46 Best One-Year Anniversary Gifts for Your Boyfriend That Will Make Him Remember (2023)

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • September 27, 2023
46 Best One-Year Anniversary Gifts for Your Boyfriend That Will Make Him Remember (2023)

1 year of overwhelming love, 365 days of being together, and 52 weeks of profound joy. Congratulations! You have reached an important milestone with your boyfriend that deserves celebration. Don’t just pick a random gift. Get a special one-year anniversary gifts for your boyfriend from this list to celebrate your dating anniversary. These recommendations are carefully curated by our gift experts to match your requirements!

Our Top Picks

The Best One-Year Dating Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

“The Night Everything Changed” Star Map Print

a star map and city map canvas print as one year dating anniversary gift for boyfriend

This celestial map print is a perfect reminder of a very special night in your relationship and will make your guy smile every time he looks at it. The sky that you see on the print will be the specific alignment of the stars when you first met, first dated, or had your first kiss. How romantic!

First Anniversary Photo Collage Gift

first year dating anniversary gift for him

Here is one loving way to show off and celebrate the best moments of your one year together. This will be an original one the most one year anniversary gifts for boyfriend will cherish and be happy to receive.

1st Year Dating Anniversary Collage Print

a heart shaped photo collage canvas print 1 year dating gift for boyfriend

Completing one year with your boyfriend is both exciting and nostalgic. The nostalgic memories of when you first met can make you two fall in love all over again. This heart-shaped photo collage canvas is a romantic idea to reminisce about the treasured memories both of you shared throughout the year.

“One Year With Him” Photo Box Explosion

First Year Gifts for Boyfriend Photo Box Explosion

As the name suggests, this little box is an explosion of all the happy memories you’ve shared throughout the year. Upon opening the box, he will discover your selection of pictures, one by one, bringing back the sweet nostalgia of all the moments you had together. And by keeping your gifts hidden inside, it keeps getting better!

You can also create a DIY Photo Box Explosion with this tutorial.

“Where It Began” Map Wall Art

where it all began - map wall art

This custom map wall art is a meaningful gift for your boyfriend on your first year dating anniversary. It showcases a significant location that holds special memories for both of you, and serves as a constant reminder of the love you share. Plus, it adds a personal touch to his space and is a unique keepsake he will cherish for years to come.

Couple Portrait

a custom couple portrait

Looking for a creative one-year dating anniversary gift for him to lighten up your celebration? This couple’s portrait is the right one. The artwork is drawn by hand digitally based on the photo you send. If you two raise a pet together, choose a photo with the pet to make this portrait more complete!

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Custom Camera Film Roll Keychain

Personalized Film Roll Keychain,Personalized Photo Album

The Custom Camera Film Roll Keychain is a magical, unique, and romantic one year anniversary gifts for your boyfriend. With the number of photos that can be attached, it is a great prezzie for your other half. You can customize your own vintage roll film and attach a keychain to it so that your memories are forever stored in a unique way.

“Our First Year Together” Custom Photo Collage Pillow

Our First Year Together Custom Photo Collage Suede Pillow

There’s arguably nothing that feels warmer than a soul mate who keeps the flame of love kindled in your heart. So, this custom photo collage pillow can be the perfect gift to celebrate his affection and warmth. Customize this cute pillow with photos and names to make it a personalized present for your bae. And when you are not around, it’s like your bae can still snuggle with you every night, no matter where you are.

“Our First Year” Personalized Desktop Plaque

1 Year Anniversary Custom Desktop Photo Plaque For Boyfriend

A special way to showcase the best moments and memories with your guy is to gift him with this “1 Year and Counting” desktop plaque. At $24.95, it can be a small but incredibly valuable keepsake for the man of your life.

“Our First Year” Scrapbook

our first year scrapbook for boyfriend

This is a cute one year anniversary gifts for boyfriend to together preserve happy memories of your 1st year together. You can include pictures and scrapbook items like ticket stubs from your first movie together and then surprise your man on your anniversary.

Spiral Song Lyrics Vinyl Record Canvas Print

a puzzle map art - one year gift for boyfriend

This personalized print is a great way to show and remind him how perfect you are for each other. Customize the song lyrics for your love, your date, and name.

Personalized Leather Bracelet

This leather bracelet is personalized with your initials and the date you met. It’s so romantic to give him a piece of you to carry around with him everywhere he goes. Order 2, one for each of you, so that both of you always have each other in your thoughts.

Monogrammed Leather AirPod Case Keychain

Monogrammed Leather AirPod Case Keychain

Let a functional gift express how much you care for him. This custom leather case keychain will let him keep his AirPods safe and within reach at all times in a protective case.

