60 Sweetest Mother’s Day Gifts That She Will Surely Cherish

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60 Sweetest Mother’s Day Gifts That She Will Surely Cherish

Mothers play a very specific part in all of our lives. From the moment you are born, your mom is present and shares with you a bond unlike any other. While it can be difficult to express just how much your mom means to you, there are certain holidays where you are given the chance to show some appreciation by giving Mother’s Day gifts. Held on the second Sunday in May, Mother’s Day is a moment to stop and remind mom how special she is.

Why is Mother’s Day so special? Without your mom, you wouldn’t be here in the first place. Selecting the perfect Mother’s Day gifts is the opportunity for you to express your deep gratitude for the superwoman who gave you the gift of life.

This gift guide is meant to help you find affordable and sentimental presents for all kinds of moms. Whether you’re looking for something thoughtful to grab for new moms, grandma, mother-in-laws, stepmom or a wife, these gift ideas for mom are items that she actually wants.

Unique Gift Ideas for Mom (15 Ideas)

While there are billions of mothers all over the world, your own mom is unique to you. This means you don’t want to just get a generic gift for her! These unique Mother’s Day gifts are sure to help you send a fitting reminder of love to the woman who gave you life.

mothers day gifts for mom - love book

“What I Love About You by Me” Journal


Every mom is unique. This Mother’s Day, consider a gift that helps your mom tell the story of the connection you share. This journal contains prompts to allow your mom to relive the beautiful years she spent raising you.

Price: $6.47

Bouquet of Carnations


Flowers are always an excellent gift idea. If you’re seeking the best flowers for Mother’s Day, you definitely need to consider carnations. Not only are carnations the official Mother’s Day flower, the blossoms come in a variety of colors that are sure to fit the preference of every mom.

Price: $49

live plants mom gifts

Succulents Assortment


If you’re searching for a plant that will last a bit longer than flowers, succulents are the way to go. Requiring very little attention, mom is sure to enjoy the touch of green this gift brings to her home.

Price: $33.49

good gifts for mom - wine shocks

Wine Socks


A bit of humor can also help when selecting the best Mother’s Day gifts from son. Wine socks are a cozy present your mom can wear around the house and provide a chuckle whenever she reads what’s printed on them.

Price: $9.99

love you forever book

“Love You Forever”


Some stories perfectly capture the life-long journey . “Love You Forever” by Robert Munsch and Sheila McGraw is a sweet and simple book that is sure to bring tears to your mom’s eyes.

Price: $5

Gardening Tools


Does mom spend a lot of time in her garden? These tools are ideal gifts for moms who enjoy tending to their plants.

Price: $28.99

useful gifts for mom - wind spinner

Mandala Wind Spinner


This vibrant outdoor accessory was inspired by traditional Asian mandalas and are a beautiful touch to decks, patios, and porches. When the wind hits, the mandala spins and creates an effect that is both enchanting and entrancing.

Price: $30

creative mothers day gifts - personalized chopping board

Personalised Chopping Board


Moms know a lot about how much love goes into preparing a meal. A personalized chopping board is a thoughtful gift idea for mom that will also see a lot of use.

Price: $30.18

round keepsake box - keepsake mothers day gifts

Round Keepsake Box


Over the years, your mom has probably saved a number of important mementos to remind her of milestone moments. This handcrafted keepsake box is a Mother’s Day gift that offers a simple place for her to store these cherished possessions.

Price: $46.95

letters to my mom - meaningful gifts

Letters to My Mom


In search of gifts for mom from daughter? “Letters to My Mom” contains situation-specific prompts to help you capture the perfect sentiments to share with your dear mother.

Price: $16.00

garden harvest basket

Gardener' Harvest Basket


After spending so much time tending to her garden, mom could use some help with the harvest. This wire mesh basket makes carrying her yield a quick and simple task.

Price: $50.00

kitchen gadgets - air fryer

Ultrean Air Fryer


An air fryer is among the most useful tech gifts for mom that can totally transform how she approaches mealtime. This handy appliance makes it easy to whip up delicious, crispy fries and an array of other fried snacks.

Price: $69.99

butterfly puddler

Thistle Butterfly Puddler


Butterflies in a garden are considered a good omen. Butterfly puddlers are Mother’s Day gift ideas that feature specific minerals known to attract butterflies and fill mom’s garden with fluttering colors.

Price: $40.00

personalized gifts for mom - drawing necklace

Personalized Childrens Drawing Necklace


Children love to draw pictures for their parents. This Mother’s Day, consider transforming a child’s drawing into a personalized necklace for mom and see how her eyes light up.

