56 Personalized Father’s Day Gifts to Make Him Feel Extra Special (2023)

56 Personalized Father’s Day Gifts to Make Him Feel Extra Special (2023)

Since dads are notoriously difficult to buy for, thoughtful and personalized Father’s Day gifts can be the best way to show your pop how special and unique he is.

Show him just how thankful you are for his presence with a one-of-a-kind gift for dad that reflects the special bond you share.

This list of Father’s Day present ideas will introduce you to a variety of fun and creatively customizable gifts for him this year.

From a custom photo mug to an engraved frame or wall art, you can easily find a practical and sentimental present that your dad will cherish for years to come.

Personalized Father’s Day Gifts

If buying for your father is a real challenge, it can help to begin with the absolute best-personalized gifts for Father’s Day.

Whether you have a dad who loves unique presents or something more sentimental, these items are some of the most popular options available.

1. We Love Dad Photo Canvas

personalized fathers day gifts: We Love Dad Photo Canvas



This Father’s Day, say “we love dad” in a different way. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so six pictures can say so much! This custom photo canvas converts six of your favorite photographs with your father into a gift that lets him know how much you love him!

2. To Us You Are The World Canvas

personalized fathers day gifts: To Us You Are The World Canvas


Fathers are the pillars of any family, without them, a family can never be complete. Make this day memorable by giving dad this meaningful canvas print. Express what’s in your heart and make sure your father knows his efforts aren’t going unnoticed.

3. Heart-Shaped Star Map for Dad

personalized fathers day gifts: Heart-Shaped Star Map for Dad


What other gift can you give dad to express your love for him more clearly than the one that says, “I love you more than all the stars in the sky”? It freezes time and forever engraves the memory of what the night sky looked like on these special occasions.

4. To The Best Dad Pillow

personalized fathers day gifts: To the Best Dad in the World Custom Throw Pillow


This thoughtful throw pillow will be a fantastic appreciation present for your dad on his special day. Customize this gem with your folks’ names and make the gesture so much more special!

5. Papa Bear Coffee Mug

papa fathers day gifts: Papa Bear Coffee Mug


This adorable mug can easily be customized. All you have to do is upload his preferred photograph and insert the year he became a parent. Then, this mug will be ready to gift in no time.

6. I’m Lucky To Call You Daddy Desktop Plaque

custom father's day gifts: I’m Lucky To Call You Daddy Desktop Plaque


Do you think you are extremely lucky to have the greatest dad in the world? If so, this personalized plaque is the perfect Father’s Day gift. Simply add a photo and give it to your father to show him how much you love him.

7. Engraved Leather Wallet

custom father's day gifts: Engraved Leather Wallet


A wallet might not seem like the most unique of presents, but it is an item every dad could use. An engraved leather wallet is a perfect present because it is a customized take on a classic men’s accessory. Simply select the right message and you’ve got something he’ll cherish.

8. Photo And Name Blanket

custom father's day gifts: Photo And Name Blanket


There are many different ways to show your dad how much you love him. If you’re looking to achieve this through your customized gifts, a photo name and blanket might be the right fit. This comfy piece of decor is as practical as it is stylish.

9. Custom Dad & Grandpa Canvas

customized father's day gifts: Custom Dad & Grandpa Canvas


The moment a dad becomes a grandpa is a big one in his life. If you’ve recently added a grandchild to the equation, help celebrate your dad’s new role with a canvas that captures the moment perfectly. He’s sure to love the reminder of this new addition to the family.

10. This Daddy Belongs To Photo Mug

fathers day gifts from son: This Daddy Belongs To Custom Photo Mug


This personalized dad mug is an adorable way to show the old man in your life how much you care. It’s a unique piece that will stir up some smiles. Add your favorite photo and kids’ names for a perfect custom touch.

11. Personalized Bottle Opener


With some gifts for dads, simple is better. A personalized bottle opener is an excellent way to go if you’re looking for an item unusual enough to make your dad interested while still being somewhat affordable.

12. Personalized Barbecue Apron

custom father's day gifts: Barbecue Apron


Few sights are as classic as a father standing in front of a grill, waiting patiently to flip a burger or rotate a dog. If your dad loves to get his grill on, then a personalized barbecue apron is definitely a gift worth grabbing. Ideal for a father, husband, or any other man in your life.

13. “We’re Hooked on Daddy” Custom Canvas

personalized fathers day gifts: We’re Hooked on Daddy Custom Canvas


While dad’s busy trying to catch a fish for dinner, the kids are hooked on him! Expect funny and happy moments all day long with this pretty canvas on the wall. Personalized dad gifts like this will reel him in!