“It All Began With” Pillow With Custom Text And Photo

It All Began With Pillow With Custom Text And Photo - 1 year Anniversary Gift for Boyfriend

This personalized “It All Began With…” pillow is a quirky one year anniversary gifts for your boyfriend to celebrate the very 1st anniversary. How or Where did your love story begin?

First Anniversary Collage Canvas

first anniversary heart shape collage canvas gift for boyfriend

Preserve your unforgettable moments on this stunning canvas and show your S.O. how much these memories mean to you. You can completely customize this canvas to make it a perfect keepsake by using your favorite photos together, including the first date and your names.

Engraved Wooden Watch

Engraved Wooden Watch for Boyfriend

Treat your bae to this classic wooden watch with a custom message engraved on the back. It is an exquisite, yet practical one year anniversary gifts for your boyfriend can wear for years to come. And you can make this classy gift more personal with a sentimental saying on it.

Pop-Up Anniversary Card

gay couple 3D Pop Up Greeting Card - 1 year anniversary gift for gay boyfriend

Looking for a special way to express your love on your one-year dating anniversary? At merely $12.95 on Amazon, this pop-up card is an ideal and unique way to say “I Love You” to that special person.

A Pillow with Your Special Song

one year anniversary gift for boyfriend - custom pillow

We bet there’s a special song in your relationship. Why don’t you incorporate it into the gift? It’ll make a surprise one year anniversary gifts for your boyfriend that will not expect!

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Custom Cartoon Frame

1 Year Anniversary Gift for Him Boyfriend romantic cartoon frame

This exotic custom cartoon frame keeps that spark between you and your man alive. A sweet and romantic present will let you two find each other silly uniquely. This frame will help make the first anniversary with your beau a little more fun and memorable.

“I Love You For Your Personality” Candle

You have been an amazing boyfriend for 1 year candle gift

This candle is a super sweet and quirky 1st-anniversary gift for your boyfriend. At $12.00 on Etsy, this can be a pretty handy and cute gift for your S.O.

365 Days Ago My Love Came To Me Collage Canvas Print

365 days ago my love came to me photo canvas print gift for boyfriend

The custom canvas print captures the spirit of the past 365 days that you have blissfully shared. A sentimental one-year anniversary gift that your boyfriend will hold dear.

Desktop Plaque With Custom Photo

two people swiped right desktop plaque for boyfriend

With this desktop plaque that contains memories of your first year together, he now can always keep your image closed by right on his desk.

State Map Print

state map canvas print one year dating anniversary gift for him

“Some things are meant to be”, which is just like you and him. Get him this custom state map print to say how you are destined for each other.

Long-Distance License Plate Sign

Long-Distance License Plate Sign - 1 year anniversary gift for boyfriend

This long-distance license plate sign is one-of-a-kind that your other half will absolutely love. Start off your second year together with a gift that shows off the value of his love despite the distance.

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Couple Necklace

couple matching necklace for boyfriend

This couple necklace is a simple way of showing him the special bond you two have. It’s a reminder that you are his and he is yours. At $14.99 on Amazon, this simple but unique token of love is the best gift you can get him.

First Year Dating Anniversary Photo Collage Mug

a photo collage mug as 1st year dating anniversary gift for boyfriend

There are so many beautiful ways to have a reminder of hitting a one-year milestone together. This mug is also a useful one-year anniversary gift that your boyfriend can use every day. The best thing about this gift is that you can customize it with several photos of you two.

Custom Photo Desk Lamp

Personalized Custom Photo Desk Led Lamp

For long-distance love, this remarkable personalized custom photo desk lamp will definitely keep the two of you connected.

Vintage Song Lyrics Vinyl Record Print

song lyrics and photo canvas print - anniversary gift for boyfriend

This song lyrics with photo couple canvas art is the next best thing you can get him! This keepsake shows the lyrics of your special song together with a photo of you. Plus, you get to write a custom message on the listing.

Fossil Men’s Watch

a stainless steel watch from fossil

This stainless steel quartz watch is a practical gift to give your boyfriend for the one-year anniversary celebration. This watch is rugged, eye-catching, and is reviewed to be suitable for many outfit styles and occasions.

Leather Wallet

fossil leather wallet for men - anniversary gift for boyfriend

Many men love to receive a high-quality and durable wallet as a present. This leather wallet from Fossil has plenty of space, with 8 credit card slots. The genuine leather will also look good over time.

Personalized Metal Wallet Card

metal wallet card as one year anniversary gift for him

This engraved metal wallet card is an excellent gift for the man you love. The high-quality aluminum material makes the item durable. With a sleek design, this card can fit perfectly into any wallet, making it a practical and sentimental keepsake forgiving on occasion.

Custom Face Socks

custom face socks

How about choosing a fun image and printing it on a pair of socks? These custom face socks are a fun and unique gift to surprise your boyfriend on your anniversary. The socks will add a touch of humor and playfulness to his daily wardrobe. And despite being an unusual gift, the creative personalization makes it a special keepsake he’ll never forget.

