Office Christmas Decorations to Infuse the Workplace With Holiday Cheer

  • BY Joe Palinsky
  • September 18, 2019
Office Christmas Decorations to Infuse the Workplace With Holiday Cheer

When December rolls around, the world tends to feel like a dark and cold place. As you walk around the office during the winter, you may notice workers looking a bit more lethargic than usual.

In order to beat the winter blues and give your staff a chance to smile, you may want to consider putting up some Christmas decorations in the office for the holidays!

There are plenty of exciting ways you can use office Christmas decorations to breathe some cheer into your space and make a merry, bright environment for employees to enjoy.

To get started, take a look at these decorating ideas and find a fit that works for you.

Ideas for Office Christmas Decorations

1. Christmas Tree

christmas tree office christmas decorations

Evergreen trees have been involved with winter festivals for as far back as recorded history allows.

The Romans used fir trees during the celebration of Saturnalia, which remained part of the seasonal tradition as the region began to observe holidays like Christmas.

Now, it is hard to imagine walking into any holiday environment during December without seeing one of these green, magnificent trees prominently displayed for all to see. 

christmas tree decorations

If you want to make your office Christmas tree a truly unique part of the office, consider having the whole staff decorate it. Request each member of your team bring in one or two decorations of their choosing. Select a date when everyone can take time away from work for an hour or so and commit to decorating the tree.
christmas tree office decoration

Allowing everyone the chance to be involved in this process and include their own decorations can make the office feel like home and give everyone a boost of cheer.

Plus, it will result in a tree that truly reflects the interests of the diverse group of humans you work alongside. 

2. Office Door

christmas wreath office christmas decoration ideas

The door of your office is the first point of contact employees and visitors will have when entering your workspace. This means it is the ideal place to explore a few Christmas office door decorating ideas!

A wreath is probably your best bet when it comes to hanging something on the door. Traditional wreaths made with boughs of holly can be a great option to explore, but you also might want to try something a bit more unique for your office.

teddy bears christmas decor ideas

Depending on the type of door found in your workspace, you can consider a handful of different office Christmas decorations ideas.

Wrapping the door with festive paper is an easy and effective way to boost the holiday appeal of your workspace.

It can also be a fun idea to attach small stuffed animals to the door with the name of each person in the office. Before the holidays arrive, allow each person to bring their little animal home as a gift.

christmas wreath decor idea

Don’t feel like you need to adhere to shades of green in order to give your door a Christmas feel. Shades of red and gold can also work perfectly, especially when against a textured backdrop.

Select decorations that add to the appearance of the office door rather than distracting from it and you’ll strike the perfect balance of professional and whimsical.

3. Office Desks

christmas tree desk decor for office

Source: You and Kids

Employees tend to spend a lot of time at their desks during the workday.

By taking time to consider office desk Christmas decorations, your staff can find a bit of holiday joy whenever they sit down at their computers to get a bit of work accomplished. There are plenty of fun ways to decorate your desk.

christmas vibe office desk decorations

In most cases, a few well-placed items can give your desk a visual boost. If you drink a lot of coffee at your desk throughout the day, think about investing in a mug that mimics the appearance of a candy cane or similar festive items. 

4. Cubicles

office christmas decor idea silver gift boxes

Much like desks, cubicles should also be part of the office Christmas decorations experience to encourage a bit of holiday spirit in everyone.

In fact, cubicles might be the easiest area of the office for you to think about decorating. Wrap some small boxes in festive paper and hang them around your cubicle on strings.

This is an easy DIY way to boost the appearance of your cubicle.

diy craft rudolph the deer christmas decor idea

Tutorial by: Simply Made Fun

A handwritten or painted sign may also be a nice touch. If you want to stretch your creative muscles, design a little holiday message and display it on the outside wall of your cubicle in a decorative frame to help capture your feelings of the season.

christmas cubicle decoration idea with garland and dolls

Source: You and Kids

5. Hallway

christmas twinkling lights

If you don’t want to deck the halls with boughs of holly, there are other simple ways to give your hallway a nice holiday appearance.

String lights are staples of the season. Indoor Christmas lights can help to turn your hall into a tunnel of magic. Twinkling lights can create a gentle glow that makes employees feel content while walking around the office. 

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There are a number of effective ways to display office Christmas decorations around your workspace. Of course, decorating is only one small part of the holiday process.

You may also need Christmas gift ideas for coworkers to make sure you find the perfect presents for the people you see everyday.

Take your time and allow yourself to feel the spirit of the season to get all of your holiday shopping done and give your office the boost of cheer it needs.

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