kit  - tech gifts for men

Heated Razor Starter Kit

Is your youngest brother finally growing a beard? That’s a remarkable life event he’ll never forget. Let him enjoy his journey into manhood with this classy piece of machinery. It’s one of the coolest high-tech gifts for men looking to make an impression. A heated razor starter kit is the best way to keep his facial hair on fleek!

Notebook - technology presents for men

Smart Notebook

Here’s a unique and amazing gift idea for men. Boost your son’s overall performance this summer with this smart notebook. It will help him become so organized he’ll get ahead of the top guys in his class. You won’t even need to keep reminding him to do anything. His planner will handle that for you. It actually best gift for men.


Have you been trying to get your dad to improve his lifestyle? You might need to get him this practical smartwatch. It’s one of the best wearable tech gifts for men. By tracking his health and fitness progress each day, it’ll become his new personal assistant. No wonder it’s ranked one of the best tech gift ideas for him.

Mark-Tech Golf Training  - techie gifts for him

Mark-Tech Golf Training

Golf can be difficult to understand, especially for younger guys who enjoy more dynamic sports. Surprise your little brother with this birthday tech gift for men. He’ll surely have hours of fun! It’s perfect to practice indoors, with or without a ball. Even beginners can develop a brilliant swing! It’s one of the best tech gifts for golfers and aspirants. It is pefect electronic gift for your loved.

Bluetooth Beanie Hat Headphones - tech gifts for young men

Bluetooth Beanie Hat Headphones

Have you been looking for cool techy gifts for teen boys ? Replace your son’s worn out earphones with this inexpensive tech gift for men. The headphone’s high-quality sound will make him forever grateful for your generosity and thoughtfulness. What better way to spend the long summer break than with an ecstatic son?  

DJI Mavic 2 Pro  - travel tech gifts for men

DJI Mavic 2 Pro

Who says senior citizens can’t learn to enjoy fancy techie gifts for men? If your husband makes traveling plans whenever he gets time off work, this present is right for him! Help your spouse cultivate his hobbies by surprising him with this cool drone quadcopter. It’s one of the best tech gifts for older men.  

Combo Dock  - modern tech gifts for men

Combo Dock

There’s nothing more terrible than finding out that you forgot to get your husband a high tech gift. Prepare in advance and surprise your life partner this Valent

ine’s Day with this modern desk accessory. You’ll make him so excited he won’t be able to contain himself. All his colleagues will be envious of this cool tech gadget gift for men.  

Nixie Dream Tube Clock - good tech gifts for men

Nixie Dream Tube Clock

Wondering what to get your brother as he moves into his first house? Help him kick-start his life with this creative clock. It’s one of the coolest technology gift for men. It’ll add a hip touch to his décor while still ranking high on the most practical gifts for tech men. He’ll treasure it forever!  

Table Fan

Did your husband finally earn a promotion? Congratulate him with the perfect device for his new office. It’s the best gadget to cool him off as he reaches for the stars at work. Its smart technology and quiet blades will let him focus even on the warmest day. This fan is the best weather tech gift for men.  

Kindle Paperwhite - tech gifts for men

Kindle Paperwhite

Check out one of the latest electronic gadgets on the list of awesome retirement gifts for men. Is your favorite guy always immersed in his library, perusing through all genres of books? Show him you care for his hobbies by buying him a Kindle Paperwhite. It will be the perfect tech gift for the birthday man!   

fish finder - great tech gifts for men

Fish Finder

If your boyfriend enjoys fishing, then he’ll appreciate the superior technology behind this wireless fish finder. Save up and surprise him this Christmas. It’s one of the latest innovations! This excellent gadget is a modern tech gift for men who love their trout and cod. He’ll think of you every time he makes a good catch!  It also fun tech birthday gift for your beloved. 

MECO Keyboard Cleaner - unique tech gift for men

MECO Keyboard Cleaner

If you’ve ever tried cleaning your laptop keys, then you know how difficult it can be. You can unknowingly type in some weird commands that will give you a hard time later! Support your boy’s love for tech with this unique tech gift for men. Its robotics will make cleaning seem so fun they might even try using it hands-free.    

Draftpour Beer - cool tech gifts for men

Draftpour Beer

What’s more insulting to beer enthusiasts than a flat pint of their favorite brew? If your older brother loves his ales, this great men’s gadget gift is the perfect housewarming present. He’s bound to be excited by its sleek design. What other refreshing gifts for beer lovers could beat this one? He’ll think of you with every sip!    

Charging Cord Bracelet

They say that good things come in small packages. If your boyfriend always forgets his charger home, get him this unique portable cord. Not only is it the perfect gift for tech-savvy men, but it is also not limited to any demographics. You can even get matching ones for all the guys at home!    

Party Speaker

If you’ve been to a house party or road trip before, then you know how vital a good speaker is. Besides producing excellent sound quality, it should also be portable. Reward your nephew this holiday season with this awesome present. It’s a great tech Christmas gift for adult young men. He’ll have fun and enjoy great music wherever he is!    

Gaming headset - best tech gifts for men

Gaming Headset

Is your boyfriend an avid gamer? Surprise him this Valentine’s Day by replacing his old earphones. Forget about him getting teased by his friends about his worn-out pair! These top-notch noise-canceling headphones will make his day! They top the list of the best gifts for men who love cool tech stuff. His gaming sessions will never be the same again!    