Personalized Leather Belt

monogrammed leather belt for boyfriend

You should consider getting a belt for your partner if you are looking to give him a clothing item as a gift for your 1-year anniversary. You can choose from various engraving and buckle options, as well as sizes and colors that match your man’s favorites.

Monogrammed Money Clip

monogrammed money clip gift for boyfriend

A money clip that is engraved with your boyfriend’s monogram is another cool gift idea. The seller can also engrave full names, quotes, and sayings per your request. You can purchase the money clip with an optional wood engraved box for an additional $25.28

Engraved Pocket Knife with Name

engraved pocket knife with name

Your boyfriend can put a pocket knife in good use. But as you are giving it as a gift, you’ll want to buy a pocket knife that is customized with his name, like this one, to make it more personal.

“To My Boyfriend” Throw Blanket

to my boyfriend throw blanket for one year anniversary

If you are looking for a real heartwarming item for your boyfriend, this throw blanket is it! Also, he will be moved by the sentimental message printed on the item.

Dollar Shave Club Subscription

dollar shave club subscription gift for boyfriend on one year anniversary

Getting him a Dollar Shave Club subscription or gift set will show how thoughtful you are, caring about his grooming and style.

Custom Embroidered Towel

embroidered bath towel for men

Buying him a new bath towel is also a practical gift-giving idea for your 1-year anniversary. This one is not like any other towel as it is embroidered with his name. You can choose from various thread colors for the name too.

Detoxifying Soap Bar

bamboo charcoal soap bar for men

This bamboo charcoal soap works for all skin types, especially for oily and blemish-prone skin. The soap is suitable for face and body, and is gentle enough for daily use. Each soap bar is unique and hand-crafted with love, just like you finding a good skincare gift for your boyfriend!

Personalized AirPods 3

an engraved airpods 3

Not just any Airpods, this one is engraved with his name, initials, numbers, or emojis that show off his styles (free personalization). It will be the most special and coolest gift for your boyfriend on the first anniversary!

DIY Basket of Goodies

homemade diy gift basket for boyfriend - 1 year anniversary gift for him

If you are out of ideas, make him a basket full of his favorite goodies. You can combine some chocolate with a bottle of cologne or a photo collage frame. Add a simple and heartfelt written note, including some anniversary quotes. You’ll have a simple but meaningful gift for your boyfriend on the 1-year anniversary.

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Besides the gift ideas we have recommended, you can give the guy a new hair pomade, new socks or boxer briefs, or a new lighter as a one-year dating anniversary gift. The choices are endless. No matter what gift you give, your boyfriend will cherish it. Otherwise, he’s not the one for you and does not deserve your effort!

Experiential Gift Ideas for First-Year Dating Anniversary

There are many ways to celebrate the 1-year anniversary with your boyfriend. Getting him a gift is one thing. But setting up a date, a night out, or even a whole weekend away can make the occasion more special and memorable. Below are some ideas that might interest you. Or you can use these ideas as experiential gifts for him, which you can also enjoy!

A Weekend Away with You

a couple spending weekend away in the mountain

How about arranging and enjoying a weekend away together? You can go to a beach house or go camping somewhere far, where there are just the two of you celebrating the occasion.

A Special Night Out

A couple in theme park

He might enjoy a night out on your one-year anniversary. Whether it is a romantic or fun date night, it is bound to make the two of you feel special and fall in love all over again.

Cooking for Him

a couple cooking on their first anniversary

If he or both of you prefer to stay at home instead of going out, cook for him, or even better, make a plan to cook together. This activity can strengthen the relationship and results in a perfect quality time that you might have forgotten sometimes.

Tickets to Somewhere

entrance to a theatre

Your boyfriend might have mentioned a concert, a sports event, or an art performance. So, wouldn’t it be thoughtful to buy him tickets to the event? He’ll be thrilled. Plus, it’ll show how you have always been paying attention to his hobbies.

Doing New, Adventurous Activities Together

a couple sitting on a hanging bridge - adventurous activity for one year anniversary

If you are an adventurous couple, doing something new and bold together on your one-year anniversary is the best gift you can give each other. Some bold, adventurous activities you can think of: like skydiving, rock climbing, or bungee jumping. This will create a memorable experience that you can look back on years later.


One year dating anniversary is a big deal for two hearts in love. For celebrating this exciting milestone, you might want to go all out to pick a heartwarming present for your other half. And while the 365 days with your boyfriend have taught you sufficiently about his taste, when your one-year comes around, you can still find yourself indecisive about what to actually buy him.

With this above list, we have put together a collection of one-year dating anniversary gifts for him so that you don’t have to. So all you have to do is pick one and make the day memorable forever.




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