30+ Easy & Cutest Stocking Stuffers for Girls in 2021

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  • October 7, 2021
30+ Easy & Cutest Stocking Stuffers for Girls in 2021

Shopping for girls during this festive season can be difficult. Our list of stocking stuffer ideas for girls is a comprehensive Christmas gift guide. Whether you’re shopping for your daughter, niece, grandkid, or sister, we have you covered. There are inexpensive stocking stuffers for little girls, cute treats, or small stocking ideas for kids. 

It is easy to shop for gifts once you have an idea of what girls of all ages like. Make your holiday shopping easy and please all the girls in your family with our ultimate Christmas gift ideas. Here are our favorites for 2021.

stocking stuffer ideas for girls: pusheen coloring book

Pusheen Coloring Book


Your artsy girl will flip for this cute Pusheen coloring book. Pusheen has been a digital star, but now she’ll be a star in your own home. This adorable plump kitty is featured on every page in this coloring book, giving your kid hours of coloring fun. Paired with a box of crayons or some new artists’ markers, it’s one of the best stocking stuffer ideas for girls. 

stocking stuffers for little girls: personalized dream big little one blanket

Personalized Dream Big Little One Blanket


Against the royal blue background – that resembles the blue sky – is a perfect picture of a star and the moon. And at the bottom of the blanket, you can write the name of the baby. The ‘Dream Big Little One’ custom blanket is perfect as a stocking stuffer gift for your little girl.

cheap stocking stuffer ideas: vsco stickers

VSCO Stickers


These VSCO stickers are some of the best stocking stuffers for a 10-year girl. The VSCO trend is still going strong. Your tween will fit right in with the crowd with these awesome vinyl stickers. They’re great for decorating laptops and another tech, giving her bike helmet some extra flair, or personalizing her water bottle.

Twins Born Together Best Friends Forever Desktop Photo Plaque


This ‘Born Together Best Friends Forever’ desktop plaque that celebrates the love and bond that twin siblings share is a great gift of twins’ parents. On the desktop plaque, you can upload the photos of the twins, add their names and their birth stats. The plaque can be placed on the fireplace mantel, bedside table, or used as décor in the nursery room.

christmas stocking stuffer ideas for girls: Notebook Doodles Go Girl!: Coloring & Activity Book

Notebook Doodles Go Girl!: Coloring & Activity Book


If finding stocking stuffer ideas for preteen girls is keeping you up at night, go back to sleep. This doodling notebook lets her spread her creative wings with guided ideas in whatever medium she prefers. Thick pages keep the ink from bleeding through while the suggestions on every page will have her creating like crazy.

stocking stuffer ideas for daughter: “You Are Nothing Short Of Amazing” Rainbow Mug

“You Are Nothing Short Of Amazing” Rainbow Mug


This perfect mug can make a cute stocking stuffer gift for Christmas. Besides, you can give your daughter a little encouragement with this adorable mug. The quote “You Are Nothing Short Of Amazing” is sure to make her smile, and she will surely remember you every time they use it!

cheap stocking stuffer ideas: name beaded bracelet

Name Beaded Bracelet


Cute & colorful name beaded bracelets are sure winners if you need girly stocking stuffers for kids and tweens. These bracelets are available in various colors and can be personalized with her name or nickname. Pick a color to match her favorite, and you’ll give a gift she’ll never forget.

stocking stuffer for girls who are going to be sister: Personalized Big Sister’s First Christmas Ornament

Personalized Big Sister’s First Christmas Ornament


Is your little girl getting a new sibling? Show some love with our personalized “Big Sister’s First Christmas” ornament. Give that older sis ton of cute gifts from the new baby this holiday season. This custom decoration features the names of both kids, plus the year of the new addition. Also, the ornament is will look beautiful on any Christmas tree this year!

stocking stuffers ideas for girls: Animal Knee High Socks

Animal Knee High Socks


Do you have a tiny fashionista on your list this Christmas? Then be sure to pick up a 6-pack of these fabulous animal kneesocks. In patterns ranging from llamas to unicorns, these socks are great stocking stuffers for 3-year-old girls. They look cute with skirts or shorts, or even with a sparkly princess dress!

Baby It’s Cold Outside Blanket

Baby It’s Cold Outside Blanket


‘Tis season for Christmas shopping. “Baby it’s cold outside” blanket is an extremely adorable and cute-looking blanket, which will be the top choice of almost every holiday shopper. You can give this adorable blanket to your daughter or niece and show them how much they mean to you. Your girls can use it while watching the TV or cover themselves under it while reading a book on the couch.

stocking stuffer ideas: exploding kittens card game

Exploding Kittens


Family fun game nights are all the rage right now, but playing the same old games can be boring. This card game based on Russian roulette is one of the best stocking stuffers for tween girls. Complete with crazy kittens, laser beams, explosions, and goats, everyone will have a great time playing!

stocking stuffer ideas: sleeping queens card game

Sleeping Queens


This kid-friendly card game is among the best stocking stuffers for 8-year-old girls and older kids. Sleeping Queens is a family strategy game that was actually created by a young girl and her family. Playing will develop memory and quick thinking, and will reinforce basic math skills. Put this in her stocking, and the whole family will be occupied for hours.

