60+ Star Wars Gifts for Men To Make Them Feel Special Like a Jedi

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • August 31, 2020
60+ Star Wars Gifts for Men To Make Them Feel Special Like a Jedi

There is no denying, Star Wars is one of the most popular franchise that (perhaps) every nerd must know about. Though there are plenty of Star Wars themed gifts, picking a cool yet practical one for the hardcore Star Wars fan is not an easy task. That’s when we come to help you out! From cool Star Wars toys and merch to awesome desk accessories, here are best Star Wars gifts for men that will work perfectly on any occasion.

The love and interest for the series cannot be limited by age. Thus, we guarantee that your guy-friend, boyfriend, husband, dad or kid will surely love these gift ideas as much as they love Star Wars, no matter if it is for birthday, Father’s Day, housewarming or Christmas.

Star Wars Gift Baskets


One of the best presents you can get is a Star Wars gift basket with special merch and treats that they’re sure to love! You can customize the basket yourself, or get a pre-designed one.

Price: Varies

cool star wars gifts: star wars - the complete saga

Star Wars - The Complete Saga (Episodes I-VI)


An incredible collection with all six of the episodic movies in one, in their full HD glory – which Star Wars nerd doesn’t want a gift like that?

Price: $58.92 for the Blu-ray version

star wars gift idea: millennium falcon 3d night light

UbiKORT 3D Millennium Falcon Night Light


Who says night lights can’t be cool? This incredible 3D UbiKORT night light is the perfect Star Wars gift for kids, who want a cool way to light up their bedrooms!

Price: $16.99 

star wars gifts for men: death star herb grinder

Death Star Herb Grinder


Merch gets put down as ‘impractical’, but there’s nothing impractical about this Death Star Herb Grinder! With this, grinding and crushing herbs comes with its own fun!

Price: $14.99

cool star wars gifts: bb-8 droid

BB-8 Droid by Sphero


Every Star Wars fan wants their own BB-8 Droid, so what better idea than to get them one as a gift? The droid is programmable, and excellent robot friend to have fun with!

Price: $95.00

star wars gift ideas for dad: best dad in the galaxy photo mug

Best Dad In the Galaxy Custom Photo Mug


Let your dad know he is definitely the best dad in the galaxy with this photo mug! Simply customize it your favorite photo of him (in his nerdy moments, perhaps) and you will have a gift that will surely make him chuckle. Perfect for a gift for dad on Father’s Day!

Price: $22.95

cool star wars gifts for men: darth vader oven mitts

Darth Vader Oven Mitt Set


Cooking and grilling doesn’t have to be evil, but you can make it so! Give your Star Wars dude these Darth Vader oven mitts so they can handle all their kitchen activities from the dark side.

Price: $19.99

funny star wars gift idea: pew pew mug

Funny Pew Pew Mug


What’s a better idea for gag gifts for men who love Star Wars than this Pew Pew coffee mug? Have some coffee, and a laugh with it!

Price: $15.26

geek gifts - star wars jedi fallen order

Video games

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order


Being a Jedi could be some people’s dream. But with this game, they can indulge their fantasies for a while, making it one of the best gifts for gamers who are also Star Wars nerds.

Price: $39.99

star wars gifts for dad: darth vader #1 dad socks

Darth Vader #1 Dad Socks


Darth Vader may not have been the best dad, but yours certainly is! If he’s a Star Wars fan, these socks are the perfect Father’s Day gift to let him know!

Price: $9.99

cool star wars toys: lego millennium falcon building kit with mini figures

Cool Star Wars toys

LEGO Millenium Falcon Building Kit and Minifigures


Building LEGO sets is fun, and it gets even more fun for Star Wars fan with this set of the Millenium Falcon! The best addition to a Star Wars collection, it makes the best present too.

Price: $223.55

unique star wars gifts: star wars silicone popcorn maker

Microwave Silicon Popcorn Maker


What movie marathon is complete without popcorn? This popcorn maker makes sure the Star Wars marathon comes with a healthy dose of playing with your food too, making it a unique gift for all your nerd friends.

Price: $24.95 

Star Wars Desk Accessories

Darth Vader Pen Holder


The Dark Lord can now present your pens to you! Who wouldn’t want this pen holder on their desks? It makes for one of the greatest Star Wars gifts for men.

Price: $14.40

star wars gifts for men: star wars beer tankard

For the Beer Lover

Star Wars Beer Tankard


A Star Wars mug would be incredible as a gift, but it could get even better by adding the personal touch with their name!

