20+ Secret Santa Gifts Under $25 For Every Type Of Coworkers 2019

  • BY Emmanuel Egeonu
  • November 29, 2019
20+ Secret Santa Gifts Under $25 For Every Type Of Coworkers 2019

As the holiday season draws near, the very idea of playing Santa to your coworkers is enough to make your head swirl. Whether it’s your favorite water-cooler guy or someone you simply give a head nod while in the elevator, these Secret Santa gifts will warm the heart of any coworker, including your boss in the office this Holidays!

Especially, they are the best budget-friendly Christmas gift ideas but definitely will make you the best Santa ever in the office!

Let’s have a look at them:

1. A Christmas Gift for the Coworker Who’s Obsessed with Schedules

Christmas Gifts for Coworkers - magnetic dry-erase monthly calendar board

Magnetic Dry-Erase Monthly Calendar Board

This magnetic dry-erase monthly calendar board is perfect for your colleague who always has to keep to time. It has a sleek aluminum frame, is durable as well as resists staining and ghosting. They’ll certainly love creating monthly calendars on this one!

Price: $9.96

2. A Christmas Gift For The One Always Taking Notes at Meetings

Christmas Gifts for Coworkers - engraved light up pen

Engraved/Personalized LITE UP Pen

A special thing about this pen is that its engravings light up, so you can engrave your coworker’s name or a phrase like “Merry Christmas” on it. And every time it lights up they’ll remember the thought you put into the gift.

Price: from $12.99

3. A Clever Secret Santa Gift for Your Clumsy Colleagues

Mighty Mug

Without a doubt, your clumsy coworker will be amazed by this spill-free travel mug. This magical might mug helps avoid ruining important documents and allow them to sip around their electronics worry-free. Besides, its double-wall construction can keep your coworker’s beverage hot or cold for extended periods.

Price: from $19.99

4. Santa Claus Gifts For Coffeeholic Coworkers In the Office

Christmas Gifts for Coworkers - coffee subscription box

Coffee Subscription Box

These days it seems everyone loves coffee, but some people simply are “obsessed” with it. If you’ve got a coffee enthusiast as a colleague this handpicked Seattle and Portland coffee subscription box is an excellent Secret Santa gift choice.

Price: from $24

Christmas Gifts for Coworkers - eat your coffee energy bar

Eat Your Coffee Energy Bar

These tasty snack bars are caffeinated with a full cup of antioxidant-rich, fair-trade coffee. A cup of coffee in every bar! This coffee bar will help your colleague get energized when working out. It’s made of natural ingredients and when given as a Secret Santa gift, it shows that you put some thought into it!

Price: $14.99

5. Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Colleagues Who Love Spa Treatments

Christmas Gifts for Coworkers - bath bomb lush usa

Bath Bomb

Does someone you work with love spa treatments? These bath bombs are the perfect White Elephant gift idea! With essentials oils, and tons bubbly fun, they’re perfect for every bathing experience.

Price: from $6.95

Christmas Gifts for Coworkers - LA JOLIE MUSE Plumeria Scented Candles

Scented Candles

There are no better Christmas gifts for your coworkers who adore fragrances than the Plumeria scented candle. It’s a luxurious one, with top-notch white-tint glass packaged in a gorgeous box with black, gold, and cream detailing.

Price: from $16.99

6. Christmas Gifts for Those Who Need a Little Zen

Christmas Gifts for Coworkers - essential oil diffuser

Essential Oils Diffuser

This oriental looking item can flood a room with the scents of essential oils with diffuser reeds and it’s aesthetically appealing. If your colleague can’t stop talking about essential oils, this Christmas gift would be a heartwarming one for those always helping you at work.

Price: $23.99

Christmas Gifts for Coworkers - himalayan pink salt lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamp

For people who love reading novels before falling asleep, the Himalayan Salt Lamp is a precious gift. Carved from the Himalayan rocks in Pakistan, it gives off warm illumination and a calming atmosphere.

