45+ Secret Santa Gifts under $30 to Make Your Recipient Feel Appreciated (2021)

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  • September 27, 2021
45+ Secret Santa Gifts under $30 to Make Your Recipient Feel Appreciated (2021)

Picking out secret Santa gifts is a challenge. You might need something within your budget, and you may barely know anything about your recipient. If this is your first time participating with coworkers, teammates, or a friend group, here’s how it works: you pick out the name of another participant, you find out what they like, and then comes the exchange of gifts at the mutually agreed upon time.

Our gift guide will be perfect for getting a reasonable one – and they’re all under $30. Excited about the Secret Santa party this Holiday season? Let’s dive right in!

(Prices change frequently, so they could be slightly different from what we mentioned at the time of publication)

Best Secret Santa Gifts

The best gifts from secret Santa combine thoughtfulness and practicality. Here is a list of some Christmas gift ideas for secret Santa that will make the recipient happy.

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the mug of motivation - the best secret santa idea for teammates

The Mug of Motivation

$26.95 $22.95

Everyone needs motivation at some point. This mug of motivation has cute motivational quotes written on it that are full of energy and will charge your teammate or friend up early in the morning. It’s also a thoughtful Christmas gift for employees this winter season!

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funny name definition custom mug, secret santa gift this christmas season

Funny Name Definition Custom Photo Mug

$26.95 $22.95

One familiar gift on Christmas would be a funny name photo mug. It has a visually appealing design and is super cute. If you’re giving this to a friend you’ve known for a while, you can customize it with your favorite picture.

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Cat Photo Personalized Christmas Ornament

Cat Photo Personalized Christmas Ornament

$19.95 $16.95

If you’ve found out that your coworker is a cat lover, then this personalized Christmas ornament is the perfect gift for a cat lover. This shows the perfect bond between the pet and its owner. You can get it customized for them.

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Custom Desktop Photo Plaque the great secret santa gift for colleagues

Custom Desktop Photo Plaque

$29.95 $24.95

If your colleague has become your best friend, this custom desktop photo plaque is one of the funny Secret Santa gifts for them. It will help you celebrate all the crazy moments at the office. You can get it customized to your liking

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Merry And Bright Christmas Suede Pillow

Merry And Bright Christmas Suede Pillow

$34.95 $27.95

Spread smiles this festive season! This merry and bright Christmas Suede pillow is the perfect gift to get into the holiday spirit. It is a great décor item that will spread some more cheer and always remind them of you.

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Breakfast Sandwich Maker thoughtful secret santa gift

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

$29.99 $24.99

If you have an office guy who lives on doughnuts, get him this immediately! While one of the most extravagant presents on this list, this breakfast sandwich maker is sure to get years of use. It’s great to take home or to share in the staff break room.

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Ceramic Electric Wax Melt Warmer practical gift on christmas

Ceramic Electric Wax Melt Warmer

$29.99 $24.99

This stunning design with a carved halo pattern illuminates the environment with a starry sky illusion. It goes with home and office furnishing and is the ideal gift for this holiday season. It’s simple to use and eliminates odor. A must-have!

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elephant Desk Supplies Organizer

Elephant Desk Supplies Organizer


Seeking a gift for co-worker’s bliss? A cute desk supplies organizer will be a hit. It’s perfect both for that colleague who frequently loses track of things or for the one who is hyper-organized. Its surprisingly low price tag won’t make a dent in your wallet.

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Bamboo Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray secret santa gift ideas for friends

Bamboo Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray


The luxury bamboo bathtub caddy tray is a practical gift. Your recipient can take advantage of some me-time as you sit back, relax and unwind in the shower. Clear your head and relieve any muscle pain while making the most of this tray.

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Christmas White Jar Candle secret santa gift ideas for guys

Christmas White Jar Candle


A candle is a winter favorite! Make your recipient feel appreciated by giving them this Christmas white jar candle that smells no less than a dream – the winter scent will make its way into their heat. No better way to prep for fall than with a fall candle.

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MOFT invisible laptop stand - Christmas gifts for coworkers

Invisible Lightweight Laptop Stand


If you’ve got that co-worker who works (literally) everywhere, this is the right way to play Santa for them. This thoughtful gift helps them avoid any discomfort like shoulder and neck pain and improper posture like a hunched back while using their laptop.

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secret santa gift exchange ideas

Snack Gift Box


The snack gift is the box of dreams. Anyone would love to get this over the Christmas holidays to fulfill their cravings. This is the perfect high-quality care package for your recipient. Gift away and make someone’s holiday season more memorable.

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awesome secret santa gifts
Kitty Cat Countertop Wine Bottle Holder

Kitty Cat Countertop Wine Bottle Holder

$39.99 $23.20

This kitty cat countertop wine bottle holder is sure to melt the recipient’s heart. It also is a cheerful way to gift your favorite cat lover.

This quirky bottle holder is something they’ll be happy to use and is sure to add whimsy to any party.