Price: $42.00

mom desktop plaque custom gifts

Custom Photo Plaque for Mom


A photo plaque can be the perfect fit when you need personalized gifts for her. Simply select a photo and customized message and deliver a gift your mom can proudly display in her home.

Price: $24.95

Mother Day’s Gifts for Grandma (11 Ideas)

Grandmothers also deserve attention on Mother’s Day. Not only did grandma raise her own children, but she probably plays an active part in the lives of her grandchildren. Whether you call her gram, oma, abuela, memaw, gammy, gigi, or nana, picking the best Mother’s Day gifts for grandma is easy with the right ideas.

grandma journal

Grandmother's Journal: Memories and Keepsakes


Your grandma has had some wonderful adventures throughout her life. When you want to find the perfect Mother’s Day keepsakes, consider a journal that lets her capture and preserve her memories starting with her own childhood and continuing to the present day.

Price: $17.63

grandma first mother day gift ideas - display box

NCYP Geometric Terrarium


A terrarium is a great way to add a touch of greenery to your grandma’s life. The geometric shape of this terrarium creates a look that is both modern and classic.

Price: $22.98

seed harvest elite

Seed Pod Kit


A seed pod kit is a wonderful gift idea for grandma. This kit comes with everything gram needs to plant, cultivate, and grow her own herbs. It may be one of the more expensive gifts for mom, but the smile on grandma’s face means it was worth the price.

Price: $142.56

diy mothers day gifts

DIY Crafts

When your budget is tight, there’s nothing wrong with DIY Mother’s Day gifts. Find a project that you can handle and put together a gift of your own making with a genuinely personal touch.

pearl necklace - jewelry gifts for grandma

Pearl Necklace


After having a child, most women shift their priorities toward protecting and raising the baby. Still, this doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to feel like a beautiful woman now and again. A pearl necklace is a classic gift for mom that can help her feel feminine and free once more.

Price: $43.00+

practical gifts for grandma - global chili stew kit

Global Chili & Stew Seasoning Kit


Variety is the spice of life. This chili & stew seasoning kit features 15 different seasonin options that your grandma can use to whip up a variety of delectable dishes and live life to the fullest.

Price: $38.00

grandma bear shirt

Grandma Bear Shirt


Expecting your first child in the near future? This shirt is a gift for grandma that both announces the exciting news and helps your mom prepare for her new role as grandma.

Price: $25.99

delicious recipes - surprise her

Delicious Recipes

Some mothers don’t like gifts. When you need gifts for mom who doesn’t want anything, consider looking up some recipes online. Write the recipes down and collect them together so your mom has a new assortment of options the next time she wants to whip up a meal.

grandma necklace with kid names

Necklace with Kids Names


Jewelry is always a winning option when it comes to Mother’s Day gifts. A personalized necklace featuring the names of each grandchild is a sweet and thoughtful gift that grandma will adore.

Price: $41.89+

top mothers day gifts - personalized bowl

Personalized Yarn Bowl


Knitting is a classic pastime grandmothers have enjoyed for generations. A personalized yarn bowl helps grandma keep all of her materials in one convenient location.

Price: $60.00

handbag charging power

Handbag Illuminator With Charging Power


If grandma is always rummaging through her purse to find the correct item, then a handbag illuminator may be a perfect practical Mother’s Day gift idea. This simple device lights up her bag so she can find what she needs with ease.

Price: $35.95

Mother Day’s Gifts for Wife from Husband (12 Ideas)

Children and grandchildren are not the only ones who need to buy gifts for this holiday. Husbands must also think about providing their wives with a token of affection for all the hard work that has gone into raising the children. These Mother’s Day gifts for wife from husband are practical and sentimental ways of expressing your gratitude.

personalized photo canvas - creative mother's day gifts

Custom Photo Canvas Print


A custom photo canvas print is a lovely piece of decor that your wife will love. Select photos that showcase the family you created together and show your significant other how much you care.

Price: $42.95

cleaning service gifts - best presents for mom

Amazon Home Deep Cleaning Services


Is your wife the one who is always cleaning the house after the kids have ripped it apart? If so, a Mother’s Day cleaning service is a gift to consider. Let your partner relax a bit and allow professionals to handle the cleaning demands of your home.

Price: $61.86

body lotion gift

High CBD Formula Body Lotion


CBD oils are everywhere these days. Research suggests CBD can help a person feel relaxed and less anxious. This body lotion is formulated with CBD oil and designed to create a calming experience for mom.

