25 Best Gift Ideas For Ring Bearers Of All Interests And Ages In 2020

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  • October 2, 2020
25 Best Gift Ideas For Ring Bearers Of All Interests And Ages In 2020

Just like your bridesmaids and groomsmen, your ring bearer has a huge role on your Wedding Day and contributes to making your big day successful. Therefore, it makes sense to give him a gift as a big thank you. And we have curated some of the best and unique ring bearer gift ideas to help you ease the gift-choosing task.

What Makes A Good Gift for A Ring Bearer?

Needless to say, ring bearer gifts are difficult to choose.

The gift should not simply include the words “Thank you” on it, but it must be something your little man is interested in, which might even change radically.

Many readers also think of a personalized gift with their wedding day engraved as a keepsake. However, their ring bearer may not care much about those details.

So our best advice is digging into the ring bearer’s current interests, hobbies, or the kid’s development, and incorporate them into choosing the gift.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the best 25 ring bearer gifts to propose and congratulate the little man on his beautiful job on your wedding day!

Best Ring Bearer Gift Ideas

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Will You be our ring bearer proposal photo puzzle

Proposal Photo Puzzle

From $9.93

A creative way to ask the youngest member of your family to be your ring bearer is through a unique and personalized gift item.

With the help of this ‘Will You Be Our Ring Bearer?’ photo puzzle, you can ask the second most important question of the wedding in style. And the little guy can have some fun with this gift too!

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Groom's Attendant Boutonniere Pin For Ring Bearer

Groom’s Attendant Boutonniere Pin

From $15.50

This lovely personalized pin for the ring bearer is a unique way to tell all the guests of the event who the person in charge of the rings is.

The adorable pin has a cute-looking bear on it. In the middle of the pin, you can write the name of the ring bearer and the wedding date.

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ring security badge

Ring Security Badge


Another creative way to tell who is in charge of the rings is through the ring security badge. This adorable model will instantly elevate the look of the wearer.

However, before ordering one, make sure that the batch matches the ring bearer outfit.

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Ninja Turtles Boys Toddler Multi pack Socks

Ninja Turtles Socks

From $11.98

Are you marrying a comic fan? Are all groomsmen wearing something that pays tribute to their favorite superhero?

If it matches the theme of the wedding, you can get a pair of Ninja Turtles socks for your ring bearer so he can join the gang!

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Silver Shoe Wings For Ring Bearer

For Ring Bearers From 3-year-old and Above

Silver Shoe Wings


Add some bling and an ethereal touch to their outfit with these silver shoe wings. When they are walking down the aisle while wearing the shoes with these wings attached, they will look almost angelic.

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Melissa & Doug Peg Puzzle Bundle - Farm Animals, Pets and Sea Creatures

For 2- to 4-year-old Ring Bearers

Peg Puzzles Set


A good way to say thank you to your ring bearer is by giving them a gift that they can use for a long time. These easy-to-grasp puzzle sets are both entertaining and educational for young kids.

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Magic Water Doodle Mat For Ring Bearer

For The 2-year-old Ring Bearer

Magic Water Doodle Mat


An affordable gift for a young ring bearer is the magic water doodle mat. Highly convenient and useful for 2-year-old ring bearers, the doodle mat let them hone in their creativity skills. And they can spend hours playing with the magic pen without making a mess in the home!

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Paint by Sticker Kids: Dinosaurs

For Any Ring Bearer Over 3 Years Old

Paint by Sticker for Kids


For the creative ring bearer, this Paint by Sticker for Kids set offers a fun activity and is a perfect way to enhance a kid’s creativity skills and hand-eye coordination.

With this Dinosaur set, kids will have to peel the sticker and place it to see the dinosaur paintings come to life!

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Ring Security Teddy Bear

Ring Security Teddy Bear

From $19.95

This adorable thank you gift for ring bearers will be an instant hit that your little ring bearer will love. And this teddy bear will also keep him occupied during the time of the wedding ceremony and in the reception.

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Navy Solar System Glow-in-the-Dark Backpack

$39.50 – $79.50

Backpacks are a practical gift for the ring bearer. But this is not JUST a backpack, it glows in the dark!

Name personalization is available, and they come in different sizes for different ages.

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ring bearer personalized crayon

For Ring Bearers Over 5 Years Old

Personalized Crayon

From $13.50

For your 5-year-old ring bearer, you can get personalized crayon, which has their name written on it – or anything that they like. It is a good and practical gift that will be loved by both the kid and their parents.