The Coolest Kid in the World Custom Photo Mug

The Coolest Kid in the World Custom Photo Mug


Let your daughter, niece or granddaughter know she is the coolest kid in the world. And she deserves an even ‘cooler’ stocking stuffer gift. What can that gift be? This customize mug is a perfect gift that you can get for your child. Perfect for birthday or Christmas or for any special occasion, the mug is used either as a décor item or for drinking purposes.

stocking stuffers for little girls: Zoo Friends Hand Puppets

Zoo Friends Hand Puppets


The American Academy of Pediatrics endorses these wonderful hand puppets! They are great stocking stuffers for little girls. She will have hours of screen-free fun playing with these plush puppets. Put these puppets in her stocking this year to foster her creativity and expand her imagination. Treat her this Christmas and watch her grow!

stocking stuffer ideas for kids: Hanging Three Toed Sloth Plush

Hanging Three Toed Sloth Plush


Your animal lover will fall for this snuggly sloth in a heartbeat! She can actually carry her fuzzy friend with her on adventures because its arms are secure with velcro. Great for realistic or imaginary play, or simply snuggles while watching tv or reading a book. This slow-moving stuffie is one of the best stocking stuffer ideas for girls in grades pre-K – 2nd grade.

stocking stuffer ideas for girls: lip smacker lippy pal lip balm

Lip Smacker Lippy Pal Lip Balm


Adorable animal-themed lip balms are perfect cheap stocking stuffer ideas for elementary school girls. Her favorite fruity flavors pair with cute animal-topped tubes for a lip balm that’s just right for her age. You can add one or more to her stocking with the knowledge that she’s not growing up too soon.

gifts for kids: bath bomb gift set with surprise toys

Bath Bomb Gift Set with Surprise Toys


Spice up bathtime with these colorful bath bombs. Older girls will love the bright colors and relaxing fizzy water. Little ones will love watching the bath bombs dissolve. Once they do dissolve, a fun bath toy emerges, and your kids will have a new bath buddy! These bath bombs are organic and made with essential oils for aromatherapy, making them outstanding stocking stuffer ideas for girls.

stocking stuffers for girls: walkie talkie

Walkie Talkie


These bright, durable walkie-talkies are good stocking stuffers for girls who love being on the go. Your junior adventurer will love radioing her fellow explorers or even mom and dad back at home. Foster her independence and let her explore freely while maintaining safe contact with home. These cute walkie-talkies are a sure winner!

stocking stuffer ideas for tweens: pusheen cat pencil case

Pusheen Cat Pencil Case


A cute plush Pusheen pencil case is just the thing to make virtual school or socially distanced education a little easier. Pusheen will hold pens, pencils, and even crayons and will always have a smile for your child. This sweet pencil case is one of the ideal Christmas stocking stuffers for girls.

Just A Girl Who Loves Horses – Custom Photo Mug

Just A Girl Who Loves Horses – Custom Photo Mug


For all the girls who love horses and horse riding, this ‘Just A Girl Who Loves Horses‘ mug is an ideal choice. The custom mug has an exceptional design and cute font that will instantly grab the attention of the little girl. Simply upload one favorite photo to personalize this ‘Just A Girl Who Loves Horses‘ photo mug. This mug will make a cute stocking stuffer gift for your little girl.

stocking stuffers for tweens: Harry Potter Striped Cuffed Beanie Hat

Harry Potter Striped Cuffed Beanie Hat


These lovely beanies are perfect stocking stuffer ideas for 9-year-old girls through teens who are Potterheads. Sort your girls into their Hogwarts houses with these beautiful striped, multi-color knit hats. Each hat has the name of the house stitched on the brim. These hats are one size fits all, so stock up for your family Christmas photo!

cheap stocking stuffer ideas for kids: Glowing Bath Time Buddies

Glowing Bath Time Buddies


Unique light-up bath cubes are great stocking stuffer ideas for young girls. These colorful toys are like timers for the tub. They light up in the water, projecting designs on the walls and ceiling. But when bath time is over and the water is gone, the lights go out. An excellent toy for kids who hate getting in or out of the bath!

toddler stocking stuffers: For This Child We Have Prayed Custom Name Blanket

For This Child We Have Prayed Custom Name Blanket


Children are our greatest treasure. Celebrate your precious little one’s first year with this adorable “For this child I have prayed” baby blanket. This cozy throw is one of the great toddler stocking stuffers for Christmas. The pattern has a beautiful 1 Samuel 1:27 scripture motif. What a sweet memento of the love and prayers we shower on our children!

