40+ Christmas Office Decorations for All to Enjoy (2020)

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • November 10, 2020
40+ Christmas Office Decorations for All to Enjoy (2020)

Are you looking for Christmas decorating ideas for the office? You don’t want your workspace to look bland and boring at Christmas. You want your co-workers to see your office Christmas decorations and get into the holiday spirit. 

When working from home, you can decorate your home office to celebrate a wonderful occasion. When Christmas comes around, your office will be decorated with red, green, and white items. Here are several Christmas-themed decorations that’ll give you several ideas for office decor.

1. Gingerbread Themed Cubicle

Source: Pinterest

Sweeten your cubicle with a gingerbread man or woman. Your office Christmas decorations will become the talk of the office. You can add windows, a Christmas tree adorning with ornaments, and candy canes. On your chair, add a red Santa hat. It’ll be like you’re working in your very own gingerbread house.

2. Santa’s Workshop Lobby Decor

Source: Pinterest

Transform your entire lobby into Santa’s workshop. When your employees enter the workplace decorated with red and white office Christmas decorations, it’ll boost their morale. It’s an inexpensive way to help your employees get into the festive spirit. You can decorate the outside of their cubicle as well.

3. Fairy Lights

Source: Pinterest

Do you want an easy and simple idea that you can use to decorate your cubicle at the last-minute? If you do, we have your answer— fairy lights! You can add fairy lights all around your cubicle, including the interior of the cubicle. You can place it on your office chair too. Don’t miss a spot!

4. Fairy Light Christmas Tree

Source: Pinterest

If you want a cute and unique idea to decorate your home office, you’re in luck. You can get a Christmas tree made from fairy light. You can place it next to your home’s wall. Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the festive season properly. Add a Christmas tree in the corner, and let it shine. 

5. Post It Note Wreath

Source: Pinterest

You’re sitting at work, and you see your neighbor’s cubicle decked out with office Christmas decorations while your cubicle has nothing. We have a low-priced DIY idea for you! Using post-it notes, you can create a wreath and place it on the window glass of your office’s door. It’s quick, easy, and creative. 

6. Red & White Hanging Decorations

Source: Pinterest

Hanging down from the ceiling are red and white striped balls of different shapes and sizes. We know the perfect place to hang them. If your workplace has a waiting area for customers, place them there. This is a great and simple way to put a smile on your customers’ faces.

7. Hanging Ornaments

Source: Pinterest

You have a small home office with a bland looking window. Is there an easy yet amazing and creative idea to give your home office a Christmas-themed makeover? Yes, you can! Place several ornaments hanging down from a ribbon tied to the window with a big beautiful bow in the middle.

8. Cardboard Fireplace

Source: Pinterest

You can create a fireplace using cardboard boxes and brown and white paint. Simply cut out the cardboard boxes into the shape of a fireplace with a chimney. You can also create stockings to hang on the chimney with a small Santa Claus climbing down or up. 

9. Garlands

Source: Pinterest

When your employees come to work, they’ll be in for a surprise! You can decorate the workplace using garlands entwined with fairy lights. You can attach them from one cubicle to the other to create the shape of a Christmas tree. 

10. Photo Christmas Tree

Source: Pinterest

Quarantine sucks, we got it. Let’s glamour up your home office with this cool idea. We know how you can get back into the spirit of celebrating this holiday with some amazing wall decor. Create a tree with fairy lights with a gold star on top and pictures of your family, friends and co-workers on the inside.

11. Simple Light String Christmas Tree

Source: Pinterest

The holiday season is about celebrating the little things in life. It’s a joyous time for everyone celebrating Christmas around the world. If you’re one of them, you can decorate your workplace with fairy lights shaped like a tree, a box full of ornaments, a top hat, and mini Christmas trees with words like “peace,” “joy,” and “happy” on the wall representing ornaments with a snowflake at the top.

12. Who-ville Cubicle Decor

Source: Pinterest

Do you want to have a very Grinch Christmas? If you do, then turn your office into Who-ville. This idea isn’t simple, but if you manage to pull it off, your co-workers will love your office Christmas decorations. If you have a competition at your workplace going on, know that you’ll win hands down with this Grinch-themed decor.