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mighty mug for secret santa gift exchange

Mighty Mug


Most people are hard-pressed to make it through the workday without a cup of coffee or a soda bottle in hand. This spill-proof mug is a gift for a clumsy colleague. It will keep their drinks at the right temperature while protecting any gadgets from even your most uncoordinated peers.

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Gift Card in a Holiday Gift Box Secret Santa Party

Gift Card in a Holiday Gift Box


An Amazon gift card is the perfect way to gift exactly what they were hoping for without knowing what it is. Amazon gift cards are redeemable for millions of items on the website. This will surely cheer them up!

Secret Santa Gifts for Her

From hand warmers to leather backpacks, there are tons of secret Santa gift options out there that will be perfect and affordable for any holiday occasion.

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Vibrating Facial Roller & Massager - Secret Santa Gift for her

Vibrating Facial Roller

$19.99 $18.89

Beautifying is a passion of most girls, show your recipient that you’ve noticed her passion for self-care with this facial roller. This can give them a spa right in their bathroom and is ideal for women of all ages.

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good gifts for secret santa

Holiday Hearts Handwarmers


Cute and budget-friendly, these holiday heart hand warmers are the perfect holiday cheer to get for your coworkers or friends who get cold easily. Not only will these keep the cold at bay, but they will complement the occasion and are a great accessory.

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Box of Chocolate Soaps

Box of Chocolate Soaps


These all-natural, handmade chocolate soaps are good enough to eat! Infused with decadent cocoa powder and rich essential oils, they will keep the skin nourished like no other. Gift your favorite colleague this for the holidays and make their spa time more luxurious.

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Let It Snow Christmas Suede Pillow

Let It Snow Christmas Suede Pillow

$34.95 $27.95

This ‘let it snow’ Christmas pillow is a great gift to spread some holiday cheer to your favorite female! The beautiful red and green flannel print background and snowflake designs are a gift to be remembered for years to come.

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secret santa gift ideas for women

Corgi Slippers


If you’ve drawn the office’s resident dog mom in this year’s present exchange, don’t fear. These comfy Corgi slippers will help you earn brownie points with her. While slightly above the $30 limit, you can rest assured it’ll be money well spent.

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Kneipp 6 Piece Herbal Bath Oil Set For Her

Herbal Bath Oil Set


Are they ready for spa treatments? Holidays are the time for self-care, let give your coworker a set of Herbal Bath Oil. She can pamper herself and enjoy her bathing. That’s an ideal gift for every woman this Christmas season.

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Stress Relief Cards for Meditation

Stress Relief Cards for Meditation

$15.95 $13.95

Give her a getaway in an instance with this anxiety relief gift. On each card is a mindfulness exercise that is simple, easy to read and understand, and easy to practice. They can use them anytime to stress less and be in the moment with more positive energy.

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Cactus Humidifiers - good ideas for secret santa gifts

Cactus Humidifiers

$18.99 $14.99

If you know someone who suffers from sinus in the cold seasons, this cactus humidifier is a great gift for them. It effectively improves indoor air condition. Increases humidity and also helps prevent dry and chapped skin. It is a great stress reliever and uplifts your spirits!

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Cheap Secret Santa Ideas

Brown Antler Sequined Deer Headband


We all have that one girl who can rock any accessory. This brown antler sequined deer headband is an adorable gift to give her. It’s the perfect Christmas accessory. These glitter antler headbands send you straight to the North Pole chorus line.

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Bath Pillow As A Secret Santa Gift

Bath Pillow

$55.00 $25.98

Work can get pretty stressful and exasperating. Help them experience relaxation when the workday is over. This charming bath pillow is perfect for this season of giving and shows how considerate you are.

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Faux Fur Earbud Case Secret Santa gifts for girls

Faux Fur Earbud Case

$10.00 $7.95

If you know someone who has been looking for an earbud case, this is a clever gift for the coworker who misplaces their headphone or earbuds every single time. Crafted of plush faux fur, it has a great interior to hold the chord and the earpiece.

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Leather Backpack Mini

Leather Backpack Mini


This adorable mini leather backpack is perfect for women to keep their essentials in. It can hold their wallets, keys, cellphones, makeup, and other small accessories. It has multi pockets and is an extremely practical gift to give this winter.

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good secret santa presents

Personalized Embroidered Kitchen Gift Set


This lovely personalized embroidered kitchen gift set is a great high-quality set for a dear colleague or friend you love to cook. This set includes one potholder, one towel, and one oven mitt. You can add more pieces and get them customized accordingly.

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clever secret santa gifts

Tile Mate


This one is for the extremely chill colleague who leaves her things here and there and has the entire office looking for them. Directly attach your Mate to your everyday things such as keys and bags to keep track of them regularly.

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Funny Wine Coasters Set & Holder

Funny Wine Coasters

$16.97 $15.97

Women won’t typically list wine as one of their hobbies, but it’s a pretty common passion.

