47 Best Romantic Gifts For Him to Send Love to Your Man (2022)

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  • September 14, 2022
47 Best Romantic Gifts For Him to Send Love to Your Man (2022)

Finding the best romantic gifts for him to celebrate your special occasion can be quite a challenge! Don’t worry.

We’ve got some cool gift ideas for your sweetheart that say “I Love You” loud and clear.

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, or his birthday, an exciting gift will keep the spark alive in your relationship.

Even if you’re a hopeless romantic or the practical gift giver, remember, it’s all about him!

Your husband or boyfriend will appreciate a gift that expresses the romance and love you’ve built together.

Romantic Gifts for Boyfriend

On his birthday, Valentine’s Day, or other occasions, he deserves a gift that’s unique and thoughtful.

What can you give him? Here are the best romantic gifts to express your love.

1. A Sentimental Star Map

The Night Everything Changed Star Map

The Night Everything Changed Star Map


This custom wall art shows the star map and city map of a special event in your life. It could be the day you first met, the place you shared your first kiss, or the day you two tied the knot. Is there any more romantic gift than this? We’re afraid not.

2. Just Because I Love You Gift for Him

I Love You To The Moon And Back Blanket: romantic gifts for him

I Love You To The Moon And Back Blanket


The sentimental and comfy blanket features an elegant design and is made from super-soft fleece. Show your lover what they mean to you with some of the best words combined with a soft and comfortable feeling of a hug. He will treasure and cherish it for years to come.

3. A Reminder of Where You First Met

Where It All Began Map Wall Art

Where It All Began Map Wall Art


Let good memories last with this romantic wall art. The place on the map can be personalized. Simply add the location where you first met your other half and you’ll get a sentimental gift for your next anniversary or Valentine’s Day.

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4. A Mug For Long Distance Relationship

Distance Means So Little Map Mug

Distance Means So Little Map Mug


Distance means so little when someone means so much, and that’s a fact. Let your significant other know that your love for them is not going anywhere with this cute mug. Customize it with your own maps and give it to your boo to celebrate a special occasion.

5. A Cute “Hug Me” Pillow

romantic gifts for your love: hug this pillow until you can hug me

If You Miss Me Hug This Pillow


This pillow is a cute item for your long-distance boo on a dating anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or any other special occasion. Show him how much you love him. Whenever he cuddles with this gift, he’ll definitely feel loved although you’re not around.

6. 365 Ways to Say “I Love You”

365 Love Notes: romantic gifts for him

365 Love Notes


If you are looking for 365 ways to tell him how much you love him, we got you! This one is no ordinary romantic birthday gift. With a jar full of love notes from his girlfriend, what more could he want? We can’t think of a better DIY gift to keep the sparks flying in the relationship!

7. A Blanket to Keep Him Warm

romantic gifts for men: heart shaped song lyrics blanket

Heart-Shaped Song Lyrics Blanket


Are you searching for a beautiful one-of-a-kind gift that is out of the ordinary? Don’t look beyond this blanket gift for him. Besides making a unique way to preserve your favorite song, this unique romantic gift will accentuate your decor. Simply choose your song, names and make the blanket your own!

8. A Funny Plaque with The Sweetest Photo

cute gifts for your boyfriend: I Love You More Photo Plaque

I Love You More Photo Plaque


This funny yet sentiment conveys the most precious message. Personalize the plaque by adding a photograph and changing the name. And the custom plaque will be a lovely gift for your man!

9. For A Sweet Date Night

Truth or Dare for Couples: romantic gifts for him

Truth or Dare for Couples


Are you looking to spice up your romantic life? We’ve found the perfect after-dinner amusement for date night! This romantic Valentine’s Day gift game is a great way to create that much-needed sexy time! With kinky dares such as removing one article of clothing, it will surely ignite that spark. It will make for the perfect 6-month anniversary present!

10. For Your Long Distance Relationship

I Can't Wait To Hug You Socks - Long Distance Relationship Gift for Him

Long-Distance Relationship Socks


They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, but we have something to make the pain a little better. Let your partner know that no matter how far they are, you are always connected. With a super-soft cotton blend, these socks are a delightful long-distance relationship gift. He’ll feel he’s home with you whenever he puts them on.

11. A Heartfelt Collage

gifts for your boyfriend: Heart-Shaped Photo Collage

Heart-Shaped Photo Collage


Celebrate your relationship with this cute. You can customize this lovely wall art with 20 photos of your sweetest moments. That said, you’ll gift your boo a personalized, stylish, and memorable present. And this makes a perfect and creative gift for 1-year dating anniversary.

