30 Nerdy Valentine’s Day Gifts to Spark Your Love (2024)

30 Nerdy Valentine’s Day Gifts to Spark Your Love (2024)

Choose from our list of the top nerdy Valentine’s Day gifts and make their way into your favorite nerd’s heart, along with making their day twice as special. Beside our main Valentine’s Day gift guide, we’ve curated a list of the best gifts for your nerdy boyfriend or girlfriend that will have them screaming this Valentine’s Day!

This list is also perfect for your geeky friends and family members, which they’ll enjoy geeking out over. Make the most of this special occasion and show your loved ones how much you care.

Let’s get into it!

The Best Gift Ideas for Your Nerdy Valentine

1/ Our Love Was Written In The Stars Constellation Canvas Print

constellation map canvas gift idea for nerdy valentine's day


This unique “Our Love Was Written In The Stars” constellation canvas print is a great way to surprise someone into astronomy or astrology. It will make for the perfect gift for them as you can customize it with the night sky when you first met!

2/ Live Long and Prosper With Me Valentine’s Day Mug

live long prosper with me valentines day mug gift for nerds geeks


This one is for your Star Trek-obsessed boyfriend. It will be excellent for his collection. Nerdy Valentine’s Day gifts are adorable to ask him to stay with you forever and express your love for him.

3/ Color Your Own Deadpool Coloring Book

deadpool coloring book gift for a nerd


If your best friend is a fan(s) of Marvel Comics and you want to make his day, an inexpensive color-your-own Deadpool coloring book will do the trick. With 60 pages of line art by some of the finest illustrators, it will give him hours of fun!

4/ Binary Code Print

a binary code heart print - nerdy valentine's day gift for boyfriend


There is no better way to get through the heart of a computer nerd than by using their favorite binary codes. This affordable yet precious binary code print is an excellent gift for your lover. Customize the message you want for them and make their day.

5/ “Thanks for Pretending That You Love Me More Than Video Games” Coffee Mug

funny mug gift on Valentine's Day for gamer boyfriend


This coffee mug is a hilarious gift for the video gamer in your life. It is affordable and great for everyday use. Surprise him with this and win his heart all over again.

6/ “The IT Crowd” Funny Valentine’s Day Card

you make my ear hot nerdy funny valentines day card


The card is a geeky Valentine’s Day gift that will have them grinning from ear to ear. It features an ear spray joke on it that will remain one of the finest jokes of all time – any nerd in your life will have to agree.

7/ To My Favorite Coding Geek Jewelry

my favorite coding geek jewelry - nerdy valentines gifts for her


Spoil your favorite coding geek on this memorable day and make her heart swell up with joy. This beautiful “To My Favorite Coding Geek” bracelet is a great way to express your love for her and will make her Valentine’s a memorable one.

8/ Tic Tac Toe Canvas Print

Tic Tac Toe Canvas Print with Photo - Valentine's Day gift idea for a nerd


This simple yet fun tic-tac-toe hearts custom canvas print is one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts to give your sweetheart. It has an extremely bold and dramatic color scheme that will sit well on any wall in the house.

9/ I LOVE YOU Binary Code Cutting Board

binary code cutting board nerdy valentine gift for him or her


Don’t let her forget how much you love her! This binary code cutting board is a cute and geeky-romantic binary code cutting board that is a perfect gift for your wife. This maple walnut board is sturdy and comes with a beautiful deep texture.

10/ Matching Keychain

Player 1 Player 2 Matching Keychain for Gamer Boyfriend


If you’re looking for the best gamer boyfriend or girlfriend gifts, these matching keychains will be perfect. They are cool and humorous gifts that are made out of high-quality steel and are super-shiny. You can customize it as per your liking.

11/ Morse Code Matching Couple Bracelets

morse code bracelet for nerdy couples on Valentine's Day


If you want matching accessories for yourself and your girlfriend that you both can proudly twin in, these morse code matching couple bracelets are what you need. These will be wonderful reminders of your love for her and keep you both united.

12/ “Forever in 2 Player Mode” Custom Canvas Print

Forever in 2 Player Mode Canvas Print Valentines Day Gift for Nerdy Boyfriend Girlfriend Wife Husband


This canvas print is a romantic and cute video game décor that is just the best V-day gift for gamer couples. It is a cool and unique design that will take the top prize. As a bonus, you can add your name and a custom wedding date for an amazing score.

13/ Gamer Couple Hoodies

Gamer Couple Hoodies Geeky Valentine's Day Matching Gifts


These gamer couple hoodies are one of the best nerdy valentine’s gifts for couples that love challenging each other to the game. They can rock these in the house or for casual wear to hang out with friends. Super-soft and durable, they will be a great addition to the wardrobe.

14/ Oxytocin Molecule Necklace

Oxytocin Molecule Necklace For Geeky Girlfriend


If you’ve got great chemistry with your girlfriend and every time you hug, kiss, or hold her hand, oxytocin levels increase in your body. So why not give her an oxytocin molecule necklace? It is sure to make her day and will be one of the unique gifts for your adorable nerd.

