25+ Best Personalized Gifts for Grandma to Make Her Heart Melt (2023)

  • BY Ivy Fanning
  • February 27, 2023
25+ Best Personalized Gifts for Grandma to Make Her Heart Melt (2023)

Looking for the best-personalized gifts for your grandma? We’ve got you covered.

Grandmas are grandkids’ default best friends. They spoil the family with their amazing cooking, give us gifts, and, most importantly, shower us with all the love and care we could possibly need and want. In short, grandmas are the best! 

They always have ideas to make our day better, which is why it is necessary to give them extra treats on special occasions with a personal touch.

Selecting the right gifts for your grandma can be tricky, but it’s not impossible. Here are some unique and personalized gifts for grandma which will help you celebrate the woman who is an amazing grandparent to her family.

Best Personalized Gifts for Grandma

Looking for creative gift ideas for your grandma? Check out these following suggestions. From practical to meaningful gifts, you’ll find something that makes your granny’s day.

personalized gifts for grandma: someone special calls me grandma photo canvas print

Nana Custom Photo Canvas Print


To celebrate the special bond you have with your nana, give her this custom photo canvas print featuring her pictures with you and your siblings. It will be a great wall decoration for her home and will make her happy.

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I’m As Lucky As Can Be The Best Grandma Belongs To Me Desktop Photo Plaque

The Best Grandma Belongs to Me Plaque


This sweet photo plaque is a fantastic nana’s gift. It makes a great birthday gift or Mother’s day present for your grandma. Choose your favorite photo of grandma and grandchildren, and there you have it!

Grandma Nutrition Facts Mug

Grandma Nutrition Facts Mug


Your grandmother deserves a token of love, and what could be a better endowment of your love than a customized coffee mug? The mug is a funny gift that will brighten up her day right away!

personalized gifts for grandmas: three generations of family custom photo print

Three Generations Of Family Custom Photo Print


You know you got your great genes from your mom, who in turn got hers from your grandmother. To commemorate the generational excellence, give your grandma this cute photo print featuring the three of you. It will be an adorable addition to her collection of photographs.

Tip: If you’re also looking for personalized great grandma gifts, this print is the perfect choice.

personalized grandmother gift: handwritten recipe cutting board

Handwritten Recipe Cutting Board


Sometimes, the magic is not in the recipe, but in the hands that write it and cook the food. To express your appreciation for all the love-filled meals, give her this cutting board, customized with an engraving of her handwritten recipe. It will be one of the most thoughtful personalized gifts for your grandmother and she will treasure it immensely.

Custom Name Blanket

Custom Name Blanket


This personalized blanket makes a great gift for your grandma because it was your love that kept her safe and warm on cold, dark nights.

personalized gift for grandma: necklace engraved with kids names

Kids Name Necklace


A personalized gift for grandmas who love to carry their love around the need to be unique and creative. Give your grandmother these delicate and elegant name necklaces, personalized with the names of you and your siblings. She can wear it daily and find comfort in having a little love from each of you so close to her as she goes about her day.

personalized gift for nana: engraved wooden kitchen utensils

Personalized Kitchen Utensils


Let’s face it, nana’s who like cooking are very particular about all their utensils and wouldn’t be happy about anyone messing with them. So give her these kitchen utensils personalized with her name, to make her happy. She will treasure them and show them to all her friends. 

Grandmother Letter Art


With this letter art, you can tell your grandmother how much her presence in your life matters to you. Enter her name and you’ll get the perfect gift for her birthday and other occasions.

custom gift for new grandmas: baby keepsake frame kit

Baby Handprint & Footprint Photo Frame Kit


Being a first-time grandma is probably one of the most exciting feelings in the world. Therefore, the best gifts for new grandmas are those which help them secure the memory of this moment and cherish it for years to come. Give your mom or mother-in-law this beautiful keepsake with your baby’s handprint and footprint along with a few pictures. It will be both thoughtful and emotional, and they will keep it close to their loving hearts.

personalized grandma jewelry: birthstone bracelet

Birthstone Bracelet


Some feelings are better expressed through unique expressions. Give your grandma this beautiful bracelet, with personalized birthstones, to wear at your wedding. It will forever carry the special bond between you two and remind her of the happiness of your special day.

personalized grammy gifts: custom tote bag

Personalized Tote Bag


If your grammy loves going on little trips to the city center, or town market, you can get her something which she can take along with her. This personalized tote bag is simple, yet elegant, and will be the perfect accessory for her. She will look extra chic and groovy as she goes about chatting up all her town friends.

Personalized Photo Gifts for Grandma

Grandmas seem not to want anything but your love. Surprising your nana with one of these unique and meaningful photo presents. They are a great way to express your love and make her smile.

photo gifts for grandma: family tree photo collage canvas print

Family Tree Photo Collage Canvas Print


Personalized gifts which bring all the family together are simple but have the greatest significance. Give your nana this sweet Family Tree collage with pictures of your grandparents and all your cousins. She will be ecstatic to receive it for Thanksgiving and will promptly use it as well.

