25+ Awesome Personalized Gift Ideas for Your Husband (2021)

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • April 1, 2021
25+ Awesome Personalized Gift Ideas for Your Husband (2021)

­Celebrating a special occasion with your man? Go the extra mile and order a personalized gift for your husband. It doesn’t matter if it’s your wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day, his birthday, or Christmas. A custom-made present will always be the best way to go.

Adding a personal touch will turn any ordinary item into a one-of-a-kind keepsake he’ll treasure for life. Here are some unique personalized gift ideas for your husband you can choose from.

1. Black and White Song Lyrics Canvas Print


Are you looking for a romantic gesture? A song lyrics print will take your man on a quick stroll down memory lane. All you need to do is find a tune that reminds him of a meaningful moment in your relationship. You’ll have a fantastic personalized Valentine’s Day gift for your husband in no time!

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2. Custom Fragrance

make your own fragrance from Waft

We all deserve to have a signature fragrance. But don’t just buy your boo a cologne that’ll have him smelling like everybody else. Get him one that’ll make you think of him and him only whenever you sniff it. A custom fragrance is the personalized Christmas gift for your husband you didn’t know you needed!

3. Hello – Will You – I Do Map Canvas Print

personalized gifts for husband for anniversary: hello will you i do map canvas print

It’s a good idea to get a personalized wedding anniversary gift for your husband. This option is perfect for reviving the most important memories of your life as a couple. Customize it with the dates and locations where he said “hello,” “will you,” and “I do.” You’ll get a beautiful keepsake to honor your marriage!

4. Personalized Wallet

customized gifts for husband: personalized leather wallet

Keep his money safe and his heart happy. A beautiful monogrammed leather wallet is a terrific personalized birthday gift for a husband who seems to have it all. You can engrave his initials on the outside and a short heartfelt message on the inside. This way, he can bring you with him everywhere he goes!

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5. Custom Photo Art Print

you are the best thing that ever happened to me custom photo art print

Let him know that he is the perfect one for you with this lovely photo art print! Customize this creative personalized gift for your husband with a cute photo of you two. He’ll love it!

6. Custom Photo Plaque

custom photo desktop plaque with quote "If i had my life to live over again, i would find you sooner so that i could love you longer."

Life can get challenging at times, but you and your soulmate will always have each other’s back. This lovely photo gift will remind him you’ll forever be by his side. If you were looking for a sentimental gift idea for your husband, you’ve found the one. Customize this adorable memento and make it even sweeter!

7. Engraved Leather Flask

engraved gift for husband: personalized flask

Are you getting a nice engraved gift for your husband on your wedding day? A good ole’ vegan leather flask is a fantastic idea he’ll adore! You can even go the extra mile and get one for his groomsmen and another one for his best man. They’re sure to make a little toast for you!

8. Custom Photo Pillow

let's cuddle custom photo throw pillow

Is your job keeping you away from home just a bit too much? Get your beloved partner a cute placeholder to put his cuddles and smooches while you’re gone. Customize it with your favorite romantic pics and both of your names. This pillow is a personalized anniversary gift for your husband he will never forget!

9. Urban City Map Pint Glass

urban city map pint glass

If your hubby feels a bit homesick, this thoughtful present will be a great way to cheer him up! He can drink to good memories of the place that watched him grow up on this city map pint glass. Such a heartfelt gift for your husband is a unique gem that will not go unnoticed!

10. Cigar Gift Set

engraved cigar set for men

Say hello to the ultimate “new dad” present. Make the gesture even sweeter by customizing each item in the set with his initials! This thoughtful keepsake will be the talk of all his friends at their next meeting. If your significant other is a cigar enthusiast, this personalized gift for husbands will blow his mind!

11. Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set

personalized birthday gifts for husband: engraved whiskey decanter set

Does the love of your life cut his teeth on all things whiskey? Then you’ll have to trust us when we say this might be the best gifting idea you’ll ever have! A decanter set is a unique, personal gift that screams sophistication. He’ll be over the moon when drinking from his own monogrammed glass!

12. Custom Wood Tie Clip

custom wooden tie clip for men

So you married an elegant man. Now what? If he loves looking polished, here’s a terrific idea that will sweep him of his feet. A customized wooden tie clip is all he’ll ever need to elevate any outfit. BAE can use this personalized Valentine’s gift for husbands at his next business meeting! He’ll look perfect!

13. Custom Initial Necktie

custom initial necktie - personalized birthday gift for husband

Here’s a fabulous personalized gift idea for the husband-to-be. A monogrammed necktie is a perfect complement to his wedding attire. He’ll look so neat you won’t believe you didn’t marry him sooner! Get it in a color that matches your wedding theme. You can rest assured he’ll totally love wearing this for your big day!

14. Embroidered Duffel Bag

embroidered duffel bag for men

Just when you thought personal gifts for your husband couldn’t get any better, we found this top-notch idea. An embroidered duffel bag with your hubby’s initials is just what he needs for his next business retreat. It’ll be an incredibly thoughtful gesture from you and your kids this Father’s Day. He will bring it everywhere!