14. Leather Toiletry Bag

custom father's day gifts: Leather Toiletry Bag


Whether he loves to travel or only does so once in a blue moon, a custom leather toiletry bag is a great gift to think about for the dad in your life. These beautiful monogrammed gifts are perfect for storing a variety of personal care items in a neat and organized way.

15. Engraved Grilling Tool Set

customized fathers day gifts: Engraved Grilling Tool Set


Another way to celebrate the man who loves to grill is by grabbing him a present that allows him more control over his meal. Grill gifts like an engraved grill set are presents that he will definitely appreciate and put to good use right away.

16. Custom Collage Canvas

personalized fathers day gifts - custom collage canvas for dad



For the dad who has everything, it can be a good idea to go the sentimental route with your present. A custom photo collage canvas print is one of those personalized Father’s Day gift ideas that accomplishes this goal and then some. Nothing makes a dad happier than being able to look at the smiling faces of his dear family.

17. Dad Definition Photo Mug

personalized fathers day gifts: Dad Definition Photo Mug


As mentioned, a mug is a great present for a dad, grandfather, or husband. If you want to brighten his day this Father’s Day, consider a coffee mug that features a thoughtful message about what it means to be a dad. He’ll definitely feel energized each time he fills the mug and starts his day.

18. Monogrammed Luggage

customized travel gift for Father's Day:  Monogrammed Luggage


Adding a monogram to a gift can give it an air of sophistication. The same is true when it comes to monogrammed luggage. Allow dad to travel in style and always know which suitcase is his with this perfect present.

19. Customized Dad Can Holder

personalized fathers day gifts: Customized Dad Can Holder


After a long day at work, most dads love to toss back a can or two of their favorite beer. If you want to help your pop appreciate his drink in style, consider giving him this can holder made specifically for dads.

20. Poem From Daughter Canvas

what to get for Father's Day: Father’s Day Poem From Daughter Canvas


While you’re wondering what to get your dad for Father’s Day, here’s something for your husband. Get him a sweet keepsake with a message from his baby girl’s heart. He’ll feel like the luckiest guy on earth.

21. Unique Chopping Board

personalized father's day gift: Unique Chopping Board


Some dads spend a lot of time in the kitchen, creating culinary masterpieces to share with their families. If your husband loves assuming the role of chef, consider a unique gift like a customized chopping board to help celebrate his passion.

22. Letter to Dad Desktop Plaque

personalized father's day gifts: Letter to Dad Desktop Plaque


Take our word for it: Father’s Day gift ideas are always incredible when they contain sweet words. Check out this plaque. It comes with a love message that can only come from the heart.

23. Unique Stainless Steel Tumbler

personalized father's day gift: Unique Stainless Steel Tumbler


For the dad who always seems to be rushing from one place to the next, consider gifting him the unique present of a stainless steel tumbler. Whether he needs some coffee for his morning errands or wants to stay hydrated while at work, this tumbler will help him get through his day without worry.

24. Personalized Measuring Tape

custom fathers day gift for a handyman: Personalized Measuring Tape


When a man becomes a father, he tends to assume he can easily become a skilled handyman. Whether your husband is a great carpenter or should leave the work to the professionals, the gift of a personalized measuring tape could be a truly great fit.

25. Personalized Sound Wave Bracelet

Personalized fathers day gifts: Sound Wave Bracelet


For the dad who has everything, it can be tricky to find a present that actually makes him turn his head. If you want to knock it out of the park with your Father’s Day gifts this year, consider a personalized sound wave bracelet. He’s sure to be impressed by this clever idea.

26. Daddy and Message Canvas

customizable things to get for Father's Day: Daddy and Message Canvas


When it comes to things to get for Father’s Day, we’ve got you covered. When daddy sees this customized canvas, he’ll surely shed a happy tear. Touch his heart today! 

27. Engraved Hammer

custom father's day gifts: Engraved Hammer


The relationship between father and son is a special one. If you’re searching for a present that will help capture the bond you and your dad share, consider an engraved hammer. This is a present that is as practical as it is sentimental and great for a variety of purposes.

28. Monogrammed Airpod Case

Monogrammed Airpod Case Custom Name Fathers Day Gift for Husband


Is your husband constantly misplacing his earbuds? If so, then a gift like an Airpod case is a perfect idea. A monogrammed Airpod case is a unique Father’s Day gift that gives him a simple place to store his pods that is as stylish as it is thoughtful.