12. For His Eyes Only

Photo Album

Photo Album


Embrace one of the sweetest trends in grooms’ gifts. Boudoir photos will be such an unforgettable present for his birthday. When he opens up this surprise gift for him, we can guarantee that his heart will start racing! Don’t worry, he won’t have a heart attack. He’ll just get so excited and thrilled, rightfully so!

13. For Your Man with a Good Sense of Humor

Sexy Mug: romantic gifts for him

Sexy Mug


Every romance needs a little help sometimes. If you are looking for a funny, humorous way to spice things up in the bedroom, we got you! If there is an award for the most original love gifts, this one will take it. Add your names to the back of the mug to complete this romantic anniversary gift.

14. A Very Sexy Scent

Victoria's Secret VS Him Platinum

Victoria’s Secret VS Him Platinum


Tired of the same old scents that don’t last? This Victoria’s secret cologne spray for men is amongst the best romantic gifts for your man. Without our five senses, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the finer things in life like this breathtaking cologne. We love this one because it will have him thinking about you all day long!

15. A Ornament of Sweet Memories

I Love You Custom Photo Ornament: romantic gifts for him

I Love You Custom Photo Ornament


There is nothing quite like falling in love. How then do you express that in its entirety? It’s impossible, but this appreciation gift for him comes pretty close. Show him how much you love him with this customized photo ornament!

16. A Scent Candle

Scented Candle

Scented Candle


How do you turn a regular old night into a romantic one? In our experience, a scented candle always makes the sparks fly. Light this romantic Christmas gift for him and create a dreamy ambiance in your home. A strong-scented natural candle is an easy way to get you both in the mood.

17. Let the Fun Begin

Checklist Note Pad

Checklist Note Pad


Making love is great for adults, but making love regularly is even better. Surprisingly, there are many unique and intimate reasons to make love to your partner. With this romantic gift idea, you can clarify your motivation with a checklist that indicates all your reasons! Specify whether you want it right now or tonight, and let the fun begin!

18. A Recipe Book for Two

Date Night In

Date Night In

$14.99 – $15.99

This book features over 120 recipes to nourish your romance. Making time to talk, cook, and eat together can be the ultimate relationship booster. This must-have couple gift is a nice way to make date night an integral part of your week. It will allow you to woo each other every week with breathtaking food, drinks, and great company.

19. For His Sweet Tooth

Chocolate Passport Set

Chocolate Passport Set


Who doesn’t love chocolates? They are the traditional symbol of romance! Celebrate your new relationship with this cute chocolate passport set. It has eight individually wrapped chocolates from around the world in each box your man will absolutely love. Give him the ultimate experience of high-quality chocolate from premier cocoa with one of our simple Valentine’s Day gift ideas!

20. For The Bartender Man

Bartender Kit with Stand

Bartender Kit with Stand


Turn your boo into a bartending expert with this premium cocktail set. Your dinner gatherings will never be the same again. It’s the perfect monthsary gift for him! It’s not just a thoughtful present but also a piece of art to add a decorative touch to his bar. It also features a stainless steel cocktail shaker and liquor pourers!

21. For His Better Sleep

Bed Sheets Set

Bed Sheets Set


There’s nothing better than sliding into soft, silky, and comfortable bed sheets after a long day. As human beings, we spend about a third of our lives sleeping or at least trying to. So why not do it in the most luxurious gift ideas for men? These sheets will ensure that you both get the best good night’s sleep.

Romantic Gifts for Husband

Whether you’ve just married or you’ve been together for decades, it’s always great to give your husband something sentimental to express your love.

This time, we’re here to help you spoil him with a heartfelt present.

22. The Most Heartfelt Option

Vinyl Record Spiral Song Lyrics: romantic gifts for him

Vinyl Record Spiral Song Lyrics


Do you remember your first date? How about the first song you ever heard together? If he loves music, only this romantic anniversary gift will do. It is a unique way to reminisce on some of your favorite moments together. This song lyrics wall art will surely melt his heart!

23. For Your Gamer Guy

More Than Video Games Mug

Game Lover Couple Mugs


Video games are more popular and more engaging than ever! This hilarious mug is sure to rekindle your romance. Is there any better way to warm your favorite gamer’s heart for Valentine’s Day or his birthday? We doubt it.