Sony PlayStation VR - electronic gifts for men

Sony PlayStation VR

Most guys complain that their girlfriends don’t bother buying them gifts on special occasions. What if you get out of your comfort zone and make Valentine’s Day perfect for him this year? Get him an awesome VR PlayStation. It’s one of the top tech gifts for graduating college men. He’ll surely be fascinated by this great gesture! 

Philips Norelco Trimmer - techie gifts for him

Philips Norelco Trimmer

Are you tired of seeing those painful bumps on your son’s chin, thanks to cheap razors? Get him this all-in-one trimmer instead! He’ll become so well-groomed he’ll wonder why he never tried it before. This tech gift for men takes convenience and perfection to a new level with its easy to use technology.

Key Chain

Don’t leave your uncle behind as you prepare for the holiday season. Surprise him this Christmas with this cheap tech gift for men. It’s so lightweight he can easily attach it to his keys so that he doesn’t misplace them again. He’ll be happy you thought of him. After all, it’s the little yet essential things that count! 

Ecovacs DEEBOT 500 - good tech gifts for men

Ecovacs DEEBOT 500

Is your husband a stay-at-home dad? Is he also a tech fanatic? Make him feel good this Father’s Day with this high-tech vacuum cleaner. Its prolonged runtime and quiet suction power will make using it seem so easy. Although vacuum cleaners may seem like unusual tech gifts for men, you’ll be surprised at how popular they are! 

Kasa Smart Dimmer

Wondering what new tech gifts for men would appeal to your teenager? Reward him with this cool gadget! Although the dimmer technology may initially seem too technical and professional, your son will easily get the hang of it. With such a rad lighting gadget, your son will retain his title as the most popular guy in his class.

Apple AirPods Pro - christmas tech gifts for men

Apple AirPods Pro

Christmas is approaching fast. This time, don’t forget to pack some gifts for your brother-in-law. How about you surprise him and your sister with this cool set of AirPods Pro? Its top-notch sound quality will make even the older relatives jealous. No wonder why this awesome present ranks high on the best wearable travel tech gifts for men!

Phone Soap

Is your crush at work a germaphobe? Does he always feel uncomfortable using his phone in public? Put him at ease on his birthday with this thoughtful smartphone sanitizer. Its additional phone-charging feature ranks it high on tech support gifts for men. If your guy’s also tech-savvy, he’ll enjoy understanding the automation components as well.

WiFi Security Camera - techie gifts for him

WiFi Security Camera

Is your grandpa always complaining about low safety in his neighborhood? Ease his worries away with this high-quality smart security camera. The best thing is that you can also keep an eye on him even when you’re miles away. It’s such a genius idea and the most practical tech gift for senior men living far from their families.

Gaming Mouse - tech gifts for him

Gaming Mouse

Most tech gifts for men revolve around computers and other smart gadgets that men love. That said, gear up your boyfriend this fancy mouse and help him catapult his gaming career. Its unique features will excite him and give him the confidence he needs. Before you know it, he’ll be receiving his first gaming cheque.

Winnix 5500-2 Air Purifier - tech presents

Winnix 5500-2 Air Purifier

Does your husband suffer from pollen allergies every spring? How about you and your kids save up and surprise him with this air purifier? Its smart technology will help him capture the perfect temperature and improve your home’s overall air quality. Its washable filter also earns it a high ranking on the most sustainable gifts for men who like tech.

Gaming Keyboard - techie gifts for him

Gaming Keyboard

Does your son love gaming during his free time? Don’t just buy him another inexpensive computer part. Support his potential gaming career and get him this fancy keyboard instead! Although the shape may seem unusual, its superb features will earn him excellent gains in no time. It’s no surprise it also joins the list of graduation gifts for him. 

iPhone 12 Pro Max - tech savvy gifts for men

iPhone 12 Pro Max

Tech-savvy men don’t need to say much. Their tech gadgets speak on their behalf. Help your brother join the cool group by getting him a new phone. He’ll gain so much confidence and popularity, he’ll have you to thank for it. After all, iPhones make the best gifts for men who love tech gadgets.

Polaroid One Step Plus

Are you looking to impress your teenage stepson? Win him over with this one-of-a-kind gadget. Turn every moment you share with him into an unforgettable memory thanks to this tech gift for men. The robotics and convenience of getting an instant photograph will blow his young mind away. You’re sure to earn his love and admiration after the first click.

Pursonic Portable Toothbrush Sanitizer - cool tech gadget gifts for men

Pursonic Portable Toothbrush Sanitizer

Tech gifts for men don’t have to be so predictable. Make your brother’s Christmas more enjoyable by getting him this smart toothbrush sanitizer. This present is perfect for adults who love traveling but put safety first. Never have tech traveling gifts for men seemed so goofy and cool at the same time.

BlissLights Sky - tech christmas gifts for men

BlissLights Sky

Wondering what to get your teen boys this Christmas? How about supporting their love for astronomy by giving their room a funny yet fantastic transformation? Surprisingly, this small yet powerful gadget will create a cosmic atmosphere like no other lamp ever could. If you’re looking for an electronic tech gift for men, look no further!

With this elaborate and dynamic list, finding tech gifts for men should no longer be problematic. Your male friends will enjoy receiving cool electronic gadgets and other techie gifts they didn’t even know they needed. They’ll always look forward to Christmas, birthdays, and any other special occasions you celebrate together!




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