29. Personalized Wireless Charger Pad

Personalized gift for Father Day: Wireless Charger Pad


Some dads have a knack for gadgets. If your father is one such man, then you should absolutely think about presents that will make his life easier. A wireless charger pad is such a gift, allowing him the opportunity to always keep his devices charged and ready.

30. Father’s Day Doormat

practical custom Father’s Day Doormat


Sometimes, the perfect gift is one that is so practical that you likely wouldn’t have thought of it on your own. A new doormat is something a home could always use. Grab him this doormat and feel confident in your gift.

31. Custom Golf Ball Markers

Custom gift for dad: Golf Ball Markers


Is dad an avid golfer? Getting him a gift that highlights his hobby can be a great way to go. These stainless steel golf ball markers are absolutely perfect for any guy who likes to spend his free time during the weekends out on the green.

32. Letter to Dad Signature Blanket

gift for dad's day: Letter to Dad Custom Signature Blanket


How do you express your love to someone so amazing? Offer your dad a thoughtful, personalized Father’s Day gift. This blanket will warm his body and heart. Give him a great big hug today!

33. The Night You Became My Daddy Star Map Photo Canvas

personalized fathers day gifts: The Night You Became My Daddy Custom Star Map Photo Canvas


Searching for Father’s Day keepsakes? Your daddy remembers the day he first met you. It was the best moment of his life. Bring the memories back with an image of the night sky that witnessed this event!

34. Thank You Desktop Plaque

gift for dad's day: Custom Thank You Desktop Plaque


Good luck finding a present as meaningful as this plaque. Place this on your dad’s work desk to remind him how awesome he is. Custom-made Father’s Day gifts with pictures are always a good bet!

35. Custom Mug for Stepdad

happy fathers day custom gift: Mug for Stepdad


Wondering what to get for Father’s Day? Time to consider drinkware! Give your stepdad the best coffee money can buy. This mug is a keepsake that’s priceless. Blood truly doesn’t matter when it comes to love!  

36. PAPA Letter Art

father's day gift for papa: PAPA Letter Art


Wall art doesn’t get more unique than this piece. Tell your papa how much you adore him by decorating his favorite room in the house. I bet he’ll be showing this custom Father’s Day gift off to everyone!

Father’s Day Pictures & Photo Gifts

Another great way to go about finding great gifts for Father’s Day is by being sure to include a photo in your personalized present.

Gift ideas with pictures are great because they take a classic gift item and add a unique edge.

These items run a range and are sure to be meaningful presents that he’ll love.

37. Desktop Photo Plaque

fathers day photo gifts: Desktop Photo Plaque


If dad is always working long hours in order to provide for his family, you can consider a gift like a desktop photo plaque. The next time he’s stuck behind his desk for long durations, he can simply gaze over at the photo plaque and remember the people who help make his days worthwhile

38. Best Dad Ever Custom Photo Mug

fathers day photo gifts: Best Dad Ever Custom Photo Mug


A sweet photo gift from a son never fails to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Talk about a mug that happens to be among the nicest keepsakes for Father’s Day. 

39. Poem Photo Canvas Print

fathers day photo gifts: Walk With Me Daddy – Poem Photo Canvas Print


When you’re on the hunt for the perfect Father’s Day presents from daughters, some wall art could be a great way to go. With this type of gift, you can put the words of a gorgeous poem against a wonderful picture of you and your dad in order to present him with a memory that he is sure to cherish for years to come.

40. Family Photo Blanket

fathers day personalised gifts: Live Every Moment Personalized Family Photo Blanket


Another way to go about Father’s Day personalized gifts is with items that are practical but also specific. A customized photo blanket, for example, is a present he’s sure to love. Whether he uses it to stay warm or as some decor around the house, this blanket will definitely have an impact.

41. Custom Dad Socks

Custom Dad Socks - Personalised Father's Day Gift For Dad


There are all kinds of unusual ways to approach your gift for your dad this holiday. If you’re all out of ideas and want something he will enjoy, consider a pair of custom dad socks. He’s sure to get a kick out of this clever and thoughtful present.

42. Photo Bottle Opener

fathers day personalised gifts: Photo Bottle Opener


A bottle opener is an item that almost anyone benefits from having handy. If you want to give your dad something that he’ll be able to fully appreciate for Father’s Day, consider a customized photo bottle opener. He’s sure to put it to good use right away!