24. A Street Sign Art

Street Sign Wall Art: romantic gifts for him

Street Sign Wall Art


You both took different paths, but all led you to a crossroads. When both of your roads joined, it created an intersection between two hearts. So tell your beautiful story through this wall art. Display your names and the special date on it and you’ll have a meaningful anniversary gift for your partner.

25. A Touching Photo Gift

To My Husband Photo Plaque: romantic gifts for him

To My Husband Photo Plaque


This photo plaque makes a meaningful gift that he will surely cherish. You can customize it with a photo that captures the best moment of you two.

26. A Sound Wave Art

Sound Wave Art Glass Block

Sound Wave Art Glass Block


Remember your wedding dance? That special moment when you were in the arms of your number one guy. What if you could turn that moment into a piece of art? This personalized romantic gift for him is a uniquely meaningful way to celebrate your boo. This sound wave art can feature your favorite song or even the sound of his voice.

27. A Photo Ornament

First Christmas Photo Ornament: romantic gifts to get him

First Christmas Photo Ornament


It’s a romantic gift for newlywed couples. Add your names, date, and upload your favorite photo to make it even more special. What better way to celebrate your first holiday as husband and wife than a visual representation of your love?

28. A Cute Way To Express Your Love

Love You More Photo Blanket: romantic gifts for him

Love You More Photo Blanket


You used to believe that love, too, has an expiry date, but with him by your side, you feel like falling in love, more and more each day. Let your spouse know that by giving him this custom photo blanket. Show him that the more you be with him, the more you love him.

29. Perfect Things to Do Together

100 Places Scratch Off Poster

100 Places Scratch Off Poster


Inspire your man to explore the world with this most romantic gift! With 100 beautiful places to scratch off the poster, he can visit many life-changing locations the world over. But what’s the point of seeing the world if his love is not by his side? Join him on his adventures and make beautiful memories!

30. For Your Tired Man

Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager


We know how hard the man in your life works. He deserves the most luxurious spa experience money can buy. But after a long day at work, this thoughtful massager is the next best thing. This special gift for him will relieve stress, fatigue, and lack of sleep. By alleviating his muscle pain, it will also improve his mood!

31. For Your Romantic Love Story

Hello Will You I Do Pillow: romantic gifts for him

Hello Will You I Do Pillow


Let’s go down memory lane with this creative custom map print pillow. Hello – Will you marry me?- I do. Celebrate your love story with this romantic birthday gift for him. Customize the heart-shaped maps to feature that special location and date. With an attractive white background, complemented by bright red hearts, it will make for the perfect bedroom highlight.

32. A Practical Yet Sweet Item

Leather Magnetic Money Clip

Leather Magnetic Money Clip


A personalized wallet is always a great go-to present when you want to give him a nostalgic gift. Turn an ordinary moment into something extraordinary with this beautiful little leather wallet. You can engrave it with a brief romantic message for him to carry everywhere he goes. Handmade from full-grain leather, this sentimental gift for him is quite enchanting!

33. Say “I Love You” with Every Drink

I Love You to the Moon and Back Stone Coaster: romantic gifts for him

I Love You to the Moon and Back Stone Coaster


Do you love him to the moon and back? Here’s an inexpensive way to make sure he remembers that all the time. These stone coasters will make for the perfect birthday gift. Protection sealed, these coasters have shielding feet to ensure your furniture is always safe.

34. An Exciting & Romantic Box

Love Drop Subscription Box

Love Drop Subscription Box


It’s time to bring out that kinky, sexual side of your relationship. LoveDrop is an online platform with some intriguing items, writings, and self-care tips to stimulate togetherness. They have creative activities, games & sexy ideas to spice up those intimate moments. This one ranks high on the cute things to do for your man on Valentine’s Day!

35. A Funny Gift for Your Sweet Heart

Custom Boxer Underwear

Custom Boxer Underwear


Is there anything he enjoys seeing more than your pretty face? We think not! How about we remind him why he is the luckiest man in the world? This novelty boxer is the perfect surprise gift for a man with a good sense of humor. He’ll feel so fresh and so clean in his fun custom underwear!

36. For The Man Who Needs to Relax

Hot Stone Heater With Rock

Hot Stone Heater With Rock


We can agree that what’s his is also yours! We all know he won’t be the only one using this one. This Royal Massage stone heater is a great way to awaken the romance. It will make for one of the most beautiful love gifts for your man. If he works long hours, he’ll appreciate the luxurious treat!

