25+ Original Pregnancy Announcement Ideas to Surprise Your Husband (2024)

25+ Original Pregnancy Announcement Ideas to Surprise Your Husband (2024)

A memory of a pregnancy announcement to a husband is something the both of you will treasure forever. Surprise him with the news he’s been waiting for, a baby to finally complete the little family you have.

Tell him “You’re going to be a dad” in the best way possible with these pregnancy reveal ideas. Once he realizes how lucky he is, nothing will be able to bring him down. Your man is finally going to understand what true happiness feels like!

pregnancy announcement to husband

1. Congratulations! It’s Time To Be Daddy – Custom Photo Mug  

Fathers to be will absolutely love this clever gift. If you’re wondering how to announce a pregnancy, try this out. Cook up a delicious breakfast and serve his morning coffee in a mug he’ll keep close to his heart forever. It’ll be the most unforgettable meal he’ll ever have! 

“This Guy Is Going To Be A Dad” Photo Desktop Plaque

2. “This Guy Is Going To Be A Dad” Photo Desktop Plaque

Do you know someone who is about to become a father? Share in the joy of this special occasion! This desktop plaque is a wonderful keepsake. Give him a first Father’s Day surprise he’ll love. It’s a pregnancy announcement gift that can’t be beaten

Baby Onesie

3. Baby Onesie

Offer baby daddy an outfit that’s many sizes too small, and he’ll wonder what’s going on. Once he realizes what you’re trying to tell him, he’ll tear up, for sure. There’s nothing cuter than a pregnancy surprise that comes in the shape of a onesie! 

pregnancy announcement to husband

4. Sonogram Desktop Plaque  

Telling your husband you’re pregnant is a moment to capture. Why not offer something thoughtful for his work desk? He’ll love looking at this plaque because it’s a reminder for him to be a better man. Soon, he’ll be rushing off from work to be with his little family! 

pregnancy announcement to husband

5. New Fishing Buddy Coming Soon Hook  

This gift promises one of the best pregnancy reveals possible for a man who enjoys fishing. There’s no greater path to fatherhood than teaching your son how to catch a fish. A new buddy to enjoy his hobby awaits, and that’s what he’s been waiting for his whole life! 

pregnancy announcement to husband

6. New Dad Beer Labels  

Here’s how to tell your husband you’re pregnant without saying a word. Serve him his favorite cold beverage dressed up in a label made especially for him. He’ll be looking forward to sleepless nights and 3 AM feedings more than he ever thought possible. He better drink up now! 

pregnancy announcement to husband

7. Dad Level Unlocked Tee Shirt  

Make the first pregnancy announcement to your beloved gamer in style. Being a father is going to be the ultimate game level he’ll ever achieve. Help him score and win at this challenge. If he can do this, there will be nothing he can’t achieve.  

Baby Announcement Card

8. Baby Announcement Card

There are 100 ways to say “I’m pregnant,” but this one takes the cake. Imagine his face as he reveals the card that will change his life forever. Now, that’s one to capture and frame up. This card is surely a keepsake he’ll keep close to his heart.

pregnancy announcement to husband

9. “Santa Isn’t the Only One Coming to Town” Custom Ornament 

Are you looking for pregnancy surprise ideas for a December baby? Design a custom ornament to complete your Christmas tree with a special message on it. Make sure he is in charge of hanging it. Your husband is going to dance in the snow when he hears the news! 

Daddy I Can’t Wait To Meet You – Sonogram Desktop Photo Plaque

10. Daddy I Can’t Wait To Meet You – Sonogram Desktop Photo Plaque 

This plaque has an emotional and lovely message from an unborn baby to the new father. Dads to be can put the plaque in his living room, bedroom, or his desk at the workplace. This desktop plaque is a touching Father’s Day photo gift and an ideal pregnancy announcement gift for dads.

11. Pet Bandana  

Surprise your baby daddy with the best pregnancy announcement for pet parents. He won’t be able to contain it when he sees this awesome bandana. Soon, his favorite furry friend is going to have a sibling to complete the family! It’s going to be paw-some! 

pregnancy announcement to husband

12. You’re Going to Be A Daddy Chocolates  

This is one instance where life’s like a box of chocolates. If your husband has a sweet tooth, this dessert is going to be unforgettable. What a cute pregnancy announcement to your husband. Just remind him to share his gift because you’ll be eating for two.  

