Rustic Wall Decor For the Perfect Abode

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  • September 3, 2019
Rustic Wall Decor For the Perfect Abode

Rustic wall decor has started to gain popularity among homeowners who want to incorporate natural elements in their living spaces. There is a range of ideas that you can use without sacrificing modern sensibilities. Keep reading to find out about some of these ideas.

What Is Rustic Decorative Style?

rustic christmas tree decoration on a wall

When we talk about giving your house a rustic look, we refer to a design that looks rugged and natural. Earthy tones, nature-inspired textures, and other raw and unfinished elements are used to add warmth to your house.

Rustic wall decor helps you make a connection to bygone times. They evoke a sense of honesty and warmth. As opposed to the traditional rustic style that appears dark and heavy, old rustic wall ideas have been replaced with more contemporary ones. They make your house look earthy and grounded but fresh and light at the same time.

Some Useful Tips

Colors play a great role in giving your home a rustic look. Use colors that reflect nature such as green, brown, tan, white, and sepia. Such colors give your living room and other spaces in your house a warm and cozy feeling.

Wood is another major element. Use wood in the forms of reclaimed wood, planks or palettes. Avoid using shiny pieces or materials that reflect light. The idea is to give the interior of your house a raw yet a well-thought look.

wooden interior of a living room

Apart from rustic wood wall decor, you can make use of wooden furniture, wrought iron, and rusted metals to give your house a rustic style.Take a trip to your attic and re-use and recycle anything that you find. Twigs, door frames, glass bottles, window frames, and picture frames are just some of the items that you can incorporate in giving your house rustic look.

antique rustic wooden furniture

Vintage & Rustic Wall Decor Ideas

1.     Hanging Olive Buckets with Flowers

rustic wall decor idea olive buckets and flowers

Source: AllThatsRustic

This beautiful olive bucket wall decor comes with three rustic olive buckets and three artificial flowers of choice. The flowers are included and can easily be removed as per the season. The ivory roses and greenery add a pop of color while maintaining the earthiness of the style.

2.     Window Frame

rustic wall decor idea window frame with green wreath

Source: FarmHomeChic

This charming window frame is adorned with a soft green faux honey locust and rosemary wreath. The frame is cream in color and has highlights of the same green color as the wreath.It is adorned with an acrylic knob and rustic oil-rubbed bronze hardware.

3.     Faux Deer Antlers

faux deer antler exotic wall decor


Decorate your living room with this hand-painted deer skull. Animal skulls like those of deers and bulls have been a part of traditional rustic decor. The cost of white paint on the skull adds a touch of modern minimalism. It is the perfect addition to your living room and available at a very affordable price.

4.     Wood Pallets

rustic wall decor shelf made of wood palletes

Source: Top Cool DIY

Wood pallet is a great rustic wood wall décor item. You can make one yourself and place it around a piece of furniture that compliments it.

5.     Twigs

rustic wall decor twigs in photo frame


This primitive cabin decor, made of a split log and timbers, immediately gives your regular looking a house a look of your dreams.

6.     Wall Scones with Fairy Lights

rustic wall decoration idea mason jar with fairy lights and flowers

Source: HABOM

This rustic wall decor item with LED fairy lights is handcrafted and features 2 silk hydrangea flowers (that can be replaced). The flowers represent an element from nature and when paired with the fairy lights, they create a rustic look that evokes a bygone era. It comes in a set of 2 with strong hangers to hang in your living room, dining room or hallway.

7.     Artwork

letter art canvas print

Source: 365Canvas

Use artwork pieces to give your house a vintage look. There is a range of options available in the market. You may want to check out canvas prints for some rustic wall decor items at affordable prices. For example, personalized family name signs come with a variety of styles and designs. So these items, especially with wood background, can bring a sense of intimacy to your living space.

And if you are going for a canvas wall art, don’t forget to check out our canvas sizes guide for each room in your house.

More ideas on rustic wall decor are available in home decor books and magazines. You don’t necessarily have to remodel your entire house at once. You can begin creating a rustic look by using the above mentioned rustic wall decor ideas.



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