30+ Best Personalized Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him (2021)

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • December 8, 2020
30+ Best Personalized Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him (2021)

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to shower your husband or boyfriend with love! However, sometimes, general gifts are just not able to truly represent the uniqueness of your dynamic with your significant other properly. 

There’s nothing which says ‘I treasure the bond we have’ quite like something that is unique to your relationship. If you want to give him gifts which have the same spark as your relationship, go personalized. Following are some cool ideas for a personalized Valentine’s Day gift for him:

personalized valentines day gifts: custom photo blanket

Custom Photo Blanket

Love makes everything warmer and cozier. Since your boyfriend gives you that feeling, give him this blanket personalized with the love and comfort of your beautiful memories together. It will keep him wrapped in the warmth of your adoration. 

personalized gifts for valentines day: monogram photo pillow

Monogram Photo Collage Pillow

A perfect way to celebrate your relationship is to decorate the home with your favorite memories together. For this Valentine’s Day, give him this collage pillow personalized with pictures of you two to show him how much you care.

personalized valentine's day gifts for him: custom plaque

Desktop Plaque

Sometimes, it takes a simple message to let someone know what they mean to you. The message on this gift is sincere and romantic. Coupled with your personalized pictures and details, this will be the perfect Valentine’s gift for your man.

personalized valentines gifts: custom photo canvas print

Custom Photo Collage Canvas Print

The perfect Valentine’s gifts for him show him how deeply in love you are. Give him this beautiful canvas print personalized with all your favorite pictures together and your names. He will be really touched.  

long distance valentines day gifts: soundwave key chain

Soundwave Key Chain

If you can’t be physically close to your long distance boyfriend, send him your voice to give your love. The soundwave key chain will allow him to play a voice message from you by scanning the QR code at the back. This way, you two will be close despite the distance.

personalized gifts for valentines day: photo song lyrics canvas print

Song Lyrics Canvas Print with Photo

If you two have ‘a song’, there’s nothing more perfect than this canvas print which allows you to use your favorite picture and puts the lyrics of your song in the shape of a heart in the center. It is both beautiful and meaningful. 

Personalized Wallet with Handwriting

Wallets with initials are too mainstream. Give your boyfriend a wallet engraved with you handwritten message of love to take with him every day. It will keep him warm and happy.

Custom Love Letter Cufflinks

There’s no reason to think classy and to think cheesy and classy don’t mix. Give your classy boyfriend these cufflinks which can store mini customized love saying from you. They will make him smile during a challenging day at work. 

Where It All Began Map Wall Art

Surprise him with this meaningful canvas print which shows the location of the place where your love story began. It is personalized and something both of you will treasure more and more as the relationship progresses.

What I Love About Us Journal

Show him the relationship through your love-struck eyes to make him fall in love with you all over again. All you need is this adorable love book in which you can write about every reason you believe you two are perfect together. It will be a touching gesture.

Personalized Hand-Written Letter Blanket

Personalized Hand-Written Letter Blanket

Words are magic and hand-written ones carry love more easily than the flying carpet carried Aladdin. A perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him will be one that combines the magic with warmth and the Personalized Letter Blanket does exactly that. 

With a print of your letter of love to him, your significant other will find this blanket extra warm and cozy.

long distance valentines gifts: letters to open when

Letters to Open When…

The difficult part of a long distance relationship is not being able to comfort each other physically. A beautiful way to counter this physical absence is by sending your boyfriend Letters To Open When… 

You can personalize each letter you create to ensure he has one every time he needs some extra love, comfort or humor. To make it even better, add a gift or two as well.

Forever Together Photo Coasters

The best Valentine’s gifts for your husband will be ones which celebrate special parts about your relationship, like your wedding day. These Forever Together Photo Coasters are perfect for this! Not only can you get them customized with your wedding pictures, they will also become memorable keepsakes for your beautiful relationship in the future.

personalized valentines day gift for him: engraved photo wallet insert

Engraved Photo Wallet Insert

Carrying a little love around always lifts our spirits. This engraved photo, with its wallet insert size, helps do just that. You can get a picture of your favorite memory with him on one side and a sweet message for him on the other. Simply opening his wallet will give him a reminder of the love as he goes about his day.

personalized valentine day gift for him: custom tie bar

Custom Tie Bar

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him can get expensive if he is the classy kind but there are still affordable options available. A practical and elegant gift for him can be this Tie Bar which you can customize with a sweet phrase for him. It is romantic and will match his aesthetic!

personalized gifts for valentines day: leather keychain with photo

Personalized Leather Keyring with Photo

Missing each other is a regular part of long distance relationships. Therefore, it is important that the long distance Valentine’s Day gifts for him make up for it. This Personalized Leather Keychain is perfect for your long distance boyfriend because it will allow him to keep a beautiful memory you both share with him at all times.