15. Personalized Grill Set

customized birthday gifts for him: personalized grilling tool set

You got to love your outdoorsy guy. Celebrate his passion for sunny days and fresh air with this customized grilling set. It’s definitely the perfect personalized gift for a husband from his wife and children on Father’s Day. Your hubby will be thrilled to use it at every barbeque and camping trip from now on!

16. Custom Leather Belt

custom leather belt for him

This practical keepsake will ensure your hubby won’t lose his pants when he doesn’t have to! All jokes aside, this essential accessory is a terrific personalized gift for your husband for an anniversary. It will match any outfit without ever going out of style. Your man will look extra handsome whenever he wears this belt.

17. Engraved Lighter

engraved monogrammed black lighter

This elegant lighter is a personalized gift your husband definitely needs. Coming from his one true love, it’ll light up his days — and his cigars too! Make it even more special by customizing it with his initials. You can rest assured your man will want to flaunt this fancy little number everywhere he goes!

18. Handwriting Cufflinks

sentimental gift for husband: handwriting cufflinks

It is never too early to start planning your holiday presents. This pair of custom cufflinks with a heartfelt message will polish your boo’s look as it brightens up his day. Such a sentimental Christmas gift for your husband might even call for Santa Claus to come early this year! Now, wouldn’t that be nice?

19. Personalized Toiletry Bag

personalized men's toiletry bag

Who doesn’t love a man who knows how to stay organized in style? Reward your hubby’s neatness with a monogrammed leather dopp kit bag. This sophisticated travel essential is a thoughtful personalized gift for a husband who hates a messy suitcase. Your babe will bring it along on all of his trips. That’s for sure!

20. Map of Our Hearts

personalized gifts for husband birthday: map of our hearts

Celebrate your family’s diverse background with an art piece that’ll liven up any room at home. This cute personalized map print is what you need to remind yourselves you’re the best of two different worlds. Get this sentimental gift for your husband on your wedding anniversary. He’ll proudly display it where everyone can see it!

21. Love Letter Blanket

Personalized Hand-Written Letter Blanket

When shopping for customized gifts for your husband, a good tip is to buy something useful. An adorable love letter blanket, for example, will keep your babe cozy with the warmth of your heartfelt words. This cute gesture is one of the sweetest ways to let your soulmate know he means the world to you!

22. Personalized Boxer

funny gift for husband: custom boxer briefs

Here’s another interesting idea for your man. These boxers are perfect for those couples with a goofy sense of humor. They’ll immediately become an inside joke you’ll never get tired of. Now you know what to get him for your next anniversary. Your special someone will definitely lose it when he receives them!

23. Engraved Desk Organizer

engraved desk organizer

Help your other half keep his workspace or nightstand neat and organized. Get him a brand new docking station to keep all of his electronics in one place. He’ll never waste time again trying to remember where he last saw his phone. This superb item will certainly be a handy customized birthday gift for him!

24. Personalized Anniversary Pushpin World Map

anniversary gift idea - personalized pushpin world map

Is your soulmate the traveling kind? This unique keepsake will put a smile on his face, then. It’s a terrific personalized gift for your husband’s birthday. He’ll be able to mark all the places he’s ever been to for the world to see! Feeling generous? Pair it with some airline tickets for your next adventure!

25. Custom Leather Journal

personalized leather journals

If your partner is having a particularly stressful time, get him into journaling! It’s a magnificent way to unwind and identify what is it that’s making him anxious. While you’re at it, buy him a beautiful leather journal. It’s the personalized gifts for your husband he never knew he needed. It’ll make a huge difference!

26. Custom Men’s Apron

this sh*t is going to be delicious custom apron

If sentimental keepsakes are not your soulmate’s cup of tea, get him a humorous one! This apron is the perfect gift for a dude that knows his way around the kitchen. It’s also a great hint you want him to spend more time in there. Bet you can already savor all the meals he’ll be cooking!

27. Custom Bobblehead Figurine

custom bobblehead figurine

Fancy oil portraits are so 16th century! Today’s best form of immortalizing a loved one is to turn him into a cute bobblehead figurine. Just think about it! Your spouse will have his own mini-me to feed his vanity every day. This hilarious sculpture would make such a cool bday gift for your other half!

28. Custom Bobblehead Figurine

personalized gifts for husband for anniversary: epic husband since t-shirt

Here’s an inexpensive yet thoughtful idea to celebrate your next wedding anniversary. If you’re on a tight budget, get your beloved husband this stylish tee. He will feel absolutely comfortable while proudly flaunting how many years he’s been married to you. There will be no doubt that the hubby life suits your man extremely well!

29. Custom Photo Socks

custom photo socks with text

Show your spouse you’re at his feet with these original socks. BAE probably already loves seeing your cute little face any time, anywhere. He’ll be thrilled to find it all over his most essential accessories! Such a silly item might not be the most sentimental gift for a husband. At least it’ll make him laugh!

Final Words

Shopping for personalized gifts for your husband shouldn’t have to take too much time. This guide will help you find the perfect tailor-made keepsake to leave him speechless. The love of your life will definitely appreciate you going out of your way to surprise him. That’s worth the extra effort!



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