55+ Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Mom and Every Special Lady (2021)

  • BY Editorial Staff
  • February 9, 2021
55+ Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Mom and Every Special Lady (2021)

Mother’s Day is an important holiday. Celebrating moms with Mother’s Day gifts is a way for us to give back. Moms deserve to be treated like queens on this very special day by her children and husband.

The adventure of motherhood is like a roller-coaster. Here is a gift guide to help you show some appreciation to this precious woman. Make an effort to get something mom will love. Check out our gift ideas for mom!

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1. MOM Photo Canvas Print

MOM Custom Photo Canvas - awesome mother's day ideas from daughter


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It’s amazing how attached we are to our mothers, no matter what age we may be. As children, we go to her when we are hungry or need a hug. Interestingly enough, it’s the same as we get older. Shower your mom with gratitude by offering her a special gift for Mother’s Day. Include photos that bring powerful memories for a great Mother’s Day gift! 

2. “Best Mom Ever” Photo Mug

cute mothers day gifts: best mom ever custom photo mug


All moms have something special about them, but to you, your mom is simply the best. Prove it to her with an inexpensive mug that’ll serve as a daily reminder as she sips her coffee. Now, she’ll be able to enjoy her brew while thinking how awesome her kid is, too. Thanks to this good Mother’s Day gift, her mornings will be sunny and cheery! 

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3. “You Are The Heart Of Our Family” Photo Canvas Print

best gifts for mothers day: you are the heart of our family custom photo canvas print


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For some reason, mothers tie families together unlike any other member of the family. She’s at the heart of the household and deserves recognition for it. What better way to show her love than with a Mother’s Day gift for the mom who has everything? Watch her face light up each time she walks by your gift. That happiness is priceless, and we guarantee she’ll love it! 

4. Mom Nutrition Facts Coffee Mug

mothers day gift: mom nutrition facts coffee mug


Looking for inexpensive gift ideas that will help mom feel loved no matter where she is? Simple and creative gifts like a coffee mug featuring “nutrition facts” about motherhood can be an excellent way to use your gift to remind her of your love and care.

5. Photo Collage Blanket

unique mothers day gifts: photo collage blanket


Design the warmest, comfiest blanket for mom to keep her nice and toasty this winter. Give her smiles to last for days as she soaks in the memories from the photo collage. Curling up with a good book in front of the fire will be extra meaningful. Just imagine the look on mom’s face when she sees her gift. It’s the ideal Mother’s Day gift from her beloved children!

6. Long Distance Pillow

mothers day gift for mom who lives far away: long distance custom map photo pillow


If you happen to live away from your mom, make sure she knows you’re always thinking of her. Give her a cute Mother’s Day gift to hug when she misses having you around. Not that a cushion can replace the real thing, of course. Remind mom that no matter what, you’re always just a phone call away. You know that she’s always happy to chat! 

7. Star Map Canvas Print

unique mothers day gift ideas: custom constellation map canvas print


Mothers are the universe’s ultimate gift for us all. How much do you love your mom? This amazing piece of art answers that question beautifully. She doesn’t have to love astronomy to appreciate this present. The sweet words on this canvas will make any mama beam with pride and feel treasured. This creative Mother’s Day gift idea is truly special! 

8. Desktop Plaque

gifts ideas for mothers day: custom desktop plaque with quote


Complete mom’s office desk or fireplace mantel with a plaque she’ll show off to everyone. She’s your best friend and probably knows you better than you know yourself. She will stand by you no matter what, ready to guide and protect you. Prove to her that she always holds a special place in your heart with this inexpensive Mother’s Day gift!

9. What I Love About Mom Journal

mothers day gift idea: what i love about mom journal


Every mom is unique. This Mother’s Day, consider a gift that helps your mom tell the story of the connection you share. This journal contains prompts to allow your mom to relive the beautiful years she spent raising you.

10. A Bouquet of Carnations

a bouquet of carnations - mothers day flower


Nothing says “I love you” to a mother better than a lovely bouquet of carnations, the official Mother’s Day flowers. They represent admiration and profound love unlike any other flower. Let the gorgeous arrangement speak for itself as the sweet floral scents envelop her with affection. The long vase life for carnations makes this the perfect last-minute Mother’s Day gift idea from a husband. 