What I Love About You Journal

A meaningful way of showing love to your boyfriend is by telling him all the little things about him that make you love him. This fill in book will give you the freedom to write down all the things you love about your life with him. It is one of the most sentimental and sweet personalized first Valentine’s gifts for him.

personalized valentines gifts: personalized family print

Personalized Family Print

If your family also includes children and furry companions you’d want to include them in this expression of love to your significant other. The Personalized Family Print will be the perfect gift in that case! The handmade artwork will have adorable versions of your unique little family. Not only will it be super cute, you can use it as home décor.

personalised valentines gift for him: personalized head chef cutting board

Personalized Wooden Cutting Board

Cooking enthusiasts get really excited about personalized kitchen items so why not do something similar for your home chef? He will be ecstatic about getting this chopping board which declares him as the head chef of the household! It might just make him treat you to that delicious recipe he recently perfected!

custom valentine's day gifts: photo on wood log

Photo on Wood Log

Opt for a more unusual gift for your significant other by giving him this wooden log personalized with a picture of your favorite memory with him. Its woodsy appearance and design gives off a very warm feeling and he will love this unique way of showing your regard for him.

personalized valentine's day gifts for him: wedding pebble portrait

Wedding Pebble Portrait

One of the most adorable Valentine’s gifts on this list, this Wedding Pebble Portrait is creative and romantic. Its handmade minimal pebble designed based on your wedding photo is charming and will overall be a sweet addition to the memory of a day special to both of you.

couple gift ideas: personalized key chain & necklace set

Personalized Keychain and Heart Necklace


If you are looking for meaningful Valentine’s gifts for him which he can use daily, a keychain and necklace combo is the right choice. It’s perfect because which the keychain with a sweet message full of love will be with him, you’ll be wearing the combination necklace with the initials.  

valentines gifts for him: custom face socks

Custom Face Socks

Looking for funny Valentine’s gifts? The Custom Face Socks should do the trick! You can get them customized with your preferred pictures and give them to him to have a hilarious celebration of your equally funny relationship dynamic. Couples who laugh together, stay together!

valentine's gift for him: i'd pick you every time guitar pick

I’d Pick You Every Time Guitar Pick

One of the sweetest things you can give your partner is the reminder that they will always be the one you choose. Combine this with Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him and you get this cute guitar pick which you can customize with his and your initials. It will be a meaningful gift which can also be kept as a keepsake.

customized valentine gifts: custom carpenter pencils

Custom Carpenter Pencils

If your partner belongs to a skilled profession like carpentry, construction or plumbing, they have a significant need for marking chalks to help them make the correct measurements. Out of all the personalized Valentine’s gifts, the most thoughtful one for him will be these Custom Carpenter Pencils. You can get them customized with his name or a sweet message just for him.

personalized valentine's day gifts for him: personalized whisky glass set

Personalized Whisky Glass Set

Getting Valentine’s Day gifts for him is a little less tricky when he has specific hobbies, like being a whiskey enthusiast. This personalized whiskey glass set will get him super excited especially since you can get it customized to have any one or all of the following:

  • Name
  • Birthday/Year
  • Logo design with name initials

It will be a cool gift which he will certainly treasure.

funny custom valentines gifts: custom face stickers

Custom Face Stickers

Are you and your boyfriend the funny couple who bond through you shared love for comedy? Then you should really consider opting for these Custom Face Stickers to make stickers out of his and your pictures! It will be cute, cheesy and hilarious! Make sure he puts the stickers on his phone, laptop and even his favorite journal.

customized valentine gifts: folded book art with initials

Folded Book Art

Some of the best love stories reside between the pages of books. If you want to go for a creative but personalized gift, this folded book art is the one for you. With folded pages to show yours and his initials, this gift takes book art to a whole new level. It’ll be perfect for home décor so can literally decorate the home with love.

personalized gifts for valentines day: personalized faux bois mug set

Personalized Porcelain Coffee Mug Set

The best Valentine’s gifts are those that help share the love on a daily basis. And how cute are these personalized coffee mugs! You can buy them as a valentine gift for your significant other with your customized initials and anniversary date. It’s a sweet gift which will add a little love to routine coffee sessions.

personalized valentines gifts: personalized glassware duo

Personalized Tree Trunk Glassware Duo

Have some fun this Valentine’s Day by giving him a personalized gift for your shared interest – drinking. Get your anniversary date printed on either 2 wine glasses, 2 pilsners or 1 of each depending on both of your drinking preferences. This will make for fun drinking nights!

romantic gift for husband: "the story of us" journal

Story of Us

Words carry love and feelings in a way that nothing else can. Therefore, one of the most romantic Valentine’s gifts for him with be this Story of Us Journal. You can fill this up with the fabulous tale of your love story to give to him. It’ll make for a sentimental gift and will have him melting into a puddle of love.

Personalized Movie Marquee Photo Print

Personalized Movie Marquee Photo Print

If you both are movie buffs and at least one of you loves romantic movies, you should absolutely go for this! The movie marquee photo print can be customized to feature your names and anniversary date and you can choose a title you would want for a movie about your love story to have. It’ll make for one the best memorable keepsakes!

Final Words

These are some of the most romantic personalized Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him to make him fall head over heels in love with you again. We covered everything from romantic to cheesy to humorous and hope you were able to find the perfect gift for your significant other from here.

If you are looking for more gift ideas, check out our other blogs for a variety of gift ideas for birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations.




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