35 Best Stress-Relief Gifts For Women In 2020

  • BY Joe Palinsky
  • October 29, 2020
35 Best Stress-Relief Gifts For Women In 2020

Modern living can be stressful, and taking care of yourself should always be a top priority. If you are looking to help a special woman in your life unwind on special occasions, stress-relief gifts are a fantastic option. This guide will introduce you to a handful of thoughtful, practical wellness goodies that help her de-stress and relax. And she can indulge herself in some pampering that she deserves!

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Deep Sleep Pillow Spray- Natural Sleep Aid

Deep Sleep Pillow Spray


Sleep is crucial when it comes to feeling healthy and whole. This pillow spray can be used at bedtime to help reduce sleep anxiety and improve sleep quality. The natural sleep aid will help fall asleep faster and wake feeling more refreshed. This spray is safe for pregnancy.

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stress-relief gifts - aromatherapy candle from bathandbodyworks

Aromatherapy Candle


Certain scents have a way of calming the nerves. To help her sink into a peaceful, stress-free state at home, consider aromatherapy candles. Spearmint and Eucalyptus essential oils in these candles will help her decompress from the chaos of the world and feel grounded when things start to feel a bit shaky.

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good days start with gratitude journal

Good Days Start With Gratitude Journal


Sometimes, all it takes is a few choice words to make a person feel refreshed and motivated. This journal contains a collection of uplifting and positive quotes centered around gratitude. It aims to help people detoxify from negative feelings and feel grateful for all of the gifts that life has given them. Doing this in 52 weeks can give her a different perspective on life and lift her mood.

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Essential Oil Diffuser 3D Glass Galaxy Aromatherapy

3D Glass Galaxy Diffuser


The combination of visuals and scents can bring out calming feelings in a person. This beautiful 3D diffuser is crafted from glass and also acts as a night light. It is a creative item that combines the power of aromatherapy with soothing visuals. And she can instantly feel incomparable tranquility under the Milky Way galaxy.

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wellness and stress-relief gifts - Sleep Collection Essential Oil Blend Set

Sleep Collection Essential Oil Blend Set


Is someone you love dealing with sleep issues stemming from stress? Think of essential oils. They assist in soothing the body and relieving stress. This collection focuses entirely on promoting deep sleep and meaningful rest, providing an assortment of scents that will help her sink into a slumber that is restful and nourishing.

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Buddha Teas Organic Holy Basil Tulsi Tea

Organic Holy Basil Tulsi Tea


Tea has long been a go-to source of relaxation for people across the world. An herbal blend of organic holy basil tulsi tea is something to consider to revitalize the spirits whenever she needs to take a break. Plus, this brew is slightly sweet yet somewhat spicy, aromatic.

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meditation and yoga lotus pillow

Meditation Yoga Pillow


Experts and spiritualists have long discussed the importance of meditation. If she wants to practice maintaining focus and clearing the chatter of the mind through meditation, this pillow is for her. It is perfect as a meditation seat or floor cushion for a peaceful and relaxing meditation. The pillow is also best for yoga practices in case she is a yoga lover.

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stress reliever gift for her: Luxurious Bath Pillow

Luxurious Bath Pillow


A long, hot bath is one of the easiest ways to relieve muscle aches and soreness and deliver a sense of peace. Of course, baths can produce tension in the neck due to the way most tubs are designed. This bath pillow solves that problem, providing tension relief to the shoulders and neck. Help her feel totally at ease with this practical gift idea.

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dreamtime luxury bath oils lush

Dreamtime Bath Oils


Enhancing a bath can take it from a calming ritual to a luxurious spa experience in no time. Besides bath salts and bath bombs, this sleepy bath melt, loaded with lavender oil and sandalwood, is sure to make her feel invigorated. Just a few drops can transform her bath into a calming oasis in no time and lure her to dreamland. She will make room for some extra time to soak in the tub, de-stress, and recharge.

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Acupressure Massage Rings

Acupressure Massage Rings

$19.99 (Set of 5)

The body tends to hold tension in ways that we cannot notice until it becomes out of control. Thankfully, some small items are available to help improve energy and concentration. Acupressure massage rings sound peculiar but can help the body release some of the tension that it is holding in and around the pressure points. It is recommended to use the ring if your fingers feel tired, your mind is distracted, or you have finger numbness.

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Rescue Essential Oil Roller Set - Tea Tree Melaleuca, Muscle Relief, Peace and Calming, Breathe Essential Oils

Rescue Essential Oil Roller Set


Stress can appear when a person least suspects it. Whether you are running errands, out with friends, or hanging around the house, it can be useful to have a way to combat anxiety when it arises. An essential oil roller calms the nerves and encourages better breathing. The set is convenient for a woman who is always on the go and could use some calming energies.