11. Handwritten Recipe Cutting Board

unique mothers day gift ideas: handwritten recipe cutting board


Nothing beats a mom’s efforts to feed her kids with favorite family dishes. Each of us has strong memories of our mamas making our dinners with love. Immortalize a passed down recipe by engraving it on a cutting board fit for the best chef in the house. Show some admiration for her cooking and all those hours she’s spent nurturing you. This creative Mother’s Day idea recognizes everything she does!

12. Round Keepsake Box

mothers day gifts from daughter: round keepsake box with message


Over the years, your mom has probably saved a number of important mementos to remind her of milestone moments. This handcrafted keepsake box is a Mother’s Day gift that offers a simple place for her to store these cherished possessions.

13. Letters to My Mom

good gifts for mothers day: letters to my mom


All moms need to hear or read sweet words from their children. Give her a keepsake of love notes to remind her how incredible she is. Make use of the prompts to write her love letters she’ll pore over again and again. It’s a fantastic Mother’s Day gift from a son, especially if he’s about to move away for college!

14. Children’s Drawing Necklace

creative mothers day gifts: children's drawing necklace


Children love to draw pictures for their parents. This Mother’s Day, consider transforming a child’s drawing into a custom necklace for mom and see how her eyes light up.

15. “You Are My Sunshine” Sunflower Necklace

mothers day gifts from daughter: sunflower necklace with words "you are my sunshine"


Bring back memories of her singing “You Are My Sunshine” to you as a baby with a radiant sunflower necklace. As much as you are her sunshine, she’s yours, too. Present her with a piece of jewelry she’ll wear with joy every day. The best Mother’s Day gifts are full of symbolism, and this one definitely checks that criteria!

16. Love You Forever

mothers day gifts from child: love you forever book


Books are underrated Mother’s Day goodies from kids or baby to mom! Offer a love story that has been enjoyed and treasured by millions as a Mother’s Day gift. This book is a family favorite of many for a good reason. It touches hearts, young and old, and is one to be read countless times. This amazing piece of literary work will bring tears to her eyes and yours!

17. Ring Dish

unique mothers day gift ideas: custom ring dish


She’ll adore a cute dish to place her rings as she takes them off for safekeeping. This little ceramic plate will sit nicely on her nightstand as a simple reminder of your love for her. You can never go wrong with a custom-made gift for mom regardless of the occasion. Include a short and sweet line to express how much you appreciate her for the original Mother’s Day gift!

18. Birthstones Bracelet

nice mothers day gifts: birthstone bracelet


Have mom carry a part of you with her thanks to this simple, meaningful Mother’s Day gift. This minimalistic piece of jewelry is so versatile, she can pair it beautifully with any outfit. As the birthstone reflects the sunlight, she’ll feel a warmth knowing you’re always by her side. Make sure mommy knows that even when you’re all grown up, you’re still her kid!

19. Handwritten Letter Blanket

Personalized Hand-Written Letter Blanket


Bring the trend of handwritten letters back. However, this time, make it a blanket. The loving words woven onto this spread will not only warm the heart but provide actual snuggles. This promises to be mom’s favorite blanket from now on. A text or a phone call is nice, but nothing beats a sentimental comforter. What a creative Mother’s Day gift!

20. A Witty Card

funny mothers day gifts: funny card


Expect laughs like never before with this cheeky Mother’s Day gift. If your mother has a cool sense of humor, she’ll surely treasure this. It’s also handmade and eco-friendly! Be sure to include a personal note to make this offering extra special. Strengthen your relationship with a hilarious card. It’s so awesome, she’ll reach for it repeatedly whenever she needs a chuckle!

21. Grandmother’s Journal: Memories and Keepsakes

mother's day gifts for grandma - grandma journal


Some mothers love to collect little thoughtful reminders of their children and grandchildren. A Mother’s Day keepsakes journal is a unique way to help her keep track of important moments with her little ones.

22. Weighted Blanket

weighted blanket


She’ll be looking forward to bedtime with her new weighted blanket because it means much needed deep sleep every night. It brings the feeling of being hugged snugly so mom can relax after spending hours on her feet. You know how hard she works. This amazing Mother’s Day gift is more than a blanket. You’re giving her peaceful, uninterrupted rest, and that’s priceless.

23. Mama Bear Shirt

mothers day gifts for mom: mama bear t-shirt


Does your mother take care of her brood fiercely like a mama bear does? Then look no further. Here’s a special Mother’s Day gift for her. She protects you and is ruthless when it comes to always being by your side. Not only that, but she’s also lovely and cuddly at the same time. She gives the best hugs that never fail to make you feel instantly better!

