The 25 Best Sympathy Gift Ideas for Grieving Friends and Families in 2023

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  • February 1, 2023
The 25 Best Sympathy Gift Ideas for Grieving Friends and Families in 2023

When the people in your life lose a loved one, it is time to show your love and care. Offering sympathy gifts comforts the bereaved. They’re reminded that they’re not alone in their grieving.

If you were only familiar with the deceased, you could still offer memorial gifts to the family. Let them feel your presence at this difficult time when they’ve lost their kin.

Here, we have curated 25 gifts of sympathy that help you share your condolences. Plus, we answer some of the most asked questions about sympathy gift etiquette: when, whom, and how.

The Best Sympathy Gifts for Your Loved Ones

1/ Memorial Star Map Print

in loving memory star map framed print memorial gift

Take a moment to remember those that are no longer with us. This constellation star map print is a great way to honor them.

Customize the print with the deceased’s name, living years, and the day they passed away. And such a sentimental print makes a thoughtful, one-of-a-kind sympathy gift.

2/ Tree of Life Locket

Tree of Life Cremation Urn Locket - sympathy gifts

How about a bronze urn necklace with a fillable glass ash orb? This is one of the best sympathy gifts for families that conduct cremation.

The glass orb comes in a variety of colors so you can choose a significant one, perhaps the favorite color of the deceased.

Wearing the ashes as a pendant symbolically shows that the deceased will always be close to the heart.

3/ “In Loving Memory” Photo Print

In Loving Memory Custom Photo Print - memorial photo gift

Express your sympathy and honor the memory of the dearly departed with this simple yet heartfelt photo print. Customize the print with some text in place of “In Loving Memory”, and a photograph of the departed loved one to turn it into a thoughtful memorial gift for the grieving family.

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4/ “A Father’s Love Is Timeless” Wooden Clock

A Father’s Love Is Timeless Wooden Clock - A Sympathy Gift For The Loss Of A Father

If you’re looking for a memorial gift for the loss of a father, look no further.

This wooden clock bears the uplifting reminder of a father’s endless love. You can add details about the deceased for a beautiful, unique present.

Whenever the family looks at the clock, they’ll be reminded that their father’s love still lives on.

5/ Cremation Ring

men's cremation ring

Here is yet another befitting gift for those who prefer to wear the ashes of their loved ones.

The ring contains a glass layer through which the ashes are partly visible. These black rings are appropriate sympathy gifts for men who do not otherwise like jewelry.

6/ “A Piece Of My Heart Is In Heaven” Necklace

A Piece Of My Heart Is In Heaven - Memorial Jewelry

To a grieving person, a part of them has gone with the deceased. This personalized memorial gift offers a refreshing memory with an uplifting message.

The bereaved did not lose a piece of them, it’s just in a different place. A better place. When phrased this way, the loss is a little more bearable.

7/ “My Mom Taught Me Everything” Photo Canvas Print

a custom photo canvas print as a sympathy gift for loss of mother

This one evokes joy and sadness all at once. Most importantly, this sympathy gift for the loss of a mother will evoke fond memories and leave the bereaved smiling.

8/ Memorial Stepping Stone

Memorial Stepping Stone Kit

This durable stepping stone is one of those heart-to-heart sympathy gifts.

It bears a heartwarming message of love and comfort, reminding the bereaved that their loved ones never really left. They’re always near through the memories they left behind.

This stepping stone is versatile – it can be used indoors and outdoors. You can display it on a stand or fix it on a walkway/garden.

9/ Angel Figurines Candle Holder

Angel Figurines Candle Holder

A candle symbolizes continuity as it keeps burning, just like the memories of the departed in those left behind.

The angel figurine represents the prayers of goodwill, peace, and comfort. Such tealight candle holders are befitting gifts for a memorial service, and can also be taken home afterward.

10/ “Those We Love Don’t Go Away They Walk Beside Us Every Day” Canvas Sign

Those We Love Don’t Go Away They Walk Beside Us Every Day – Canvas Print

Are you looking for sympathy gift ideas other than flowers? This canvas print will definitely come in handy. Since it does not include a photo, it is versatile enough for any grieving person.

At a time of loss, it’s a perfect reminder that the departed is only physically gone. Their presence remains through the memories they shared.

11/ “No Longer by My Side, Forever in My Heart” Locket

No Longer by My Side, Forever in My Heart Carved Locket

This quote starts on a sad note, then instantly lightens up with hope.

It’s a beautiful memorial gift for the loss of a mother, father, husband, wife, child, or any other family member. The pendant bears the title of different family members so you can choose the befitting one.

With the necklace, the grieving will carry the memories wherever they go.

12/ Ash Urn Ring

ash urn ring as a memorial gift for women

This thoughtful sympathy gift makes a significant impact on the grievers.

The silver ring has double faces, which act as ash urns.

The stones can be customized into various colors by adding shells, flowers, or gravel.

13/ Corona Sun Metal Wind Spinner

This kinetic art piece spins in the wind and displays a message of your choice. You can make it truly unique with a name, date, or a comforting quote like “Feel the Wind and Know I am Near.”

If you’re looking for gifts of sympathy that will last for ages, this is definitely one of them.