Price: $16.97

Christmas Gifts for Coworkers - adult coloring book with pencils

Adult Coloring Book

Heard about the new adult coloring book trend? Yea it’s a thing. If you’ve got an artistic colleague, they’re probably in on it as well, so this will be a perfect Christmas gift for them.

Price: under $10

stress relief tea

Stress Relief Tea

Specifically designed to relax, this honey lavender stress relief tea is a soothing and thoughtful Secret Santa gift for coworkers who have always wanted a getaway throughout the year.

Price: from $3.84

7. A Touching Christmas Gift For Your Great Boss

office chair back cushion-lumbar support pillow

Back Cushion

A little sucking up never hurt. After all your boss is hardworking and needs to feel relaxed whenever he sits down on his office chair – perhaps he’ll remember you gave him the memory back cushion and grant you extra favors.

Price: from $15

8. For Your Coworkers Who Are Going “Green”

christmas gifts for coworkers - reusable stainless-steel straws

Reusable Straw

This is something coworkers with a sense of environmental responsibility will definitely adore. This bendable stainless-steel wide straw will certainly keep you in the mind of your coworker when they’re taking a sip.

Price: $9.89

Live Succulent Plant

Live Succulent Plant

Nothing says “I support your passion” to a nature lover more than this beautiful live succulent plant. And it will certainly warm their heart as it’s a thoughtful Secret Santa gift.

Price: $20.99

9. A Secret Santa Idea For The Selfie Junkie Colleague

phone Camera Lens as christmas gifts for coworkers

Phone Camera Lens

This phone camera lens would endear you to that colleague that simply loves taking selfies. It might even get your boss in on the selfie fun when they whip it out. It’s one of the coolest Secret Santa gifts that’ll keep you on their minds for a long time.

Price: $16.99

10. A Heart-Warming Christmas Gift For Your BFF At Workplace

Best Friends Are Hard To Find Personalized Photo Plaque

Custom Desktop Plaque

What’s the best present for a coworker who’s your best friend? A custom desktop plaque. It’s a personalized gift that allows you to put some thought into it and that alone is enough to warm the heart of your friend.

Price: $24.95

11. A Funny Secret Santa Gift For The Fashionista In The Office

christmas gifts for coworkers - dill with it socks

Dill With it Socks

These socks have unique prints and will be loved by your colleagues who love setting office trends. It’s among the simplest yet greatest Christmas gifts for coworkers that love getting cozy by the fireplace.

Price: $15.99

12. A Gift For Your Coworker Who’s all About the Season

knitted scar as Christmas gifts for coworkers

Hand Knitted Scarf

If you’re great at knitting, why not make a personalized Christmas gift for coworkers who just love the holiday season. When they’re snuggled up by the fireplace, you’ll be in their minds throughout this December holiday.

Price: $0

13. Secret Santa Gifts For Your IT Coworkers

woman wiping cleaning the laptop screen

Screen Cleaner Kit

This alcohol and ammonia-free screen cleaner is designed to wipe off fingerprints from laptops, PCs, and TVs, etc. And your nerdy colleagues in the IT department will certainly love it.

Price: from $8.58

MOFT invisible laptop stand - Christmas gifts for coworkers

Invisible Lightweight Laptop Stand

If you’ve got that coworker who works literally everywhere, this is the right way to play Santa for them. The invisible lightweight laptop stand holds the laptop in place firmly and is crafted in such a way that is not a distraction to the user. So it surely is the coolest tech gift for the guys at your office.

Price: $24.99

14. The Best Christmas Gift For Your Netflix-Obsessed Colleagues

man watching netflix on screen - Netflix gift card christmas gifts for coworkers

Netflix Gift Card

For every movie lover, this ‘Netflix and Chill’ Gift is a gem and your coworker would probably feel the same. A Netflix gift card would put a smile on his/her heart and would be the best Christmas Gift for coworkers like this.

Price: from $25


Choosing the best Secret Santa gifts for coworkers can be a difficult task but with these ideas, you can now make an easy decision! Just choose one of the options in the article based on the personality of your colleagues and you’ll certainly touch their hearts.

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