20+ Best Personalized Gifts for Anniversary (2021)

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • January 12, 2021
20+ Best Personalized Gifts for Anniversary (2021)

Anniversaries are sweet, romantic, and perfect for surprising a loving life partner with unique gifts to show them just how much we love them. The gift ideas that make this special day even better are the ones that help us add our personal touch to the gesture creatively.

If you want to surprise your partner with love, here are 20+ personalized gifts for anniversary to help you choose the perfect gift!

song lyrics canvas with black and white photo

Song Lyrics on Photo Canvas Print


There are always at least a few love songs that make you think of your wife and fill your heart with love. So choose this canvas print, customized with the lyrics of the most romantic love song and your favorite picture of you two together. It will be a sweet gift, one which you can use as decoration around the house.

where love began custom heart map canvas print

Custom Map Canvas Art


Your first date with your wife or husband is probably one of the sweetest, possibly funniest, stories you look back on. For this anniversary, why not commemorate that special place and moment? This canvas map art can be customized with the location most memorable to you, along with your name and special date. It is also cute and elegant and will make for the perfect wall art t your home.

Mr And Mrs Custom Couple Mugs

Mr and Mrs Mugs


Some of the best personalized gifts for anniversary are practical and add some extra love to the recipient’s routine. These Mr. and Mrs. mugs are the perfect example of such gifts. Each mug can be customized to have a person’s name on one side and their surname with the relevant title on the other. They will make coffee routines more romantic. These are among the best anniversary gifts for your friend!

personalized anniversary gifts: custom desktop plaque

Desktop Plaque


It is obvious you two are absolutely in love and are excited about spending your lives together. So give your partner this sentimental photo desk plaque, customized with your names, anniversary date, and a sweet picture of the both of you. It will show them just how much they mean to you, and they can use it as decoration to keep a daily reminder of the love in the house.

anniversary gifts for parents: personalized anniversary push pin map

Personalized Anniversary Pushpin World Map


The travel bug you two share is the source of your meaningful connection, and you enjoy traveling with him most of all. So why not put a creative spin to this and give your husband this world map personalized with your names and anniversary date? You can mark all the places where you both have had your romantic and invigorating adventures. It will be a promise of more love and many more adventures to come!

personalized anniversary gift ideas: street sign canvas art beach style

Personalized Crossroad Sign Canvas Print


Our destinies bring us to the crossroads where we are meant to meet the love of our lives. So, commemorate the mingling of your paths by giving your spouse this elegant canvas print, personalized with your names and anniversary date. It would be a great and meaningful gift and will be the perfect home decoration.

wedding anniversary gift ideas: custom name and song lyrics pillow

Custom Song Lyrics Pillow


Music has a way of conveying feelings like no other thing. So tell your husband or wife just how much you love them by gifting them this pillow for your anniversary personalized with song lyrics of your choice, both your names and your anniversary date. It would be unique, romantic, and a squishy form of love they can squeeze for comfort.

anniversary gift ideas for couples: custom name blanket

Custom Blanket


Some relationships are so out of this world; they seem like they came out of a fairytale. Let your spouse know how enchanted you are by them by giving them this custom blanket with your initials on it. This unusually sweet and romantic gesture would be the perfect fit for the story of love you two share and an adorable promise of everlasting love.

custom anniversary gifts: monogrammed plush robe

Monogrammed Plush Robe


Couple wear are some of the best personalized anniversary gifts to give to a spouse who loves matching with you. Get these plush robes, customized with initials for the both of you, and enjoy a nice relaxing day together on your anniversary day. Not many things say ‘I love you’ quite like a shared luxury item you both can enjoy.

engravable anniversary gifts: engraved leather coaster set

Engraved Leather Coaster Set


Add some novelty to your gifting range by giving a happy couple like your sister and her husband or your friends this elegant yet inexpensive leather coaster set, engraved with their family initials. It will be a cool shared gift for them both to add to their house, and they will definitely love the gesture.

