20+ Fun Pregnancy Announcement Ideas For Grandparents (2022)

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  • March 10, 2022
20+ Fun Pregnancy Announcement Ideas For Grandparents (2022)

Surprise your parents with these wonderful pregnancy announcement ideas for grandparents. Imagine how proud the two soon to be grandparents will be when they hear about your baby. A pregnancy reveal is a moment best shared with your mom and dad, who brought you up with such care. The love they’ll share with their grandchild is an experience no amount of money can buy. It surely gives a whole new meaning to the word ‘priceless.’

pregnancy announcement ideas for grandparents

1. Baby Announcement Onesie

If you happen to be doing your pregnancy reveal in the fall, you really must consider this onesie. Announce the exciting news with the cutest outfit anyone has ever seen. Everyone will surely fall in love with the new kid on the block, especially your parents!

pregnancy announcement ideas for grandparents

2. New Baby Plaque

Just imagine grandma’s expression when she unwraps her thoughtful gift. She won’t be able to contain her joy, and why should she? There’s no happier moment than a pregnancy announcement. In fact, moms can’t help but picture their children having kids! It’s just how mothers are.

pregnancy announcement ideas for grandparents

3. “Santa Isn’t the Only One Coming to Town” Custom Baby Ornament

Complete your Christmas baby announcement with an ornament that will be the star of the show. What’s more exciting than Santa coming to town? A newborn, of course! The family tree is going to be the most beautiful it’s ever been, there’s no doubt about that.

pregnancy announcement ideas for grandparents

4. “Baby Is Coming” Custom Photo Mug

Wondering how to tell your parents you’re pregnant? Why not incorporate the best TV series of all time? Winter might not be coming, but a baby definitely is. Because this mug is so fun, morning coffee will surely become their favorite drink of the day!

pregnancy announcement ideas for grandparents

5. Baby Countdown Sign

Here’s a cute pregnancy announcement idea. Get your parents involved in the whole process by offering them a countdown sign. They’ll update it as the weeks go by, and pretty soon there’ll be a new life to cuddle and love. They won’t be able to contain their excitement!

pregnancy announcement ideas for grandparents

6. Scratch Off Reveal

Surprise the grandparents-to-be with cards they’ll treasure for the rest of their lives. It’s such a creative way to tell the family you’re pregnant. If they live in a different state, you can even order the card to be sent directly to them! Now, isn’t that convenient?

pregnancy announcement ideas for grandparents

7. Wine Labels

Are you looking for an interesting way to announce a pregnancy? A wine bottle with a custom label made with love is a fantastic option. Give your parents something to toast for the next time they’re having a drink. Who deserves it more than their new grandchild?

pregnancy announcement ideas for grandparents

8. Pregnancy Announcement Egg

This ranks pretty high on the list of best baby announcement ideas. Have the future grandparents crack an egg with a message that will bring tears to their eyes. Make sure to record the whole thing, because nothing beats finding out that the family’s growing bigger!

pregnancy announcement ideas for grandparents

9. Grandma Definition Canvas Print

There are so many words you can use to describe a grandmother. She’s simply the best because her kindness and warmth comfort you unlike anything else. This gift for grandma is a wonderful pregnancy announcement to mom. She’ll proudly display it for all to see!

pregnancy announcement ideas for grandparents

10. Your First Grandbaby Arriving Custom Photo Mug

A promotion to grandpa is what your dad has been waiting for since he walked you down the aisle. Tell him that he’s going to have a new grandkid soon with this grandparent announcement gift. It’s bound to be his new favorite mug from now on!

pregnancy announcement ideas for grandparents

11. Surprise Baby Booties

Warm your mom and dad’s hearts with the cutest tiny booties they’ll ever see. Who knew that announcing a pregnancy to your parents could be so adorable? We bet they’ll be so excited to dress the little angel up. Well, they won’t have long to wait now!

12. Announcement Puzzle

Wondering about gifts for soon to be grandparents? Tell them the sensational news with a puzzle specially made for them. Watch their faces light up as they realize what’s in store. This jigsaw brings so much joy and love, they’ll want to redo it over and over again.

 Promoted To Grandparent Shirt

13. Promoted To Grandparent Shirt

Update your parents’ wardrobe with baby announcement gifts so awesome, they’ll be wearing them all the time! These shirts are soon to be their favorite outfits, and they’ll be so excited to show them off. Their friends are going to be a pretty jealous bunch!

pregnancy announcement ideas for grandparents

14. Our Little Present Is Due To Be Unwrapped Custom Ornament

Make your “baby on the way” announcement in style with an ornament that doubles as a family keepsake. This Christmas, there will be so much more to celebrate. You’ll be getting your parents the best gift in the world, a person to make new memories with!

pregnancy announcement ideas for grandparents

15. Grandpa Letter Art Established Year Canvas

Is there any other man you know that’s as gentle and caring as your father? If you want to pick out a gift for grandpa that perfectly describes his heart of gold, try this one. A grandpa pregnancy announcement isn’t complete without appreciation for your beloved dad.

Grandparent Tray

16. Grandparent Tray

A beautiful serving tray complete with the names of your parents’ greatest gifts, their grandchildren, will melt their hearts. It’s a gift for grandparents who lovingly watch over their little grandbabies with a sense of wonder and joy. What a useful present to coincide with a baby announcement to grandparents!

Pet T-shirt

17. Pet T-shirt

Have your pet walk up to your parents with the best grandparent announcement anyone could wish for. Including your furry kid in the process from the very beginning means fun for everyone. Dogs and babies were made for each other, and they’re set to be the best of siblings.

Lottery Scratch-Off Tickets

18. Lottery Scratch-Off Tickets

These baby reveal gifts will take your parents by surprise because they look so genuine! When the ticket reveals their prize, it’ll be like a dream come true. If anything beats winning the lottery, it’s finding out that you’re going to be a new grandparent!

Pregnancy Announcement Coupons

19. Pregnancy Announcement Coupons

These coupons are perfect for announcing your big news to the whole family. If you’re trying to find cute ways to tell parents you’re pregnant, hand them a voucher that will never expire. After all, their love for a grandchild will never ever go away!

Pregnancy Announcement Coupons

20. A Candle

If you’re looking for unusual baby reveal gifts, this funny candle hits the spot. This is one label where reading the fine print is more than necessary. Watch as your old folks figure out what you’re trying to say because you’ll want to remember this moment!

Great Grandma Coffee Mug

21. Great Grandma Coffee Mug

Announce the pregnancy to a future great grandparent with a coffee mug so fab, it will be used for everything. Your grandma is going to be baking cookies while counting down to that very special moment. If anyone deserves to be called great, it’s definitely this woman right here!

Keepsake Album

22. Keepsake Album

Your parents will simply love an album for them to chronicle the adventures they’re about to have with your baby. Imagine the stories and photos they’ll include in a keepsake that will stay in the family for years to come. What a cool way to tell your parents you’re pregnant!

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