20+ Gifts for New Grandma to Celebrate Her Joy (2021)

  • BY Ivy Fanning
  • March 12, 2021
20+ Gifts for New Grandma to Celebrate Her Joy (2021)

Getting promoted is always a cause for celebration, especially when it involves a mom becoming a grandmother. Grandchildren are a bonus blessing who light up the lives of everyone around them, especially their parents and grandparents.

If you are attending a baby shower or planning to surprise your mother with a pregnancy announcement, get ready to buy a gift for the woman who will be a first-time grandmother.

Here is a list of 20+ new grandma gifts to help you select your favorite to give to the excited lady. 

new grandmothers gifts: mom and grandma established custom canvas print

Custom Canvas Print


A cute way to celebrate a first-time grandmother is to give her this custom canvas print. It celebrates her introduction to motherhood followed by a celebration of her becoming a grandmother. You can even customize it with her pictures and respective years for both to make it more meaningful.

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new grandma gifts: best promotion ever custom photo mug

Custom Photo Coffee Mug


Gifts for new grandmas that will be a source of daily happiness are the best kind and this photo coffee mug is just that. Customize it with her picture and her grandchild’s birth year to celebrate her joyous promotion to this new position. She will happily use it daily and treasure it.

new grandma gift ideas: new baby plaque

New Baby Plaque


This new baby plaque is the perfect baby shower gift to give to a grandma-to-be. Customizing it with the baby’s scan will pack it with love, happiness, and emotion you share with her as a family. This gift will easily be one of her favorites.

new grandma christmas gifts: grandma established custom photo ornament

Grandma Established Photo Christmas Ornament


Gifts for new grandmas that add the celebration of one occasion to the next compound the happiness! To share the joy of welcoming the newest member to their family, give her this adorable customized Christmas ornament. You will find this hanging prominently on her Christmas tree as she celebrates her first Christmas as a grandmother.

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new grandmother gift ideas: grandma definition cutting board

Grandma Definition Cutting Board


New grandma gifts can vary in their style and size, but they should always capture the spirit of the role she has been promoted to. Add some creative joy to her life by giving her this elegant cutting board which predicts the love she will give to her beloved new family member. She will be touched and grateful for the gift.

first time grandma gifts: family tree keepsake journal

Family Tree Keepsake Journal


Gifting this elegant Keepsake Journal to a first-time grandma is a beautiful way of sharing her joy. She can bring all of her family together it by adding pictures to document the love around her growing family tree. It will be a thoughtful gift and one she can pass on to her grandchildren later in life.

new grandma gift ideas: grandma established pillow

Grandma Established Pillow


Simple and creative is sometimes the way to go when you are thinking about gifts for new grandmas. This adorable cushion is soft, warm and cutely shows her embracing first her role as a mother, and then her role as a grandmother. It will be the perfect addition to her household decorations.

gift for new grandma: custom necklace with title and baby's initial

Grandma Established Pillow


The best gifts for the new grandmother are sweet and sentimental. Therefore, welcome the arrival of the new bundle of joy by giving their grandma this delicate necklace that pulls her and her first grandchild together. It will help her keep the love close, and reach out to it every time she misses the little baby.

gifts for grandmas from baby: infant hand print and foot print casting kit

Baby Hand & Foot Casting Kit


Nothing is more meaningful than the cast of a baby’s little hands and feet as a gift for a first-time grandmother. It will be the perfect keepsake, and one she will treasure and cherish no matter how old the grandchild gets. 

gifts for first time grandma: grandma morse code bracelet

Morse Code Bracelet


Love is sometimes best felt rather than talked about. Give a new grandma this sophisticated bracelet that uses Morse code to spell out her new role. It will be a great accessory to wear while she goes about her routine, and will make her happy every time she looks at it.