37. Sensual Treats for Him

Kama Sutra Intimate Gift Sets: romantic gifts for him

Kama Sutra Intimate Gift Sets


Escape to a romantic paradise with the Kama Sutra lovers travel kit. It lets you take the passion with you wherever you go. If you are looking to do a little rekindling on Valentine’s Day, this is the perfect travel companion. Featuring an assortment of petite sensual treats makes it a good sweetest day gift for him!

38. For the Man Who Loves His Beard

Beard Kit

Beard Kit


Looking for the perfect way to upgrade his grooming situation? We have an awesome just because gift for you. This beard kit features organic beard soap/shampoo, a mustache wax, organic beard oil, and much more. Because the beard kit has a blend of pure essential oils, he’ll get a naturally beautiful woody, and warm scent.

39. For Your Pleasure-Seeker Man



$19.99 – $24.99

Bathrobes are some of the most underrated romantic gifts for him. Lounging around the house doesn’t always mean hanging out in shorts and an undershirt. Sometimes he needs an ultra-soft, fuzzy all-season fleece robe to slip in when he’s relaxing. Give him the gift of ultimate coziness with this high-quality and durable 2-year anniversary surprise.

40. For Your Man Who Loves Wine

Electric Aerator Dispenser

Electric Aerator Dispenser


For men who love wine, an aerator pump is essential. When you are in the mood for a bottle of red, waiting for it to breathe is not an option. Get the perfect pour without the hassle of an aerator! This anniversary present for him is the best way to get that romantic dinner started.

Personalized Romantic Gifts for Him

Still searching for the perfect romantic gift for him? Then, something that can be personalized is the right answer.

Check out these gifts that’ll strengthen your relationship.

41. A Sweet Message for Him

Personalized Hidden Secret Message Bracelet - romantic gifts for him

Personalized Hidden Secret Message Bracelet


Sometimes the best things in life are enjoyed in secret. You and your sweetheart can do just that with this small and inexpensive secret message bracelet. When it comes to picking a love you more gift, you can’t go wrong with a bracelet. This genuine, authentic handmade leather bracelet is the perfect way to say, “I adore you.”

42. A Cute “I Love You More” Gift

Personalized Hidden Secret Message Bracelet - romantic gifts for him

I Love You More Keychain With Date


This dainty keychain is the perfect I love you gift. Customize it with the most important date of your life. It could be the first time you met, your engagement date, or even your wedding date. This stainless steel keychain also has an antique feel to it. When it comes to intimate gifts for him, there are a few better recommendations!

43. For Your Man When He Wants to Dress Up

Personalized Cufflinks - romantic gifts for him

Personalized Cufflinks


We know that wearing cufflinks gives the impression of affluent status. They are a meaningful gift for men. Cufflinks are a great way to commemorate a promotion at work or marry the most beautiful woman in the world. They are a classic and unique gift idea for your husband. Did we mention that they say I love you?

44. A Custom Valet Tray

Personalized Leather Valet Tray

Personalized Leather Valet Tray


How many times were you late because he misplaced the keys somewhere in the house? We can’t blame him – it’s so easy to lose small items. This anniversary gift is the perfect way to ensure that it won’t happen again. It’s simple and yet so unique! This high-quality Italian leather valet tray will surely give prominence to your decor!

45. Best Mug for Your Man

romantic gifts for him: grow old with me mug

Grow Old With Me Custom Map Mug


This mug is the perfect way to let him know how much you love him. He’ll cherish it, no matter the occasion. You can customize it with your names. It’s a Valentine’s Day surprise for him to remember!

46. A Sentimental Keepsake for Life

Personalized Star Map Wall Art: romantic gifts for him

“The Start of Us” Star Map Art


Are you tired of getting him a just because gift every year? Embrace the night sky with this personalized quality piece of art to treasure forever. Imagine capturing the exact way the night stars looked at the location and date of your favorite memory together! Can you think of a more romantic birthday gift for him?

47. Cuddle Gift for Him

Let’s Cuddle Custom Photo Pillow: romantic gifts for him

Let’s Cuddle Custom Photo Pillow


It is said that a warm hug can reduce our stress and help us sleep better. If he loves to cuddle when it’s cold outside, this photo pillow is perfect for him. You can customize this cushion with 6 photos of the couple and your first name to make him remember you every day.

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Because He Deserves The Best

With these romantic gift ideas for him, we hope you’ll find something romantic to sweeten your relationship.

No matter how long you’ve been together, let him know that he’s still your number one man.



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