stocking stuffer ideas for girls: squishy gummy bear light

Squishy Gummy Bear Light


Adorable squishy (not edible) gummy bears are just cute during the day. But at night, squeeze their tummies, and they turn into nightlights or portable lights. Just the thing to keep your little girl from being scared at night, and to let your bigger girl read under the covers. These handheld lights are sweet stocking ideas for girls.

stocking stuffers for girls: eco stars recycled crayons

Eco Stars Recycled Crayons


These unique, handmade crayons are truly special stocking stuffers for girls. Made from the melted ends of crayons, every box is different. Your little artist will love coloring with these. Whether she prefers coloring books, sketch paper, or even a long butcher paper sheet, the creative possibilities are endless.

cute stocking stuffers ideas: Llamarama Large Zipper Pouch

Llamarama Large Zipper Pouch


There will be no llama drama when she finds this pouch in her stocking. Llama gifts keep increasing in popularity, so you can’t go wrong with this vibrant blue pouch. It is perfect for holding school supplies, makeup, or personal items. Or if your girl is fiber-crafty, this can be a great themed notions pouch for all her crafting tools.

stocking stuffer ideas for girls: Name Mug With Initial

Name Mug With Initial


This name mug with initial is one of the cute stocking stuffer ideas for this Christmas for a girl. It makes a great choice as a gift for your daughter or little sister. This mug allows you to upload a photo on the back. On the front, you can get the name of the girl and her initial printed.

stocking stuffer ideas for 12-16-year-old girls: cute phone charm

Cute Phone Charm


These oh-so-cute phone charms will be a hit on Christmas morning. They are prime stocking stuffer ideas for 12-16-year-old girls. These charms will let them display their personalities every time they pull out their phones. Give one or give a handful, for use or for trading with her friends. Either way, you’ll be at the top of her nice list all year!

stocking stuffers for daughter: There’s A Little Girl Who Stole My Heart Photo Desktop Plaque

There’s A Little Girl Who Stole My Heart Photo Desktop Plaque


Express the unconditional love to your daughter with this There This Girl Who Stole My Heart photo plaque! It comes with a sweet saying: “There’s a little girl who stole my heart & changed my name to Mommy”. This cute stocking stuffer gift will make an awesome Christmas for her.

stocking ideas for girls: inspirational pencils

Inspirational Pencils


Awesome pastel-colored pencils have inspirational sayings on the ends in one of our favorite stocking ideas for girls. Gift these pencils alone for a mid-year school supply boost, or fill the Pusheen pencil case above for a fun treat. Even if you think she’s too old for pencil cases, she’s not.

Dream It Believe It Achieve It Personalized Ornament

Dream It Believe It Achieve It Personalized Ornament


Christmas is coming and it’s time for decorations! With this Dream It – Believe It – Achieve It Ornament, you can personalize it with the name and photo of your kid. It also comes with an inspirational quote that encourages the recipient to follow their passion. Especially, this is a unique gift idea in the festive season for any little dancer.

stocking stuffers for girls: mini satin scrunchies

Mini Satin Scrunchies


Scrunchies have worked their way from ’80s fashion to VSCO girl chic. Every girl with long hair loves them, making these chiffon scrunchies the best cheap stocking stuffers this Christmas. The satin fabric won’t get tangled in hard-to-manage hair, and the 18 piece variety pack offers options for every day and every outfit. And apparently, the ones with bows attached look super cute in her hair.

For This Child We Have Prayed Custom Photo Blanket

For This Child We Have Prayed Custom Photo Blanket


Keep family memories close with our lovely “For This Child We Have Prayed” custom photo blanket. Its design is perfect for decorating any room in your beautiful home! Personalize this adorable keepsake by uploading your own baby pics and adding the year. Then, gift it to your little kid. It encloses love and prayers for our little ones to sleep safe and warm each night.

stocking stuffers ideas: bluetooth banana phone

Bluetooth Banana Phone


Your budding comedienne will go bananas for this Bluetooth handset. Compatible with all cell phones and voice assistants, this handset will let her talk for hours. This is one of the funniest stocking stuffer ideas for girls 12 years old and older. And there will never be a banana peel for anyone to trip over.

stocking stuffer for daughter: Straighten Your Crown Custom Photo Mug

Straighten Your Crown Custom Photo Mug


A daughter is truly like a princess to her parents. If you have a daughter, remind her that she is strong and beautiful and empower her with a message: “Straighten Your Crown” when times get tough. So, you, as parents, have the power to show her who she is and who she can be. Upload your favorite photo of your princess and remind her to straighten her crown by gifting this custom photo mug.


Gift buying for the girls in your life doesn’t have to be hard. Whether you’re shopping for toddlers or babies, simply follow our gift guide and you’ll be all set. Our list of best stocking stuffer ideas for girls will have you set for this season and next, and you’ll be a Christmas hero.

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