15/ Hey Dork Keychain

Hey Dork Keychain Small Valentines Day Gift for Nerdy Boyfriend Girlfriend


If you wish to give a statement gift under $10 – a customized keychain is the way to go. This keychain is super-adorable and will make them laugh every time they see it. It is great for everyday use and is more of a practical gift.

16/ “I Choose You” Pokemon Card

i choose you pokemon card valentines day


If you’ve caught your soulmate and there is no one else you would rather spend all your time with – this Pokémon card is an adorable way to show them how much you value their existence. You can customize the text according to your need.

17/ Lobster Definition Canvas Print

Lobster Definition Canvas Print - A Geeky Gift on Valentines Day


Do you have a real-life lobster? Inspired by the Friends series, this is a funny yet super-adorable gift to give your lover. The lobster definition print will be the best gift for Valentine’s Day as it expresses your feelings like no other.

18/ 8-Bit Mario and Princess Peach Picture Frame

8 bit mario photo frame for nerdy boyfriend or girlfriend on Valentines Day


This 8-bit picture frame is a gift like no other. It is an adorable handmade couples frame that will make any picture of you two stand out and will be a great addition to your side table. Spoil your husband with this nerdy frame.

19/ “I Love You I Know” Star Wars Framed Print

i love you i know star wars 3d framed print nerdy valentines day gift


The iconic Han Solo and Princess Leia’s “I Love You – I Know” 3D framed print will be a great gift for a true fan. This will make their day and be an excellent addition to their collection of Star Wars things.

20/ Roll for Initiative Nerdy Dice Underwear

Roll for Initiative Nerdy Dice Underwear For Boyfriend on Valentine's Day


Inspired by Dungeons and Dragons, these roll-for-ant, nerdy valentine’s gifts dice underwear are sexy and dashing and best for role-playing games. Made of good quality that is breathable and extremely comfortable, it will make your boyfriend the happiest man.

21/ My Best Catch Pokeball Bottle

Pokeball Bottle Valentines Day Gift for Nerdy Partner


If your boyfriend or girlfriend is the best catch of your life, let them know with this Poké ball bottle! It makes for an excellent gift for your loved ones and is a decorative item that can be displayed anywhere around the house.

22/ Happy Valentine’s Day Card Periodic Table Style

Periodic Table Happy Valentine’s Day Card


There is no better way to show chemistry than by giving a periodic table of elements card to your Valentine! Show your love through science and tell your babe how much you love them and what their value is in your life.

23/ Deadpool Cufflinks

deadpool cufflinks nerdy valentines day gift for him


Deadpool cufflinks are the best gift for him – if he’s a fan. Sturdy and stylish, they will make any suit look unique. These are the perfect statement cufflinks that will be one of his favorites to wear, especially because they’re given by you.

24/ Yoda One For Me Peg Doll

yoda one for me Star Wars themed peg doll gift


These customized hand-painted Star Wars-inspired peg doll frames make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a star wars fan. The text on these can be customized as per your liking. They are an adorable gift that will be cherished for years to come.

25/ Love You To The Moon And Back Map Canvas Print

love you to the moon and back map canvas print valentines day gift for nerds geeks


Make this Valentine’s Day gift a more romantic and significant one. This I love you to the moon and back map canvas print is great for the occasion. You can customize your locations and hang it as the perfect keepsake for years to come.

26/ Fibonacci Necklace

Fibonacci Necklace Nerdy Valentine Gift for Her


This Fibonacci necklace is a symbol of perfection, combining math and jewelry to make a unique statement necklace for the geek in your life. It is a great gift made from precious sterling silver, which adds value to the pendant.

27/ Golden Saturn Necklace

golden saturn necklace Valentines Day jewelry Gift for nerdy girlfriends


Even though it is a small gift under $10, it has great sentimental value. It is one of the best solar system/ space-themed gift(s) for the love of your life. She will love this dainty necklace – it is a gold-plated zinc alloy that will last her years.

28/ Unique Measuring Gadget Cup Set


It’s weird if geeks can’t know their way around the kitchen, they need to eat too! Help them turn their kitchen into a nerd zone with these super cool high-tech measuring cups which are made up of body parts from everyone’s favorite droid.

29/ Technically The Glass is Completely Full T-Shirt


Are you more of a glass-full or plenty typical kind of person? Whichever way you look at a glass, this tee might make you look at it in a completely new way of light.

30/ Around the World Civilizations

Uncommon Goods

These puzzles have been designed perfectly with some of the inventions of global civilizations. Try the Aztec passion flower, or the Roman keys to see if you have what it takes to stand out among the greatest.


These nerdy gifts will make their way into the hearts of the geeky nerds you adore, making their Valentine’s Day as special as them. Choose your favorites and gift away!




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