35 Best Nurse Graduation Gifts (2021 Gift Guide)

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • May 3, 2021
35 Best Nurse Graduation Gifts (2021 Gift Guide)

She’s graduating, and you’re looking for some nursing graduation gifts. Don’t worry, we got you covered.

After a long year in school, the nursing graduate will appreciate a thoughtful gift.

From practical shirts to funny graduating mugs, these nurse gifts will make getting through clinical special.

Here you’ll find the best nurse graduation gift idea to congratulate her on all her hard work.

(Prices change frequently, so they could be slightly different from what we mentioned at the time of publication)

Top Best Nurse Gifts Ideas For Graduation

1. Graduation Custom Photo Canvas

Graduation Custom Photo Canvas - nurse graduation gift idea

$52.95 $42.95

To get through this unprecedented year of medical college, she had to believe in herself. Appreciate her hard work with this custom gift of encouragement. The personalized and unique photo canvas will capture her graduation moment for life. This nurse gift will surely make the future nurse feel cherished.

2. Always Remember Photo Plaque

always remember graduation plaque

$29.95 $24.95

This is truly among the most unique graduation gifts for your nurse. You can easily customize it with her photo at the graduation party. Moreover, this custom photo plaque comes with 2 designs: blue and white text background. Get one now!

3. Congratulations Pillow

$34.95 $27.95

Tip your hat to the grad with our congratulations pillow. It’s perfect for any new nurse who is graduating and moving up in the world!

4. Stethoscope Necklace With Name

nursing graduation gifts - Stethoscope Necklace With Name


This handmade stethoscope necklace is a good memento for a nursing graduate. A personalized necklace is an ideal gift for a nurse. This one symbolizes the love and passion doctors have for their profession and patients. The beautiful stethoscope necklace makes for a unique and thoughtful school graduate gift idea for anybody in the medical field.

5. RN Nurse Shirt

gifts for nursing students - RN Nurse Shirt


After a long journey as a nurse student, she’ll love something that will make her feel cozy and relaxed. There’s nothing better than throwing on a comfortable and snug shirt to make you feel at home. This custom RN nurse shirt from Etsy is soft and lightweight, with high quality, durable graphics. This cute shirt is one of the most cherishable nursing school graduation gifts.

6. Graduation Photo Desktop Plaque

nurse graduation gift idea - Custom Graduation Photo Desktop Plaque

$29.95 $24.95

There’s no need to keep searching for the ultimate gift for new nursing graduates. This custom graduation gift will give your daughter a feeling of pride and elegance. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams custom plaque will inspire her every morning. This perfect gift for a daughter will allow her to reminisce about her academic achievements.

7. Dansko Clogs

nursing school graduation gift - Dansko Clogs


Nurses sometimes spend well over 12 hours a day on their feet. A pair of comfortable and durable shoes are a must-have after a long day, especially in these unprecedented times. These practical clogs feature a Lightweight EVA midsole that reduces fatigue and provides stability and high shock absorption. These nurse shoes are the perfect future nurse gifts!

8. Scrub Jacket

nursing graduation gifts - Scrub Jacket


Hospitals are known for being quite chilly. So, this scrub jacket is a useful gift to help them stay cozy and comfortable, especially during those late-night shifts. The fit warm-up jacket features soft knit panels that provide maximum comfort and flexibility. There’s no better way to say congratulations to the newly registered nurse.

9. Class of Graduation Year Photo Mug

Class of Graduation year Photo Mug

$26.95 $22.95

Graduation is one of life’s most meaningful stages. If you are looking for which better way to celebrate that than to immortalize it in photos? This mug is a great choice for nurses who graduated this year.

10. Nurse Badge Reel

nurse graduation gift - Nurse Badge Reel


The best accessory for a nurse’s traditional scrubs is a personalized badge reel. These are cheap and yet excellent nursing gifts! Help her keep her ID close at hand at all times with a handmade and quality nurse badge reel! It’s one of the most important gifts for new nurses to make the pinning ceremony that much sweeter.

11. Coloring Book

nurse graduation gift - Coloring Book


Nursing truly embodies what an angel is. It has its fair share of stressful circumstances, testing one’s compassion, kindness, and patience beyond measure. This nurse-themed premium coloring book for her is unique, entertaining, and a little bit sassy. It will give her relaxation and meditation, and now and then, some laughter. Celebrate nurse week with one of these great gifts for nurses!

12. I Became a Nurse Tumbler

gifts for new nurse - I Became a Nurse Tumbler


When you become a nurse, you want to say it loud and clear. This cute nurse tumbler from Etsy makes for great on-the-go drinkware. It holds 20 ounces of liquid, so she won’t have to refill it constantly. She can instead focus on doing what she loves, taking care of her patients. This one tops the list of things every nursing student should have.