13. Candyland Cubicle

Source: Pinterest

Welcome to Candyland Village! You can transform your cubicle at work into a village made from candy. You can use balloons, cardboard, and colored paper to create candy canes, gingerbread man, signs, snowflakes, hearts, and more. It’s a colorful and delicious idea. 

14. More Fairy Lights!

Source: Pinterest

This is a space-saving idea for the festive season. If you are short on space, you can use fairy lights and garlands to create a Christmas tree. Turn on the fairy lights to light up the tree. It’s a great idea for anyone looking to add a little bit of Christmas joy into their small place.

15. Desk Decorated with Garlands

Source: Pinterest

Deck the halls with garlands! Fa la lalala, la lalala! You can put a bow on your chair with garlands around your worktable coming down from the ceiling. You add brick-patterned wallpapers around your cubicle and the walls with a cardboard fireplace with stockings and garlands on the wall. 

16. Cardboard Deer Head

Source: Pinterest

If you work from home, on the outside wall of your home office, you can create Rudolph the reindeer using cardboard and put a wreath around it. It’s an eye-catching office decor that won’t cost you a lot of money to create.

17. Simple Decor with Garlands

Source: Pinterest

If you’re in search of the simplest office Christmas decorations to decorate your office desk, you’ll find this idea amazing and great. All you need is a garland, a fairy light, and some big red bows. Hang it around your desk, add bows into the mix, and you’re done.

18. Waddling into the Winter

Source: Pinterest

Are you good at cutting out shapes? If you are, then you can cut the paper into snowflakes and create cute penguins wearing colorful hats and standing on the snow. These paper shapes will give your office its annual dose of Christmas. You can even create Santa Claus and reindeers. 

19. Holly Wall

If you’re throwing an office Christmas party, you can decorate the wall behind the food table. You can use a red ribbon to write “Happy Holidays,” “Merry Christmas,” and more. You can use cardboard to create the leaves of the mistletoe. For the center, use small red balls.

20. Paper Icicles

Let’s create a white Christmas by putting icicles on top of the ceiling. It’s an innovative idea and very simple and easy to create. This is a great last-minute idea. You can add other office Christmas decorations around it, the snow, such as a mini Christmas tree, Santa Claus, or the North Pole. 

21. Cotton Ball Garland

Source: Pinterest

You have taken charge of decorating the workplace for the office party and selected a winter wonderland theme. However, you’re out of ideas. Here’s a great last-minute idea! You can create a garland using white cotton and strings to create snow. You can tape them to the ceiling to make it look like snowing inside. 

22. Hanging Gift Boxes

Source: Pinterest

You can decorate the office’s lobby with gift boxes hanging down from the ceiling. Just tie them with a red ribbon or a color of your choosing. We call this a ‘gift box ornament.’ You can add to the Christmas tree at the office as well.

23. Balloon Christmas Lights

Combine Christmas lights with balloons to hang around your cubicle. Just place a balloon on top of the light. You can create a red, white, and green theme using the lights. This is an easy, DIY idea that you can do within minutes. 

24. Hanging Candy Canes

Source: Pinterest

When the festive season rolls out, you see candy canes everywhere. You can buy a bunch of candy canes and hang them using a red ribbon with white polka dots. On your last day at work before you go on your Christmas holidays, you can invite your co-workers to take one home with them. 

25. Holiday Pole

Source: Pinterest

You can design a sigh with the words “Elf workshop.” You can even write “Santa’s workshop” on the sign. Then, use red and white-striped paper wrapped around a signpost made from cardboard. Besides, you can even wrap gift wrapping around the pole. Surround the signs with snow made from cotton and small Christmas-themed figurines. 

26. Snowman Door

Source: Pinterest

If your home office has a white door, take full advantage of it during the festive season. On Christmas, you can create a snowman on the door. You can use cotton and colored construction paper to create a snowman’s facial features. Create the snowman’s scarf using fabric or paper. 