24. Pajama Set

mothers day gifts for mom: pajama set


Sleepwear makes good last-minute Mother’s Day gifts. Sometimes, mummy goes through days when she wants to lounge around in her pajamas, so these will come in handy. This useful gift offers luxury and comfort to promise uninterrupted sleep throughout the night. Plus, pajamas are great for mother and daughter should the two of you feel like chilling in bed watching shows!

25. Shiatsu Massager

shiatsu back and neck massager


Ease her tired back and achy muscles so she can feel revitalized and ready to face the day. When a massager is as multi-functional as this, it’ll be the only one she needs. That’s why it makes a good Mother’s Day gift for nana. It’s portable and great for traveling. Grandma can even keep her personal masseuse in her car for use while she’s on the go!

26. Instant Pot

kitchen gift ideas: multicooker instant pot duo


Every woman needs this award-winning kitchen appliance in her collection. She’ll be able to whip up meals with no effort so the whole family can enjoy delicious food. Mama will be saving loads of time with this Mother’s Day gift, too. Nothing beats the comfort of homemade goodness, and the myriad of recipes the Instant Pot community shares is simply incredible. No wonder it’s the best gift for Mother’s Day!

27. Long Distance Touch Bracelet

special mothers day gifts: long distance touch bracelets


Touch your mom when she needs it the most, even though you’re on opposite sides of the planet. Technology is amazing in the way it brings people together. Being away from your loved one is difficult, moreover if you’re in different time zones! Missing each other is made bearable with this long-distance Mother’s Day gift. Don’t lose that mother-child bond, strengthen it!

28. Name Necklace

mothers day jewelry: name necklace


Elevate your mom’s style with a minimalist necklace that is meaningful and customized. This simple piece of jewelry is chic and goes great with any outfit. It comes with beautifully engraved bars that you can customize with a personal message or even names and special dates. This sentimental Mother’s Day gift literally allows her to hold you close to her heart! 

29. Handbag Illuminator With Charging Power

a handbag illuminator with charging power


Racking your brain for gift suggestions for mom? Ladies understand the annoyance of trying to locate something in their handbag. She’ll appreciate a device that illuminates her bag when she needs it the most. Imagine how much time she will save! But that’s not all. This Mother’s Day gift keeps her devices powered while she’s out and about running her errands!

30. Memory Foam Slippers

gift for mom on mothers day: memory foam slippers


Envelope your mother’s achy feet in warm fluffy slippers that she’ll never want to take off. They’re made so welcoming, she’ll look forward to coming home each day to sink her tootsies in these babies. Their anti-slip soles ensure she’s safe walking up and down the stairs and slippery surfaces. This last-minute Mother’s Day gift idea is packed with a lot of love!

31. Cotton Bathrobe

mothers day ideas gifts: cotton bathrobe


Give stepmom a spa-like feeling at home with a bathrobe so extravagant she’ll want to wear it all the time. Stepping out of the shower into this highly absorbent quick drying robe will leave her feeling relaxed and refreshed. This luxury Mother’s Day gift even comes with pockets, which makes it perfect for lounging throughout the day. Spoil her, she deserves it!

32. Gardener’s Harvest Basket

gardener's harvest basket


Celebrate mother’s green thumb and her love for planting with a practical basket. This present is bound to be her new favorite gardening tool. Harvesting her home-grown greens is made easy-peasy, as the mesh design allows her to wash off any dirt. This garden Mother’s Day gift holds tinder and tools well, cleans easily, and is built to last!

33. Gardening Tools

a gardening tool set


Does your mom spend a lot of time in her garden? These tools are ideal gifts for moms who enjoy tending to their plants.

34. House Cleaning Service

molly maid house cleaning service


Are you ready for a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift idea? Mom needs a chance to relax. That way, she can spend more time on things that really matter, like the company of her kids! Give her a break from vacuuming, dusting, and all her mundane chores. When she comes home to her spotless abode, she’ll feel like a whole new person!

35. High CBD Formula Body Lotion

gifts for mom for mothers day: high cbd body lotion


CBD infused lotion brings a whole new dimension to relaxation. Offer her the full benefits of cannabis minus the high. This cream will leave her skin moisturized, smooth, and smelling good. When it comes to a Mother’s Day gift, you can’t go wrong with a bit of CBD. Don’t wait for a special occasion. It’s always a good time to pamper your woman!

