33 Coolest Secret Santa Gifts For Coworkers In 2020

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  • October 5, 2020
33 Coolest Secret Santa Gifts For Coworkers In 2020

2020 has been a tough year for most of us. Fortunately, we can already hear sleigh bells in the distance! An office gift exchange is sure to cheer up your workplace. Good Secret Santa gifts are items that match the recipients’ personalities, hobbies, and preferences. In this holiday gift guide, you will find smart suggestions from our gift experts that suit every type of co-workers and makes you the best Secret Santa this year.

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Bluetooth Beanie Hat - Secret santa gift for male co-workers

Bluetooth Beanie Hat


When looking for gift ideas under $20 for a tech-savvy guy, staying under budget may seem difficult.

This cute beanie hat fits the stylish male co-worker who likes to remain plugged into today’s trends. Its Bluetooth capability mixes fashion and functionality in one excellent tech gift.

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Wireless Charging Dock Station

Wireless Charging Dock Station


In a world that operates from devices, staying powered up is vital for productivity. The average employee uses their smartphone as much as their personal computer.

Therefore, when your co-worker can’t live without his gadgets, this charging station tops the gift list.

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Secret Santa Gift For Guys- Electric Wine Opener

Electric Wine Opener


Perfect for the man who entertains, this electric bottle opener takes the hassle out of uncorking his favorite drink. Whenever he’s on a romantic evening or a party, he’ll be thanking you for this wine gift.

And it’s hard to believe the price tag is under $20!

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beer soap for male co-workers as a secret santa gift

Beer Soap


If your male colleague is a beer lover, this item makes an unusual and creative Christmas present for him. Available in a wide variety of popular flavors, it’s a rather funny gift idea. Let this soap become a daily reminder that it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere!

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Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker - Secret santa gifts

Breakfast Sandwich Maker


If you have an office guy who lives on doughnuts, get him this immediately! While one of the most extravagant presents on this list, this breakfast sandwich maker is sure to get years of use. It’s great to take home or to share in the staff break room.

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Cat Shaped Wine Holder - Secret santa gift for cat lovers

Cat Shaped Wine Holder


Does she watch more cat videos than she’d like to admit? Then this cat-shaped wine holder is a cheerful way to celebrate your favorite cat lover.

This quirky bottle holder is something she’ll be happy to use and is sure to add whimsy to any party.

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Kneipp 6 Piece Herbal Bath Oil Set For Her

Herbal Bath Oil Set


Are they really into spa treatments? This year, instead of bath bombs, gift them a herbal bath oil set to level up their bathing experience.

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Funny Wine Coasters Set & Holder

Funny Wine Coasters


Women won’t typically list wine as one of their hobbies, but it’s a pretty common passion.

These funny and lighthearted wine coasters are perfect for the colleague who always invites you to happy hour. This item is one of the best gift ideas to brighten up her home.

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Corgi Slippers for dog lovers

Corgi Slippers


If you’ve drawn the office’s resident dog mom in this year’s present exchange, don’t fear. These comfy Corgi slippers will help you earn brownie points with her. While slightly above the $30 limit, you can rest assured it’ll be money well spent.

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Vibrating Facial Roller & Massager - Secret Santa Gift for her

Vibrating Facial Roller


If they love a polished look, show them that you’ve noticed their passion for self-care with this facial roller. This can give them a spa right in their bathroom and is ideal for women of all ages.

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Bath Pillow As A Secret Santa Gift

Bath Pillow


Work can get pretty stressful and exasperating. Help them experience relaxation when the workday is over. This charming bath pillow is perfect for this season of giving and shows how considerate you are.

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yoda best cook ever cutting board

Yoda Best Cook Ever


Are you exchanging presents with a foodie? Say thank you for the treats your colleague has brought into the workplace by giving them this cutting board.

After all, who can resist Yoda’s charm and wisdom? We’re sure this present will keep the bites coming year-round!

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Stress Relief Cards for Meditation Relaxation

Stress Relief Cards for Meditation


Give them a getaway in an instance with this anxiety relief gift. On each card is a mindfulness exercise that is simple, easy to read and understand, and easy to practice. They can use them anytime to stress less and be in the moment with more positive energy.

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Cactus Succulent Seed Starter Kit - Secret Santa Gift

Cactus Succulent Seed Starter Kit


Some of my colleagues have these mini succulent and cactus plants right on their desk, and I cannot help but include this kit in the article.

This starter kit will certainly warm the heart of the nature lover in your workplace, and they can spend some time taking care of the plants as a relaxation activity.

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MOFT invisible laptop stand - Christmas gifts for coworkers

Invisible Lightweight Laptop Stand


If you’ve got that co-worker who works (literally) everywhere, this is the right way to play Santa for them. This thoughtful gift helps them avoid any discomfort like shoulder and neck pain and improper posture like a hunched back while using their laptop. But unlike bulky laptop stands, this one is super lightweight, portable, and invisible!

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Neck Shoulder Back Massager As A Thoughtful Secret Santa Gift

Neck Shoulder Back Massager


A little sucking up never hurts. They may always complain about their neck and shoulder pain. So this can be a perfect chance to show how much you care about them by giving this massager.