The Grandma Everyone Wishes They Had Collage


Make Nana’s days a bit brighter with a customized gift just for her. This wall art will surely make her heart soar forever! She’ll surely hang it in a very special place!

Grandma Photo Desktop Plaque

Grandma Photo Desktop Plaque


Your grandmother deserves this custom photo desktop plaque. Remind her of the best times you had full of joyous laughter with photos of a special day.

Blessed Grandma Mug

Blessed Grandma Mug


Tell her how much she means to you with this personalized photo coffee mug. Simply print the mug with some of the best moments you two shared. This mug will bring a smile to her face every morning as she sips her coffee.

Happiness Is Having Grandkids To Love Pillow


Surprise your grandma with this photo pillow! You can customize it with a picture and the names of all her grandchildren. Whenever she misses her little ones, she only has to hug her pillow tight!

personalized grandma blanket: custom photo collage blanket

Photo Collage Blanket


Grandmas have a lot of love to give, so the bigger the family, the happier they are. Therefore, this time, give her a unique surprise by giving her this photo collage blanket customized with pictures of all her grandkids. Get your cousins in on the scheme as well to make it as special as possible. She will adore and appreciate the love.

personalized grandma gift: custom photo christmas ornament

Custom Photo Ornament


Christmas is all about celebrating with your family and loved ones. Aside from the present you will get for your grandma for the holiday, give her this sweet custom ornament with a picture of you two together. Hanging it up on the Christmas tree will fill her with joy and she will appreciate the gesture.

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Personalized Gifts for Grandma from Grandchildren

Grandchildren are the most important thing to grandmothers. With this collection of personalized gifts from her grandchildren, she’ll always have her little kids closed.

custom gift for grandmas: custom title coffee mug

World’s Best Grandma Coffee Mug


Titles are important and the title for the best grandma is the most important of them all. Make your gigi’s birthday special by giving her this cute mug to show her how you feel about her. It is the perfect way to show her you care because she will be able to feel the love every time she sips her coffee.

personalized grandmother gift: engraved coffee spoon

Engraved Coffee Spoon


Although your love for your grandma is much more than a spoonful, you can still give her this cute little coffee spoon with a customized engraved message to show her how grateful you are to have her in your life.

Custom Family Portrait


Capturing one of the most precious memories through art is a beautifully emotional way to celebrate the feelings and the bonds it represents. Give your grandma a customized family portrait that encompasses her devotion to the family, and the love she carries in her heart every single day. It will be sentimental and make for a charming piece of home decoration.

grandma personalized gifts: personalized apron

Personalized Apron


Gifts that celebrate your grandma’s amazing cooking are the best! If you grew up with your gigi’s tasty meals and mouthwatering baking, give her this Personalized Apron. It will be a cool addition to her kitchen essentials.

grandma personalized gifts: custom keepsake box

Custom Keepsake Box


Finding presents for grandmas who have everything can be difficult to pick. However, one of the best things you can give them is a keepsake box for their little trinkets and jewelry. Customize it with a sentimental message for her, telling her how much you love and appreciate her to make it even more special. 

personalized gift for grandmother: keychain personalized with kids names and birthstones

Personalized Grandma Keychain


If your grandma already has plenty of photo canvases and frames of the family at home, get personalized grandma gifts that are creative and personal. Give her this adorable keychain customized with the names of all her grandchildren and their respective birthstones. 

Stake your claim on her love and add the keychain to her house or car keys so everyone knows it as well.

gift for grandma: what i love about grandma journal

Knock Knock What I Love about Grandma


If your kids are too young to choose the right gift for your grandma, why not help them out? Give them this little journal and ask them to fill it up with all the reasons they love and appreciate their grandma. Needless to say, it will be grandma’s favorite of all the gifts she receives on her birthday or Christmas.

personalized grammy gifts: custom recipe tea towel

Custom Tea Towels


Your granny is the seasoned chef of her kitchen, and there is no contesting that reality. Help her make this truth even more obvious by giving her these custom tea towels which are customized with the visual or recipe of your choice. So long as you don’t give away her secret recipe for the perfect apple pie, you should be good to go. She will likely hang it up immediately.

Letter Blanket

Letter Blanket


This love letter blanket comes very close to accomplishing that goal. Get this warm and cozy blanket customized with your loving letter to your grandma to add some extra love. It will be a sentimental gift which she will cherish. 

personalized gifts from grandkids: custom t-shirt for grandma

Personalized T-shirt


Some grandmas are too cool for the regular stuff so you need to think out of the box. Give your cool grandma this perfect t-shirt, customized with your and your siblings’ names. This will not only become an amazing addition to her wardrobe but always make her feel your love when she wears it. 

Final Words

To sum up, the best personalized gift for your grandma is the one that helps you express your love for her in the most effective way. Our list contains gift suggestions of all kinds, and we hope you can find the right one to give to your grandma, nana, or gigi on the next special occasion. 

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