Price: $41.99+

cool star wars toys: lego death star

Cool Star Wars toys

LEGO Death Star


Another LEGO set that is a must-have for any Star Wars fan! Building goes to another level with this mini, hyper-detailed version of the battle station. The best Star Wars gift anyone could get!

Price: $499.95

geek gifts for him: lightsaber tie clip

Light Saber Silver Tie Clip


Who said you have to separate personal and professional? The Lightsaber tie clip can keep you looking neat and clean, while also adding the slight touch of fun, making it an excellent Star Wars gift for men.

Price: $24.00

geek gifts for him: star wars cufflinks

Star Wars Cufflinks


Another perfect way to look classy with a lacing of nerd thrown in. These skillfully crafted Star Wars cufflinks make the best gifts for Star Wars nerds.

Price: $14.95+

unique star wars gifts: lightsaber bbq tongs

Lightsaber BBQ Tongs


Now barbeque becomes a game! Tongs that resemble the Lightsaber and have authentic sound effects are definitely a unique Star Wars gift for men!

Price: $66.50

star wars gift for dad: yoda best dad keychain

Yoda Best Dad Keychain


If your dad loves Star Wars and puns, what better Father’s Day gift idea for him than this Yoda Best Dad keychain? Tell him you love him and give him a laugh and a present, all in one go!

Price: $16.50+

yoda best dad grilling gift set - star wars gift for dad

Yoda Best Dad Grilling Gift Set


If not keychains, then you can bank on his love for grilling. Combining food and Star Wars – what better present could any Star Wars fan ask for?

Price: $75.00+

best dad in the galaxy - star wars gifts for men

'Best Dad in the Galaxy' T-Shirt


Any dad would love this shirt! The best dad in the galaxy should get the best Father’s Day gift in the galaxy to fit! 

Price: $22.09

custom star wars frame

Star Wars Frame for Dad


Get a personalized message added to this Star Wars Frame to let your dad know you love him, with his favorite characters’ minifigures added! Definitely the best Star Wars gift to show how much you appreciate him on this Father’s Day!

Price: $58.36

star wars gifts for dad: best dad 3d card

Darth Vader™: Best Dad 3D Card


If you’re looking for a gift for your Star Wars fanatic dad, you’ve found the right one! This pop-up card will bring up Darth Vader, who’ll let your dad know he’s the best dad in the galaxy, giving him a laugh at the same time.

Price: $15.00+

geeky gifts for him: star wars shoes

Adidas Star Wars Sneakers


These shoes are perfect for any Star Wars fan to have a piece of something they love on them, while also looking fashionable as they head out for a run!

Price: Varies

star wars gift for him: bb-8 salt and pepper shakers

BB-8 Droid Salt and Pepper Shakers


The droid you’re looking for – with the seasoning you need for your food! Stacked, they make the right kitchen décor, and separately hold your kitchen essentials. Definitely a unique Star Wars themed gift for any fan!

Price: $19.99

cool star wars gifts: millennium falcon clock

Engraved Millennium Falcon Clock


Not only does is this clock just right for any Star Wars fan, it also looks pretty stellar as a piece of wall décor! 

Price: $79.99+

unique star wars gift for him: Engraved ‘Star Wars Battle of the Hoth’ Ring

Engraved ‘Star Wars Battle of the Hoth’ Ring


A flat polished ring with the battle of Hoth scene engraved on the outside makes for a great gift for Star Wars fans who want to keep in style. You can even get it personalized with quotes or names.

Price: $164.99+

star wars gift idea: darth vader apron

Darth Vader Apron


You can’t be Darth Vader, but you can certainly have his style! This special edition apron would make for the best collector’s item for any Star Wars fan

Price: $14.95

star wars gift for him: yoda best cook ever cutting board

Yoda Best Cook Ever Engraved Cutting Board


Any Star Wars fan’s kitchen is incomplete without this witty cutting board! Beautifully engraved and ideal for cutting, it makes for the best gift for Star Wars fans!

Price: $24.99

star wars stuff: star destroyer bluetooth speaker

Star Destroyer Bluetooth Speaker


Streaming music has never been so fun! Whether you’re listening to the Star Wars theme, or anything else, the Star Destroyer will light up to add to the fun.

Price: $29.99

darth vader toaster - unique star war gifts

Darth Vader Elite 2-Slice Toaster


Bring the Dark Lord into your kitchen and make a toast to Star Wars with this Darth Vader Toaster! Not only does breakfast become Star Wars themed, it also makes for a great conversation starter!