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Premium Grade Crystals and Healing Stones

Crystals and Healing Stones


Crystals have become quite popular over the last few years. These crystals and healing stones assist in aligning the chakras, promoting cleansing and healing of the physical and subtle bodies. Ultimately, she can maintain physical, emotional, and spiritual energies.

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self-care and stress relief gift for grandma - heart photo collage blanket

Heart Photo Collage Blanket


In need of a sweet, thoughtful, sentimental gift for an elderly woman, say your grandma? A heart photo collage blanket is something she will adore! Not only will this blanket help her stay nice and toasty on a cold night, but the pictures printed on it will also be sure to warm her heart and give her the much-needed dose of TLC. The blanket will also look great as a throw over the back of a couch, where she can proudly showcase the smiling faces of her family members.

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Women's Comfy House Slippers

Memory Foam Slippers

From $21.99

These slippers provide lasting comfort and warmth, reduce muscle fatigue, and relieve her pain and pressure. The foam conforms to the unique shape of her feet, cradling, and supporting her as she walks. Another plus point? The nordic-themed colors and knitted upper make the shoes fashionable and outstanding!

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self-care gifts Stress Relief Cards for Meditation Relaxation | Natural Anxiety Relief Gift

Namaste Stress Relief Cards


When she is dealing with more anxiety than usual, gift her something to de-stress. These cards are a fun stress relieving gift idea, as they offer daily suggestions for how to combat and overcome feelings of anxiety. The cards are easy to read and understand that she can practice mindfulness right at her working desk.

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a great big hug photo pillow gift for her

A Great Big Hug Photo Pillow


If you and she spend a lot of time away from each other due to work or other obligations, then consider giving her a custom photo pillow. It is like getting a long-distance hug from a partner. Whenever she feels down or misses you, holding the pillow tight will provide calm and ease the feeling.

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Electric Scalp Massager Portable Head Scratcher - stress and tension relief gifts for women

Electric Scalp Massager


Believe it or not, the scalp holds a ton of tension. There is a good reason why getting your hair washed at the salon feels so good! One interesting way to promote relaxation is with an electric scalp massager. The item helps to release stress and relieve tension, reducing the odds of headaches and other annoyances.

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Caudalie Instant Detox Mask For Her

Instant Detox Mask


After a long and stressful week, a face mask is an amazing way to treat oneself to a bit of pampering or so-called rehab for the skin. Help her find some relief with instant detox masks made from clay. Aimed at refreshing and renewing the skin from excessive oils and toxins, this skincare product will aid in providing a healthy glow to her face after use.

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give it to god and go to sleep canvas print

Give It To God And Go To Sleep – Canvas Print


For a religious woman, a stress-relief gift should focus on soothing her soul. Wary women who have been through an existential crisis may need some comforting words now and again. This beautiful canvas print reminds her that she only can control so much in this life. Give it to God and carry on as you would.

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the magic book by Rhonda Byrne

The Magic Book


When you practice gratitude regularly, it has a way of refreshing the soul. The Magic Secret book has a way of producing a calming effect on the reader. This uplifting book can take lethargic feelings and wipe them away with reminders of all that a person has to appreciate in life. A simple, affordable present that produces significant results.

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stress relieving gifts for women - Glass Planter Bulb Vase

Glass Planter Bulb Vase


While many people assume that a cleanse is focused entirely on the body, there are times when the mind needs to get away from negative thoughts and feelings. This glass planter bulb vase can be filled with water, fish, or stones to create a visual that relaxes her mind whenever her thoughts and fears begin to bubble out of control.

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Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

Rose Himalayan Salt Lamp


The right lighting makes all the difference when it comes to a proper night rest. And a hand-carved rose lamp made from Himalayan salt is a wonderful option. By releasing negative ions that trap air pollutants, the salt lamp absorbs dust and purifies the air, and therefore helps her fight fatigue and insomnia.

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Luxury Spa Robe - Microfiber with Cotton Terry Lining

Luxury Spa Robe

From $115.00

Let her enjoy some of the luxuries of the spa experience right at home. A spa robe is a fantastic way to pamper her. Whenever she is hanging around the house or readying herself for a night out, she can slip into this soft and flowing robe and feel a total sense of relaxation.

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Phoenix Crystal Water bottle

Phoenix Crystal Water Bottle


Infuser bottles are a wildly popular these days, making them a great self-care gift for her. This gorgeous glass bottle comes with a blend of detox drinks that aim to rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. The bottle can be useful whenever she is heading out on the town and wants to bring a refreshing elixir along with her for the journey.