Price: $60.00

lunch bag kit

Fit & Fresh Westerly Insulated Lunch Bag Kit


For husbands in search of gifts under $50, a lunch bag kit may be a great fit. With this gift, your wife will be able to pack and carry her lunch.

Price: $32.99

personalized family wood calendars

Personalized Wood Calendar


Calendars are a classic gift idea for mom. Consider this personalized wooden calendar to provide your wife with a lovely way to keep track of the days or plan for an upcoming event.

Price: 46.78

jewelry box - mother's day gift ideas for wife

Monogram Lidded Jewelry Box


Does your wife own several pieces of important jewelry? A monogrammed jewelry box is a customized Mother’s Day gift option that provides both a storage option and beautiful piece of decor.

Price: $14.00

rough diamond necklace - expensive gifts for mom

Rough Diamond Necklace


A jewelry box means little without pieces to place in it. A rough diamond necklace is an elegant way to tell your wife how thankful you are for her presence in your life.

Price: $150.00

just pipe fruit bowl​

Just Ripe Fruit Bowl


Do you and your wife find yourselves throwing spoiled produce away more often than you’d like? This fruit bowl helps you organize items by freshness so you can stay on top of your daily intake of fruits and veggies.

Price: $65.00

soup and sandwich tray for wife

Soup & Sandwich Ceramic Tray Duo


Breakfast in bed is one thing, but your wife might also enjoy a little lunch from the comfort of the covers. A ceramic soup & sandwich tray is a sturdy gift idea that provides a nice touch of comfort on a chilly afternoon.

Price: $35.00

beautiful mothers day gifts - detox box

Detox Box


When you want cheap Mothers Day gifts that have a lasting impact, a detox box may be a wonderful fit. This activated charcoal face soap is formulated to provide a deep clean and detox the skin from harmful environmental pollutants.

Price: $16.00

shoulder bag

Michael Kors Bag


Michael Kors is one of the top names in handbags. This Mother’s Day, consider a gift like a carryall shoulder bag and watch her face light up as she sees this posh accessory.

Price: $120.96

crossbody bag

Fossil Jolie Crossbody


Another fantastic bag option is the Jolie crossbody by Fossil. Worn across the chest, this is a wonderful bag idea for nights when your wife wants to go out on the town.

Price: $168.00

Mother Day’s Gifts for New Mom from Husband (11 Ideas)

Are you and your wife currently expecting your first child? Perhaps you recently welcomed a baby into the family. This is a very special time in your relationship, so be sure to put a bit of extra care into your search for First Mother’s Day gifts for a new mom from husband.

custom gifts for mom - mug

MOM Est Custom Photo Coffee Mug Gift


A mug is a fantastic option when you need cheap personalized gifts. This customized gift idea allows you to prominently display a photo your wife will love and help her feel appreciated whenever she reaches for some coffee.

Price: $22.95 

therapy dough gift

Therapy Dough


Being a new mom can be incredibly stressful. Between feedings and sleepless nights, tensions can run high. Therapy dough is said to help relieve stress and produce a sense of calm simply by squeezing it.

Price: $15.00

state wall hooks

State Shape Wall Hooks


A great gift idea for new moms is taking on some household projects that you have been pushing off. Wall hooks in the shape of states are easy to install in your home and can offer the useful storage solutions your wife has been looking for.

Price: $18.00

gifts to send for mother's day - sponge holder

Gnome Sponge Holder


Newborns are very messy and your wife will probably find herself doing a lot of dishes in the coming months. A gnome sponge holder is a cute gift idea for moms that also serves a very practical purpose. 

Price: $30.00

muscle rub

Muscle Rub


Your wife probably spends a lot of time trying to soothe your child. To help her out, consider muscle rub that is formulated to provide her muscles with a soothing sense of relief.

Price: $15.95 

bead earrings - mothers day ideas for adults

Nepal Glass Bead Earrings


Unique earrings are mom gifts that definitely work for wives with fun personalities. These elegant pieces are made from glass beads and help capture her quirky side.

Price: $24.00

personalized blanket

Personalized Throw Blanket


When you need Mother’s Day gifts for new moms, a personalized throw blanket is definitely worth consideration. Soft and warm, this customized blanket offers plenty of opportunities for mommy to snuggle with her child.

Price: $42.95

self-watering kitchen herb pot ​

Self-Watering Kitchen Herb Pot


With a child to look after, your wife may find herself distracted from her other daily hobbies. A self-watering herb pot helps to keep her herbs alive while she is busy with more pressing matters.