gift ideas for grandmas: grandmother sculpted keepsake box from willow tree

Sculpted Keepsake Box


Those gifts which represent the bond between a woman and her grandchild in unique ways always leave a lasting impression. This keepsake box has been carefully crafted with the softest colors to accurately represent the warmth and love of this relationship. She will be overjoyed upon receiving it and will be grateful for the gesture.

grandma personalized gifts: personalized apron

Personalized Apron


Grandmas are famous for making the most delicious meals for their grandchildren and spoiling them with treats. Help a new grandmother embrace this role by giving her this personalized apron to wear when her charge is old enough to enjoy her scrumptious cooking. It’s cute, thoughtful, and somewhat humorous.

best gifts for new grandma: letters to grandchild

Letters to My Grandchild


The happiness at the birth of the first grandchild is second to none and can barely be explained. Letters to My Grandchild is one of the best new grandma gifts because it helps them document their love and joy moment by moment until their grandchild is old enough to understand it. It is a thoughtful gift that can spread joy from one generation to another.

gifts for new grandma from baby: newborn hand and foot print photo frame kit

Newborn Handprint and Footprint Photo Frame Kit


Making a keepsake out of the very first moments shared between grandma and grandchild makes for the perfect gift to a first-time grandmother. It helps them preserve not only that image, but the moment, feelings, and emotions they felt at the time of the birth. It is an emotional and meaningful way to celebrate the joy with her.

grandmother gifts: memories for my grandchild journal

Memories for My Grandchild


Grandparents live through moments their grandchildren sometimes know nothing about. This journal is one of the best first-time grandma gifts because it helps them put down precious memory for their grandchildren to cherish once they are older. It will make for a great keepsake that can preserve the love and joy of past moments.

gift for new grandma: new grandma portrait print

Portrait Print


The sweetest gifts for first time grandmas capture the pure love they feel towards their little bundle of joy. This portrait print is colorful, elegant, and can make a beautiful decoration out of a precious moment the two people share. She will adore the gift and immediately decorate the wall with it.

new grandma gift ideas: funny you don't look like grandmother book

Funny, You Don’t Look Like a Grandmother


Some grandmas like their gifts funny and that’s exactly the kind of gifts they most enjoy. Give her this humorous little take to her becoming a grandmother and see her eyes light up with joy! She will appreciate the engaging book and display it right where everyone can see it. Hopefully, her grandkids will inherit her funny genes and will be just as entertaining to be around as she is.

glamma first time grandma gift basket

Glamma Gift Box


The grandma life is all about spoiling the grandkids and yourself. She will manage the first part, so help her manage the second by giving her this Glamma Gift Box Set so she can indulge in a nice relaxing bath after spending quality time with the kiddo. It is just the thing she needs to keep her life perfectly balanced and content.

gift ideas for first time grandma: matching grandma & grandchild shirt

Matching Grandma Shirt


Matching grandma and grandbaby clothes are the best gifts for a first time grandma. Give them this adorable set to sport around and watch the two break all the cuteness records of the century. It’s a great way to add some cute humor to this commemorate the beginning of a tender bond.

gifts for new grandparents: grandma and grandpa established pillow

Grandma and Grandpa Pillow


Matching grandma and grandbaby clothes are the best gifts for a new grandma. Give them this adorable set to sport around and watch the two break all the cuteness records of the century. It’s a great way to add some cute humor to this commemorate the beginning of a tender bond.

gift for grandmas: grandma canvas tote bag

Tote Bag


New grandmas have a fresh set of responsibilities and you know they will need a sturdy bag to help them carry all of them. Whether it is taking some hot meals for the new parents or getting yet another bundle of cute new clothes she saw for the little one, this tote bag will help her carry it all. The best part? It will announce her important role as she hurries between the houses being the best grandma of the century.


To sum up, new grandma gifts can be funny or sentimental, simple or elaborate, cute or practical. You can choose ones from the list which you know will bring the most joy to the first-time grandma and make her even happier than she already is.

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