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Stressballs Snooze Stress Relief Supplement and Sleep Aid - Self-care gifts for women

De-stress Gummies


Giving edible stress relief goodies is another great idea! De-stress gummies are formulated to knock away feelings of stress and encourage a sense of peace. Whenever she starts to feel a sense of dread or anxiety, she can simply pop a quick gummy. And she will be ready to tackle all of the chaos that comes along with life in the current day and age.

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Mandala Daydream- Adult Coloring Book - Meditation

Mandala Daydream: Adult Coloring Book


Over the last few years, a lot of people have discovered the importance of relaxing activities when life gets to be too intense. Adult coloring books are one of the best ways to de-stress, as the act of coloring is known to help produce calming sensations. This Mandala Daydream contains anti-stress illustrations that take her to a world of relaxation and imagination. She will embrace the calm and connect with her inner artist.

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circle light therapy lamp - wellness gift for her

Circle Light Therapy Lamp


This is not only a decorative table lamp with a modern design but also a light therapy lamp that improves mood and adjusts the biological clock. White light can meet a person’s daily lighting needs, and warm light can boost their mood. Imitating sunlight can increase the duration of sunshine and adjust the biological clock, which is suitable for people who stay up late and work overtime for a long time.

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Philips SmartSleep Wake-up Light

SmartSleep Wake-up Light


Clinically proven to work, this wake-up light is one superb tech gift that stimulates your body to wake up naturally. And by the time light has filled the room, the chosen natural sound, such as birds chirping, piano music, or the distant sound of waves under seagulls, will complete the wake-up experience, leaving her ready for the day ahead.

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Headspace App

$12.99 For 1 Month

The Headspace app can be put to immediate use when she receives it. Developed as a solution for a healthier and happier life, this app is a perfect gift for meditation. After getting into a routine with this program, she’ll start to feel less stressed, have a more resilient attitude, and experience better focus than before.

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Superfoods Kale Chips - Edible self-care goodie

Kale Chips


A bit of science here. Kale has folate that helps in the production of dopamine, a feel-good chemical in the brain. Folate also has been found to lower homocysteine levels, which thus may help reduce the odds of anxiety and depression.

In a nutshell, kale is a superfood that encourages calm, making the kale chips a delicious, nutritious self-care goodie that contributes to her healthy, nutrient-rich lifestyle.

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the shift - stress relief gift

The Shift


Designed by a therapist and endorsed by psychiatrists, the Shift helps a person be in the present moment again, just through breathing.

This small item, working without any application or batteries, promotes longer exhalation to release all of the air and toxins from your body. Thus, it allows the parasympathetic nervous system to reverse the physiological symptoms of stress and anxiety. In other words, she can slow down her heartbeat, lower her blood pressure, and loosen up her muscles.

It is a method of attaining enlightenment & incorporate mindfulness into her routine.

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Compression Socks for Women as a stress and pain reliever gift

Comforting Compression Socks


Is she always working long hours while standing on her feet? Whether she’s a business professional or an athlete, compression socks are necessary recovery items that she will appreciate. These comforting socks can cradle and support her feet. They reduce the tension that the muscles can take on when she is always moving about and encourage the relaxation that she deserves.

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gravity blanket weighted blanket gift for women

Gravity Blanket


A gravity blanket can simulate the experience of being held or hugged. These days, a hug is easy to take for granted. If you haven’t been able to see a good friend in person for a long time, a weighted blanket is a sweet way to offer an embrace from afar. Plus, studies show a gravity blanket can make a person feel good by increasing serotonin and melatonin, the hormones responsible for relaxation, and decreasing cortisol, the hormone responsible for stress.

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Silicone Wine Glass Holder for The Bath & Shower

Shower Wine Glass Holder


A glass of wine in the shower can be a simple way to unwind at the end of the day. Of course, a wine glass in a wet environment can spell out trouble. A shower glass holder is a wine gift that she’s sure to adore. The next time she needs to de-stress, she can take her glass into the bath with her without concern about spilling a single drop.

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dogs and wine make everything fine wine tote

Dogs And Wine Tote


Whether she’s a lover of wine, champagne, dogs, or all of the above, this wine tote is a chill present. Sometimes, self-care and relieving stress is all about an accessory that helps her connect with her true passions.

Tips: Put a bottle of wine in this tote will make her crack a smile and reach for a few glasses.

Remember, when you need to help her overcome all the negative emotions and thoughts, stress-relief gifts are an ideal fit, and we hope you found a match for her with this gift guide. A present that encourages a sense of calmness and relaxation can be worth far more to her than you even realize.



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