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Personalized Harmonica For Ring Bearer

If He Is Over 7 Years Old

Engraved Harmonica


For ring bearers who are into music, this custom harmonica is one of the best gift ideas for a 7-year-old ring bearer and will make you the best bride and groom ever.

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The Coolest Kid in the World Custom Photo Mug

Custom Photo Mug


A custom photo mug is a creative and sentimental way to say thank you to the child who had been an important part of your wedding.

On the ceramic mug will be a photo of the ring bearer and the saying: ‘The coolest kid in the world.’

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Rocketship Nightlight For Kids

Rocketship Nightlight


Does the ring bearer love science and space? For curious souls, this rocketship nightlight is just the perfect present and will inspire him to dream big.

This will not only keep them engaged, but will also provide a good décor option for the kids’ room.

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LEGO Minecraft The Panda Nursery As A Ring Bearer Gift

For 7 Years and Up

LEGO Minecraft


Who doesn’t love LEGO? Your ring bearer will adore this LEGO Minecraft and thank you for being so considerate about their likes. This particular gift is perfect for creative kids who love to make amazing and creative models.

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wizard wand with personalized label

For The Ring Bearer Who is A Potterhead

Wizard Wands with Personalized Label


For 8- or 10-year-old ring bearers, you should take the help of pop culture. By this age, most kids have read or watch fantasy novels and movies. If the ring bearer is into Harry Potter, you should get a wizard wand for them. The personalized label on the wand will make it have sentimental value too.

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Star Wars Boys' Yoda Robe

Yoda Robe


There are two groups of people: those who are into Star Wars and those who will be into Star Wars. And this Yoda robe is a great item that you can get for the ring bearer.

It is extremely popular among kids of all ages, so buy the item confidently. With the robe on, the cute little ring bearer will look even cuter.

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LEGO Star Wars Pajama Pants

For 7 Years and Up

LEGO Star Wars Pajama Pants


For the kids who love Star Wars, these pajama pants are another perfect option. These are made from comfortable fabric, which will make their sleep-time more relaxing.

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Animal Blanket Hoodie for Kids

For Two- to Four-year-old Ring Bearers

Animal Blanket Hoodie


An extremely cute ring bearer gift for you is the animal blanket hoodie. Perfect for two- to four-year-old ring bearers, the animal-shaped hoodie doesn’t only score well in terms of design, but it is also extremely comfortable. The small ring bearer will look adorable in the cute-looking outfit.

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moon and stars Lockable Wooden Box As A Ring Bearer Gift

Lockable Wooden Box


Siblings love to make the life of their other siblings a living hell. So this wooden box plays on these emotions. The idea behind the box is to lock away your prized possessions to protect them from the evil siblings. Your ring bearer will love this box and use it quite often to keep their treasured belongings safe.

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Light-up Terrarium Kit for Kids

For Ring Bearers From 6 Years Old

Light-up Terrarium Kit


This ring bearer gift is perfect for those from 6 year olds and above. This miniature garden will teach kids how to take care of the plants. This all-inclusive kit lets the child experience the magical transformation of the plants. It is a perfect gift that takes the kids on a magical ride of fascinating science experiences.

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ring bearer personalized baseball

Engraved Baseball

From $12.24

To allow the ring bearer to remember the best day of their lives, you should get the engraved baseball for them. Such things add a personal and sentimental touch to everything, allowing the kid to treasure the items for a long time.

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Baseball Custom Name Photo Collage Canvas Print

Custom Photo Collage Canvas Print

From $52.95

Is your ring bearer a sports fan who loves to connect sports posters? Then, this photo collage canvas print is a great option for them. The canvas has its name written on it and each letter contains the picture of the playing pose. The child can hang it in their room or the hallway.

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Personalized Bat For Ring Bearer Gift

Engraved Baseball Bat


A sentimental and creative gift for the ring bearer is the engraved baseball bat. The durable bat has an attractive design, which makes it a perfect option for house décor. The bats are available in attractive and vibrant colors, each of which looks extremely pleasing to the eyes.

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NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Starter Rock Tumbler Kit

Rock Tumbler Kit


Ring bearers who love science will be so glad to receive this amazing rock tumbler kit as a thank you gift. The kit will help them to convert any ordinary stone into a sparkling gemstone. The easy-to-use kit is perfect for kids of all ages and skill levels.

Final Words

What do you think about these ideas for ring bearer gifts?

Choose the one that you like the most and that suits the personality of your ring bearer and give them a small reward for everything that they’ve done for you on your wedding day.

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