36. Essential Oil Diffuser

good ideas for mother's day: essential oil diffuser with essential oil set


Set the ambiance and mood of the home with the benefits of aromatherapy. Bring wellness to the family and let nature do its job to relax and rejuvenate. Mother will love the soft glow that emanates from her new diffuser. The ten different essential oils included will introduce her to the natural healing effects of plants. Searching for a Mother’s Day present for your mom? You’ve found it!

37. Insulated Lunch Bag

cheap gifts for mothers day: insulated lunch bag


Picnics and packed lunches at work will never be the same again. This insulated sack keeps food fresh and at the perfect temperature. You can be sure this bag is made to withstand daily use. Keep mom healthy and living well with a Mother’s Day gift that’s under $20. Eating home-cooked meals isn’t just less costly, it’s wholesome and prepared with love!

38. Engraved Rolling Pin

mothers day custom gifts: engraved rolling pin


It’s time for mommy to have a rolling pin that’s truly hers. Offer her a baking tool she’ll be able to pass down to generations. Customize this engraved rolling pin with an affectionate nickname. Look forward to the delicious pies and desserts that she’ll be whipping up! Food will undoubtedly taste better when she has a new kitchen aid in her arsenal!

39. Jewelry Box

monogrammed jewelry box for women


Does your mama own several pieces of important jewelry? A monogrammed jewelry box is a customized Mother’s Day gift option that provides both a storage option and beautiful piece of decor.

40. Birth Flower Earrings

top mothers day gifts: birth flower earrings


Here’s a small Mother’s Day gift that packs a punch! These earrings will quickly become her favorite pair once she lays eyes on its minimalistic beauty. It’s engraved with a dainty birth flower and a short personal message, too. When a piece of jewelry is as versatile as this, it spruces up any outfit and leaves her feeling chic. 

41. Barefoot Contessa Family Style Cookbook

barefoot contessa family cookbook


If mom has a love for entertaining, this might be the best Mother’s Day gift for her. This cookbook is full of crowd-pleasing recipes that will stand the test of time. Ina Garten is the Contessa of preparing easy but irresistible meals. Build on your mother’s joy of cooking and add this bestselling author’s work to her collection today!

42. Kitchen Towel

inexpensive mother's day gift ideas: custom kitchen towel


Complete mom’s kitchen with a dish towel that’s individualized with the family name. It’s a really practical Mother’s Day gift idea. She’ll simply adore the beautiful watercolor floral garland. When she sees her gift, she’ll know it was made and offered with love. If mama recently moved into a new home, this will double up nicely as a housewarming present!

43. Therapy Dough

mothers day gifts for new moms: therapy dough


Stress is a natural part of life. Sadly, coping with stress in a healthy way isn’t always easy. For the new mom who needs a bit of stress relief, therapy dough is the answer. This easy idea is ideal Mother’s Day gifts for a first mother.

44. State Shape Wall Hooks

state shape wall hooks


Did mom move away from her home state at some point in her life? Wall hooks with the shape of her home state can be a great and inexpensive gift for a mom who feels a bit homesick now and again.

45. Gnome Sponge Holder

gifts to send for mother's day - gnome sponge holder


Little details in a home are what really brings the whole space together. If you want a unusual or cute gift to give to your mom this holiday, a gnome sponge holder might be the perfect gift idea from a child to help add a bit of life to the house.

46. Muscle Rub

muscle rub - thoughtful gift for mom on mothers day


A thoughtful gift can also go a long way when it comes to Mother’s Day gifts. If mom has been complaining about muscle pain or sore spots, you may want to consider muscle rub. This is a lovely way to show you’re listening when your mom is talking to you about what’s bothering her.

47. Bath Bomb Gift Set

gift for women: bath bomb gift set


The bath bomb is a fantastic invention. Not only is it a fun way to relax, but it’s also therapeutic and great for the skin. This addictive gift set was made for the woman in mind. Let’s not fail to mention the soothing scent that will leave mom smelling and feeling refreshed. Nothing beats in-home spa treatments as 1st Mother’s Day gifts. A new mother needs this more than anything!