27. North Pole Sign

Source: Pinterest

Welcome to the North Pole. If your workplace has structural poles, decorate them on Christmas. You can place a sign on the pole with the snowflakes dangling from ribbons from the pole. Then, wrap red wrapping paper around it. You can decorate the pole using a wide range of office Christmas decorations.

28. Reindeer Stable Door Decor

Source: Pinterest

Do you want more cute door decorations? We knew you did! All you need is colored construction paper, glue, scissors, and a little bit of creativity. You can create three reindeers with Rudolph in the middle. The door can serve as their stable.

29. Hanging Ornaments

Source: Pinterest

There is a wide range of beautiful Christmas ornaments that you can use to decorate your workspace or home office. You can choose from various colors, designs, and patterns. Besides putting the ornaments on your Christmas tree, place them on the ceiling. Let them hang and sway back and forth gently. 

30. Geometric Ornaments

Source: Amazon

You can decorate the Christmas tree at work with geometric ornaments. All the employees can come together to decorate the tree with different ornaments and Christmas decor. It’s a great team-building exercise and a good way to get everyone involved in the festivity.

31. Sticky Note Christmas Tree

Source: Pinterest

Go to the store and get sticky notes. No, you won’t be using them for note-taking. It’s Christmas, and the blank wall at your work is your canvas. You can use sticky notes to create a beautiful Christmas tree. It’s an easy DIY that you can do in one day.

32. Paper Party Decorations

The chosen theme for this year’s office Christmas party is a winter wonderland. This means elegance and lots of white colors. It doesn’t have to be expensive to create office Christmas decorations. You can use white paper. Use it to create snowflakes, lanterns, and garlands. It’s simple, cheap, and innovative.

33. Holiday Door Decor

You can create a beautiful picture that reminds people of this festive holiday season on all the doors at work. For door decorations, you can designate one employee to each door. They can use their imagination to create Christmas scenes. 

34. Paper Christmas Light Garland

Source: Sunny Skyz

This is another inexpensive and simple DIY option you can use to decorate your office. You can use colorful paper to create Christmas lights and then string them through a rope to create a garland. You can decorate the ceiling with garlands. 

35. Elf Workshop Door Decor

You can create a small elf’s workshop on your door. Use colorful construction paper to create small elves and add them to the door. Choose from green, red, or white for the background. This is a great last-minute Christmas decor idea.

36. Christmas Stockings

If you work in a small office with a few co-workers, a sweet gesture from your side could be buying stockings with their name written on it. You can hang them on their cubicle or give them an early Christmas gift, so they can decorate their workspace with it.

37. Elves on Shelf

Source: You and Kids

This is an adorable, funny, and cute idea. You can create several elves using paper and then place photos of your co-workers’ faces on top of the elves’ bodies. You can buy a toy elf and put it in the middle. On each side of the toy shelf, you can place the elves you have made. 

38. No Sew Gnome

Decorate your cubicle with these adorable gnomes! You can surround your cubicle with them. The materials needed are quite easy to find. Besides, making these gnomes is a piece of cake as well (no sew needed, we promise.)

39. Hanging Snowflakes

Source: Amazon

If it hasn’t snowed, you make it snow. You can either create snowflakes using paper or buy snowflakes from the store. These snowflakes can be all around the workplace. You can even put them up around the Christmas tree at work.

40. DIY Paper Christmas Tree

Source: Pinterest

This is the easiest DIY for creating a Christmas tree. You just need a long toothpick, a silver or gold star sticker, and a newspaper. The paper should be cut in different sizes and from big to small; then, you can put them through the toothpick. Place it on your office desk for all to admire. 

Final Words

Did you like any of the Christmas decorating ideas for the office and home office? If you did, which one do you think you’ll try to recreate to celebrate the holiday? These are simple ideas that you can use to decorate your workspace. 

You can find most of the office Christmas decorations you need for the various Christmas-themed ideas mentioned here at your local store. You can create some of them within seconds. Impress your co-workers by using Christmas office decor. Happy Holiday!

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