43. Custom Funny Photo Mug

Custom Funny Father Photo Mug: Best Farter Ever Oops! I Meant Father Mug


Not all gifts for dads need to be serious or sentimental. In fact, some of the best presents for dads are those that are a bit silly. This photo mug is one of the better funny Father’s Day gifts you can grab and is also a great and durable cup to use for coffee or tea.

44. Custom Photo Case

personalized father's day gifts: Custom Photo Case


Does your dad constantly drop his phone and cause you to hold your breath as you wait to see if he damaged it? If this sounds familiar, a phone case is definitely the way to go. When you need customized picture gifts, it makes sense to go with a present that is also practical.

45. Engraved Beer Mug

Personalized Beer Mug Glass - Father's Day Gift for Groomsmen


For the dad who likes to knock back a few cold ones at the end of the day, a beer mug makes for a fitting gift. Make the present even more special by personalizing it. Engraved gifts, such as a mug, have a way of getting right to the heart.

46. Unique Golf Balls

Father's Day gift for golfer: Unique Golf Balls


The dad who loves golf will definitely like a gift that takes his passion to the next level. Unique golf balls make for a perfect present for the avid golfer in your life. The only problem is that he’ll want to try them out right away!

47. Custom Family Photo Puzzle

Personalized Fathers Day Gift Family Photo Puzzle


Going the unique route with your present is one way to ensure your gift is both a surprise and a delight. If you want something truly original, consider a family photo puzzle. Not only is this a sentimental gift, but it also creates an opportunity for a fun family activity.

48. One-Of-A-Kind Shot Glass

World's Best Dad Since Forever Short Glass - Custom Father's Day Gift


There are all kinds of ways to go about personalized gifts for Father’s Day. If some of your favorite memories with your old man include tossing back shots, then a shot glass is the gift to get. This present is sure to make him feel unique.

49. Heart Shaped Photo Collage

custom father's day gifts: Heart Shaped Photo Collage


Capture special moments with the family and design a customizable print everyone will love. Out of all the unique Father’s Day gifts out there, this one takes the cake!

50. Custom Photo Book

Personalized Father’s Day Gift: Custom Photo Book


Every father has a story. If you want to make your dad feel special and wish him a happy Father’s Day all in one, consider a custom photo book. He’ll find it hard to hold back the tears as he reflects on the years.

51. Dad Photo Holder


A picture frame is a classic gift for a reason. Not only is it an item that everyone can get some use out of, but it also gives you the chance to frame a specific picture as part of the gift. An engraved photo holder for your dad is definitely a present that he’ll appreciate receiving from his child.

52. Blanket for Cat/Dog Dads

custom father's day gifts: Personalized Blanket for Cat/Dog Dads


Show a pet lover some affection with one of the cutest personalized Father’s Day gifts from a dog. Animals have feelings, too. Help them express their emotions with a comfortable blanket!

53. Daddy Poem Photo Desktop Plaque

personalized fathers day gifts: Daddy Poem Photo Desktop Plaque


Here’s a keepsake from the baby who doesn’t yet know how to talk. It is a perfect present for new dads to celebrate their first Father’s Day. They’ll get this daddy pumped up for a whole new kind of life!

54. Custom Picture Tie Patch

personalized fathers day gifts: Custom Picture Tie Patch Label


Since you can’t get more “dad” with your gifts than a tie, you may want to think about putting a unique spin on this classic idea. A custom picture tie patch is a gift that will help him really make a splash the next time he needs a new accessory for the office or a special event.

55. Thank You For Loving Me As Your Own Photo Canvas

customized father's day gifts for stepdad: Thank You For Loving Me As Your Own Photo Canvas


A bonus dad isn’t one you planned to grow up with. If an amazing man appears to shower you with love, you’ve got it great. Show him you value his care with cool Father’s Day customizable gifts like this canvas!

56. Best Dad Ever Custom Photo Blanket

customized father's day gifts: Best Dad Ever Custom Photo Blanket


Searching high and low for the sweetest things to get your dad for Father’s Day? When your daddy touches this soft blanket and sees the touching photo collage, he’ll know he has it made!



Since you can’t get more “dad” with your gifts than a tie, you may want to think about putting a unique spin on this classic idea.

A custom picture tie patch is a gift that will help him really make a splash the next time he needs a new accessory for the office or a special event.

Making your dad feel unique on Father’s Day is all about seeking out presents that really capture how you feel about him.

From engraved frames to custom canvas prints, there are all kinds of fantastic options for you to consider when you’re looking to show dad how special he is.

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