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a custom photo collage coffee mug with the quote stressed blessed coffee obsessed for co-workers

Custom Photo Collage Mug


These days, it seems everyone loves coffee but some people simply are “obsessed” with it. And your receiver might be one of them. So if you’ve got a coffee enthusiast in the office, this custom photo mug is an excellent gift choice that is also just under $25.

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Santa Claus Official Nice List Personalized Pillow

Santa Claus Official Nice List Personalized Pillow


Personalized gifts can strengthen office camaraderie. What better way to say Merry Christmas than declaring them on Santa’s “nice list”?

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Pizza Flannel Blanket - Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Pizza Throw Blanket


There’s no better winter combo than a delicious pizza and your favorite throw. This funny blanket screams coziness! They will curl up in front of the TV and stay warm for hours on end. With a price tag under $25, you might even end up buying one for yourself!

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a desktop photo plaque gift for co-workers with the quote I Hug The Dog

A Desktop Photo Plaque


We all have a co-worker that has a photo gallery sitting on their desk. This frame is perfect for a present exchange with the dog lover in your office. Tasteful and heartwarming, this cute plaque is great if you need some Christmas gift ideas for family, too.

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Deluxe Zen Garden For Co-workers

Zen Garden


Most people can’t afford an outdoor Zen garden but could use a dose of relaxation. This year, spoil them with this mini zen garden.

The mini Japanese rock landscape brings peace and tranquility into their home or office. If you’re looking for affordable present ideas, stress no more!

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under desk foot rest for office workers

Under Desk Foot Rest


Working in an office environment can be harder on the body than people realize. A stylish under desk footrest is one of the most thoughtful gifts to promote relaxation. It’s a great way to pamper them for under $25.

under desk foot rest For office workers

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star wars popcorn maker

Star Wars Popcorn Maker


Looking for the top gift ideas for someone who lets their geek flag fly? Consider this Star Wars popcorn maker.

It is the perfect addition to their home or office. If you’re lucky, you might even get popcorn regularly in exchange.

May the holiday spirit be with you!

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mighty mug for secret santa gift exchange

Mighty Mug


Most people are hard-pressed to make it through the workday without a cup of coffee or a soda bottle in hand. This spill-proof mug is a gift for the clumsy colleague. It will keep their drinks at the right temperature while protecting any gadgets from even your most uncoordinated peers.

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secret santa gifts for coworkers - dill with it socks

Dill With It Socks


These socks will be loved by colleagues who love setting office fashion trends. The pair is just under $15 but makes them look cool as a cucumber whenever wearing the socks around the office!

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Himalayan Salt Lamp - Secret Santa Gift

Himalayan Salt Lamp


Long days at the office and your devices’ glare at home makes it challenging to wind down. A Himalayan salt lamp is perfect as a gift for your co-worker who’s a night reader. Its soft light will help them get better sleep after devouring another chapter.

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Dog Apron For Secret Santa Gift

Dog Apron


Every office has a kind soul who brings in brownies, cookies, and other tasty treats. Finding a holiday gift for this generous co-worker is always a joy. This cute dog apron, which is under 15 bucks, is simply perfect.

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7 Pieces Cutlery Set For Colleagues

Cutlery Set


This eco-friendly gift is perfect for the environmentally conscious colleague who hates using disposable boxes and plastic utensils. This cutlery set will complement their workplace meals!

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fun magnetic pen

Magnetic Pen


If they are someone tough to buy for, consider this creative solution. Of all the office supplies in your workplace, this magnetic pen will be by far the most fun. It could make an excellent white elephant gift idea as well.

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an eyeglasses holder that looks like a Maui

Maui Eyeglasses Holder


Need a wacky item for that person in the workplace who wears glasses? Consider this funky accessory. Half piece of art, half eyewear holder, it fits neatly onto any desk. This original gift idea is both useful and cool-looking.

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Make Life Your Bitch- Motivational adult coloring book For Secret santa gift exchange

Motivational Adult Coloring Book


Does your gift exchange recipient have a clever sense of humor? If so, this creativity-enticing present will give them a good laugh. Coloring books have become a popular, fun fad over the past few years. This motivational gift will definitely win a smile from that snarky colleague.

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elephant Desk Supplies Organizer

Elephant Desk Supplies Organizer


Seeking a gift for co-worker’s bliss? A cute desk supplies organizer will be a hit. It’s perfect both for that colleague who frequently loses track of things or for the one who is hyper-organized. Its surprisingly low price tag won’t make a dent in your wallet.

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Before-You-Go Toilet Spray Lavender Vanilla Scent

Before-You-go Toilet Spray

$11.99 $9.63

Here’s our last surprise idea for this holiday gift list: a before-you-go toilet spray that stops bathroom odors before they ever begin! This gift is funny but at the same time hits the right spot for any office worker.

Do you have other recommendations for Secret Santa gifts this year? Let us know in the comment section below.

We hope this list gives you some fun inspiration. Choose one based on the personality of your colleagues or their concerns, and you’ll be the best Secret Santa in the office this 2020.


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