Price: $33.85

geeky gift for him: millennium falcon bottle opener

Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener


Pop open your bottles with this Millennium Falcon bottle opener and celebrate your love for the series! A perfect Star Wars themed present for any kind of party.

Price: $7.00+

geek gifts - stormtrooper ceramic mug -

Stormtrooper Ceramic Mug


Stormtroopers can miss their shots, but you definitely can’t miss this mug. The ideal Star Wars gift idea for any man – a custom sculpted Storm Trooper mug, which can make drinking tea or coffee that much more fun!

Price: $22.22

star wars desk accessories: yoda metal bookend

Star Wars Desk Accessories

Yoda Metal Bookend


Your sacred Jedi texts can stay upright with this Yoda bookend that will keep your shelf one with the Force. An excellent Star Wars gift for any fan!

Price: $22.94

cool star wars gift: r2-d2 metal can cooler

R2-D2 Metal Can Cooler


Your cans can stay cool, and so can you! These R2-D2 can coolers are an amazing Star Wars accessory that any fan would love to get as a present.

Price: $39.89

star wars gift for him: Star Wars Finn's leather jacket

Replica Finn's Leather Jacket


Look like your favorite character, while staying fashionable and comfortable all at once. Not only can this jacket be worn for cosplay, it’s also perfect for everyday use! The ideal present for any fans of the Star Wars series!

Price: $159.00

geek gifts for him: star wars tie

Star Wars Tie


Add new meaning to your wardrobe with these Star Wars ties! Getting one as a present would be an incredible opportunity for any Star Wars fan to show their inner geek without compromising on their fashion!

Price: Varies

jedi fleece bathrobe

Jedi Fleece Bathrobe


This bathrobe is a great idea for a present for Star Wars fans. It’s comfortable and cozy, and does its job as a bathrobe while doubling as a way for fans to play around!

Price: $39.99

geeky gifts: light saber umbrella

Lightsaber Umbrella


The rain has never been so fun to be in! Protect yourself from the storm and show off this cool Lightsaber umbrella as you do. 

Price: $26.99

star wars gift for teacher: yoda best teacher mug

Yoda Best Teacher Mug


Tell your teachers you appreciate them with this fun Yoda mug that will add in a few laughs with it! A great gift for teacher who is also a Star Wars fan!

Price: $10.99

funny star wars gift idea for teacher: i am your teacher t-shirt

'I Am Your Teacher' T-Shirt


A great staple t-shirt that’s comfortable to wear for any Star Wars fanatic teachers that wants to show off their love for their series on the daily!

Price: $20.24+

darth vader bobble heard figure

Darth Vader Bobble Head Figure


This Darth Vader bobble head figure is a great addition to any Star Wars collection, and is a fun toy to play with while you work.

Price: $12.83

Cool Star Wars toys

Millennium Falcon Building Kit


Now you can recreate your favorite battle with the Millennium Falcon building set! With all the detail provided and the ease with which you can build this set, it’s surely one of the best Star Wars gifts anyone could get!

Price: $22.99

star wars stuff: death star waffle maker

Death Star Waffle/Pancake Maker


Not only can you make your mornings Star Wars themed with this pancake maker, it’s the best pop culture addition to any kitchen! Perfect as a present for any Star Wars fan!

Price: $108.00

star wars stuff: death star fire pit

Death Star Fire Pit


Bring the Dark Side of your yard to the Light side with this Death Star fire pit! This custom crafted item is an excellent addition to anyone’s backyard!

Price: $1,925.00

star wars merchandise: r2-d2 measuring cup set

R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set


Who says cooking and Star Wars can’t be related? These measuring cups look like R2-D2 and are just another way for Star Wars fans to add some fun to their daily lives.

Price: $47.99

why we love star wars book - gifts for star wars geeks


Why We Love Star Wars: The Great Moments That Built A Galaxy Far, Far Away


There’s nothing more nostalgia-inducing than being taken back to the first time you watched your favorite series, and this book does just that! An excellent present for diehard Star Wars nerds who want to experience it all over again.

Price: $12.59

william shakespeare's star wars book


William Shakespeare's Star Wars


Star Wars and literature sit down to have a cup of tea together in the form of this book! A quirky addition to the Star Wars verse, this book makes an excellent gag gift for any fan!