These funny and lighthearted wine coasters are perfect for the colleague who always invites you to happy hour. This item is one of the best gift ideas to brighten up her home.

Secret Santa Gifts for Men

There is no need to stress. With our list of some amazing gifts on the market, you can start prepping for the secret Santa gift exchange now. Oddly quirky, hysterically funny, these are the best gifts ever.

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Bluetooth Beanie Hat - Secret santa gift for male co-workers

Bluetooth Beanie Hat


When looking for gift ideas under $30 for a tech-savvy guy, staying under budget may seem difficult.

This cute beanie hat fits the stylish male co-worker who likes to remain plugged into today’s trends. Its Bluetooth capability mixes fashion and functionality in one excellent tech gift.

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Pizza Flannel Blanket - Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Pizza Throw Blanket


There’s no better winter combo than a delicious pizza and favorite throw. This funny blanket screams coziness! That’s an ideal gift for foodies in your teammates, they will curl up in front of the TV and stay warm for hours on end.

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an eyeglasses holder that looks like a Maui

Maui Eyeglasses Holder


Need a wacky item for that person in the workplace who wears glasses? Consider this funky accessory. Half piece of art, half eyewear holder, it fits neatly onto any desk. This original gift idea is both useful and cool-looking.

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Himalayan Salt Lamp - Secret Santa Gift

Himalayan Salt Lamp

$29.99 $20.97

Long days at the office and devices’ glare at home makes it challenging to wind down. A Himalayan salt lamp is perfect as a gift for your co-worker who’s a night reader. Its soft light will help them get better sleep after devouring another chapter.

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Bean Box Coffee Sampler - what to get a guy for secret santa

Bean Box Coffee Sampler


This bean box coffee sampler is an all-access pass to the very best artisan coffees, including artfully crated blends and single origins from the world’s best micro-lots. It is the perfect gift for a coffee lover at the office. Gift away!

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inexpensive secret santa gifts

“Best Dog Ever” Custom Photo Plaque

$29.95 $24.95

We all have a co-worker that has a photo gallery sitting on their desk. This frame is perfect for a present exchange with the dog lover in your office. Tasteful and heartwarming, this cute plaque is great if you need some Christmas gift ideas for family, too.

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Pen Set with Engraved Pen Case

Pen Set with Engraved Pen Case


If you’ve got a senior colleague as your secret Santa gift person, then a pen set with an engraved pen case will be a  unique gift to give them. It will stand out among all the other gifts and will be considered a very thoughtful gesture.

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perfect secret santa gifts

Monogrammed Personalized Cheese Board


Got a chef in your department? This monogrammed personalized cheese board is just the gift for him. It is made from bamboo wood, and it can be engraved with any design of your choice. A great durable gift for a great teammate.

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Electric Wine Opener

Electric Wine Opener


Perfect for the man who entertains, this electric bottle opener takes the hassle out of uncorking his favorite drink. Whenever he’s on a romantic evening or a party, he’ll be thanking you for this wine gift.

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Cactus Succulent Seed Starter Kit - Secret Santa Gift

Cactus Succulent Seed Starter Kit


This starter kit will certainly warm the heart of the nature lover in your workplace, and they can spend some time taking care of the plants as a relaxation activity. Your coworker may have a cute cactus pot in his work corner. That’s great!

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Gloves Touchscreen gift exchange ideas

Gloves Touchscreen


These touchscreen gloves are a must-have in any man’s closet and especially for the fall time. Comfortable and warm, they are perfect for cold weather commute and give you the freedom of movement. It has a great fit and will be a practical gift for your teammate.

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Sport Waist Pack

Sport Waist Pack


A sport waist pack is essential for everyday commute and for people who are always on the go. It’s a great way to have your things close by. It will prove to be a highly useful gift for your recipient and will make them feel appreciated.

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Wireless Charging Dock Station

Wireless Charging Dock Station


In a world that operates from devices, staying powered up is vital for productivity. The average employee uses their smartphone as much as their personal computer.

Therefore, when your co-worker can’t live without his gadgets, this charging station tops the gift list.

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beer soap for male co-workers as a secret santa gift

Beer Soap Gift Set


If your male colleague is a beer lover, this item makes an unusual and creative Christmas present for him. Available in a wide variety of popular flavors, it’s a rather funny gift idea. Let this soap become a daily reminder that it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere!

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fun magnetic pen

Magnetic Pen

$25.99 $20.99

If he is someone tough to buy for, consider this creative solution. Of all the office supplies in his workplace, this magnetic pen will be by far the most fun. He will be sure to love it. What more could you want in the best secret Santa gifts under $30?

Gift Away!

We hope our list of Secret Santa gift ideas has inspired you to prepare for yours. These practical and budget-friendly secret Santa gifts are perfect for your teammates, colleagues, and friends. Make the most of this wintertime and get into the spirit of giving. Happy holidays!


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