Price: $40.00

body shower steamers

12 Shower Steamers Set


The shower is probably one of the few places where your wife has a chance to relax throughout the day. Shower steamers are a gift idea for mom that can help transform the bathroom into a spa for a brief period and offer a bit of relaxation.

Price: $44.00

self rolling yoga mat

Self-Rolling Smart Yoga Mat


Your wife may want to get back into shape after delivering a child. A self-rolling yoga mat is a perfect fit for the mom who finds fitness just as important as any other aspect of life.

Price: $8.95

mother's day creative ideas - bamboo wood

Bamboo Wood Bath Tray


Designed to make bathtime more practical, this bamboo wood bath tray is a great gift for moms who need to unwind. Let mom slip into the tub for a bit while you take on the task of watching the little one.

Price: $57.99

What Gift Should I Give to My Mother in Law? (11 Ideas)

Your own mother isn’t the only one to remember this Mother’s Day. Your partner’s mom should also be taken into consideration. Finding a Mother’s Day gift for a mother-in-law is a wonderful gesture that can help bring you closer with your significant other’s family.

custom pouch

Secret Message Custom Pouch


A small makeup pouch is a nice gift in and of itself. With a secret message pouch, your mother-in-law will be delighted by a custom message of your choosing whenever she unzips the bag.

Price: $40.00 

drying crack - kitchen gifts for mom

Stone Splash Drying Rack


Kitchen accessories are always a simple and effective gift idea for moms. This drying rack is durable, made from elegant granite, and ideal for a variety of kitchen designs.

Price: $45.00

tea light brie baker

Tealight Brie Maker


Is your mother-in-law a foodie? Help her take things to the next level with a brie maker. This gift idea helps her create her own delicious brie in no time.

Price: $20.00

soy candles

Twig and Moss Candle


Often, a gift idea for mom can be as simple as a candle. This candle features the gentle scents of moss, sage, amber, & undertones of rich woody evergreens.

Price: $22.00

hand knit turban

Hand Knit Turban


Some people look fantastic in hats. If your mother-in-law loves a nice piece to wear on her head, a hand-knit turban is a stylishly unique option to consider.

Price: $36.89

jewelry box personalized

Speckled Minimalist Ring Dish


Personal, affordable, and unique, this speckled ring dish is a minimalist approach to a classic piece of decor. Customize to your liking and provide a thoughtful gift at a great price.

Price: $12.00

hanging heart vase

Hanging Heart Vase


A hanging heart vase is another unique gift idea for moms that can brighten her day. Don’t forget to include some of mom’s favorite flowers so she’ll have some blossoms to display right away!

Price: $65.00

personalized rolling pin - gifts for moms from sons

Personalized Rolling Pin


Is your mother-in-law the type who likes to spend a lot of time in the kitchen baking all kinds of treats? A personalized rolling pin is a clever Mother’s Day gift idea that can help mom with her confection creations.

Price: $23.95+

measure and store canister​

Measure and Store Canister


Measure & store canisters are another ideal fit for the woman who enjoys to bake. These canisters make it a lot easier to measure out the exact amount of flour and sugar required to finish a recipe.

Looking for more gifts for the baker? You’ve got us covered.

Price: $40.00 – $45.00

mothers rings birthstones​

Mothers Rings Birthstones


A ring featuring mom’s birthstone is also a gift with a personalized approach. Pick a ring design featuring the correct stone and mom is sure to love this thoughtful accessory.

Price: $56.00

handwritten recipe engraved cheese board​

Handwritten Recipe Engraved Cheese Board


Kitchen gifts for mum is always a good category to consider on Mother’s Day. An engraved cheese board with mom’s favorite recipe can bring a sentimental touch to her food preparation experience.

Price: $29.95+

Mom Deserves the Best

Mother’s Day is an important holiday because it offers everyone the opportunity to stop and show some appreciation for one of the most difficult roles a woman can play in her life.

From the moment you have your first child, you never stop being a mom. Though you may no longer be a little child, chances are pretty good that your mom still looks at you and sees the small babe she once held in her arms once upon a time. As long as she lives and breathes, she will consider herself a mom. 

In order for you to show the moms in your life the love and gratitude she deserves, be sure to dedicate a good amount of time to researching your options for Mother’s Day gifts  and greeting card ideas to show mom how love her.

Explore the exciting gift options for moms out there and discover the perfect items to give moms, grandmas, mothers-in-law, wives, new mothers, bonus mom and whoever else could use a bit of care and attention this year. 

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