48. Self-Watering Kitchen Herb Pot

kitchen gifts: self watering herb pot


Say goodbye to sad, forgotten, wilted plants. This useful gadget brings out the gardener in everyone. Mom will love having her herbs handy to add to her meals. The low-maintenance design makes this fantastic herb pot perfect for women who lead a busy lifestyle. Anything to do with cooking will make good gifts for moms. Nothing can replace the smell of freshly-plucked basil! 

49. Calming Shower Steamers Gift Set

body shower steamers set


Here’s a wonderful gift suggestion for mom! Fill the bathroom with soothing natural fragrances by placing one of these cubes in the shower. Allow it to work its magic, and voila, a first-class experience right at home! Use the shower steamer as a body scrub to exfoliate for softer, smoother skin. Mama deserves a treat, even when she can’t visit the spa.

50. Eco-friendly Yoga Mat

yoga mothers day gift for mom: eco friendly yoga mat


Whether your mom’s just starting her yoga adventure or is an advanced yogi, she’ll find much use for this mat. There’s a reason why mats are this season’s hot Mother’s Day gifts. It features points and lines to help with body alignment and accuracy when practicing postures. Yoga will keep her energy flowing, balance her spiritually, and offer holistic wellness!

51. Bathtub Caddy Tray

bathtub wooden caddy tray


Designed to make bathtime more practical, this bamboo wood bath tray is a great gift for moms who need to unwind. Let mom slip into the tub for a bit while you take on the task of watching the little one.

52. Air Fryer

good gifts for mothers day: air fryer


Here’s what to buy mom for Mother’s Day! This cooking tool brings you healthy fried and crispy food, something you never thought was possible. Keep your loved ones fit while serving them delicious deep-fried goodness. The air fryer deserves a spot on your kitchen counter as it’ll be used over and over again. Truthfully, it’s a gift for every member of the family!

53. Secret Message Pouch

unique gift for mothers day: pouch customized with secret message


Your mom knows better than anyone that it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Gift her a makeup pouch with a secret message on the interior written just for her. Come up with an encouraging note to brighten her day and lift up her mood. This inspirational Mother’s Day gift is beautiful and made of vegan leather. This means no animals were harmed in its creation!

54. Fruit Bouquet

quick mothers day gift: fruit bouquet


It’s time to offer mom a Mother’s Day food gift that’s sweet and delicious. Choose from a variety of fruit bouquets for a unique quick and easy gift she’ll never forget. Chocolate makes the world go round, and when it’s combined with fruit, the result is pure joy. She deserves a pick-me-up that isn’t a cookie-cutter present, and her tastebuds will thank you!

55. Scented Soy Candle

last minute mothers day gift idea: lulu candles scented candle


A well-made scented candle will be perfect to set the mood for relaxation and contentment. For this special occasion, offer your mother-in-law a jar candle that is slow-burning for long-lasting comfort. She deserves to kick her legs up and chill with a glass of wine after hours busying herself. This simple Mother’s Day gift gives her the chance to do just that!

56. Birthstone Ring

cool mothers day gifts: birthstone ring


Select multiple birthstones to complete a ring so dainty, perfect, and full of sentimental value. Mama will treasure this ring and make it part of her everyday wear. She’ll love the design and what it represents. This birthstone Mother’s Day gift is so personal and thoughtful, she’ll never take it off. A mom gives her children all of herself. Give back to her with meaningful jewelry!

57. A Gift Basket

classic gift basket from harry and david


Select multiple birthstones to complete a ring so dainty, perfect, and full of sentimental value. Mama will treasure this ring and make it part of her everyday wear. She’ll love the design and what it represents. This birthstone Mother’s Day gift is so personal and thoughtful, she’ll never take it off. A mom gives her children all of herself. Give back to her with meaningful jewelry!

57. Handmade Tote Bag

mothers day creative gift ideas: diy tote bag


If you haven’t found anything suitable to buy for your mum, make her something! Here’s a budget-friendly handmade Mother’s Day gift she’ll truly appreciate. It’s a tote bag that’s customizable with whatever message you want. Get creative! Add sparkles, if you’d like. This handmade present can be used for errands or necessary items for a relaxing time by the pool! 

Spoil Your Mom Today!

This list of Mother’s Day gifts sure is comprehensive. It’s filled with Mother’s Day gifts for new moms and seasoned ones. We are who we are today because of their endless love and selflessness. The least we can do is to show our superheroes how much they mean to us!




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