pregnancy announcement to husband

13. “Baby Is Coming” Custom Photo Mug  

Is there anything more iconic than a baby coming to change all our routines and beliefs? Game of Thrones fans will absolutely love this mug and the meaning it brings with it. Personalize it with a sonogram to make it a fun pregnancy announcement to your husband.

pregnancy announcement to husband

14. Surprise Photoshoot

Are you ready for the best pregnancy reveal to a husband? Arrange a surprise photoshoot where you show him cards to tell him the news he’s been waiting for. You’ll end up with unique keepsakes that will look great framed up and hung all over the home! 

pregnancy announcement to husband

15. Reveal Booties  

You won’t find anything cuter than these tiny booties. Show them as a pregnancy announcement to your husband, and he’ll never forget. Pair them with a matching hat and mittens so your baby will feel warm and cozy! Bet daddy can’t wait to dress his baby now. 

pregnancy announcement to husband

16. Pregnancy Puzzle Announcement  

This jigsaw is one of the most creative ways to announce a pregnancy. Watch your husband’s face light up as he puts the puzzle together. It’s the best way to share such wonderful news. Nothing will ever come close to the excitement he’ll feel when he finds out!

Daddy This Father’s Day I’ll Be Snuggled Up In Mommy’s Tummy – Dad To Be Mug

17. Daddy This Father’s Day I’ll Be Snuggled Up In Mommy’s Tummy – Dad To Be Mug  

Are you ready for a really cool Father’s Day pregnancy announcement idea? Serve him coffee in your partner’s new favorite mug and wait for him to jump for joy. This way, he’ll feel included in the pregnancy journey each time he sips his morning drink.  

Baby Countdown Sign

18. Baby Countdown Sign  

Surprising your husband with the good news is an exciting event. Count down the weeks till the baby makes an appearance with a beautiful chalkboard sign. Hang this in the future nursery and get your partner to update it as time passes. The baby is coming! 

Marauder’s Map

19. Marauder’s Map  

Harry Potter isn’t just for kids, and your husband will surely agree with that. Adventures await this daddy-to-be, and he’ll be so excited to share his love for books and movies with this kid. It’s the most fun way to reveal a pregnancy. Storytime is going to be amazing! 

Pregnancy Announcement Pizza

20. Pregnancy Announcement Pizza

If your husband’s the type to appreciate funny pregnancy announcement ideas, try this out. Order some pizza and attach a message to the box. The message goes, “This may be cheesy, but my mommy doesn’t want to be the only one with a belly.” Now, watch him eat up happily! 

Bottle Opener

21. Bottle Opener

A soon-to-be-father will have more reason to celebrate with a bottle of beer when he hears the news. Give him a bottle opener he’ll treasure because it comes with a very special message. It’s such a cute way to reveal a pregnancy to your husband! 

Scratch Off Reveal

22. Scratch Off Reveal  

Hand your sweetheart a card to scratch off that will reveal the most awaited event of his life. Watch as his face lights up with glee and record it for a memory that will last a lifetime. This sure beats an “I’m pregnant” text message! 

Pregnancy Announcement Coupons

23. Pregnancy Announcement Coupons  

Announce the upcoming birth with a fun coupon for the baby’s daddy! Nothing beats the moment when he moves from confusion to happiness. If you want a creative pregnancy announcement to your husband, hand him one today. Don’t forget to take a video! 

Baby Reveal Candle

24. Baby Reveal Candle  

A baby changes lives in so many unexpected ways, and yet it’s the best thing that can happen to anyone. Here’s a fantastic idea to surprise your husband with a pregnancy. Have him light a candle to prepare for a romantic evening the both of you will never forget! 

Daddy I Love You Already And I Can’t Wait To Meet You – Custom Dad To Be Mug

25. Daddy I Love You Already And I Can’t Wait To Meet You – Custom Dad To Be Mug  

Consider offering a mug as a way to surprise your husband with a pregnancy. After all, coffee will be his go-to drink in a few short months. He won’t mind the long nights and diaper changes because he’s finally a dad! Just make sure he has his drink in hand. 

Diaper Changing Apron

26. Diaper Changing Apron  

When it’s time to change the baby’s diaper, a man’s the first to run. That’s not the case for your brave husband, though. He’ll be ready for battle with his new diaper changing apron. This creative pregnancy announcement contains everything he’ll need for a change!

27. I Can’t Wait to Meet You Daddy Baby Scan Custom Mug  

Before your child comes into this world, you can give your husband a gift from both you and the baby. You can give the mug to make a pregnancy announcement or on his first Father’s Day. When you do gift him the mug, do capture the excitement and tears of joy when your husband unwraps it.


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