23 New Job Gift Ideas To Celebrate and Give Motivation (2023)

  • BY Simon Smize
  • March 14, 2023
23 New Job Gift Ideas To Celebrate and Give Motivation (2023)

Get your friend or coworker a new job gift before making the first turn in their new swivel chair! Find a perfect congratulatory gift below! We have the greatest ideas for loved ones who’ve grasped a better job opportunity!

Some presents are funny, and some are highly personalized. Other gifts will be the new job survival kit for anyone launching a new business! If you have someone close who’s starting a new job soon, say congrats with our options!

The Best New Job Gift Ideas for Him and Her

Squeeze one of our lovely congratulations presents between the office accessories in your loved one’s carry-all! They’re perfect for every man or woman! Ideal for people starting their first job and seasoned professionals, our gifts can make anyone feel better about Mondays!

1. This Is My Fancy New Job Mug

This Is My Fancy New Job Mug


For someone who got a new job, drinking coffee at work becomes a way of saying, ‘I love working here!’ Our cute mug and its vibrantly colored print can show that! The fantastic cup will give soul to the eight hours your friend spends at the office.

2. Work Hard Dream Big Wall Art

job promotion gift ideas: Work Hard Dream Big Wall Art


Make your friend a hardworking desk jockey with one of our most inspirational good-luck gifts for a new job! Let them celebrate every completed task that brings them closer to their biggest dreams! The motivational wall art belongs on the wall of their new workplace.

3. Chance Made Us Colleagues Photo Plaque

going away gifts: Chance Made Us Colleagues Photo Plaque


When your dearest person at work is going away, you know it’ll be hard for anyone to fill their shoes. Use this sentimental desktop plaque to share your feelings! It’s one of the sweetest farewell ideas for coworkers you’ve made memories with, in and out of the office.

4. Congratulations Gift Box Bundle Set

new job gift ideas: Congratulations Gift Box Bundle Set


Garnish a coworker’s desk meal with a collection of the sweetest delights and crunchiest salty treats in the world! Help them fit in by releasing their cute inner foodie! Let them munch on their snacks until their first day at work feels like an hour at their grandma’s.

5. Good Luck Custom Photo Mug

farewell gift: Good Luck Custom Photo Mug


Has your manager decided to substitute their slick suit and loafers with a saggy robe and cozy slippers? The best gift to give your boss lets them meet up with you in between two tea sips! This small mug will spice up their well-deserved couch potato time!

6. New Job, Who Dis Candle

New Job, Who Dis Candle


Here’s a great gift idea for anyone who appreciates a heavenly scent after soaking in a bubble bath. The candle is inexpensive and comes with a short, funny message. Its relaxing aroma will help your bestie be all Zen on their first day at work.

7. Wine Label

gifts for first job: Wine Label


Buttery, floral, melony – have your friend dive into the notes of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Let elegance wash over them as they celebrate their career path! This label is the perfect new job congratulations gift for those who’ve taken a step forward in their professional lives.

8. Notebook

10. Notebook


Cheer up a workmate who is leaving or changing a job with a warm farewell spread across 240 ruled pages. Their bond with the old workplace shouldn’t fade away! Past work experience and this notebook will help them nail future meetings if they can read between the lines.

9. Card Holder

gift for new job: Card Holder


Put a newbie on the radar of potential clients with a business card holder! Give them a warm welcome, and create a chance for them to spread their occupational wings! This small gift idea for your new coworker will make them become the company’s shiniest rising star.

10. Leadership Wall Art

gift for job promotion: Leadership Wall Art


Congratulate someone who got a job promotion on their fantastic leadership skills with our inspirational decor! Work doesn’t only pay the bills; it also makes us grow! Not being overly sentimental and pointing to a leader’s impact, this wall art hits the spot.

11. Blue Light-Blocking Glasses

Blue Light-Blocking Glasses


Congrats on your friend’s new job! This gift lets you be their eyesight’s guardian angel and make eye redness and itching a thing of the past! Screen time might be unavoidable in modern-day job settings, but we can definitely avoid having the Sleepy Tom eyes!

12. AirPods


Bring the sound of soothing music to your loved one’s ears with these customizable AirPods! This is one of the greatest new job gifts for your girlfriend! The pods are also fantastic for someone who got a new job and likes jamming to tunes before work.

13. Look At You Getting A New Job Mug

new job presents: Look At You Getting A New Job Mug


Add a pinch of lightheartedness to your BFF’s excitement about them being part of a new company with this mug. Now that’s a funny congratulatory gift! A silly comment will take the edge off any nervousness the poor thing might be experiencing because of the change!

14. Work Tote

Work Tote


Don’t buy a suitcase. Get this chic bag, and help your wife or girlfriend carry her well-organized ‘work luggage!’ Celebrating her new job couldn’t be easier! Help her stay fashionable while she brings her laptop, makeup, phone, pens, and notebooks to work!

15. Personalized Wood Pen

gifts for first job: Personalized Wood Pen


Don’t worry about new job gift ideas for your boyfriend, celebrate his promotion with a special congratulatory gift! Inspire him to reinvent his signature and sign big contracts that will put his company on an even better track. Order this pen and case set now!

16. Laptop Sleeve

Laptop Sleeve


Long business trips can leave a few scratches and dust on a laptop. Protect your assistant’s device with this elegant laptop canvas case! They’ll love this gift because it says “congrats on your first job” in such a thoughtful and caring way!

17. Insulated Water Bottle

Insulated Water Bottle


Giving an extensive presentation on a new organizational strategy can make one’s voice crack. Long meetings are sometimes exhausting. Surprise your boss with an insulated bottle as a gift for a new job! They’ll find it useful as soon as they start explaining their orders!

18. Coffee Gift Box

Coffee Gift Box


A coffee gift box can give those new beginnings a much-needed caffeine boost! Perfect for a newly employed person signed up for those many sleepless nights. It’s one of the best new job gift ideas for your brother or sister.

19. Easy-care Plant

Easy-care Plant


Enjoying the sight of blossoming trees and flowers may become less of an option after getting a job. But you can bring a bit of nature to your coworker’s home or office! Help them feel close to the open air when they water these cute easy-care plants!

20. There Is A Wonderful Joy Ahead Canvas Print

There Is A Wonderful Joy Ahead Canvas Print


Send your loved one on a career cruise every day, and let faith keep storms away! Our inspirational wall art brings peace inside ‘sailors” hearts! Perfect for him or her, this good luck decor will be the wind of hope their vocational sails need.

21. Wireless Charger

Wireless Charger


Your husband or boyfriend won’t be happy with a phone that dies every time they’re on a call! Protect your significant other’s reputation with this wireless charger! It’s one of the most useful ‘good luck with your new job’ gifts.

22. Desk Organizer

new job gift ideas: Desk Organizer


Don’t let your pal work under piles of documents, scraps, and office accessories! Arrange your friend’s desk with this lovely organizer! With new job presents like this, your bestie will avoid workplace chaos and make space for business opportunities. Order now!

23. “You Are Nothing Short Of Amazing” Mug

You Are Nothing Short Of Amazing Rainbow Mug


Encourage someone cute to win over their coworkers’ hearts with their beautiful energy on their first day at work! With this rainbow-themed mug, they’ll definitely make that happen! Tell them they’re nothing short of amazing, and witness their successful baby steps at work.


We hope you will celebrate someone getting a new job with one of the many great gifts from our list! Happy shopping!



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