13. Nursing Reference Cards

gifts for nursing students - Nursing Reference Cards


The learning process for newly graduated nurses doesn’t end on graduation day. Some nurses will argue that it’s just beginning. Trying to balance everything she is learning can be quite overwhelming. These reference cards are practical gifts for nurses to keep them prepared at all times. Scrubcheats fit perfectly inside scrub pockets and cover information on critical care, cardiac, pediatrics, respiratory, pharmacology, and many more.

14. Mini Coffee Maker

nurse graduation gift - Mini Coffee Maker


The complexity of the job requires nurses to be fully observant and attentive all the time. Because of the long shifts on their feet, a fresh cup of coffee will always be welcome. This cool coffee machine brews tasty coffee in a matter of minutes. It’s also the perfect nursing school graduation!

15. Nurses Don’t Cry Stemless Wine Glass

gifts for nursing students - Nurses Don't Cry We Wine Stemless Wine Glass


After four years of nursing school, she needs a glass of wine. These nurse-themed glasses will add a touch of elegance to her barware collection. Ideal for the nurse practitioner or nurse grad, she can carry her beverage in style with this stemless wine glass. The base provides stability and eliminates the risk of stem breakage, making it the perfect gift for a nurse.

16. Bachelor of Science in Nursing Keychain

nurse graduation gift idea - Bachelor of Science in Nursing Keychain


This dainty keychain is a thoughtful and elegant nurse graduation gift. It will serve as a reminder of all the hard work she accomplished to graduate from nursing school. Custom made with angels, it symbolizes how she’ll be a guardian angel for many. BSN graduates will cherish this one forever because it’s a token of hard work that offers insight into future successes.

17. Fitbit Versa 2

nursing school graduation gift - Fitbit Versa 2


Nurses spend most of the day running around at the hospital after pursuing their degree in nursing. The Fitbit Versa is the best gift for your granddaughter or daughter to keep track of activity stats. It features a sleep score function that will help her better understand sleep quality each night. If she can master her sleep stages, she’ll be more effective at work!

18. Waterproof Backpack

nursing graduation gifts - Waterproof Backpack


Nurses carry many items like their scrubs, a change of clothes, shoes, back and forth between work and home. A backpack will make their life a lot easier and organized. This practical backpack features a light and firm water-resistant nylon fabric that is soft and easy to clean. It’s a thoughtful nursing graduation gift.

19. Funny Nurse Graduation Mug

gifts for new nurse -Funny Nurse Graduation Mug


Nothing beats a fresh cup of coffee early in the morning to make one optimistic about the day. If she’s a tea or coffee lover, this personalized nurse mug is bound to put a smile on her face! This handmade white ceramic mug is one of the nurse must-haves any MSN graduates will cherish for life.

20. I’m A Nurse Makeup Bag

gifts for new nurse - I’m A Nurse Makeup Bag


Keeping a cosmetic collection organized can be stressful if there’s no specific space to store everything. An inexpensive makeup bag can go a long way in keeping her favorite products safe from damage, leaks, or spillage. It is an essential survival kit for the soon-to-be graduated nurse. It is also one of the most affordable gifts for future nurses.

21. Custom Year Graduation Ornament

nursing school graduation gift - Custom Year Graduation Ornament


Commemorate her big achievement with this personalized nursing graduation keepsake. Make her proud this Christmas, with a Class of 2020 custom year graduation ornament hanging from the Christmas tree. This unique and inexpensive gift is a great way to praise four years of hard work for nursing school graduates.

22. Slippers

nursing graduation gifts - Slippers


After a long day of work or school stuff, her tired feet deserve some wonderful relaxation when she gets home. In these perfect slippers, your graduate will feel cozy and comfortable. They have a high-quality insole that offers lasting marshmallow-like comfort and warmth. Because it reduces muscle fatigue and relieves pain, it’s one of the ideal LVN graduation gifts.

23. Hand Cream

gifts for new nurse - Hand Cream


High-quality skin care products undoubtedly make for excellent nurse practitioner gifts. She and her nurse friends come into contact with a lot of materials daily, so their hands need extra care. This amazing cream heals, relieves, and repairs dry and cracked hands. Nothing beats perfectly good smooth skin in nursing school. Any nursing school graduate will appreciate this thoughtful gift for self-care!

24. Nurse Graduation Print

nurse graduation gift - Nurse Graduation Print


The best gifts are always personalized keepsakes that one can cherish and treasure forever. Surprise your student nurse with this unique nurse graduation print. It will mean a lot more if it comes from parents. This inexpensive gift for a new nurse features customizable illustration’s clothing, hairstyle, name, and text.