Price: $11.79

cool star wars gift for him: star wars cookbook


Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge: The Official Black Spire Outpost Cookbook


Have you ever seen the food at the Star Wars themed areas at Disneyland and wished you could have some? Now you can! This cookbook makes a great Star Wars themed present that can make fans happy and fill their stomachs at the same time!

Price: $17.59

gifts for man who loves star wars: chewbacca hoodie

Chewbacca Hoodie


Maybe you can’t be Chewie but you can definitely wear a hoodie! Not only is it fun, it’s also comfortable, and makes for a great present for any Star Wars fan

Price: $90.99

unique star wars gifts for kids: custom star wars sign

Custom Star Wars Sign


The perfect Star Wars present for fans to put up in their bedrooms and live out their fantasies as a Jedi in training! These signs can be customized with names and words too.

Price: $29.70+

gifts for men who love star wars: star wars inspired money clip

Star Wars Inspired Money Clip


Carry your cash around with some fun thrown in. You can pick what Star Wars themed engraving you want, and even get a name and message added for a customized touch, making it the best present for fans.

Price: $30.39+

valentine's day gift for him: i love you to death star and back ice cream spoon

Personalized Ice Cream Spoon


With every bite of ice cream, he can remember your love for him and smile. This ice cream spoon can be customized with a message and makes a great Valentine’s Day gift for him!

Price: $12.71+

unique star wars gift: star wars music box

Star Wars Music Box


Who doesn’t love the tinkling of a music box? It gets even better when it plays the theme of your favorite series. This Star Wars music box is the best present for any fan.

Price: $34.99+

star wars stuff: boba fett backpack

Boba Fett Laptop Backpack


Now they can carry your things around and show that they are a fan at the same time! This laptop backpack is the best idea for merch that is both fun, and practical. 

Price: $58.86 

star wars book: the bounty hunter


Star Wars®: The Bounty Hunter Code


Now you can feel like you’re part of the Star Wars universe yourself, with this book that tells you all the skills you need to become a Star Wars bounty hunter. Which fan doesn’t want to have this as a present?

Price: $16.15

christmas gifts for geeks: star wars ugly sweater

Men's Ugly Christmas Sweater


You don’t have to put your love for the series aside just because it’s Christmas. Join the festivities with this ugly Christmas sweater patterned with Star Wars characters. What could possibly make a better Star Wars Christmas gift for men?

Price: $18.50 – $29.48

romantic gifts for nerds: lightsaber couples keychain

Lightsaber Couples Keychain


You can love your partner and the series at the same time – and let them know too! These iconic tags make an excellent present as a couple keychain for Star Wars fans.

Price: $20.00+

star wars merchandise: baby yoda vinyl figure

Baby Yoda Vinyl Figure


Here’s a gift that will make the recipient go “Aww!” An excellent addition to any Star Wars collection, this adorable Baby Yoda figure makes a great present.

Price: $11.99

star wars toys: the mandalorian action figure

The Mandalorian Action Figure


The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda must go together. Highly detailed, any fan would love to get this Mandalorian figure as a gift.

Price: $37.23

star wars merchandise: stormtrooper helmet

Stormtrooper Electronic Voice Changer Helmet


Now you can look and sound like a Stormtrooper with this hyper-realistic cosplay helmet! Inspired by the soldiers of Rogue One, it makes for a great Star Wars gift for any man.

Price: $239.98

star wars merchandise: porg graphic tee

Porg Graphic Tee


Graphic tees are fun, and can get even more fun with your favorite series on it! Featuring the adorable creature, these T-shirts can make great Star Wars gifts for men that they can use on the daily.

Price: $11.98 – $21.99

unique star wars gift: death star perpetual calendar

Star Wars Desk Accessories

Death Star Perpetual Calendar


Who said Star Wars gifts for men can’t be useful? This calendar can help him remember the date and makes a cool piece of decoration for his desk as well.

Price: $34.95

star wars stuff: luke skywalker helmet with battle simulation

Luke Skywalker Battle Simulation Helmet


This electronic simulation helmet is a unique Star Wars gift for any collection, with its light and sound settings, and the switch that lets you flip between different scenes.

Price: $114.17

star wars gifts for men: stormtrooper decanter set

Stormtrooper Decanter Set


One of the coolest Star Wars gifts for men! This decanter set comes with the Stormtrooper helmet design in a box of the mysterious starry sky.

Price: $34.99

While finding cool Star Wars gifts for men can be hard, there are several great options out there that’ll make your guy smile, and will come in use regularly as well. 

Good luck finding the best gift in the galaxy for your recipient. And may the Force be with you!



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