Personalized Hand-Written Letter Blanket

Love Letter Blanket


What happens when you combine the love of the love letter and the warmth of a soft blanket? You get the most romantic personalized gift ever to give to your spouse for your anniversary! Your sweet declaration of love printed out on the blanket will warm their heart and will become a keepsake for the many years of love you to will share.

personalized anniversary gifts: custom cutting board

Custom Cutting Board


Simple personalized gifts for anniversary sometimes are the perfect ones to give to a couple celebrating their special day. This chopping board has an elegant design and can be a beautiful keepsake, customized with their names and anniversary date. It is thoughtful, inexpensive, and an overall great gift that will be appreciated and liked.

anniversary gift ideas for friends: custom couple portrait

Custom Couple Portrait


Turning your love into a piece of art is uniquely symbolic and sentimental. For this anniversary, give your spouse this custom portrait of you two to tell them what love looks like to you. This gift will be beautifully meaningful and something they will always cherish no matter how many years go by.

The Start Of Us Celestial Map Print - first year anniversary gift for boyfriend

Custom Celestial Map


Some love stories are so special, it takes the mapping of celestial bodies for us to convey the depth of our feelings. Give your significant other this beautiful star map, customized to show the star alignment on the day you two met. It will be a charming and elegant gift that will sweep them off their feet!

personalized anniversary gifts for him: why i'm grateful for you book

Knock Knock Why I’m Grateful for You


Add some sweet fun to the anniversary gift this year by giving your spouse this cute book of gratitude. You can fill it up with the many reasons you love them and the many little things they do, which makes you grateful to have them in your life. It will be a romantic gift full of humor, sweetness, and a special kind of love.

customized anniversary gifts: custom couple bobbleheads

Custom Couple Bobbleheads


If you and your wife like a few gags and jokes, you should definitely go for these custom bobbleheads. Custom designed to match the picture reference you provide, this gift will make her laugh out loud and remind her just how well matched you both are. Buy this gift, and you are guaranteed to impress her into falling even more in love with you.

engraved anniversary gifts: personalized tree trunk glassware duo

Personalized Tree Trunk Glassware Duo


Couples who drink together stay together! If both you and your wife are fans of enjoying the good drinks in life, buy these pair of couple glasses customized with the initials of both your names. You can choose to get 2 wine glasses, 2 beer glasses, or a wine and beer glass combo depending on the taste preferences you both have. It will be a funny, little gift and will make drinking sessions even more enjoyable.

gift for couples: story of us anniversary book

The Story of Us


Words have a way of putting together love with all its sentimentality and purity intact. Give your husband this beautiful journal, which you have filled with a heartfelt narration of your love story with him. It will become one of his favorite gifts, one he would like to keep and add to for all the years to come.

personalized anniversary gifts: personalized mixtape pillow

Personalized Mixtape Pillow


The era of giving mixtapes as a declaration of love may have passed by, but who says you can’t still use them? Give your husband or wife this cute mixtape pillow personalized with your names on one side and the year you two have been together since on the other. It will be a cute, nostalgic, and romantic way of telling them you will love them forever.

Personalized Compact Swivel Cheese Board

Engraved Compact Swivel Cheese Board


The love of cheese brought you two together and has probably played an important part in all your couple adventures. So, celebrate this shared love by gifting your spouse this Swivel Cheese Board personalized with both your initials. Having it will simply make the cheesy adventures all the more special.

personalized tree of love photo ledge

Personalized Tree of Love Photo Ledge


There is something incredibly sweet about celebrating love through the generations. Give your partner a beautiful surprise by setting up this Tree of Love Photo Ledge. It can be personalized to include the love stories of your partners’ parents, your parents, and then finally yours. It will make for a wholesome decoration around the house, one that you and both your families can appreciate.

Personalized Movie Marquee Photo Print

Personalized Movie Marquee Photo Print


For your movie-loving partner, cinemas are nearly sacred! So make your anniversary gift a little extra special for them by giving them this photo of a cinema showing. The picture can be personalized to fit your names into a popular movie title of your choice or to have a different title altogether along with your anniversary gift. They will be over the moon over this gift, and it will become a romantic keepsake.


Overall, personalized anniversary gifts for anniversaries are best when they can effectively communicate the love and affection couples have for each other. We hope you find the perfect gift to give to your spouse or partner from the list.

If you want to look for more gift options, check out our other blog posts about anniversary gifts, and read through our recommendations.



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