14/ Cardinal Wind Chimes

Cardinal Wind Chimes and Red Feathered Soul Poem

This is a befitting sympathy gift to send to someone who loves the outdoors. The chiming sound symbolizes the virtual presence of the departed.

They can hang it on a tree or a stand in the backyard or garden. The package also includes a beautiful poem to help the healing journey.

15/ “Missing You Is A Heartache That Never Goes Away” Desktop Photo Plaque

a desktop photo plaque as a memorial photo gift

This condolence gift carries an uplifting message for anyone going through the loss of their loved one. And the fond memories will be just a glance away.

16/ Custom Family Tree Print

Memorial Print-Miscarriage Condolence Gift

The picture here depicts a bird flying away from the family tree. This is one of those baby memorial gifts that evoke sadness and gratitude.

The family has lost one of the children, yet they still have some left. And they still have each other. Having this as a wall hanging will bring fond remembrance and peace.

17/ Baby Footprint Bracelet

Baby Footprint Bracelet - miscarriage memorial gifts for a dad

When a couple suffers a miscarriage, most of the attention goes to the mom. Offering miscarriage memorial gifts for a dad reminds him that you’re thinking of him too.

He can wear this baby footprint bracelet everywhere to preserve the memory of the departed little one.

18/ Baby Memorial Block

This keepsake block is an excellent miscarriage sympathy gift for a grieving couple.

With the baby’s details delicately engraved, the block safeguards the memory of a little angel gone too soon.

The block can be placed on a nightstand, on the office desk, or even carried around.

19/ Embroidered Throw Blanket

love and prayer surround you Embroidered Throw Blanket

Dealing with grief is difficult enough for adults, but it’s even harder for children. You may not be in a position to say much to bereaved kids. However, you can send them a token to show that you care.

This throw blanket is the perfect sympathy gift for a child who lost a parent. With the beautifully embroidered message, you can cover them literally and symbolically with your love.

20/ Personalized Memorial Print

a personalized memorial print

Bring the memory of a loved one to life with this one-of-a-kind custom portrait print. You can personalize every detail from skin tone to hairstyle, and even the wording on the print. The recipient can display the portrait in their home, office, or any special place, providing comfort and solace whenever they see it.

21/ “Forever In Our Hearts” Custom Ornament

Forever In Our Hearts - christmas memorial gifts

Holidays are a difficult time for the bereaved. Sending them Christmas memorial gifts will help bring back the holiday cheer.

This charming ornament bears a simple yet profound message of comfort. You can add your own quote to make it even more significant.

22/ Guardian Angel Healing Stones Bracelet

Guardian Angel Healing Stones Bracelet

Here’s another alternative to photo memorial gifts. The healing stones are believed to bring a sense of comfort. You can also have the bracelet infused with essential oil for a refreshing aroma.

23/ “When You Go Through Deep Waters I Will Be With You” Christian Wall Art

This canvas print bears an encouraging Bible verse that will bring comfort to the grieving. For religious people, you cannot go wrong with a Bible-based Christian sympathy gift.

This wall art will always remind those left behind that God will stay with them through the difficult period. It’ll also encourage them to read more of the Good Book and find hope.

24/ Passed and Present: Keeping Memories of Loved Ones Alive

Passed and Present- Keeping Memories of Loved Ones Alive Book

If you’re sending sympathy gifts to a book lover, this one is a thoughtful fit. Passed and Present will transform a grieving person into one living with joy and hope.

The book dwells not on the sadness, but the happy memories. The manual expounds on the meaningful ways that memories of the departed can be kept alive.

25/ “In Loving Memory Of” Custom Garden Flag

in loving memory of custom garden flag

A custom garden flag can make for a tond leuching and personal sympathy gift to give to a grieving friend or family member. By customizing the flag with the name and dates of their loved one, you are not only giving them a beautiful addition to their garden but also a daily reminder of the life agacy of the person they lost.

Sympathy Gift Etiquette

1/ When Should You Send Condolence Gifts?

Some will send condolence gifts as soon as they hear of the death.

While this is still thoughtful, the gift is hardly given attention then. The bereaved family is bust hosting visitors and planning for the funeral.

Therefore, you can still send the gift much later to let the loved ones know you’re thinking of them.

2/ Is It Appropriate To Send Sympathy Gifts On The Anniversary Of The Death?

You can definitely send memorial gifts on the anniversary of the death. Anniversaries bring memories to the bereaved, making it an incredibly difficult time.

Consider holidays as well. A time when families come together, holidays become a stark reminder that one of them is gone. Such a gift will remind them of your care and concern.

3/ To Whom Should I Send The Sympathy Gift?

Ideally, you should send your bereavement gifts to the family member that you’re closest to.

If that particular person happens to be the deceased, address the gift to the closest family member. Remember to introduce yourself and mention your relationship with the deceased.

4/ Is It Appropriate To Give Money Instead Of A Gift?

Monetary sympathy gifts would definitely come in handy for the grieving family.

They can use it for the funeral or to offset medical bills, if any. Maybe the deceased was the breadwinner, and the money will contribute to the family’s upkeep.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that you should place the money in an envelope and mention the gift to the recipient so they can open it on time.


There you have it, we hope you picked the best sympathy gift that will have the most impact on the bereaved.

And remember, the gift is just a token. The objective is to let the grieving know that they’re in your thoughts and prayers, and in that find comfort.

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