25. Nurse Monogram Tote Bag

gifts for nursing students - Nurse Monogram Tote Bag


Bags are essential nurse accessories. But what if she’d rather have a tote bag instead of a backpack? This tote bag is perfect for day-to-day use. It’s simple, delicate, and can fit everything she’ll need for the day. It will make a nice gift for the pinning ceremony and add a little femininity to her daily routine.

26. Some Wear Scrubs Candle

nursing graduation gifts - Some Wear Scrubs Candle


Make things official with this “Not all heroes wear capes, some wear scrubs” candle. She saves lives and is already a hero anyway, so why not celebrate it? The candle might be cheap, but it is one of the best presents for nurses. The graduate nurse in the family will love it. Pick her favorite scents, such as Black Raspberry Vanilla, Lush Linen, and more!

27. Compression Socks

nurse graduation gift idea - Compression Socks


A registered nurse can work over 12 hours in one shift while on her feet most of the time. A good pair of compression socks can make her shift a little more tolerable and her feet less sore. These unique socks are ultra-comfortable and help with blood circulation! Their snug-fitting design gently puts pressure on the legs’ blood vessels, allowing them to work better.

28. Stethoscope ID Tag

nursing graduation gifts - Stethoscope ID Tag


Most stethoscopes look the same, so they are prone to be accidentally taken. Additionally, they can be quite expensive, and misplacing them can happen quite often. A customized stethoscope ID tag is an excellent present for nurses. Besides adding a little style and a fun touch to any scope, this is essential gear for a nursing grad.

29. Foot Massager With Heat

nursing school graduation gift - Foot Massager With Heat


On a busy day, nurses barely get to sit during their shift. And unfortunately, by the time they get home, their feet are swollen. Cozying up in a Shiatsu foot massager can help solve that problem. Get the nurse in your life the spa treatment in the comfort of her home. This practical foot massager is amongst the best graduation gifts for nursing students.

30. Nurse Pen Set

gifts for nursing students - Nurse Pen Set


Sometimes the hospital environment can be quite depressing. This cute pen set is one item that’s going to inspire a lot of laughter and joy in the workplace. The cute and funny pens are an ideal gift for nurse day. One of them reads, “I know I look tired, thanks.” If that doesn’t make her patients laugh, nothing will!

31. Appreciation Gift Box Set

nurse graduation gift idea - Appreciation Gift Box Set


Nurses are a blessing to other people. Their entire profession shows dedication to love, care, and compassion. It’s only right that they are appreciated and shown live once in a while with new nurse essentials. Adorn her with this nurse-appreciation gift box set. This cute and lovely gift box includes a lavender soy wax candle, a rose petal bath bomb, and other goodies.

32. LPN Nurse Brooch

nurse graduation gift - LPN Nurse Brooch


She believed she could, so she did. This piece is great because it will remind her how far she has come. From the constant sleepless nights to now looking forward to the LPN graduation. This antique silver nurse brooch is the perfect gift for the pinning ceremony.

33. Rubberized Bracelet Watch

nursing graduation gifts - Rubberized Bracelet Watch


Superheroines need to be on time too! This budget-friendly watch from Nine West is one of those must-have accessories for nurses. The rubber band is easy to clean. The nursing profession can be quite challenging. Make it easier for your loved one with one of these awesome rn gifts that she’ll always cherish.

34. First Year Nurse

nursing school graduation gift - First Year Nurse


Knowledge and information give rise to wisdom. Her first experience as a new nurse could be daunting, so she’ll need all the preparation she can get. This amazing book will give her the experiences of hundreds of other good nurses. The compassion, insight, and enthusiasm of others will motivate her to keep pushing forward. This one tops the list of CRNA graduation gifts.

35. Headbands With Buttons for Mask

gifts for new nurse - Headbands With Buttons for Mask


We couldn’t finish this list without at least a few nurse essentials. Shopping for a gift during COVID can be frustrating. Headbands are one of the most practical gifts for nursing students. For those who wear face covers daily, these elastic and breathable hairbands are perfect. They are also suitable for various hairstyles!

If you’re looking for more graduation gift ideas, we’ve got you covered

Final Thoughts

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown just how essential our nurses and doctors are.

Now more than ever, it’s important to show each other immense love and appreciation.

It’s not easy shopping for nurse graduation gifts, so we are glad we could help.

We hope that you’ve found the things nurses need and that your beloved graduate will feel appreciated.

If you need thank-you gift ideas for the nurse in your life, we have another article just for you!



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